Straight outta Supertest – 8.9


Just so you know, guys, these “leaks” are most likely WG controlled. 8.9 test is coming soon, possibly next week. Still, a nice insight.

FlaK 41 (tier 5 vehicle gun) compared to PaK 43


New IS-3 armor: upper frontal armor changed to 100mm, angle is better


- some armor change on KV-1S (something with lower frontal plate)
- Panzer V/IV and V/IV Alpha made to look historical
- small rebalance (buff) of following arties: SU-26, SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, Object 212A, GPz Mk.VI(e), GW TigerP, GW Tiger, M41, AMX 13 105 mle.50
- small buff of following tanks: BT-7, Panzer I, H35, D1, Cruiser Mk.I, Vickers Mk. E Type B, Jagdpanzer IV, Renault FT AC, Universal Carrier 2-pdr, Lorraine 40 t, Vickers Medium Mk. II, B1, Churchill VII, VK 30.01 (P)
- Object 212A and IS-3 armor and visual model reworked
- armor models of following tanks fixed: Tiger, Tiger P, Marder II, Panther II, КВ-1S, SТ-I
- small visual model fixes of following tanks: А-43, S-51, Т-28, IС, Т18, Tortoise, T-34-3, IСУ-152, Birch Gun, Cruiser Mk. III, E-100, WZ-132, Somua SAu 40, M53/M55, 110, FV207

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      • It’s literally a box with a gun sticking out with crap armor. Derp Shermans and Pz IVs will have a field day with this tank.

    • Tier VI,
      But it’s historically the very best TD (without SUs) of WW2, and THE BEST SNIPER of WW2.

      • This is not the gun of the Nashorn, which happens to be the tier 6. This is the gun of the tier 5 Pz.sfl.IVc, which is horribly mauled by WG engineering skills; most likely terrible gun and tank traverse combined with no camo and armour warrants an ok gun.

          • have u seen that while its only 3 calibre longer, which would make the barrel 3 * 88 = 26.7 cm longer then 88L71 it weighs double ?

            • It’s an AA mount. If you don’t understand the implications, compared to a dedicated tank version, you have no place in this discussion.

  1. Lorraine 40 t slight buff.

    That THING needs more than a SLIGHT buff but f*ck it I’ll take what I can get at this point (halfway to Batchat, sanity lost long ago)

      • Leo PTA is kinda limited in it’s use (because of missing gun depression)
        Leo 1 makes up for that, but i think the Leo 1 needs some camo-buff :(

          • No it hasn’t…
            That’s a lie SerB told us…

            Batchat and T-62A have better camo due to their small size.

            • Yeah because camo rating isn’t some kind of abstract number and is taken from physical size… right?
              Hey, maybe you’ve done some experiment and proved it? I’d really want to see your results.

            • No, Leo1 really has the best camo.Own both Leo and Bchat, both have full camo(except camo net) and I got spotted more often in the BChat than the Leo while performing spotting stuff(over 500 battles in BChat, over 300 in Leo1)
              Yeah, Leo is taller than the BChat but it makes up with the hull down stuff.

            • I trust you on this Alex…
              I heard from many people (who tested it apparently) that the Leo 1 has a lower camo value than Batchat and T-62A, that’s why i don’t trust Serb

              (And because he said that the purchase of Gold-ammo and the happening of TD-infested matches showed no sigificant increase…)


            • Well, alot of people are confused by the height of the Leo.
              It’s taller than the BChat and T62-A.
              That means itcannot sit in some small bushes that BChat and T62 could, but, if you put all those 3 meds one next to another, in a flat ground without cover and put a scout to spot them, he’ll first spot the T62, than the BChat and than the Leo.(if all 3 meds got the same camo skills).
              And also, Leo has gun depression…something the other 2 meds don’t…you can pop-out from a hill with the turret in a bush, spot with it’s 410m view range and even shoot without being spotted(hmm…murovanka’s slops from A2 (north team) for example)

            • :O
              What equipment and skills do you have?
              And i feel sorry for the (un)happy ending of that match :)

            • If you compare the camo ratings here, bat chat is the best and leo worse than t62a

      • The Leopard PT is probably one of the best meds at T9…Its stealthy,it has the best gun of all T9 meds (tied with the Centurion Mk.7/1) and is incredibly fast and mobile,while having very little armor (with a turret that will occasionally save your ass) and somewhat suboptimal gundepression….VERY good for second line support with the capability to quickly go where its needed most,while also being capable of passive scouting and flanking.Its alot like the Hellcat,really,and the Leopard 1 even more so.And even stock,its not that bad…Compared to most of its counterparts.

