Regarding the “free tank for weekend missions” rumor

Hello everyone,

just a quick heads up: there is a rumor going around (possibly started by some blog about WoT I got sent a link to) that you will get a free premium tank (specifically an IS-6, but other versions of this rumor also exist), if you complete all of the “kill 20 enemies with tank XY” weekend missions over several weekends.

It has been confirmed by Wargaming (I asked) that this rumor is FALSE, definitely for US and EU server. There is no summary tank reward planned. Sorry guys, this one’s a bust.

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    • Me neither, but there was a version circulation that mentioned not IS-6, but some tier 2 reward tank or whatever and that’s not as outlandish as the IS-6 idea.

      • A specific non-disclosure group on the US server was given a complete list of missions for September, and it included an IS-6 as the overarching reward for the Earning Your Steel missions. The IS-6 was not supposed to be advertised as a reward, it was gonna be a hidden thing that served to realllly reward the people that accomplished (and bug-tested) the new mission parameters.

        But some assholes somewhere in the group leaked it, and WG cancelled the overarching reward, ’cause they don’t want to give everyone an IS-6 for free.

        Leaking is bad.

          • I’m not sure where the rumor is, because WG certainly did privately advertise the IS-6 as the prize. There was never any promise that they’d go through with it, but I assumed that was the obvious hitch. Do you mean to say that just because WG said it would happen does not mean it’s not a rumor? In that case, apologies for misunderstanding your definition of rumor.

  1. rumor is FALSE, definitely for US and EU server


    Supertest leakers deserve nothing

      • please note he said “never again” which means he does acknowledge the T34 became a free T8 premium tank. Thus your comment was unnecessary :) .

        • Oh read to quickly and missed that. And there is no evidence saying they wont give another T8 for free, they have said they might add premium tank as mission reward also not long back they gave out M60s to CW players. (and they have more tanks planned) so likely there will be more opportunities in the future to get a free T8 or higher premium tank.

  2. It would be nice to recieve some hidden reward, f.e. “micromaus” i like this tank and would like it even more if it was in my garage, unfortunetly i found out about retail box versions too late.

    • if you mean the h35 its not good at all i had it its just now nerfed as hell every tank can shoot you trough (except machine guns) too slow and even if you angle that tank even useless

      • It’s the only way if you play on the NA server, because they don’t give out those gift codes over here, and they only work on the EU or RU servers.

    • Why are you surprised? Russians are their brothers, they are family so it does not matter if they ever pissed them, you forgive your family. But Europe… that suckers who did not want to be occupied, revolted and cut loose… and those from West and USA… they were against them! So why should they treat us like their own? :) No matter that it was somewhere stated (dunno if it is true) that the biggest income is from EU, USA and Asia even trough Russian servers got a LOT of players :)
      But, on the other hand, we have to cut them some slack, modern economy and free market is not something common in Belarus, you know how it is there and if you do not, go look up history and politics, even on Wikipedia you can easily find nice articles about it, it is quite interesting :)

      • Pardon what?
        If they liked Russians as much as you imagine, they would give away IS-6 for free to every noob.
        That’s not happening obviously. So why would you write that bunch of shit?

        • Pardon what?
          You replied without reading a post about its content? Practice your comprehension of written text. I only said they prefer Russia than anyone else, I expressly written that “they are family so it does not matter if they ever pissed them, you forgive your family”, they had their “arguments” in their relationship, it is far away from being flawless but still they are closer to them than to anyone else from the west.
          And concerning that “bunch of shit” statement, what was you referring to? Since that “shit” about politics is kind of true, you know, don’t you? You should study a little bit if you do not know what is happening in there past few decades.

      • I take it you are one of the poor souls whom Salabesh the Onyx has cursed to speak from his ass and defecate from his mouth?

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          • For someone supposedly “not even offended” you sure seem to get awful prickly and verbose whenever people call you out on spouting irrelevant crap. Are you familiar with the expression “doth protest too much”?

            Also not much “topic” to get back to here, aside from your embarassing display of stale prejudices and slanderous insinuations that has little bearing on anything and mostly leaves the reader feeling vaguely dirty.

            • I am “verbose” all the time, I seriously doubt it is useful as proof of me being offended. You should already know it since this is about the third time you started insulting me right away. I would really love to see you when you meet someone with different religious / political interest from yours, since it does not even require for the opposite party to speak to you directly and you get started off by some random guy from the internet speaking about some country you could not care any less about (pardon if I am wrong and Belarus is too close to your heart, it would explain a lot) :)

              “not much “topic” to get back to here,”
              Well, you are really trying to make me believe you do not understand it? I am starting to feel more and more that you are doing this “just for fun” :D Perhaps you consider yourself a “troll”? That would also explain a lot.

              Anyway, lets get verbose again like I always do. If someone states that you are getting of the topic, it does not mean the person is referring to the exact post “you are getting of the topic”, rather he is referring to the original post – in this case, historical and political effects on peoples thoughts about certain subjects. That does not even makes sense for someone saying “get back to the topic” and meaning the “new” topic set forward in that newest post. Where is logic in thinking that when someone points to previous comment he means the present comment?

