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Overlord asks for feedback on small things that irritate you in WoT

Check out Chieftain’s article on the Use of Cover too, pretty interesting stuff.

- Storm confirms: skill MM will NOT be implemented into random battles
- the boundaries of the skill MM are not very broad (SS: as in, players will not be able to play other players, who are too far from their rating)
- Storm explains the fact that the armor collision model consists of 16 groups of armor:

“16 groups mean 16 ‘thicknesses’ of armor, elements of the same thickness can be put as different parts of hull and turret armor. Tracks – 2 different armor groups, hull and everything on it – 16 groups, turret and everything on it – 16 more groups, mantlet – 16 more groups, gun module – separate armor group”

- in 0.9.0, there will be some graphic improvements without increasing the computer requirements, grass and trees are currently being re-worked
- for now, Neubaufahrzeug (SS: shown in the 8.9 KTTS video as tier 3 premium) will not be implemented

- the first version of the 7/42 battles will take no ratings into account when autoselecting teams, as everyone will start with 0 cybersports rating, this will take roughly 2 weeks to sort out
- there will be no voicechat moderation in 7/42 mode for now
- it will be possible to pick your entire 7/42 team manually, like in companies
- currently 3 city maps are being developed by WG
- the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)
- the effects putting most strain on graphic card are vegetation effects, shadows and render range
- KV-1S nerf in 8.9 was cancelled: “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely”
- the new cybersports rating will include winrate (in 7/42 battles only), if you start playing this mode months after it is implemented (when the rating is sorted out), it will automatically put you to play with newbies even if you have unicum stats
- Storm states that the WT E-100 gun shield is penetrable by HT/TD tier 10 HE shells
- in 8.9 IS-4 will be a bit fixed (SS: “errors in armor” to be exact – specifically the frontal armor angle)
- Storm on roaming: “We will release Roaming in test mode at first, we’ll see how it works, how much it strains the servers and if there are any hidden issues with it. This will be an internal test. Only after that it will be possible to talk about details.”
- it will be very easy to become a team commander in 7/42, the interface is very simple
- ignore list will not be taken into account in the 7/42 automatic player search
- the skill MM will work so that there will be a quite narrow “window” of possible opponents for the team (SS: this window will be defined by the skill of your team, for example, let’s say your team has “100″ rating, so you will be able to fight teams with 90 to 110 rating), this window will however become broader the longer you wait in the queue (SS: for example players, who would normally fight 90-110 rating teams will be able to fight 80-120 teams if they wait too long)
- Mountain Pass encounter won’t be taken down for rework for now
- Redshire will be rebalanced, Malinovka won’t (“It’s one of the best maps in game”)
- Erlenberg has “a bit more” draws than other maps
- 7/42 modes might recieve modified versions (such as 7/64), both when it comes to points amount and the tiers allowed
- the maps available for the 7/42 mode will be: Lakesville, Abbey, Prokhorovka, Mines, Ruinberg, Steppes, Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Cliff
- it’s possible there will be a 7/42 version for tier 10′s
- skill MM not a good idea? “If you don’t like this mode, don’t play it. Random won’t go anywhere.”
- Storm states they thought about the 7/42 tactics that one team will have two noob players in bad tanks camping somewhere, while the unicums will go pwn the opposition, automatically selected by the MM to be noobs too. Storm says that the influence on fight will be small enough and that it is taken into account, Storm is not afraid of various trollteams, he states teams such as “two unicums and 3 noobs” won’t be a problem
- in 7/42, draw is considered defeat for both teams
- Storm states that in 7/42 smaller teams will be at significant disadvantage
- Storm states that the 7/42 mode is not set to stone and that it might be modified, so there aren’t any ultimate setups (like the 7/42 league autoloader tanks etc)
- camo net graphic effect is possible with new render, but it won’t be implemented for now
- the 8.8 E50M mantlet bug (clipping?) will be fixed in 8.9
- ESLO battles in special ingame mode (Team battles) and not in training room? “Not this year”
- there will be no new achievements for 7/42 when 7/42 starts, they will be added later
- there will also be 7/42 championships in game, but not right away
- the new Northwest map will be neither like Tundra, nor like Highway
- camo factor is secret because it came to happen like that historically (as in, based on the past decisions) – “also, the parameter has no units, it’s a coefficient”
- in “one of the future patches” (SS: funny, I thought that was 8.9 – postponed?), midtier arty will be somewhat buffed
- 7/42 mode was selected because it is used in championships
- the new city maps will be “various” (SS: as in both half-opened like Ruinberg and closed like Himmelsdorf)
- you will not know what map will you get in 7/42 before the battle for now, but this will be added later
- there will be no fog of war in 7/42
- there will be a special mechanism for tournaments in the future
- there are no plans for “long service” medal for very old accounts
- 8.9 will feature “various buffs” for “machines with bad winrate”
- Storm states that the handpicked 7/42 teams will have an advantage over random teams
- interesting: Initially, automatical 7/42 player allocation will NOT take rating into account at all
- SerB when asked, whether War Thunder tanks will be a competition for WoT: “For now no. Maybe in half a year, if we sleep in the meantime. Many of the solutions (they took) are controversial, but I won’t give hints here.”
- 0.9.0 will be connected with “serious changes”
- historical and garage battles were delayed, because development priority “unfortunately” was given to cybersport by a majority vote, according to SerB
- 30vs30 battles are being worked on
- improved graphics will come for WoT
- the decision to implement E-50 on tier 10 and the “turbopanther” on tier 9 was not taken before because players were whining about wanting rear-transmission E-50. However, it is not sure if this change will happen in the future.
- so far there is still not enough data on RU251
- reload timer in seconds will come in 8.9

