Quick EU weekend info

Hello everyone,

just a quick heads up: just so you don’t accuse me of being too anti-WG again – remember that fail from yesterday with Americans having 50 percent discount on SU-122-44 and SU-100Y, while EU had only 30 percent? It was fixed. Both servers now have 50 percent.

29 thoughts on “Quick EU weekend info

  1. You missed the Glorious Revolution bundle kerfuffle. WG had to drop the price $35 cause it was horrible.

    • The main reason for that (besides the devs just hating the NA server as a whole), is that the NA server is by FAR the most Pro-Tank Destroyer, Anti-Arty server of them all (from my understanding the EU server’s neutral about arty, RU LOVES arty, and I don’t know about SEA). The reason why everyone on NA hates arty is because they’re the only thing keeping Tank Destroyers from camping a whole match and turning a battle into a stalemate in some cases, so putting a TD on sale might make that difficult to…

      Nah, I’m just overthinking this. They just hate the NA server. Plain and simple.

    • Well, it is full of completely fake tanks so it would be nice to be re-released with proper ones ;p

      • I’m pretty sure the Hellcat and M8A1 saw service in WW2. That and the rest were at the very least proposed and put on paper (the T49 got to prototyping)

        • Show me those papers on both tier 7s, both tier 8s and both tier 10s (yes, E4 was proposed, but it looked like in-game E3 and had different gun). And T30 was a tank, not TD, but at least it existed.

          • T25 AT existed, but should be renamed to T23 AT, according to FTR.
            T25/2 is clearly fake.
            T28 Prototype, a picture of it exists.
            T28, chin is wrong, otherwise its fine.
            T110E3 and T110E4 should look the same, the turret on E4 is wrong.
            But otherwise the american TDs are fine.

          • Indeed. In fact, the T30 was the FORMER Tier 10 American Heavy, but new Heavies were added so the T30 was arbitrarily nerfed and turned into a Tier 9 Tank Destroyer. Also, anyone who had the former Tier 9 Heavy, the T34, was given the rebalanced T34 as a Tier 8 Premium Heavy for free.

  2. You can thank to NA people for this!! im from EU stuck on NA. But i recently realised NA events are alot better than on EU and the community too. Im staying for good on NA. EU blows!

    • Better, you say? Oh really?

      Well how about the absolute lack of certain premium tanks that one can get in the EU server (via Gamescom events) or the RU server? Also note that the NA server seems to be the one that the devs hate the most (it’s also the most anti-arty server, by far, but only because everyone wants to camp in their tank destroyers all day).

  3. It would be nice if SEA/ASIA ever got 50%. Apparently everybody is jealous of our substandard specials according to the server admins.

    • That’s because SEA server doesn’t have enough players to warrant all of those specials.

      They have no such excuse for the NA server though, which became so populus that they had to add a second server (NA West, the original becoming NA East) to make it into a cluster.

  4. So NA misses out on all of the Gamescom events that the EU server has, but they actually proofread their shit before posting it…nah, still not a fair trade.