Invite codes

Again just a bunch of invite codes

Players who donated: Aslaksmed, PeteTheGrinder, miter010, “Michal” (sorry mate, next time leave a nickname), ZbieramNaMaybacha, KyuzoS7



This one is for USA only I think:


15 thoughts on “Invite codes

  1. Hey, guy, if you are really saving for a Maybach, you should start with selling your code, not giving it away, duh.

  2. o7

    the key was USA/Canada only.

    rewards are

    • 1000 Gold
    • Premium Account for Five Days
    • 100,000 Credits

    the site i got it from still has over 2,5k keys left.

  3. I just cant see this codes in time to redeem one of them; trying to get a new acc for my cousin and we’re waiting for a week, almost.. :\

    • You can just go to register an account, go to give aways and look for WOT’s starter pack. The invite code includes 1k gold (+300 if he changes password right after making account) 5 days of premium and 100k silver

  4. Ugh, correcting;

    Please note these keys are only available for US/Canada members and they will only be valid on the North American World of Tanks server.

    I need an EU one :\