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  1. - the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)

    That part in brackets added by you SS or Storm?

          • The Wt e100 will have 1000ps at 40tons, so it won’t be slow for sure.
            Also, if u watched the KTTS-video, you could see how fast it was.

        • “Completely balanced” means “utter crap” when referring to a german tank. HE shells penetrating the mantlet of that thing has to be a bad joke, but considering that it´ll be a slow paper box anyway Im not surprised.

          • It doesn’t HAVE a mantlet dumbass, already per definitionem. The thing around the gun assembly is what’s teknik’ly known as “gun shield”, and those were never meant to stop anything more formidable than small arms and shell splinters. ATM no vehicle in the game with that particular setup has more than like 15mm shield; one assumes the WT E’s will be at least *somewhat* thicker but not like it’s going to make a difference given the kinds of guns in circulation around the top tiers.

            • look guys at obj 263, it’s open-topped too and its freaking hard to penetrate, so we can have surprise about armor of Wt E100 too perhaps.

            • O. 263 is a “superstructure” design though, the WT E a “gunshield” one. Thus far all of the latter have been frighfully flimsily armoured on their upper part, which isn’t that surprising actually when you consider the whole of the (often fairly large) shield weighs down on, and needs to be swung around by, the hapless gun traverse mechanism. The former conversely can limit the movable part to a mantlet or a comparatively small shield and have the rest supported by the hull.

  2. - 8.9 will feature “various buffs” for “machines with bad winrate” –> Ehem Jagdpanzer IV? Is german no BUFF –> by Serb

      • For me the JpIV was a pain to play. constant engine hits, no gun to speak of, nonexistent armor, and neither the view range to spot things yourself nor the radio range to have others spot for you.

        About the armor: Ill shit bricks if the sloped 80mm have any truth to them, since I just recently battered 2 shells straight through the front with the Pz IVs L48 gun (110 pen) at roughly 500m. Since guns lose penetration at long range you can estimate a penetration of 80mm at best, and since I penetrated at that range twice you can consider the general frontal armor to be less than 80mm effectively (counting the slope, nominal armor would be like 50-60mm in that case). Cant tell me that this is supposed to be 80mm at a 45° slope (would be 113mm effectively)

        • probably becausae there is a +-25% varriation in penetration value, i have many bounce from it’s frontal. The main problem with it is that it strugle in tier 8 battle but you can still work you way around with your DMP, maneuver and very high camo ratting.

        • damn,
          next time yell first!
          that poor donkey…
          and yes i agree “completely balanced” will be utter crap.
          O well ima go that line anway XD

      • That thing is terrible at tier 10. It should be demoted to lower tier and given it’s historical gun.

      • Lorr 40t is not bad at all. Just requires different play-style than other tanks. I dont think it will get any buff as it would be OP as hell then..

  3. - in 8.9 IS-4 will be a bit fixed (SS: “errors in armor” to be exact – specifically the frontal armor angle)
    IS-4 minor buff?

    - the 8.8 E50M mantlet bug (clipping?) will be fixed in 8.9
    Is it related to the turret armor in any way?