    • batchat is not worth it. I would not do it again. dont expect any wonders.

      if you want something french try the amx50B, he’s a keeper

    • Lorraine, though I dont have the batchat yet, is one of my favorite tanks.
      It’s fucking amazing and borderline overpowered if the one playing it is not… well, let’s stay in FTR theme, a donkey.

      • They literally didn’t change its specs from when it was tier 8, and it was just barely OP then so it’s obvious the tin can is UP.

        The lorraine has a far worse gun than the 50 120, less DPM, worse armor, marginally better elevation angles and more mobility (IMO an unnecessary amount the 50 120 has just enough. The 40t can go 80kph for all I care it’s still as big as a KT so anyone will hit it…and kill it)

        • Yeh I dont get whats the point of Lorraine when u have almost same “specs” AMX 50 100 a tier lower

          • Lorraine was and Leo PT A(right now) is the worst grind I ever endured. Seriously.

            • Y0u just need to play the Leo PTA as a light TD… imagine having a tier 9 Hellcat, and that’s the way you play it. Don’t play it like a medium when you don’t have what it takes to brawl or fire fast..

            • Brynky said it right.
              Use it as a hellcat.
              Only difference is that you can take more advantageousspots due to it’s highspeed combined with good acceleration(acceleration being something hellcat doesn’t have).
              It also has good camo.

      • I’m going to agree. Not actually OP, but when I got a game where I made the bloody thing work I loved it. But yeah, you have to treat it very differently. Don’t play it as a tank. It is not a tank. It’s a gun on tracks. So just snipe, finish off wounded tanks and swoop in when you have a sure kill.
        Also I felt it is way nimbler than the batchat for some insane reason.
        Oh yeah, did I mention don’t stay still to much and don’t get greedy?

        • Oh I know how to play it like that, I got some insane games on it, sure.

          The problem is:
          a)playing like that is very hard if not impossible in certain matches, especially because you rely heavily on your team (what team)
          b)it isn’t fun unless you’re dominating. Playing hide yo ass all match is usually very boring in a tank that goes 60kph.
          c)the gun isn’t exactly a snipe gun, can’t engage tier 9-10 frontally with AP, and there aren’t a lot of places you can flank stealthy in most maps… (I’d rather have LeoPT’s 105mm!)

    • Hard to say. Right now, the frontal armour is 110mm thick with worse angle. The upcoming frontal armour will be 100mm and better angle. So, there should be no notable change in effective armour.

  2. Huh. Every source I’ve ever seen states IS-3′s frontal hull to be 120 mm thick. Why the hell are they nerfing it to 100 mm?

      • you really think it would be worse now? Just fucking wait and see how bouncy it will be with new angles. They made it more like chinese 110 which is super bouncy at its tier. Wait for the test and then you’ll see magic bias in action again. You really think they would nerf their uber soviet machine that is most used tank in ESL and 7vs7 battles??? silly you

  3. With rammer and either vents or BIA, this gun will do less than 6.5s reloads…

    Tier 5 meds have around 450-ish HP. Considering you have the first shot loaded, you only need to spend 6.5 seconds on killing one.

    • Funny was just looking at this today. Would love to see flak 41 on a jagpanzer, though prob not lose to historical.

      • Then they should have the all round 5% that comes wiith vents but they may not.

        • IIRC open-tops have the equivalent factored into their basic specs already – though don’t ask me how things work with the few (or is it unique?) odd cases like T49 that go from open to fully closed turret.

  4. Is it realistic to compare a future German TD gun from a tier 5 tank, to a gun found on present German TD guns at tiers 7 & 8?

    8,8 cm PaK 43 L/71 is the 2nd gun for the Ferdinand, and Jagdpanther II. However the version on the Jagdpanther II has a higher D.P.M.:

    10.0 Rate of Fire on Jagdpanther II (tier 8) versus 9.84 Rate of Fire on the Ferdinand (tier 8), Jagdpanther (tier 7)

    An Observation: The Coming of the German 2nd line of Tank Destroyers is… **an indirect nerf** to the British tank destroyer line.

    Otherwise, looking forward to the specific vehicle buffs — Churchill 7, H35, D1, Lorraine 40 t, Vickers Medium Mk. II, B1. Curious how Wargaming has chosen to buff mid-tier artillery.

    • Doubt that this will affect the Brit TD’s in any way. I dont see how those armored fortresses are comparable to the German glass cannons.

