FTR on FB and more

Hello everyone,

in last month, there was a huge influx of readers for FTR, on some days in truly unexpected numbers. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support!

For those who are new here: there is a For the Record Facebook page, where I am posting less important info, quick updates and other stuff, so the blog itself is not spammed too much. If you want the quickest updates on everything or are simply wondering “what’s taking so long today”, chances are the answer is there.

As always, I’d like to thank everyone who switched their Adblock off for this page, you guys keep the page going, literally. If you haven’t switched the Adblock yet, well – that’s up to you of course, I won’t urge you to change this. But it helps me.

And of course, if someone doesn’t want to bother with Adblock, but would like to contribute either way, the Paypal Donate button is in the upper right corner :)

Seriously though, all support (even words) is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone!


47 thoughts on “FTR on FB and more

  1. This is the only page on the entire internet where I have enabled ads. Since you don’t know me from a bum on the street this is testamanet to only one thing, the service you provide. Thanks.

  2. less important info on facebook? I doubt, you spam this site with useless posts (like this one) all the time

    • Hmm…I use a smartphone ftw.
      Adblock disabled but the only way to actually see the ads is to search them outside of the page content’s border.xD

  3. At home :
    - no adblock on PCs :-)
    - no adblock on Tablet :-)

    At Work
    - Adblock on because of the company firewall – not possible to switch off :-(

    FTR Rules !!!!

    • At home :
      - no adblock on PCs :-)
      - no adblock on Tablet :-)

      What ? You are seriously dealing with all the ads on other sites ? Oh god…

  4. Thank you for this great site.
    For me its one of the 3 most important on the interweb!

    Deactivating Adlock is the least we can do as support.

  5. If I middle click an ad to open the tab in the background (which I close later), does that get you extra?

  6. I suport you with my awasome song:

    SilentStalker, SilentStalker,
    Does whatever a Stalker can.
    Spins in the web, at any size,
    Catches info just like news.
    Look out! Here comes the SilentStalker.

  7. I give do a few ad clicks per week to help the cause. Keep up the good work SS.

  8. You know. This is the ONLY page where I turned off adblock plus (I use it everywhere else) Mainly because you ask it so nicely and the ads aren´t invasive. I feel good doing it.

    There are some pages where you can watch tv online, but they wouldn´t start if you dont turn off adblock. I managed to find a way to watch them and still having adblock on and then I tell these pages to go fuck up themselves.

  9. I read this site through my RSS reader. The ads do not come through, so I will try to make a donation here in the near future. I love the information from this site, keep up the good work!

  10. I switched off my adblock but it still says “you have enabled adblock plus, I would ask you to please turn it off…” :(

  11. Just a question, does it help you if I click the adds from time to time? If it does I would do it sometimes for ya.

  12. Switched adblocker off for this site from the first day I got here, hope it has not gone to waste, Have no problem with ads on cool pages :P

  13. I DO have AdBlock, and there is no way I`m gonna disable it on your page SS.
    For a number of reasons…

  14. I have the addblock, never turned on when I am on this page, great content mate!!!!