- it’s technically possible to make a 1200*1200m WoT map
- Storm states that it’s not necessery to add the AAMG to some tanks, but it’s pretty (SS: as in that pintle-mounted MG, that isn’t a part of collision model anyway)
- it’s completely possible that when tank overturning is implemented, a tank, going down hill full speed will roll on its back if it gets detracked by intertia
- for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100
- for now, it’s not planned to delete inactive accounts, that are “blocking” attractive names, as there are difficulties connected with that
- MM weight of vehicles will not be officially disclosed

- the 60mm frontal armor T-34 variant (intended as the hull option for T-34) is not the Leningrad “s ekranami” variant (with spaced armor), the 60mm plate is apparently homogenous
- optional hull variants with spaced armor will be kept separate from turrets with spaced armor apparently (SS: as in, there will be an option to install only the hull with spaced armor, while the spaced armor on the turret (where possible) might appear either as equipment, or as a separate turret module)
- SerB states that he doesn’t consider earlier-implemented vehicles to be obsolete by the fact WG implemented newer high alpha vehicles
- T-34-2 is worse than Type 59? “Don’t play T-34-2″
- the gold ammo for credits statistics are “fine”, which also means WG won’t be limiting this in high tiers (SS: some player was whining that too many people shoot gold on tier 10)
- NPC tanks won’t be introduced to WoT, as it is much complicated to make AI tanks than AI planes (like in WoWp)
- SerB states that this MM is normal
- Q: “Will there be a post-battle player performance rating by other players, something like the reputation on forums?” A: “‘I WILL NEGREP YOU YOU CAMPING BUSH-LOVING WANKER!!111!!’ yea right…”
- Japanese planes in WoWp being fragile is an intended feature
- T-34-3 price is fine

166 thoughts on “28.9.2013

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    • The answer shows, he didn’t even thought about this proposal.

      I really like the idea of giving someone a little bonus / kind of reputation after a good battle and wished for that sometimes too.
      Didn’t SerB realize, that the reportsystem (we dont need to talk about it’s real effect) already IS a kind of rating-system (and btw: a system with ONLY negative options to chose)?

      So how valid would his “negrep-wanker-bush-argument” be on a POSITIVE rating system? Where you have 5 stars (or whatthef*ckelse) a day to give away? Not hundred, but same amount as neg-reports for example?

      Nooooo… way to fictional for WG, WoT, WTF, Whatever

    • This game has turned into a giant steaming pile of profiteering shit. Talking about 1200m 2 maps like it’s a big thing. Bring on Warthunder Ground Forces so the Adult gamers can play something that isn’t a massive money grab.

      • He didn’t say it was a big thing he got asked ..” is it possible .”. he said yes .. Can’t wait for ground forces to be released so all the whiners can finally leave ..

        • I expect them to be back soon enough when the Messiah Game doesn’t meet all the Unrealistic Expectations placed on it by bitter little turds, anyway.

  1. - for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100

    Don’t they know their own tank? The FV215b (183) has more alpha then Jpz E-100 even with standard ammo and with the OP HESH it blows Jpz away.

  2. Storm states that it’s not necessery to add the AAMG to some tanks, but it’s pretty (SS: as in that pintle-mounted MG, that isn’t a part of collision model anyway)

    they should put an AAMG on all upgraded turrets for tanks

  3. - SerB states that he doesn’t consider earlier-implemented vehicles to be obsolete by the fact WG implemented newer high alpha vehicles

    Yeah… because Serb doesn’t play maus or E-100.. :P

    • MAUS is a XP pinata for every tier 9 and tier 10 shooting gold at it’s turret
      that tank is so awful very few people play it, it’s like begging to get horribly murdered

