68 thoughts on “Test server’s up

  1. I still think it’s a waste than it downloads the entire test client (5.8 Gb) even though I have the 8.8 test client installed…

    • Yup, i saved it from the 8.8 CT and tried to update it and it started to DL whole 5,xx GB. Fucking bullshit. Now i have to DL it again and not everyone have mega fast ISP to DL it in 5 minutes.

  2. Hopefully they increased the test server’s capacity….I’m fed up with waiting half an hour for a slot……

  3. LOL, GERMAN Portal fail:
    “Für den Test der Version 8.8 erhält jeder Tester:”
    -> “For Version 8.8 of the Test server every player receives:”

    Copy’n’Paste from last Test…….

    • Of course copy+paste, what do you expect? Do you always write the same thing again and again on your PC? come on… jesus…
      Typos are common, there is nothing to whine about…

      • omg, really? Thos ppl get paid for writing news. They can paste all they want, but the content HAS TO BE UPDATED and be logical…

  4. Where can I find the list of buffs that have been announced for the lower or mid tier tanks?

  5. Seriously, screw this! After I waited for a WHOLE DAY for this shitty test server, they decide to put it up on the EXACT SAME TIME when I make plans to go out! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    Well I guess whiners gonna whine eh?

  6. *raises hand* I have a question. I’m a NA server player, can i download and install this test server client and play on it as normal, or do i have to wait for a NA version to come out? Beause i know they haven’t announced it yet over here.

  7. The WG NA still hasn’t posted the download to the test server. Just goes to show how lacking NA is when it comes to staying up to date with current information/events.

  8. Anyone know where you can download the full 5.8 gb patch? I’m having issues with the WOT Launcher, it keeps resetting, so I’d like to try and get the patch elsewhere and stick it in the updates folder.

  9. Haha, french translation is up when english one still isn’t anywhere to be seen, gotta love WG Paris office. ;)
    I guess I won’t be able to check that for myself until a few days, but I saw unexpected stuff in patch notes which I’d really like to know in details :
    - Pz Jg I & Marder 2 rebalance (stats+visual models for Marder, apparently)
    - Armor modification on KV-1S
    - 212A rebalance (which might finally motivate me to buy it and get my S-51 crew out of barracks !)
    - H35 buff :D
    - Bugfix on abnormal gun elevation when aim passes on a nearby object !
    If anyone gets to test this I’d love some feedback. :) Happy download and queuing !

  10. BTW WTE-100 with the 128mm gun is ULRA FUN!!!! I tought it will be fail but from 2 games i had it was AWESOME

  11. If you could do a post that included the changes of the IS-3 armor t (among other things) it’d be great.

    • Its on the low end of mediocre (can even be bad). Gets owned pretty hard by the bang bus (new tier 5 TD)

      • thanks, and how much gold it costs on the beta? (gonna try that update maybe tomorrow and thats i need to now the most :)

        • Its not aviable on the ingame shop. It will only be aviable in the gift shop. So no gold amounts will be able to buy it, you will need to buy it with real money. ANd i dont know how much.

          • oh fuck yea i forgot.. if its crappy ill buy something else ^_^ excelsior would be a nice jap prem killer :)

  12. holy shit, 15cm gun of WTF E-100 has 0.34 acc and 1.9 aim time, better than T110E5 gun