      • It is an indirect nerf as the PEN creep continues and the Brit TD armour becomes more worthless….

        • Last time I’ve met these “armored fortresses” they evaporated rather fast under my fire… If anything these fridges have abnormal hp pool than reliable armor

        • Like it was worth anything earlier on.
          Seriously, they’re moving weakspots, so it doesn’t matter.

        • Yeah because they’re totally the only ones to rely heavily on armour… I daresay I know a few longtime players of US and German TDs who might cough meaningfully here.

  5. **If** that 8,8 cm Flak 41 L/74 gun keep those specific statistics, the gun itself is overpowering for a tier 5 vehicle.

    Seems like Wargaming Minsk wants to continue ‘power creep’ in this German line, similar to what’s found this patch’s Soviet Object 416 top gun statistics (which is found at tier 8).

    That Soviet Object 416 has camo soft stats identical to German Hetzer (tier 4) for standing, moving…. Question is what will the camo soft stats be, for the new German Pz.Sfl. IVc?

      • The size of a small school bus and you would be the sort of passenger in the same sort of bus to use it.

    • It has less alpha than S-35CA. And enough penetration to kill anything it meets. But so has S-35CA.

        • It is also taller than that bath-tube and it cannot bounce shots in the mantlet(it hasn’t such feature) as the bath-tube does.

          • Valan went full retard. Because gun is the only thing that matters on a tank. Have you ever thought how shitty tank needs to be to have gun like that at t5 to compensate? Did you even saw that new T5 TD that’s gonna carry that gun? Did you saw the size of it and how shitty armor it will have? Fucking illiterate noobies.

            • I was in the ‘Nam… no scratch that, I went through the ARL V39 already. I’ll be mighty impressed if it somehow manages to be worse.

            • Don’t even mention that CRAP V39. I hated it every second i played it. Somehow new german t5 td looks like it could be even worse.

    • It was 58deg, (a ballancing leftower from when it was tier 9) it should get historical 61deg.

      • It’s 57,6 deg actually and it’s not a leftover. They fucked perfectly fine model in 0.8.0 when they changed its model to IS4M version.

      • I really fail to see how its supposed to be narrower. By the look on the second picture where is rl picture of it to me it looks even wider irl than in game and those comparison lines doesn’t mean anything because of the angle at what you are looking at the tank. And remember that both IS-7 and IS-4 were even bigger and were shrinked few times to their “historical sizes” so give me a break. Yes, IS-4 isn’t really good T10 tank, but i don’t want fucking imaginary buffs just so it can be cometitive T10. There is other stats that could be buffed so it increases its performance.

      • Going by the first comparision it’s not that there’s something wrong with the hull dimensions; it’s the *turret shape being wrong*. The current one has nearly even sides while the one in the drawings has *much* more pronounced widening to the middle and then taper to the back in a sort of “stretched pentagon” shape…
        I’d assume WG based their model on the actually built ones probably sitting in Kubinka though, which may well have differed from the original drawings as now tends to happen when kinks get ironed out from a design.

        • I noticed wrong shape of a turret too, but forgot to mention it. Model is obviously wrong compared to rl drawings, but being too wide isn’t an issue from what i can see.

  6. Is the PzSfl IVc going to face the same problem as the ARL V39 and the Churchill GC? (Penetration is overkill for most cases (for these few cases tanks can shoot gold ammo) and everything else is terrible?)

    • It well could be …

      - small buff of following tanks: Jagdpanzer IV:
      *Radio range increased by 10 meters
      *Reverse speed increased by 1 km/h
      *Hit points of observation device module buffed by 10
      *Upgraded suspension load capacity increased by 50 kilograms
      *Research cost reduced by 125 expperience

  7. small rebalance (buff) of following arties: AMX 13 105 mle.50

    my beloved arty will be back! ^^

    • May just a restoration of the gun depression that got taken away before the nurf or death.

  8. armor models of following tanks fixed: Tiger, Tiger P, Marder II, Panther II, КВ-1S, SТ-I

    what does that mean? a change in armor or bug fix or something?

      • Likely mainly bring the mantlet in line with the more complex thickness model the Hentai Tiger already got.

  9. “(- small buff of following tanks: BT-7, Panzer I, H35, D1, Cruiser Mk.I, Vickers Mk. E Type B, Jagdpanzer IV, Renault FT AC, Universal Carrier 2-pdr, Lorraine 40 t, Vickers Medium Mk. II, B1, Churchill VII, VK 30.01 (P))”
    The Leopard PT A should be on the list of tanks receiving buffs, it needs it badly.