      • I play one, own one, love one (E100), but I also like to call it a “box full of XP”. Many E100 players do not know even the basics, like the lower plate is nice weak spot and will point at you directly for you to penetrate it. Anyway, if some loads APCR/HEAT or sometimes they can do it even without them, they will penetrate your turret, sometimes even with angling. And since turret sides are not that though, if you angle it too much or if they come at you from at least two sides (read: attackers are too far from each another, yet in the same general direction, i.e. in front of you) or there is too much of an angle between them and you, it is near to impossible to deflect a round. Anyway, when I platoon with one or even better, two E100s, we can hold flank on our own, since even with gold ammo not every round gets trough and you got nice HP pool to eat some shells.
        But still, I do not consider how a tank is doing on how good it is in platoon, since in platoon almost any tank can and will perform nice. If any competent player meets E100, he wins. Only way to lose to E100 is to rush directly at him or to try to exchange shots in the open.
        Anyway, the gun is nice, regular AP is nice, perhaps thanks to that I was used to mediums with low penetration relative to their tiers. It is just that when everybody loads gold ammo, you are simply obsolete. Like KV1 in tier 7 battle. You can do something, you can hurt, you can kill. Only it is more of an competence of opponent and of an opportunity to shoot someone unexpectedly if such arises.

  4. Really the Japanese planes are probably OP if anything, as long as it’s not another Zero on your tail most planes can only get a few rounds on you before you’re out-turning them again, whereas you can keep your cannons on target until they’re dead.

    • when i played cbt the jap t6 (a7m) was anything but OP – having the worst speed and dps, shit for hp and incredibly fast overheating – dps worse than most t5s…
      duno about now
      the smaller ones were fine though, yeah
      if anything i’d say the 109F was op, i got like 80+% wr in 40-50 battles in it…

      • Well, A7M is bit better now, but then planes characteristics were flattened – difference between uberagile Zero and BnZ F4U or 109 isn’t as big now.

        Also optimal altitudes were seriously nerfed, leaving 2km+ only for T8+

        • didn’t even get to t8
          you know, that’s kinda the double-edged blade here
          sure, 2k’s awesome – but noone goes there, so in all logic, it would just be better to stay down at 1500 and actually do smth)

    • At the moment Brit heavy fighters are uber OP. Blenheim fully armed and Beaufighter fully armed can take down even BF110′s in one good burst. The damage output by all those guns is massive.

      • Looking at the Beufighter article in le Wikipedia… yeah, I’d kinda expect *that* kind of firepower to make very short work of about anything it can catch in its sights, save perhaps for some very large and robust heavy bombers.
        And those’d probably be in for a rough time too.

        That’d be something of a typical trait of twin-engined night fighter designs actually; for the most part they had very small “windows of opportunity” to engage their targets and duly needed to be capable of throwing out some pretty staggeringly heavy fire within a very short timeframe. Plus the faster they shredded the victim the less time any tail-gunners or whatever had to try to make their own lives miserable in return, a not irrelevant consideration given the very short ranges at which night interceptions tended to happen.

      • Honestly haven’t played WoWP in months, but how could they make a Blenheim take down anything? From memory the most frontal armament they had was a single MG on the Blen I.

        • Wiki sez some versions had more, but yeah, a few dinky .303 MGs shouldn’t be anything to write home about. Thing was primarily a bomber I gather, but ofc may be some obscure experiment at refitting it into some kind of ersatz heavy fighter (probably for the night interceptor role).

          • Well at night, in WWII conditions, you’re not going to really see any normal fighters and mostly light bombers who can only shoot back at where they think you are and themselves (hopefully) being lit up by searchlights, and with the flimsy German designs, it’s not that hard. But yes, they were switched to night fighting after proving a disaster at daytime operations.

        • In basic configuration yes, in top configuration it rocks 9×7.7mm. Load those with a mix of AP and Incendiary and it kicks out a serious amount of damage. The Beaufighter on te ther hand rocks 4x Hispano 20mm and like 8x.303. Only the IL2 with the 37mm cannon pods can dis out more damage, but that thing flies like a cruise ship, so it’s unlikely you get much in your sights besides ground targets.

  5. “- for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100″

    wasn’t the Japanese TD supposed to have some high calibre gun? I guess that would translate to high alpha?

    OR is it just that they have no intentions to implement that line anywhere in the near future = ‘ there are no plans FOR NOW’ ? :>

        • shitloads before french were introduced (sometime after T9 meds came in) serb was saying about some immense maus-like jap HT with an incredible gun, stuff like “was so heavy that it would be used for shoreline defense and would mount a gun from a ship”

          i know that serb isn’t exactly the brightest star when it comes to sources and word choices, but i think that’s the case here – any info on that stuff?