    - ELS battles in special ingame mode (Team battles) and not in trainign room? “Not this year”
    Did you mean ESL? (Two typos in this answer…)

  4. - in 0.9.0, there will be some graphic improvements without increasing the computer requirements, grass and trees are currently being re-worked.

    We saw how WT tanks/maps and special effects look. WG needs either buy new graphic engine or buy new graphic engine.

  5. - Mountain Pass meeting engagement won’t be taken down for rework for now

    встречный бой – encounter :)

  6. - KV-1S nerf in 8.9 was cancelled: “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely”.
    What does this mean: SerB won or lost the battle for keeping 122mm?

    • “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely” as in “We dont kill him, we just convince him to die (with weapons)”

    • My wild guess:
      • nerfing = removing 122 mm;
      • complete rebalance = split on KV-85 on VI tier and KV-122 on VII tier.

      • OR, reduce suspension capacity so that you can’t carry the 122 gun AND the top engine at the same time. Also, nerf stock engine. Or just give as stock engine a donkey with a carrot. Many cheap ideas for WG to use that don’t require splitting, remodelling, or otherwise changing that ugly ass tech tree.

  7. - KV-1S nerf in 8.9 was cancelled: “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely”

    I assume that WG plans to split the KV-1S into a KV-85 with a 100 top gun at Tier 6 and a KV-122 at Tier 7 with the 122mm top gun. Any other changes would make no sense.

  8. Pre-announcing the German T10 will suck, I like it. Crushing hopes and dreams even before the tank is launched, good damage control. Will be garbage, and fanboys will praise it, while they are sucking in it.

    • Ban the Dan :D We knew it will be glass cannons – BOOM – Yer ded, not a big surprise.
      Look at ISU – big gun – bad armor – pretty average mobility. Best TD I have driven.

        • Tentatively the WT E-100 is going to have an auto-loading version of the Jagdtiger’s gun [complete with the 276 pen] as an option as well

      • And if the WT E-100 knocked out a 2,000 damage shell, you would have a similar comparison. ISU-152 works because of the insane alpha for its tier. now imagine the ISU had to shoot 6 150 damage shots instead of the one 850. How long would it live?

          • Scouts, batchats and arty will be the end of the WT E-100. An open-back tier 10 is just bad news.

            • I love reading these predictions on how will the new tank behave, they’re almost never right.

            • O. 263 might as well be open-backed, it has like 50mm plate in the rear (though the recoil spade helps somewhat). The sides are decent but not like they’re going to even slow down high-tier guns (or middle tiers loading premium). However I’m willing to hazard a guess THAT isn’t the reason it’s so bloody rare.

    • Yeah I knew that Leo1 will suck, it has no armour, can’t bounce 268 HEAT shells. Useless as fuck.

  9. Ever since I saw the its picture on the “Name that Tank” quiz on the US forums I have wanted that little Neubaufahrzeug. T3 Heavies sound like a very fun prop. Hopefully the French Behemoth and the Neubau will both be released.

  10. Why would I need their racist shit when warthunder tanks look so awesome…bye warshitgaming

      • Gameplay is horrible.

        Community is horrible.

        The only reason I play WT over WoWP is because WoWP runs like shit.

    • The video left much to be desired. it looked pretty, but I’ll wait and see if they make it at least a little friendlier.

      Else it’s that game I play like, 4-5 hours a week, while I play WoT consistently.

      That and I don’t see the American and UK trees are out yet, nor do i think I’ll see a Centurion anytime soon.

  11. “- the boundaries of the skill MM are not very broad (SS: as in, players will not be able to play other players, who are too far from their rating)”

    Great, so being in the 99.9th percentile as kinda screwed me, here. Good job, WG.

    All but two of my regular platoonmates are in the top ~700 on the server.

    • It’s based on your ranking within the 7/42 system, which will be 0 at the start for everyone.

    • I don’t see why you are surprised. The fact that the top players are not enough for skill MM has been explained every time people bitch for Skill MM. This is why they won’t add Skill MM because people who want it are too stupid to realize that the top players who want it will have 2 or 3 minute wait times at best probably.

      • Skill MM wouldn’t necessarily have to mean making the entirety of both teams composed of similarly skilled players, just not composing the teams in such a lopsided manner. Instead of one team having 1 good player with 14 shit ones and the other having 13 good players with 2 shit ones, balance them out, between the teams so each team has roughly the same number of good and bad players. That wouldn’t be too difficult, and it would go a long way to prevent roflstomps, which aren’t fun for anybody, even the winners. I prefer a good fight.