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            • Gratz, you just managed to be probably the first person ever to be fooled by my copycat ‘admirer’…
              That aside.
              Claiming not being offended and then writing a meandering Wall O’ Text that boils down to discussing your hurt feelings and how I’m such a rude fellow?
              Yeah, seems legit. :/
              FYI *that* topic could hardly interest me less and likely I am not alone in that. But then again I can well see why you’d prefer to get mired in such solipsistic ruminations given that your *original* topic was basically a piece of populist smearmongering with all the credibility of Yellow Peril, World Jewry and sundry similar xenophobic bullshit constructs (its relation to which is rather obvious if you don’t happen to be a believer) behind it…

            • Sooo, you state you do not care about it yet you blab about how am I so wrong. Interesting. I got a feeling here that you are just arguing for the sake of arguing. Anyway, I never stated anything about my feelings :D I only stated that I can not understand how you can be provoked into further argument by being called aggressive after you are aggressive and that I am not offended so we can keep talking if you are interested in given subject. Just that one thing.
              I simply like talking to people and discussions. When I have nothing to do, I am not outside neither working nor playing WoT or anything else, I chat with friends, browse interwebs AND look at forums, sometimes posting comments. If you have a problem with it, it is not me who has to deal with it, honestly I do not care. I only care for having a good chat to fill the free time if I have nothing better to do at that moment. And at this moment, it is far away from any productive activity, you just keep arguing about me being or not being offended while there is no point in it and I am losing interest.

            • Original topic? Which is related to Belarus? About which you stated you have absolutely no interest in and about what you did not write anything constructive which I can reply to? …
              You make less sense with every new message

            • Your reading comprehension blows, because I never said such a thing. What I *did* say is I have no interest in your ruminations about your moods and whatever which you seem to be bizarrely fond of.

              And yes, I consider your original line about World Jewry Conspiracy the Belarusian Edition to be a load of populist horseshit until proven otherwise. Feel free to try to.

            • I said “related to Belarus”. Are not people of Belarus related to Belarus? …
              Yet you call me the one with problems with comprehension… No need to say more.
              You keep saying you have no interest in my mood and what not yet you are whole day speaking of it… No need to say more here either.

              Anyway, here you go, just some information, few I found off the top, not even requiring deep search:

              Are you happy? Here is my proof and much, much more can be found really easily, only if you tried. Now your turn to disprove me. Till now it looks like you are the one who is blabbing about nothing and beating a dead cat. It looks more like you are the one talking nonsense and making false accusations.

            • …are you an idiot? Everyone knows Belarus is a shithole, that’s not the point and was never the issue. The *point* is that you piled logical fallacies on top of a bunch of arbitrary assumptions and then got all evasive when called out on it.
              See, you’ve yet to provide any evidence of any of that crap having Jack Shit to do with WG’s supposed favoritism of the RU playerbase in this context. All you did was take for granted the assumption thet they DO (quite arbitrarily) and then start spinning a load of populist bullshit that roughly boils down to “ofc they do becuase Belarusians like Russians and hate Yurrup and Lukashenka is a dictator” which isn’t relevant nevermind now even circumstantial evidence; it’s straight-out World Jewry Conspiracy type negative generalisation poop which basically relies entirely upon “preaching to the choir” for traction.

              You’ll have to excuse me if I take offense of such an affront to intellectual integrity, proper argumentation and good taste.

            • You sir, are simply an insult to the intelligence and decency of the whole mankind, excuse my language. Keep spinning topics and trying to avoid the fact you have been proven wrong several times. Maybe one day you will even learn to tolerate others opinions. Good luck coping with your anger in future.


            • Leaving aside the fact that publicly voicing your opinion gives Everyone & Dog, Inc. every right to express *their* opinion thereof, the point is that you made some very dubious claims with spurious arguments and are now failing to back them up. (Red Herrings about your moods and others’ manners are no argument.)

              So I take it we can consider the Sep 22 jetwash about Evul Conspiring Rusnz flushed down the Porcelain God?

  3. I still hope that we will see this kind of reward in the future. Of course, they’ll never give premium tanks higher than tier 4 but I’d love some little buggers like the Tetrarch or the LTP to add to my collection.

    • You have no LTP, that one was a free gift for everyone 3 months ago…………………………………..

      Tertach was free gift also two years ago with new year and chrismas.

  4. Never heard about that rumor.
    But anyway, 7 days of premium is not enough for them?
    Since 2nd of August I run on free premium account and I still got about 12 days left…wtf…

  5. Well, thx for confirming that this is pure BS, Frank ;>

    It would not be nice to players, to announce – that you can win sth AFTER and not BEFORE.

    But again, we all know that especially – EU staff – can make us angry with some decisions, even if not intentional..

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      • Yeah but only to them hot japanese chicks they met the other day, hoping for a quick knee trembler in return…

  7. Unsurprisingly, -that- other forum where these rumors originated on NA has removed all threads discussing the event.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

    • Because someone on that forum posted it to their blog, and then linked to it on the main forums. Queue drama.

      WG had no choice but to deny it at that point, whether it was true or not.

  8. All this whining for free gifts, sometimes I have the feeling that only kids are playing this game.

    Btw. 20 years without accident, alway driving BMW, why don’t I get a BMW X6 M for free now :)

    • Seems that you’ve been afk then. Maybe try to actually kill some enemy drivers like the rest of us and you’d start to feel like wanting a reward every once in a while.

  9. Exactly, the EU and NA servers will never get anything good from WG. The Chinese and Russian servers will probably get this whenever they want. This just goes to show how biased WG really is.

    • Loving the amount of proof you’re putting on the table here. BTW I think you oughta zip up, *your* biases are showing.