          • “Gun from a ship” doesn’t mean much if you remember several guns already in the game are repurposed naval dual-purpose pieces…

            • yeah, from a certain pov, yes – i have heard that both the is7 gun and the fv183 gun were based on some sort of naval platform
              but we’re talking something 183-style on a HT, with at least some armor
              so it’s still bound to raise questions)

            • IIRC the 100mm “ID10T” was originally a naval AA/dual-purpose gun. Anyways, the term is too vague to have much meaning. *What* ship? Jap destroyers had like 127mm main guns, light cruisers like 140mm; at the other end of the scale you had the Yamato-class battleships with whopping 40cm monsters… which according to the Wiki weighed a good 127 tons apiece so those can obviously be discounted out of hand (no duh?), but you can probably see my point.

        • @Daigensui: Under real-life conditions, where the “alpha damage” (hitpoint strike when hitting a tank) would be the same. 1 hitpoint. :D

  6. - it’s completely possible that when tank overturning is implemented, a tank, going down hill full speed will roll on its back if it gets detracked by intertia
    i’ve got this weird feeling that only the e50 will actually sufer from this…
    - for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100
    except you already have one, lol
    - SerB states that this MM is normal
    how retarded do you have to be see smth wrong in an almost mirrored battle?

  7. dont like some of the things in WOT-Dont play WOT….. customer opinion is always welcome in WG :-D

    • Soon their will be an option to WoT when WT release tanks. I will be playing both. Right now I dont know of any multiplayer game that focuses on tank battles. i hope there will be more than just WT and WoT competition is good.

  8. > MM weight of vehicles will not be officially disclosed

    I don’t understand this – they publish the MM weight tables; I’ve downloaded them from here myself. That said, the last one I’ve got is the 0.8.6 MM weight table, so maybe they meants “MM weight won’t be officially disclosed -anymore-”

    • Iirc each tank also has a seperate mm weight between same tier tanks, like how a t6 heavy has slighty worse mm than a t6 med.

    • Na they mean the real numerical value, like 30, 35, 40, etc. What you prolly downloaded is the battle tier table

    • MM weight is not in tiers.
      For most tanks there is +-2 tiers, but weight is different. Like this: medium is lower weight so it doesnt get as top tier that often, while heavy has big MM weight so it goes as top more frequent and/or in higher tier battles.
      Or thats how I understand.

  9. Soooo, I don’t get it, what was wrong with the MM image that SerB commented was normal? Did someone actually complain about that?!

  10. Good point , Daigensui – “Under what circumstances would a sub-15 cm gun have as much alpha as a 17 cm gun?”

    An alpha exception? Would depend on the shell weight & loading mechanisms in question.

    “- for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100″

    In other words, the new German tank destroyer line is going to more a kin to the 2nd Soviet tank destroyer line, in terms of alpha.

    Think I’ll pass up the 2nd German line. Don’t see the point of slowly moving up a 5th nation’s tank destroyer line, after the USA, French, British and Soviet ones.

    What new lines am I looking forward to, at this point? Japanese tank tree; 2nd French Heavy & Medium lines; 2nd/3rd USA Medium lines; UK Chieftain; Swedish S tank; Chinese Tank Destroyer & Artillery lines; Tier 10 Light lines for each nation concurrently released with 2nd artillery lines being introduced for each nation, over time.

    • “Would depend on the shell weight & loading mechanisms in question.”

      I fail to see how loading mechanisms are supposed to have any bearing on the terminal effects… and AFAIK shell volume ergo weight is pretty directly proportional to its diameter, all other things being equal, due to aerodynamical and ballistical considerations. Mind you lower-velocity guns (and reduced propellant loadings) can get away with thinner shell walls ergo larger payloads as the projectile isn’t exposed to as severe stresses upon firing as in high-velocity weapons, but that’s about it.

      • You could make a HE shell *longer* to hold more explosive, but that usually makes it less able to pen.

        • Not sure if the aerodynamics and whatnot would work out, there’s presumably a good reason the default method of increasing “payload delivered” has always been increasing the shell diameter. And why rifle bullets and giant artillery shells tend to have awfully similar proportions.

