7/42 companies and more in 8.9

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Hello everyone,

as you probably noticed, 7/42 companies are coming to World of Tanks as predicted in patch 8.9. For details, check the linked post, but I think that the really interesting part is the – so much desired – skill MM.

What is not mentioned however is that the 7/42 mode will run on following maps: Lakesville, Abbey, Prokhorovka, Mines, Ruinberg, Steppes, Himmelsdorf , Ensk and Cliff. The mode of these maps will be only standard for now (no assaults or encounters). As for XP and credit gains, it will work just like in random for now (eg. no company bonuses).

Furthermore, in 8.9 a new “North-West” American coal-mine-themed map will come and the Erlenberg map will get an Encounter mode.

- Storm states in comments that the 7/42 companies will be recruited both manually and automatically – the commander of the company will be able to assign a part of the company slots manually, the rest gets filled automatically. A player can either enter manually in such a team (SS: like in current companies), or simply be assigned automatically.
- both teams will be balanced based on their members’ skill
- skill will NOT be rated based on the new WG “personal rating”, but on separate (hidden and secret) “cybersports rating”, based only on this type of battle mode
- it’s possible that regular companies will too get automatic player search
- there will be separate statistic page in the Achievements tab for 7/42 stats only
- it will be possible to actually appoint a commander, commanders will also get some sort of commander rating
- you will be able to use the same crews as for random battles
- Q: “7/42 companies are reaction on competition” A: “Don’t write bullshit”
- 8.9 test will come soon
- the 7/42 companies will be possible to enter via updated battle selection button

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    • I believe it will be just another drop down option, like Platoons, Companies and Trainings.

    • - both teams will be balanced based on their members’ skill

      IIRC the developers said that skill MM wouldn’t be implemented (for countless times). Now I understand that their words just don’t matter.

  1. If you can have 5 in a crew that’s basically league training, most teams run 5 tier 8′s with 1-2 tier 1 or 2′s for detection and/or distraction/capping.

    • Only on dumb servers or dumb maps. I’m assuming no 8pt rule, so no campfest. As long as you aren’t playing on SEA, you should be okay.

    • I played it and it definitely isn’t a camp fest, mostly because, so far, only good teams played. I don’t know what average random player will do, but if they try to camp they will be destroyed.

      • He’s not dumb, he’s just not aware of it.

        The name of the mode is ‘Team Battle’ and it can be placed somewhere between platoon and company battles. The idea of the Team Battle is to unite 5-7 players into a team to battle against a comparable enemy team.

        Basic Rules:
        The maximum length of a battle is 10 minutes.
        Battle type – Standard. Encounter and Assault battles won’t be added to this mode for now.
        Each team can pick vehicles no higher than Tier 8 and no more than 42 points in total cost. Tier 1 vehicles cost 1 point, Tier 2 – 2 points, Tier 3 – 3 points, etc.
        A standard team consists of 7 players. Teams consisting of 5 or 6 players are permitted to participate, but the team will lose 1 point for each missing player.

        This new mode will be available for all players, and will bring a new experience to the game – smaller teams means more room for tactics, and ensures that each player is required to contribute in order to win the battle. In addition, a team will need a skillful commander and good team play.

        The key feature of this game mode is that the battles will be conducted between teams of similar skill levels. A special software mechanic will be used to calculate the various parameters for players and teams. This means the mode will be interesting, both for beginners who will be able to compete with players of their own level, and for veterans who will also easily find worthy opponents.

        Each player will be able to join a team or create one on their own (just like in tank companies), or to use the auto-selection feature. In this case, an automatic search will be performed to look for a team for the player and/or for missing players for an already existing team.

      • You are too dumb to answer properly, not everyone has to know what that means, so instead of trolling you could be friendly, but again, humans….

        Dan, 7/42 is mode where T8 is the highest tier, on both teams there are 7 players. They have 42 points to pick (mostly 5*T8 and 2*T1s)

    • An organized battle mode where each team pick 7 tank max for a maximum of 42 weight points. Basically, it’s 5x tier 8 + 2x tier 1 (T1 Cunniham as scout, distraction or cap holder). Tier 8′s are usually a mix of AMX 13 90, AMX 50 100, IS-3, T32, T69, depending of the map.

      This is the format played in the War gaming League, in the international confrontation and in eSport in general. Watch the news on the official WoT website to tune to the live feed of every final of these tournement. Very interesting to watch.

  2. Ahh, I see now, links did not show on initial page load.

    So, American and Soviet company battles is what they are saying. Only tanks that people will use. Wonderful.

  3. I dont understand… Look:

    “both teams will be balanced based on their members’ skill” ? HOW?

    Does it mean:
    1) When theres so called “unicum” 7/42 company, they can play ONLY against other “unicum” company? Yes, WG will have their “secret” rating. But still, such good players will be high in ANY ranking imo…

    2) Teams are balanced in some way considering skill? Why, because you can invite people manually… Unicums will kick every bad / average player. So whats the point of such 7/42 game mode?

    Their hidden ranking may mean, that best teams can fight ONLY (?) against one of the best teams out there (separate 7/42 stats). This looks like some sorts of league. But do best teams will have problems finding other “one of the best” teams, to even fight? … so, they wait, and wait , and wait…. ok, and wait… FUN?

