39 thoughts on “Chieftain discusses the Japanese line

      • Glass cannon with good gun depression ONLY if you have at least decent turret armor on the front. Otherwise it’s meh. Same like Leo1. Good gun depression but lack of armor on the front of the turret makes him difficult to play even at hull down since everything can pen you. On the other hand you have Hellcat which is literally cardboard hull armor but with great turret(mantlet) armor which makes him quite effective in combat. So only if the Japs have good frontal turret armor they’ll be worth playing.

        • Lolz. Leo1 is great despite the lack of armour, hell, look at americans – M4 has something like 130mm turret fron(with mantlet), E8 ~ 150, T20…below 120… M26 depending on part from 220+(edges) to around 140-150(centre), M46? None. Well, okay it can bounce something like 220 pen if hit in mantle and maybe ricochet cause of angles but that’s all, M48 – matlet is too small to be hit regularly and despite the fact that it’s relatively well armoured – people tend to hate that tank for being soft anyway.
          So one of the lines that benefits the most from having good gun depression have somewhat weak turret fronts. Not THAT weak but definitely non-reliable at their tiers. Your argument is kinda wrong.

          • Are you really trying to tell me that USA mediums have the same level of protection on their turrets like Leo1. Please tell me you are joking. Yes, USA mediums aren’t that well armored, but they still can bounce every now and then and that matters a LOT in battles. On the other hand Leo1 won’t bounce not one shot. Do you really think Hellcat would be even considered OP at T6 if its mantles is paper thin? Leo1 at hull down is much easier to defeat than any USA medium. So i wouldn’t say my argument is wrong. I know exactly what i said and i’m still waiting you to prove me wrong.

  1. Chieftain served in the Irish and US military. I think he is still in the National Guard/ Army Reserves. I knew him before he was involved with WOT and he is a good down to earth guy. I doubt he came up with the Tank God label.

  2. The Chieftain is always interesting to listen to, and sometimes he’ll poke his nose on the forums and squash a debate. His channel has some good videos on it too, worth checking out.

    Pico would be serviceable after a couple drinks.

  3. do we really need this female? I remember the Chieftain did a similar video with Soviet, German and American tanks about a year ago. They thought it was a good idea to have a co-host female who had NO FUCKI NG IDEA what she was talking about.

    No thanks.