World of Warplanes 10k gold US event cancelled, but…

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, the US-only event Airborne Challenge (350 battles gets you 10k gold) was cancelled:


So, is this the end?



Q: “Give us such bonus on RU server too!”
A: “For EU and RU servers (each separate) there will be ‘free stuff’ too, when the time is right”

Personally, I just think WG marketing fucked up and decided the event is too good, so they invented “issues” to put it down. Wargaming at its finest.

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  1. A: “For EU and RU servers (each separate) there will be ‘free stuff’ too, when the time is right”
    FREE STUFF!!!! wohhooo!

    PS: Where teh hell is 8.9 test???????

    • Trouble is the time is never right. And it will be a token give away. At the minute the NA server seems to be blaming the EU community for this phuque up and not WG. I wouldn’t trust this company to sit the right way on a toilet let alone run a business. Until WG start thinking and behaving as professional global business things will never get better.
      One office doesn’t know what the other is doing that is clear. Their attitude to their customers is one of contempt.
      Remind me again why they should win this Golden Joystick?

      • The US community is in the same boat as you from Euro community, guys. We never have any really interesting events like this one, and when they finally announce such event, they pull it out after few moments. This is lame! Almost as lame as only the chinese server having accest to that gold shitting Type 59G….

        • It is just a normal Type 59, painted with gold camouflage and having it’s earnings multiplied 2 times…
          No gold factory. And the price in Euros would be around 500 so count it to dolars… Insane, even for WoT prices.

  2. Lmao… Are they even fucking communicating between offices? I thought its the 21st century.

      • They are spending all their money on tanks to park in hangers and focusing on making new content rather than focusing on the real issues like fixing all the content they have broken over the last few patches and progressively gets worse with every new patch they release.

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    • To much for him. I remember when people wasted their entire day to get 50000XP for 1 shitty day of premium in WoT.

      When they could have played 1hour/day in WoWP and at launch get 7months of free premium in WoT. People are dumb. Not to mention this even gold even was really easy. ABout 12battles/day unti launch and you received 10k worth of almost every premium tank in WoT you wanted for FREE.

    • The average WoWP game lasts less than 5 minutes. Earning $50 usd would’ve taken, at most, 30 hours of work. Over the course of a month.

  4. free stuff : tier 2 tank + a week of frustating premium + if you make 10000000000k damage(because of bug u have to get this number in xp) you get a large repair kit and -5000 credit and you have to do it in 2 hours or your wot acc will be deleted

    • entered details just to say ..hahahahahahahaha L.O.L sounds link a inside leak to me xD

  5. yeah yeah….how terrible for the western capitalists….we dont care =)))
    SS any news on test server?

  6. I dont think it was because the whinning of EU and RU. NA still got 5000gold for 200battles and EU cried then too.

    I think the reason was the event too good and easy. 10k gold for 350battles? shit dude i already play about 15 battles per day in WOWP to get my tokens. This would have been piece of cake. Like taking a candy from a siemka. People were already making plans on what nice premium tank should they purchase with 10k gold.

    I hope it’s not cancelled for good!!

  7. You want 10k gold? – How Terrible

    Seriously though, this just might have made me try out WoWp….
    Well done WG, at least know you’d know how to get me to try it out. :D

  8. Of course there will be free stuff! RU will get free 10k gold and EU 6 (!) free (!) tier 1 tanks!

  9. I think that problem is in people. IF you give good event or free stuf to NA, Eu will whine, IF you give to Eu, Ru will complain, so better option is dont give to any, humans greed OP. :P

    • So instead they only give to NA and RU… if the EU server would get the same ammount of stuff everyone would be happy

      • Sorry this was only for NA, on Ru there was much more rage then in EU, lets why they stopped this event on NA :P

  10. I thought SerB was complaining about recent inflation of gold from events / CW / competitions so it would have been really unlikely to throw away such sums of free gold on the market even if it was a desperate attempt to market a defective product.

    • Stop spamming. I told everyone weeks ago: want small messages and actual info? Check FTR facebook page. I posted this also on EU main forums: probably (!!! not confirmed, just possible) ETA is 14:00 UTC, which is in ten minutes. So calm down. Even when it comes later, it will come today.

      Further spam will be deleted.

  11. Damn, I want this event so bad…WoWP is an OK game, half an hour of playing per day is ok too, and 10k free gold is awesome.

