35 thoughts on “New Ranzar video

  1. That video… sad but true :D these days I can snipe even with KVS if situation requires it

    • Bah. These days half the time I’m using the 3.7″ AT-2 as semi-indirect artillery over low hills with excellent results over remarkable ranges (the rest of the time it’s being used as “derp inna face” trollwagon).
      Didn’t know until this week a 94mm HE could one-shot a full-health Sherman at certain ranges…

  2. world of KV-1S, this is so true of the game atm :D KV-1S ‘besterest sniperer in wot’

  3. AHAHA. Oh those nice details. That stupid smile on KV-1S like a big excitable dog :D, the cracks in his lenses, and Ivanovsk textile factory :D

  4. Deep down, I know this is fucking bullshit, but then again, Russian tanks should get the spotlight in a cartoon made by a Russian speaker. And that Panther never really did any redeemable things. Poor M10 Wolverine. Drugging it and then cutting it’s head off to wear. That was harsh.