8.9 German TD’s stats

Well, here’s what we’ve been waiting for. For now only the screenies with stats, I will post impressions later.

The new German tree



Tier 4 – Marder 38T






Tier 5 – Pz.Sfl.IVc






Tier 6 – Nashorn






Tier 7 – Sturer Emil






Tier 8 – Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger






Tier 9 – Waffenträger auf Panzer IV

(modules/stock/elite with 128mm/elite with 150mm)






Tier 10 – Waffenträger auf E-100

(modules/elite with 128mm/elite with 150mm)





103 thoughts on “8.9 German TD’s stats


      As Medic would say:
      “Schnell! GO GET ZEM!”

      • Why the fuck HEAT? This thing is meant to be played with one gun, and one gun only. The 12.8cm Gun. 6 friggin shells released in 10 seconds? Bye bye anyone (Seen one WT E-100 rip apart another full hp wt e100 AND a 2-shot wt-e100 in one mag within seconds)

        Tier8, 9 and 10 are bound to be nerfed.

        Tier8 is way better than the Ferdi (using the 12.8cm gun) or the JP2. Tier9 is way better than the JT (smaller, faster, turret, faster reload). And Tier10 .. it didn’t work with the Foch155, it won’t work on the WT E-100 neither. Especially not with the JT gun. This thing is so stupidly OP with the 12.8cm.

        Oh and WT PzIV .. camo + camo net + painting = nobody can see you moving up behind a bush from at least 200m (probably even less). As much as I love this thing .. It’s gonna get nerfed, and it’s a justified nerf.

    • No they didn’t, they removed the 50mm from the Marder II and the Panzerjäger I and made the 7,62cm gun the stock gun and made it much worse.

  1. WT auf E 100 is quite cheated on it’s stock configuration. Didn’t try the 15cm though.

  2. only i think it gonna hurt at tier 9 (enemys ofc) and it will be trololo at tier 10?

    • Not really sure what to think about this …
      Turret traverse nearly halved, engine power reduced ~20% …
      … But turn rate increased a good bit (shouldnt turn like a drunken yak anymore)
      The gun and view range changes, I could take them or leave them

  3. Waffenträger auf E-100 mit 15cm looks like a very bad TD to be honest, but the 12,8cm looks very nice (0,29m accuracy!!!?!)

  4. WaffleTrigger E 100 is ridiculous – excellent accuracy AND aim time (1.5s for 12.8) decent mobility, M103like, some hull armor and obviously NOPE in turret. And 6 shooter 12.8 is just BRUTE. Not sure if 56.25s reload is “good enough to balance it (With BiA only)

    • There IS NO TURRET. Its called a GUN SHIELD. Learn your terms.
      I played a few with it and I like the 12.8 cm more then the 15.0 cm but I think with 100% crew and food the reload time was less on the 15cm. Might have missed the exact numbers. I’ll check replays.

      • Yep, reload is better on the 150mm gun but it has another disadvantage over the 128mm.
        Ok, it has 235 AP, you can use gold ammo, but that gold ammo is HEAT which doesn’t have the 3x caliber rule anymore and is very vurnerable to tracks/spaced armour.
        On the other hand, 128mm gold ammo has 11mm more pen, and despite it loses pen over distance, at @500m it’ll lose only about 20-25mm because of good velocity.And with 0.29 accuracy you won’t really need that penetration.

  5. Tier V see a VIII gun..!
    Tier VIII starts the X selection..
    Tier IX & you have a choice of 4 X guns..
    Might grind the Sturer Emil & bag a D.Max too for crew..

  6. i like the look of the Pz.Sfl.IVc ( Coffin of Death – thats my new nickname for it )

  7. Could someone in the know confirm how legit is this 12,8 cm Kanone 40? Is this basically a different designation of Emil’s gun? Most sources seem to use 12,8 cm K L/61 version.

    • They deleted the L/61 because it would confuse players.
      But its correct that this gun penetrates less than the Pak L/55, because of a leighter shell and less muzzle velocity.

    • Also gun itself lack premium ammo option – you have only AP and HE shells. While AP carries adequate penetration (231mm?), VERY limited ammo supply (15 shells) kinda blocks option to spam HE at at too tough targets.

  8. Anyone know what crew is needed for the Sturer Emil? 2 loaders or 1 radio op?

  9. HO-LY CRAP!



    How on Earth can something with a paper turret have better gun stability than a large block of steel like the E-100?! AND with an autoloader to boot?!?

    Also, -15 gun depression on Sturer Emil?!??!?

    Quite literally, some of the most INSANE stats I’ve seen so far in this game!