  12. The NA server finally has a decent special, after seeing better specials for the past two years continually….
    Not to mention gold is cheaper on the RU server.

    Oh, then FTR complains about being left out… and so everyone loses out.
    Good going SS… ><

      • Bullshit.
        You popped your “NA gets gold but nobody else” story up.
        The forums went nuts on EU and RU servers.
        The event gets cancelled.
        Go suck a dick eh?

        • Fuck off rectum.

          SS would’ve brought this up anywhere, regardless if it were EU only even. He’s not server biased.

          Also, if HE did influence this, I say good. Now nobody is being forced to play that awful fucking game. Even though last event so many people said “no thanks, game’s that bad”.

    • Any proof for gold being cheaper on RU server?
      Also keep in mind, the average wage in the USA is “somewhat” higher than in Russia.
      So maybe the American gold is to cheap, compared to wage?
      American bias!

      • Proof besides the store itself? RU players pay $1 for 250 gold even for small quantities of gold. NA server only gets close to that rate if they buy it in $100 chunks.

        • So while having much larger wages in the US, they can actually even save some money buying large amounts of gold, while Russians buy 25k gold for the same price as 250?
          Russian bias or American?

  13. “Плюшки” doesn’t necessarily mean “free stuff”, it’s just “goodies”.

  14. “WG noobs” what is new, WG regularly set new standards for noobishness and ignorance.

  15. WoWP isn’t a terrible game but it’s vastly not up to my standards (the garage/upgrade/etc. interface sucks compared to WoT for example, though vertical tech tree is nice). I installed it last night for this event. It will not see any more play beyond me grabbing that beta-only plane.

  16. typical. RU server bitches, and NA server loses one of the few good things it got.

    (not to mention test server still not being here for WoT’s)

    • Perhaps I was harsh, but damn FTR really brought this event to the fore and got the noob whiners out of the woodworks.

  17. If anyone fucked you it was WG, SS just posted about how as usual the EU gets the worse special or in this case no special at all.

  18. Giving away 10k gold for 350 battles in WoWP (taht could be used in both WoT and WoWP) would be a major loss of income during several weeks for WG. Hundreds of thousands of players would just do the 350 battles in like 3 to 5 days maximum and then get 10k gold. This is a clear example of bad communication between Marketing and Finances.::)

  19. 3-5 days? 350Battles? Really?

    One must be pretty desperate for Gold if he plays WoWp that much in this short timespan..

  20. Old test server client starts updating when you start it, but it fucking downloads 5,xx GB again eventough i have the full test server client from the last time and instead of just udpating the 8.9 stuff it apparently download everything again.

  21. Cancelled due to lack of interest in the crappy game.

    Ships, you morons. Work on the fucking SHIPS.

    • Ships are dead in the water too. War Thunder will probably implement naval battles before the terrible devs at WG, and/or it’ll be superior like WT”s planes are, and nobody will care about WG’s products anymore.

      It’s fun to watch WG burn to the ground though. Maybe they’ll learn to actually respect their userbase and build good mind share among them. Probably not though, because WG’s been a D-tier developer forever, and there’s more talented developers in the mobile game market than at WGHQ.

  22. So the NA server FINALLY gets a good event compared the RU and EU…and those pigs in RU whine so we don’t get it.

    You get all kinds of things we don’t get, you pigs! You have no right to complain!

  23. Jesus christ . Look at this nurdrage in the comment. Every fucker tries to say crap bout wowp and advertises WT . Meanwhile raging where is 8.9 test.
    Everybody is so fuckin jelly its not even fun to read. I think medicine wont be able to help in such a deep nerve beeakdown.
    Do you actually realize that you are crying that kid jack got 2 candies and kid adolf + kid ivan got only 1 candy each. Immideatly 2 kids start to throw crap at kid jack . hillarious !!!!!!!!!!!

    SS i use to have respect for you . A big respect ( i know u dont care and yu shouldnt) but this is like throwing crap into the fan. And expecting chocolate to come out.

    And yes i blame you fro stirin this crap all over the ceiling. You underestimate how many retards use your blog as source of reliable info.

    And last for all WT fans . If u hate WG so much . What the fuck you doing at WG related blog ? Just xame bac to afvertize your pay to win failing WT moar ? Lol

  24. Noooooo pity the Americans lets hope EA or activision will buy WG and fire SerB and buff all American tanks to the sky