          • because after a certain point a longer projectile is more likely to tumble during travel as well as wobble in the barrel and/or have greater friction as well as wear, which lowers the efficiency of the larger charge needed to propel it. Not to mention having to maneuver a really long shell in the turret.

    • “In other words, the new German tank destroyer line is going to more a kin to the 2nd Soviet tank destroyer line, in terms of alpha.”

      It makes little sense to say this when neither Russian TD line have the JPE’s alpha.

        • O 263 has 550 av dam – just a hair over *half* of the JPE’s monstrous 1100… HEs are 750 and 1400 respectively BTW, so same diff.

          Good, but nowhere even *close* to rivaling the 17cm.

  11. Lol more alpha, this game needs a huge alpha nerf instead adding new monsters. And as always SerB is pushing some nonsence, some old tanks are now obsolete and need some rebalancing.

    • Actually, I’ll agree. When you can do around 80% of a tank’s hitpoints in one shot, that’s way too much alpha.

      Recall how SerB keeps stating that they attempted a “1 penetrating hit = you’re dead” mode of play early in the alpha, and it was totally unplayable? Well, “1 penetrating hit = you’re 80% dead” isn’t too far off that. This shit needs to be rebalanced really badly. The worst offenders are arty and high-tier TDs.

      And people have been whining about arty for ages. The main problem with arty (aside from it being really easy to kill tanks that were ostensibly supposed to be hard-counters to arty) was that it has way too much alpha. Which they’ve done nothing about.

    • Well depends on what you want. If you want arcade slugfests ala Unreal Tournament, yes, if you want a tank game Alpaha should be increased by like 5x

      • @DeathMongrel “Do people even read?! He said “NO” more higher alpha guns….”

        Yup, and I read that just some player was asking about more alpha and if you read that I was stating that SerB said so, so mayne you will take that reading lessons instead?

        “Well depends on what you want. If you want arcade slugfests ala Unreal Tournament, yes, if you want a tank game Alpaha should be increased by like 5x”

        There is no tank game with health points but only with modules, in current form WoT is more arcade than UT.

  12. This would be annoying, if it wasn’t so easy to ‘game’ the matchmaker.

    Some guy wrote a script that did it for him (basically would only stay in queue if the number of higher-tier vehicles was 0, would leave queue otherwise). Had like 95% success rate getting put into the top.

    • That sounds suspiciously like it involves a lot of sitting around waiting for the prequisite conditions to appear… might be good for massaging your metrics and whatever, but the entertainement value seems questionable.

  13. - for now, it’s not planned to delete inactive accounts, that are “blocking” attractive names, as there are difficulties connected with that.

    How hard can it be to put an account in cold storage if not logged into for 6 months; The name becomes available but the account is stored.
    If that person comes back after that time he’ll be given the prompt to change name since his old one has been taken (If its taken).

    • Too much job to do. They have more important bussines to do, like adding more birds to the maps or making obsolete trailers for mobile version of the game which btw have nothing to do with actual look of the game.

      • Because the people handling those kinds of things have everything possible to do with account database management, right?

        • When you want to whine but dont have something to whine about, anything will do, no matter does it make any sense or not.

          Pathological whiner at its best.

          • de-activate accounts ?? LOL WG would never do that…
            they like to brag about how many accounts they have ( in total ) if they started deleting accounts it would make the 45,000,000 accounts ( WIKI ) shrink ALOT
            then no more bragging for them

  14. - T-34-2 is worse than Type 59? “Don’t play T-34-2″

    Believe me, Serb, I’d love to not play the T-34-2. Unfortunately, I have to to advance.

  15. They could just implement a system where you could just give positive reputation for battle performance. Of course platoon mates would be excluded from voting. People could not negrep you for stupid reasons, but good players would still be noticeable by their positive rating.

    • Define good battle performance. Who is a more worthy player: someone who went off farming damage and not care about base defence, or a player who after having a mediocre damage and kill, sees an enemy attack and returns to base to kill off the cappers who are at 10% hp?

  16. - for now there are no plans for more TD’s with more alpha than Jpz E-100

    So, either the Sturmtiger:
    1 – Will not be a TD
    2 – Has been scrapped and they haven’t said anything
    3 – They’re full of shit at any given moment.

      • If the sturmtiger is coming in 2014 then it is planned is it not?