    • Leopard PTA have a tier 10 gun… thats better than almost all the other tier 9 mediums…

      • Leop prot has no armor (unlike E-50), worse gun rof and accuracy than previously mentioned tank, just slightly more pen and better mobility. Still E-50 is better (love ramming full hp Bat-Chats) :)

      • Leo PTA is an ammo rack on tracks. Twice now the first shot i take with it from a tier 7 enemy ammo rack me, despite me having safe stowage.

        • I usually get ammo racked in the Leo PT A at least once a game, and I must be playing it wrong as sniping from 350-400m with it should work but often gets me spotted and killed despite the high view range and supposedly good camo rating. Also with the incredibly low survivability the tank needs a bit of a RoF buff as it has no chance once enemies close range, in my experience 1 v 1 the Leo PT A will almost always lose vs. other teir 9s if the enemy is within 300m range.

  10. i cant understand WG… they dont want to touch the OP kv1s…

    but they make a total rework of the is3, a well balanced tank…

    WG = idiotic logic

    • because reworking decent USSR tanks has much higher priority than fixing useless unhistorical non medium non heavy derpshits like FV4202 that only epic unicums can enjoy (coz they rape in anything doh).
      Disclaimer: Fixing seemingly small modeling errors is time consuming and it was part of some Q&A in which SerB said is-4 fix is low priority coz of that (apparently not)

      BTW, is ass (rear/engine part) of M103 correct ingame? Coz on inet pics it looks like the one on M60.

    • …tweaking the glacis visual and collision models is “total rework”?

    • I ‘enjoyed’ the grind through VK30.01(P), Jagdpanzer IV and Churchill VII some time ago, and of course they buff them now instead of then.

    • I finished the VK 30.01 (P) some weeks ago. That tank is fine as soon as it is fully upgraded (the grind with the stock turret and the stock engine is horrible). The low health pool is compensated by the armor. That thing is bouncier than some heavies.

      I expect a better stock gun (7,5 L/70 ?) and maybe a HP buff for the stock engine -or a mobility buff for the tracks as the 420 HP snail engine is historical -.-

      • I do love my VK30.01(P)(I could sell it to get Tiger P, but I’m not). The grind was bad, but with a 100% crew, L/70, and top everything else, the VK30.01(P) is outstanding(REALLY needs more health still, for its size).

    • I loved 3001P, sold it because I haven’t free garage slots.
      And then I’ve realised that for some reason, I forgot to buy top engine – man it was already a beast so I’ve missed so much…
      Gonna rebuy some day.

  11. - small rebalance (buff) of following arties: SU-26, SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, Object 212A, GPz Mk.VI(e), GW TigerP, GW Tiger, M41, AMX 13 105 mle.50

    I thought that it was only mid-tier…..So no buff for my GWPanther? :/

    • I hope SU-14-1 and SU-14-2 horizontal gun traverse will be buffed back to -5/+5. With the current -4/+4 it’s very hard to cover one flank :S
      And the SU-26 needs some serious buff on its top gun, because it’s suck so bad, i use the stock gun on it.
      SU-8 need its range changed from 1400 m to 900 m and it will be fun again.

      I will DL the 8.9 test and check ALL arty gun ranges again, results will be posted on the forum.

      Dexter5021 (EU)

    • Yeah I really hope these aren’t the only arties getting buffed. The Hummel, GW Panther both desperately need it. Also the Crusader SP is complete WANK.

  12. How many times they want to visual fix the model of E-100? Every second patch they change somthing on it. Turret a it to the front, a it back etc etc

    • They are trying to find the shittiest variant of it and that will be the final version.

  13. [b]Funny I don’t see a buff to the Somua SAu 40, but a visual model fix(most likely the stupid turret that is facing backwards)………[/b]

    - small buff of following tanks: BT-7, Panzer I, H35, D1, Cruiser Mk.I, Vickers Mk. E Type B, Jagdpanzer IV, Renault FT AC, Universal Carrier 2-pdr, Lorraine 40 t, Vickers Medium Mk. II, B1, Churchill VII, VK 30.01 (P)

    - small visual model fixes of following tanks: А-43, S-51, Т-28, IС, Т18, Tortoise, T-34-3, IСУ-152, Birch Gun, Cruiser Mk. III, E-100, WZ-132,[b] Somua SAu 40[/b], M53/M55, 110, FV207

    • You do know that there is actual Pz I tank in game at T2 that is most likely going to be buffed and not T3 Pz Ic?