        • SS — what is the context of the continual questions about a skill MM and Storm’s answers? Many people want what the guy above me is describing, a MM that balances skill across the two teams, not one that matches players based on skill, i.e. Green vs Green, Red vs Red. Is Storm saying no to both types of skill implementation or just the latter, skill-matching type?

  12. what did serb said? he’s sure Gaijin can’t do tanks and planes on same map?!
    guess what mothafaka’ … they did; serbs must’ve poked his eyes when he saw what Gaijin did

    and one other thing, WT doesn’t have SPGs

    • it’s like a bf 3 clone in tank combat, seriously look at that KV, it’s like a medium tank that have shit for armor ( penned by a fucking 76.2mm U11 ). i don’t think it gonna last more than a week with that kind of gameplay.

    • Hey, they were playing ARCADE battles at Igromir, so no wonder that they have RC tank control and everything else like that. Things will surely be different in historical battles, just as they are with the planes. Everything handles like an UFO in Arcade with planes, compared to the performance in historical battles where boom n’ zoom and altitude advantage really mean something, instead of getting shot down mid-climb after BnZ:ing in arcade.

    • It takes a special kind of stupid to be happy about no spg’s and at the same time praise tanks and planes on same map.

    • you thought arty was annoying? how about getting bombed by planed every five seconds?

    • Ha there is no problem to put planes and tanks on the same map. The problem is how to balance them. I wish to see who will play tanks when in the air is sn enemy deadlier and more precis than wot arty. And who needs arty when are planes? An arty shoots in wot in 20-30s and airplane can do 2-3 bomb dives in this time.
      After a while players of tanks will go back to wot.

      • Divebombs, meh. Lessee them enjoy getting repeatedly strafed in the ass by the cannon-toting ground-attack planes – the Hs 129 eventually got fitted with a 75mm gun for the purpose I seem to recall.

        • WT doesn’t have the Hs-129 with the 75mm yet. On the other hand, big enough bombs that can kill tanks can only be carried in limited quantities by certain planes. The trajectory of the bomb can be guesstimated and avoided to a degree. Rockets and normal cannons mounted on ground attack planes were far less deadly to tanks than History Channel would want us to believe.

          I don’t see the big similarity between death from above via pinpoint accurate, invisible, untouchable arty in WoT and a limited radius splash from bombers in WT that fly on a predictable path and where you can guess pretty accurately on the bomb travel time.
          I would also count more on fighters in WT interdicting the skies for enemy bombers than for scouts in WoT to actually find the arty before it decimates your team.

      • Here’s a task for you Woras:

        Push Ctrl+F, type in 7/42

        Count how many times 7/42 is mentioned in the original post

        That number is how many times you’ve replied to comments on this FTR post.

        • Maybe because people keep asking for/about it? If you’re that angry, go ask the people on the Russian Q&A to stop asking about it.

        • You mean it’s not about two teams fighting each other in a garage with wrenches and screwdrivers a la GTA style ?
          I’m a sad panda now …

    • You enter a battle like normal. Then when the battle is over everyone picks another tank in their garage that hasn’t been used and loads into to fight again. And it continues untill the players are out of tanks.

      Though more likely rather than just every tank in your garage it would be better if they had players make tank “decks” Select some set number of tanks to build a deck of them and then enter battle. Battle lasts till the decks are empty. So that way you don’t give an advantage to people with more tanks than other people since the only way to join would have the required number of tanks.
      And to make it better they could also add a point limit or requirement or some kind of MM to match decks up based on their points. So say its 5 tanks per deck and you get one person with 3 Tier 10′s and 2 Tier 1′s. They could meet people who have say 4 Tier 8′s and 1 Tier 1. (32 and 33)

  13. - the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)

    assholes, of course the german line never gets anything nice

  14. - historical and garage battles were delayed, because development priority “unfortunately” was given to cybersport by a majority vote, according to SerB

    translation: greed won out

  15. - so far there is still not enough data on RU251

    C’mon, my dAFuK panther already has 77k exp lying around……. I WANT IT ASAP!!!!

  16. ‘- the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)’

    So in other words it will be crap, mediocre at best, while the Foch 155 carries on being extremely overpowered.