  10. Those aim times…..1.5s for the t4 td with 7.6cm……2.1s for the t9 with the 15cm…….1.9s for the t10 with the 15cm…..scary ><

  11. Ohh the WT-E-100 is so OP. And I have played it. I’ve only tried the 128mm and it’s just crazy. You have 100% chance to 1-clip any tank except of E-100 and Maus, and like 99% chance to one clip everything. Provided every shot penetrates, which can of course be pretty much secured with APCR ammo. Just the 57.5 sec reload is a problem, only possible to improve with BiA.

  12. Free XP grind has begun…need something like 600k XP to get WT E100…I’m half way there…

        • actually, if your foes sucks, it means nothing. if you’re facing competent players, it means you dead after your first shot…

      • The emil has far better mobilty than the ferdinand in tier 8, and that says it al. The emil is kinda mobile considering its so huge. Armor is probably the same as jagdpanther = it will get penned by everything.

  13. I mean the stats of the new TDs are just fucking hilarious, look at the fucking guns, they are similar to +1 tier TDs, and that is just wrong. Sure they have worse armor and mobilty than 1st line german TDs but I dont like this concept. Sturer Emils gun is fucking similar to the ferdinands in tier 8, and that gun is just about right in tier 8, but in tier 7, wtf. The tier 5 2nd line TD have the same damage and pen at the jagdpanther in tier 7???? Omffg. If people didnt complain about OP TDs before, they surely will do it nuw.

    • sturer emil is so slow, has utterly bad guntraverserange and ultimate bad camorating.. this tank is just a gimmick, i would do same or better in a jagdpanther.. :I

      • and if you take the dpm the su152 has better dpm :D and better mobility.. i would take that over gimmick gun depression

      • Stfu Emil is too good for its tier, specially the gun, and TDs are all about the gun anyways in tier 7, where they dont have any significant armor to speak of.

  14. Weird that the Marder 38T has such a meh top gun when it is supposed to be in the “glass cannon” line of TDs. Logic (even by WG’s own standards) would say that it should have a gun with better penetration than the Hetzer, yet its top gun has 108 pen vs. the Hetzer’s 110. Yes, it’s very accurate and fast, but what good is that if you can’t penetrate what you’re shooting at? They should’ve at least given it something comparable to the American T40′s top gun (128 pen, 115 dmg).

    • Look at higher tier TDs to see they jokingly good stats, why would TDs need more alpha and pen than those german TDs alreaddy exist?

      • Because everything has a cost.

        On the current German TDs, that cost is mobility, in exchange for firepower and armor. On this NEW line, the cost is armor, in exchange for mobility and firepower.

    • They are not even TDs, they are glass cannons with too good alpha and some times even pen for their tier. They are not balanced. Sore they have bad mobilty and low armor, but so does all other TDs in the german line, everybody pen their lower glacis anyways, and yes it happens to the might ferdinand and to the jagdpz e100 as well.

        • It has 246 pen with stock gun, and 218 pen on second gun, but whopping 750 alpha. The girst gun is alreaddy a little bit better than the ferdinand in terms of rof.

            • Then why would you use the second gun then? Dont you believe people run the first gun will load gold ammo, just like they do on the e100?

  15. And so begins the great TD bitch of our time. “It has a bigger gun then me, nerf it nerf it!

    • Listen here youre prick, if any tier 8 german TD has better gun than the ferdinand, they should be nerfed, because it isnt right that fantasy tank should be better than a ´solid TD that has been there from the beginning.

      • So how is the t7 a fantasy tank? Last time i checked it was very real.

        You my friend are worse then the “Its killed me its op!” whiners.

        • Well, its not fantasy per say, but it is totally idiotic to have such pen and alpha at tier 7.

            • And Russian 1st line of TD-es.

              I think he played only 1st line of german TD-es and american TD-es.

              Or his favourite tank is the Ferdi and it don’t want to see anything outclass it…even if there are tons of tanks doing it already.

    • Actually it’s more like one mag = one Maus assuming all average damage rolls and all pens. However, this comes at a cost, as the turret is thin enough that a tier ONE can pen it, and has just enough health that it will likely survive ONE hit from another TD but will likely be two-shotted by anyone firing HE or HESH.

      • But doesn’t mean anything, arty has the same thing. Huge alpha, and most likely a one shot for others.

  16. With that kind of accuracy on the stock gun for the WT E-100, I think it’s safe to say that most people aren’t even going to bother with the 15 cm gun.

  17. Nobody has mention how the FV215183 is totally blow the waffentrager E100 across the universe and into another dimension with HESH.

    • It would be pretty stupid to use premium HESH against WT-E100 since regular HE would work exactly same way.

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  19. Do any of these new TDs share any componets/modules with any other vehicle ? I want to get a head start on this line. Thank you :)