    Well, hope that WG doesnt screw up next game mode …

  4. I get that there’s probably balance limitations as the reason for this, but I’m not sure I like the fact that you may not be able to manually fill the whole team. At least, that’s what the wording is making it look like, the whole thing is a bit vague, but implies that only part of a team will be filled manually, with the rest requiring automatic selection.

    • You, as a commander, manually set how many slots you pick personally and how many will be filled with random players. Number of slots for manual selection goes from “everybody else are random people selected by the game” (0 commander selected players) to “everybody else is people I invite or they join by themselves and I decide to keep them in team” (6 commander selected players) or any value in between.

      • sooooo? for some maps we will choose heavy tanks for other lights, and if it have to be usefull – that companion, we need to have option to choose tanks for THIS ONE map

  5. it will be possible to actually appoint a commander

    I’ve asked kruta to be more clearly on this answer and he says he meant that player will be able to choose room actually. There will be no possibilty to choose commander among people in the room.

    - you will be able to use the same crews as for random battles

    It is obvious. But answer was given to some greedy russian children ™ who have asked if they will be able to put Batchat crew with 3 full perks into 13-90 without penalty for new mode.

    - Q: “7/42 companies are reaction on competition” A: “Don’t write bullshit”

    It is example of bullshit about Warthunder’s influence on WoT and WoWP. And there are a lot more.

    • “It is example of bullshit about Warthunder’s influence on WoT and WoWP. And there are a lot more.”
      Warthunder have a 7/42 or similar game mode?

  6. Speaking of the new map (from what I’ve seen) my folks come from coal-mining country in Pennsylvania in the US and I think WG nailed it pretty much spot on.

  7. I think this battle mode will work good for medium tanks and fast heavy tanks, since you have to be a lot more aware of gaps in the line. You have only got 7 tanks to guard off all the chokepoints.
    Mediums and fast heavies are fast enough and versatile enough to adept easily to changes on the battlefields
    doubt this battle mode will work with slow heavies/slow TDs.

    We’ll see how this will work out…

    • You are 100% right bro. Thats why I think it may be not that brilliant mode.

      If you watch WoT Pro League, you know what can happen. Best teams use mostly: T69, AMX 50 100, AMX 13 90 + spotters – tier 1, T1. Sometimes T32 or IS-3 or KV-5. And thats it. Why? because they are fast, quite versatile and with good firepower.

      So, when you play slow tanks: Tiger II… are not suited for playing against best teams… But when you play against not best teams, it may be better.

      Sadly, thats why I think this mode can become really boring, if you want play against best teams.

  8. So much for them saying there won’t be skill MM. I should have known better than to trust WG. In this case it’s a good thing haha.

    • You understand taht 7/42 is not random with 15 players? OR you want to play with 44% idiots and lose all day? You have only x5 tier 8 tanks, team play is the must.

    • It’s much easier to just once find 7 players on similar level, (I bet that it will take few minutes anyway) and then a second team with similar average MMR (match maker rating) and we don’t have to balance how many tier 8 or 5 tanks the team have. than to find 30 people with similar MMR and at the same time playing on different tier tanks.

    • Skill MM for that mode only. WG never plans to add Skill MM to random battles. 7/42 mode is meant to be a new more competative mode compared to Random so only the 7/42 needs skill mm as random is meant to be random

  9. I like the 7v7 idea, but if it turns out to be 5xt8 + 2xt1 most of the time if you wanna be competitive, than screw that.

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  11. Any word on performance? Since 8.8 was released, quite a bit of players couldn’t play because of lag spikes…, packet loss with Telia.net.

    It’s either a 8.8 problem or Telia went mad…, again.

  12. “skill MM will not be implemented” – said million times.
    WG proceeds to implement Skill MM. WG is pure example of tsundere. I cant count how many times they said they wont do something they did in the end anyway.

    • It’s one specific format that will have skill based MM, but you are free to not play that format and thus avoid the MM.

      • And thats pretty much what people wanted regarding “skill based MM” if Im not mistaken.

  13. I don’t really understand this 7/42. What I understand is that you CAN join with any tank, but you’ll probably only be playing tier 8 or some very low tier tank. If that’s the case, then 7/42 is not for me.

    • It’s a serious tornament format and is thus mostly aimed at people who likes serious team work. While you can play it randomly due to the random draft for empty spots, so will it obviously work better with a coordinated team.

  14. There it is written that:
    - In addition, the game will be seven new German Tank Destroyers and military locations in the North American setting – “North-West”.

  15. - Q: “7/42 companies are reaction on competition” A: “Don’t write bullshit”

    me thinks someone doth protest too much

  16. Will this mode be optional same as assault and encounter are now where you can uncheck them so you don’t have to play them or will it be “forced” to players to play them? Sorry if i misunderstood something. That’s why i’m asking this.

    • This mode will be OPTIONAL.

      It will be like companies mode now. So you can go, and choose this mode. You can be invited to team, or choose “automatic” searching for team.

      We will see on Test Server, how exactly it will be.