    • play it before you say it’s OP. you’re a huge arty magnet, which that arty can do full damage to you with a side shot. it has meh penetration and a reload longer than the russian winter. it can’t snipe with it’s 4 second aiming time and .35 accuracy. it’s a heavy support TD with a bit of a brawler edge. it’s not great without teamwork, especially in pubs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good and fun as hell to play, it’s just not as OP as it’s cracked up to be.

      • These Foch white knight protectors…please just go away already. Foch 155 is overpowered and its winrate is only one of the proofs and everyone knows it. Just deal with it that it will get nerfed eventually just like any op tank before.

        • You know why it’s winrate is good, softbrains? BECAUSE MOSTLY GOOD OR ABOVE AVERAGE PLAY THEM. More than half the french TD line is pure shit. Worst crap I have ever driven. Red barons don’t have the kind of brains or skills to finish that. And even those people who do have something in their head sometimes don’t have the patience.

          And after that they get to shoot shit for brains morons who couldn’t think even if their own life depended on them. I have seen how people who whine about it actually play against it. Still remember that spectacular failure at Mines encounter (I was a T71, and was nuked by FV183 splash.).

          Single Foch 155 drives into a cap and hides behind a building. Our IS7, alone, drives to “brawl” him. Rushes outta the corner with 2/3 of his side exposed at 90 degrees to the Foch and shoots RIGHT IN THE Foch’s mantlet at 16 meters. SIXTEEN. Yes he took time to aim. MOTHERFUCKING SIXTEEN METERS. Foch obviously tracked and annihilated him in one volley. He then proceed to curse in broken english/polish, threats to report for hacking and calling Foch OP shittank garbage. So now Foch is loading but doesn’t have the luxury to retreat anywhere. Our E100 quickly drives behind a corner where IS7 was before. I think, hey, good, he’ll use the opportunity to shoot 1-2 heat shells at Foch. Does he?


          The god damn cock sucker waits there for 40 seconds before going 90 degree side angle at the Foch past the IS7 corpse. Then he bounces motherfucking AP shell on Foch’s mantlet, get tracked, set on fire and annihilated by it. Spews profanity in the chat afterwards. a minute later a batchat flies in front of this Foch, tracks it with a first shot, Foch uses repair kit and continues facing Bat, bat bounces on mantlet (do all of these morons use autoaim or something?), tracks Foch again, misses Foch by being 8 meters from him, and shoots track again. Well, at least Bat isn’t damaged. However he spots STI coming out of the corner and RETREATS RIGHT INTO TRACKED FOCH’S FIRING LANE. Guess how that ends? He then proceeds to verbally vomit all over chat how autoloader tanks are OP. Yes, a batchat driver.

          Retards, retards everywhere. No fucking words are enough to describe idiocy that permeates random battles.

          You could defeat these vegetables with a bent fork for a gun, wet noodless for ammo, used tissues for armor and ketchup stain for camouflage. And they still would think you are OP.

          • Thats bullshit. Same thing happened with Patton before there were T10 meds and nobody whined that its OP. Keep on writing the long stories about your bad games in random battle, Foch will get nerfed. While I agree that most TDs in french tree are crap it doesnt mean the Foch should be OP.

            • My 2 points were that mostly good players play Fochs because of the grind (that’s why that vehicle’s winrate is higher), and that morons let Foch to rape them one on one. It’s the thing it excels at, yet all the vegetables go to play by Foch’s rules in Foch’s playground (that’s why it’s seen as OP).

              If you don’t want a dragon to shit on you, maybe stop climbing into it’s asshole.

              This is a fucking team game, yet average wot player doesn’t even consider such grandiose tactical feats as “flanking”, “tracking”, “swarming” or “tracking for others to flank”. Yes Foch will most likely get nerfed, but not because balancing team thinks it should be, but because fucktards who can’t play complain so much that devs will do it just shut them the fuck up.

              Obviously, it’s easier to change a tank than playerbase.

            • ^ And from where do you know they are nerfing him because crying playerbase? Its WG dude they always go “how terrible/we dont care”. Just because someone took the ordeal to grind those horrid french TDs does not make him a pro player, it only makes him a patient player. Foch has everything good mobility, decent armor with very good sloping and ridiculous burst. Of course it will make your Average Joe run for his money and games are not balanced around 1% of those super good players but a whole playerbase. There is absolutely no reason why Foch should be more difficult to beat than other Tier 10 TD for 99% of players. Just like US TDs got hit hard before so its only fair.

  17. - the WT E-100 will be “completely balanced” (unlike Foch 155)

    - Storm states that the WT E-100 gun shield is penetrable by HT/TD tier 10 HE shells

    Sounds legit. After all it’s a German tank in soviet game.

