Optics destroyed!

Russia is a pretty cool place. Board a train, and within half an hour you can be in remote wilderness, untouched by man for decades. And sometimes, the men that touched it last left some cool stuff for you to find.


“Look what I found”, album by Yuri Florov (click for more)

20 years ago, an old man told Dmitriy Mihailovich Bratan about his time in the village of Martushino when he was a boy. The old man, born in 1927, was not old enough to join the army in 1941. He remained in the village when the war started, and soon, the Germans came.


Photo from Bundesarchiv, “Soviet Union, tank attack near Istra”. The terrain indicates that the village in the photograph is likely Martushino

According to the eye-witness, the village was defended by a group of Soviet soldiers, led by a Lieutenant (the eye-witness remembers him well, as they played cards together). The squad’s anti-tank armament was composed of a single 45 mm AT gun. Against a number of tanks, a single AT gun isn’t much, and the village soon fell to the Germans. However, the Soviet gunner made his mark.


A well-placed shot knocked the cupola clean off. It was left there for over 70 years, until the area started being developed for cottages, and Bratan evacuated the cupola by means of a pick-up truck. As a valuable piece of military history, it’s on its way to a better place.


Next time you hear “optics destroyed!”, be happy your crew doesn’t have to get out of the tank, and hoist the cupola back up on top of the turret.

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  1. “Next time you hear “optics destroyed!”, be happy your crew doesn’t have to get out of the tank, and hoist the cupola back up on top of the turret.”

    Implying wargaming would develop such feature in this decade.

      • That would be an intelligent use of the feature. As far as we have been told, the Havok physics will only affect parts of the tank flowing when the tank itself is destroyed.

        • Well cupolas are one thing – WG said that there will be more damage models including turret ballistics and when the turret goes walkabout the crew tend not to worry about how to get it back on the tank. In the wild dead tanks range from what looks like working tanks from most angles to a pair of smoking lengths of tracks. WG are only going to model the most dramatic outcomes

          • I look forward to the sound of ‘bail out’ when the tank is destroyed… but if the turret its off… then it may be litteral and you will need to grab buckets to bale the tank out ;)

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            • Probably because Barbarossa wasn’t a “total faceroll”, the Soviets were very capable of resisting, and even winning, in battles of local importance, during an overall retreat. There’s a difference between that and throwing away your gun and running East until you hit the commissars, which seems to be what said raving nazi fanboys believe happened.

            • In the grand scale of things it kind of was, given that the Soviets lost most of their existing forces in the West and obscene amounts of territory. Scattered local successes hardly altered *that*.
              ‘Course, turned out they could take that kind of pummeling and keep standing which AFAIK soon started to worry the more astute among the German commanders – as did the initially isolated but multiplying signs of the Red Army starting to get its shit together.

            • Oh yes, on the strategic level, the Red Army was doing abysmally, but on the tactical level, the units that actually had ammunition and fuel were more than capable of standing up to the Wehrmacht. Those are the units that bought enough time for the rest of the country to get its shit together and start pushing the Germans back in late ’41.

            • Well it’s a little debatable to what degree they’d found their collective arses by late ’41; let’s just say that I recently read Osprey’s book on the less than brilliantly succesful Second Kharkov in May ’42…

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  4. That Panzer IV just standing there on the driveway, it’s as if the crew is hiding in the nearby building and waiting.

    “We attack ze Russians now, ja?”

  5. By cupola.. you mean that thingy on the top of the tanks turret? Sorry, I’m not familiar with the terms :3

    That looks like the commanders hatch of pzIII-IV [ In the game ]

    • “Hatch” would be the hinged panel you open to get in or out. “Cupola” would be one of those raised thingamajigs usually with periscopes, vision slits or whatever all over for the purpose of improving the vehicle commander’s situational awareness without having to stick his head out. Usually also includes his access hatch because why not and saves space.

  6. ” Next time you hear “optics destroyed!”, be happy your crew doesn’t have to get out of the tank, and hoist the cupola back up on top of the turret.”

    I’d actually be more satisfied with that instead of having a tank crippled only by being shooted in it.

  7. I’ve seen photos of a removed/replaced cupola used as a grave marker for dead German troops. The cupola making an impromptu place for flowers etc.
    Perhaps the guy should have recorded where he found it as there are probably some human remains underneath.