        Then there would be plans unless one of the three above statements were true.

        • …may I suggest simply not trying to read TOO much into the answers? It’s not exactly a given SerB is thinking in the same context and meaning as you are in reading them after all, and neither is it unusual for people to plain overlook one detail or another when speaking in general terms.

          Seriously it’s like people were trying to discern the specific character and nature of the Trinity from this stuff sometimes…

          • Considering he’s the head of design, if he’s even remotely qualified to do his job he doesn’t “simply overlook” a 380mm rocket mortar that’s been planned for the game since it was in Beta.

            It’s not like the wording is complex and open to interpretation, assuming its not a summary of a 5 paragraph essay of a reply.

            • It’s a translation for starters, so nuances may get lost. And he’s answering a godawful pile of questions besides every day, on top of his *actual* main job and whatever that entails, so some level of absent-mindedness would not be surprising.
              And whatever he means by “for now” -or however it was in the original language- does not automatically mean the same thing *you* think of when you read the words. For the next few patches? For the next quarter? Next half a year? Until further notice?

              It’s *very* ambiguous and open to interpretation.

  17. ” – SerB states that this MM is normal”

    I’m looking at the picture and I’m either blind or not seeing anything wrong in it…it’s actually a pretty nice balance(tier wise).

    • Imo it’s perfect setup on both teams so i really wonder what that retard who posted the pic and question thought was wrong with it.

  18. I just have to say this. For the way SerB treats us, I really wouln’t mind if he would DIE. If he treats everyone like that, both on the internet and in real life, I would actually want him dead, has this planet already has enough bigots, idiots, arrogant and greedy people.

          • Can you stop trying to be trolls and actually try to understand my view? Or does it require a higher level of intelligence?

            • “Understanding your point of view” would require regressing to the level of a whiny, pampered brat who’s wailing because someone couldn’t be bothered to treat him as a Special Snowflake as he so *obviously* deserves.

              I think I’ll pass.

            • Flawles logic from Kellomies. Apparently he likes being trolled/abused. Childhood problems? Stupidity? Trolling attempt? No one knows….

            • Yeah yeah, why don’t you scamper back to Mommy’s bosom, or whatever your particular hugbox now is, to cry about how evil peoples on the Intarnets are being mean to you?

  19. “it’s completely possible that when tank overturning is implemented, a tank, going down hill full speed will roll on its back if it gets detracked by intertia”

    The tank gets detracked by intertia??

  20. - it’s technically possible to make a 1200*1200m WoT map

    1.2km? WOOOOW… Be still my beating heart… puh-leeze.

    A whole extra 200m? Whootie-freakin-doo.

    Wanna make real news? Make 30,000m maps… something that allows *realistic* view ranges of optics and guns, not this crap we have right now on maps with ranges a good hunting rifle is effective to. Something like that might stir a semi out of me… not a paltry 200m.

      • not really… Supreme Commander had 81km maps, and they were bloody awesome for massive naval battles and air battles…

        • thats a wee bit different to tank battles…

          30km maps would be good if we all had 2 hours to spare for each battle

          • Drivers of the T28/95 family and similar turtles shit brix at the mere prospect; it would *literally* take them over a hour just to cross the map and that’s before allowing for uncooperative terrain…
            Seriously people who want *that* kind of hardcore should just go and play some of those Old Skool “Strategosaurus Rex” games – specifically, the ones that *don’t allow saving*. I understand playing out the whole damn Operation Uranus in one particular example of those took easily thirty-plus hours…

            Then they can come back and rethink how well that shit would fit an online multiplayer.

  21. - it’s completely possible that when tank overturning is implemented, a tank, going down hill full speed will roll on its back if it gets detracked by intertia.

    Why do I see “Tank Flipping” becoming more popular than “Westfield Bridge Jumping” after this (not as popular as the “Tank Space Program” launch glitch that was patched out despite many players preferring it be left in, but still…)

  22. OMG! 1200×1200! Immposible! These guys are serious? Cause WT will put them to the ground if they will not improve their game.

      • @Kellomies

        Yup and I heard also something about parallel? When we got something good (like air forces in WT) and we can expect something similar from that same developer? (and also when we got something rotten like tanks in WoT and we got same barely playable planes in WoWP)

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