WG fail: different specials

Hello everyone,

once again, Wargaming EU (or possibly NA?) fails with the special weekend events. You know, I wouldn’t even notice or care about that that, were it not for Ectar and his big proclamations on how the US and EU weekend specials would be the same.

This weekend Sputnik Special:

European version:


American version:


No 50 percent premium discounts for you, Europeans! As for the Americans having the “Earning your Steel” mission extra – that’s alright, that event was apparently shifted by one week forward for US server. Apparently, WG is “looking into it“.

In any case, the point of this fail is not to show WG can’t synchronize events, the point is “don’t make loud proclamations and then screw it up”.

34 thoughts on “WG fail: different specials

  1. I would like you to compare SEA/ASIAN server too… 30% on a tier 3 T-127 for a special is just…. stingy

  2. Tier7 premium tank for 50% gold? Rather rare I’d say. It’s a shame not to share this special in EU too. Tier10 discounts were unthinkable until not so long ago so maybe a 50% discount for tier8 premium tanks can be expected in not so distant future too :-)

    • It’s not that rare. It used to be like that quite often (at least on the NA server) when I started playing WOT there in mid-2012. Only recently (like the last 4-5 months I think) WG became stingy but the NA server seems back to normal when it comes to discounts ;)

    • The SU-122-44 has been on 50% off sale at least four times this year on the NA server. Hardly rare.

  3. I think the point is that we – the Europeans – are always screwed when it come to prices :P Be it WOT’s gift shop/specials or virtually anything else, from computer hardware to petrol.

    • Thats the perks coming with living in the great European Union.
      We are also forced to be correct and tolerate every possible deviation, and think its normal.

      :* my ass

      • We also actually have some kind of economy viable in the long run and can at least pretend to try and negotiate as a collective, rather than getting divide-and-conquered in time-honoured fashion and duly fleeced on our lonesomes.

          • he wants to sound so sofisticated with all the nonsense bullshit he’s writing in every his comment…i guess he’s compensating for the lack of arguing skills so his moto is “if no one can understand what i’m talking no one could make me look like an idiot that i am”

  4. americans earn your steel is one week late, they have the special we had the last weekend.

    but i think they give premium time as they did last 2 months :(

      • the OP-122-44 is awesome, you have to try it! The combination of the KV-1S’s alpha damage, DPM that would be acceptable on a Tier 10 TD, troll front armor, camo, and the T-44′s mobility all on a Tier 7 TD is just plain insane!

  5. I hope we get some answers soon as I’m interested in spending some money, but not in these conditions.

    BTW< no more 7 premium mission?

  6. this is not the first time this thing happen

    i noticed a few weeks ago, on German steel event (or something) that NA had 50% discount and EU 30%, on the same tanks

    anyway is general knowledge that NA has better events

  7. Not even ONE week, let alone one special, goes by without those stupid morons fucking something up. And all the time it is mostly either careless mistakes or treating the servers differently, which they promise over and over not do to anymore.

    I mean… seriously??? A multi-million-dollar company letting this kind of PR shit slip for months and years over???

    Then a fanblog with tens of thousands of viewers is pointing all of that shit out mercilessly and ALMOST DAILY, making sarcastic fun about them, yet those russian and french underachievers keep on getting to work stoned and drunk?

  8. Nothing unusual here WG regularly screws over EU customers giving EU players worst specials / deals and highest prices than of all the server clusters.

    RU #1
    NA #2
    ASIA ??
    EU = LAST

    WG get as much loyalty as they give us , Golden Noob Sticks #1 vote

    • Speaking of WoWP deals, NA gets a better deal on the bundles too.
      On the NA server, for 100 US dollars, you get 8,000 gold, 12 months of Premium and the XFL-1.
      On the EU server, for 100€, the equivalent of 35 US dollars, you get the above plus 3,500 gold. For the record, on the NA server a 6,000 gold package costs 30 US dollars.

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