    • It’ll be a steaming pile of garbage. Why? Because German. Because they still have that inferiority complex of how Germany walked right into their back yard, pissed all over their rice krispy treats and ate their oreos in the 40′s.

      • its sad that i wont be able to make you apologize, when this beast will go live :(

      • There was an acute shortage of swastika flags over the Kremlin but, famously, a red banner over the Reichstag.
        I think I can see where the actual inferiority complex is here…

      • and yet the Tiger II, E-75, and E-100 are considered some of the best heavy tanks in the game.

        • That’s why KT is most used tank in random and in TC’s, E-75 i agree is good tank, but nothing that ST-I can do even better. E-100 is good tank cause of the one fact and that is gold ammo. Imo it’s OP with gold ammo, but on the other hand without it it’s utter shit and totally unplayable.

    • wait for the common test.

      and you will see one thing.

      …one thing which will make you running for gold to free exp conversion.

      but just wait for common test.

    • You haven’t looked at what the average gunshield thickness is in vehicles configured like that, have you?
      ATM it’s like *15mm*.
      T10 HE average pens are in the 80 to 100mm range for the classes concerned so, yeah, that XBAWKS HUEG “gunhouse” would have to be rather thick (and hence stupidly heavy) to *not* get penned by the things.

      • He mechanics do not work so perfectly .. I get low rolls off arty all the time (most of the time)

        • I am well aware that HE is Random As Fuck (El Derpo is my default gun for the Jumbo). The point was rather that the “gunhouse” would have to be idiotically thick and heavy merely to not get summarily trumped by the nominal penetrations, ie. the Wehraboos are as usual seeing monsters under their beds.

  18. - SerB when asked, whether War Thunder tanks will be a competition for WoT: “For now no. Maybe in half a year, if we sleep in the meantime. Many of the solutions (they took) are controversial, but I won’t give hints here.”

    You can start to smell the bitch fear on SerB. How he’s not honest like the other main guy that admitted the WT is of concern. SerB will be back on the streets sucking dicks for potato vodka in no time.

    • I beg to differ. WoT will still remain vastly popular and probably the best tank on tank combat based game there is, regardless. War Thunder does planes really well, I prefer it over WoWp 100%, but the Tankgame is already dominated by WoT, and I don’t think WT will match up to it.

    • Your premature gloating would be amusing were it not so unsettlingly bitter and spiteful.

      • Wot vs WT . Who cares ? Both are free to play .. I hope WT gives out free eagles like Wot gives out free gold … Did say free I meant contests and competitions :P

  19. Didn’t bother reading all the comments at the bottom,
    Arty buff in a later patch (8.9 would be a later patch as the current is 8.8)

  20. Sad the skil mm wont come to game.i have 20k game and the mm is one piece of shit,i doent like the game when there is 6 unicums ws 6 tomatos in same game.it is always a rape and this happens every day several times.

  21. - KV-1S nerf in 8.9 was cancelled: “We won’t nerf it, we will rebalance it completely”


    • This should mean anything. I bet this tank, being a russian one, will stay OP like hell after rebalance, just in some other way. Think about KV split. KV-1 stayed the main battle-deciding factor in Tier 3-5, while T6 russian heavies became more overpowered then before. Nothing can stop those WG bastards to be bastards.

      • Lolz guys.
        Everybody and his dog knows that 122 is shitty gun, platform is just well fitted to use it(like M4 sherman is good derp platform, but KV-1 sucks as one), so when it’ll get 100mm D10T-like gun(most probable replacement for the 122) it’ll be better than it was before.

        • Personally, waaaaaaaaay back when I was going through the KV-1S I’d have strongly preferred the faster and more accurate 100mm gun for it. But maybe that’s just me.

          • Everybody wanted this gun. 122 is kinda over the top when it comes to damage and that’s why people whine about it but with decent 100mm it’ll wreck stuff even harder, yet nobody seems to understand it.

  22. Malinovka won’t (“It’s one of the best maps in game”)

    Someone got their definitions of best and horrible mixed up.

  23. After seeing the combined warfare videos of War Thunder they gotta see their money running, after they specifically stated it would be “IMPOSSIBLE” to do exactly that…

  24. There are some armor issue on Conqueror should be fix. Now Conqueror got pretty bad armor ( front, hull, back, all sides) . Sometimes this tank is unplayable as a heavy.