51 thoughts on “8.9 – a bunch of extra pictures

        • That was exactly my first thought aswell. IF the southeast is not accessible this might quickly become one of the most hated maps (though I reserve a special place for Redshire in standard random battles).

          Map does look pretty though. Can’t waite for those new city maps to be honest.

          • This map doesn’t have original Serene Coast ‘Gods hill on both teams’ syndrome, thus the problem will never be as big. Serene Coast now is hawt.

    • I dont think the water is passable – if so, it would be probably light blue on the minimap. But it’s just a guess, at Erlenberg all water is of the same color but still pasable at places.

    • Spawnpoints are obviously in south-west and north-east points of the map.

      The southern spawnpoint has an advantage tough as they can use the whole western edge of the map for themselves, while the northen team can’t do that.

  1. nice TD’ but i don’t have gold to buy them with camo, sorry

  2. The PzSfl V (Sturer Emil) has a shorter gun in the picture than it had (128mm Flak L/61)

    Is that its stock gun? (88mm L/71 or 105mm L/52)

    • could be, not sure

      Another thing, have you notice is camo? That is not similar the ones that appear in the game

    • It appears to have just fired in this picture, so it could be that the gun is a maximum recoil

    • Uhm, it uses a 150mm L/29.5 I dont think this is a good gun in a tier 8 TD plus it has literally (!) ZERO gun depression.

      At least it should have an option to use a 128mm L/55 gun, it was planned as far as I know. Same gun as in both ferdi and JP2, but vehicle is smaller too and penetration should still work in tier 8, as both can prove that already.

      • You’re getting something with better camo than an Obj. 704, the same alpha, most likely better soft stats, and medium tank speed/agility, and as icing on the cake, a fully traversable turret! STFU AND STOP WHINING ABOUT NOTHING!

        • Yes a want another Troll cannon in my garage .. please don’t ruin it by making it a worse jp 2 .

  3. …looks suspiciously like Another Damn Cauldron, when I look at it. Unless the central zone has *really* good cover to offer it’s gonna be another Sacred Valley shooting gallery…

    • Seems like the middle has sufficient amount of hills to give good enough cover so that the border hills won’t completely dominate the centre.

  4. Anyone know geographically where they picked for this map? It looks kinda like the paper mill up in Camas, WA

      • By size .. nashorn – comparabe camo
        Stureremil – worse
        tier 8 – comparabe
        tier 9-better/comparabe
        tier 10-worse
        (comparing with the soviet/french tds)

        • It really boils down to how the WT E’s big “gunhouse” is treated regarding camo; the E-100 hull itself is actually slightly lower than the Foch and O. 268. Given the size of that thing (it like doubles the total height) just breaking even would be extremely generous though.

  5. What another boring, terrible map design. This is Abbey all over again, but worse.

    The obvious spawn point in the North-East has a crazy advantage for camping TDs and general lame, inactive play style. It has a completely unobstructed view of the choke point across the north pass, 10 feet south it has another ideal spot with a completely unobstructed view of the choke point across the south pass! Who cares if the South-West spawn gets the entire West rail yard to run up, when everyone gets funneled into those two INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS CHOKE POINTS. Those kind of map features are akin to magnetism for retards, and will instantly stagnate any game on the map within 2 minutes. The center is, much like it is on Abbey, a complete death trap from the very same sniping tanks that cover either choke point.

    Why can’t we get a nice, open map with, max, two hills and a few buildings/rocks to provide cover? All this boring design that brings fights within distances of 300m or less renders so much strategy completely useless and brings nothing new to this game.

    For shame WG.

    • Because we don’t need more Prokhorovkas and Malinovkas, that’s why.

      I could see more maps like Himmelsdorf, I mean yeah, that map has one open area and three major chokepoints, but it at least gives someone room for maneuver, plus it’s one of the few maps where the Maus, E-100 and Jagdpanzer E-100 can actually be of use to the team without them being attacked from all directions at once.

    • dismissing a map on the basis of a mini-map? or have you played it already?

      anyway, several new city maps are in development, hopefully we will get them in the next patch (9.0)

  6. so they basically took the worst from Arctic Region – SE mountain chokepoint, and death trap town/village from Abbey
    spawn camping for TD’s, heavy fest in the shadow of the mountain in the SE part, faster heavy’s go north- northwest, mediums might try to breat through the middle in the latter stages,

  7. It appears to me that most of these photos where taken from old maps. I’m sure one of them was taken in the square in front of the church in Ruinberg!