39 thoughts on “TOG madness! (“when TOGs go bad”)

  1. Oh yes. TOGs are awesome tanks! But mostly you ahve to play on a TOG Platoon. Solo its very hard.

  2. Proof that Togs are more of a danger to themselves when they reach critical mass.

  3. I love those giant credit pinhatas.
    A triple platoon of those ensured my highest ever income in my Hellcat.

    A whole TC of them…

    • Than you were lucky that you didn’t face that squad head on. TOGs in platoons are murderosly effective at breaking lines of heavy tanks, at the usual corner camping spots). They have double the health of a heavy and and excellent high DPM gun. TOGs suck when the situation changes and they have to go from one battlefield to the next, or when they are being hit from stealth. But in an open battle a platoon of TOGs with coordiantion can go through half the enemy team like through butter.

      Alone they are useless though becasue they get left behind and are mopped up at the end of the match.,

  4. Is it just my impression or British tanks are here just for the lulz ? I mean a platoon of AT-2 at tier 5 is just hilarious, the TOGs as we can see can bring tears to our eyes, the Cromwell is a troll, that FV smth 183 TD likewise. Do they also serve any other function besides provoking chuckles ?

      • Even the artillery provides tremendous mirth in the form of the FV304 and it’s 10 second reload and scout speed!

    • Platoon of Soviet Churchills III isn’t also half bad. I’d call this tank the poorman’s TOG ;)

  5. Always fun to run into one of those things when you are in a random and driving something sporting a 152mm. 2 shells and they are gone with insane credit income…

    btw i just LoL’d real hard people are looking funny (>_<)

  6. As the only certified TOG Grand Master in this game (1.1k battles, 64% wr, 60%+ survival rate, mostly solo) I’m safe to say these dudes were total noobs. 3-4 proper TOG drivers could take down the whole enemy team in TC…

    • They did it for the lolz, not to do serious TC battles.
      And these guys aren’t noobs. They (mostly) know how to play. The TOGII* may be an exception,

    • Self-issued title – check.
      All in your face with meaningless stats – check.
      Calling random strangers noobs – check.
      Broad ‘general knowledge’ type statement – check.

      Congratulations, you get +10 epeen. You’re now eligible for a clan tag.

  7. I see the whiners from the forum have made it too FTR too.

    It’;s called having fun, try it sometime.

    • I see the whiners from the forum have made it too FTR too.

      It’;s called having fun, try it sometime.


  8. All that’s missing are some “Land U-Boats” and you have a reenactment of the Battle of the Atlantic.