8.9 Tank destroyers camo tests

Author: FrankyK (German EU section)

Hello everyone,

FrankyK tried to test the camo factor of the new 8.9 tank destroyers on the test server. As a spotter, he had a Löwe with 100 percent crew and optics installed (so that the viewrange is beyond 400 maters). All the tested tank destroyers had camo net, 100 percent camo crew and visual camo.

Here’s what he found:

“Sichtbar Freies Feld” means “visible on open field”
“Sichtbar Busch” means “visible when hiding behind a bush”


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  1. Not bad at all, I guess the WT-E100′s and the box thingie’s visibility is off the charts.

    • The RBW quite surprised me! With such a good camo you will have enough time to aim for weakspots with that 150

  2. Hey SS, is there any chance for you to post such table of all TD’s in the game camo rating measurement ? I think it would be incredibly useful for everybody.

      • Actually there is. At leat I’ve found a very old forum post, where they’ve tried to create a formula of camo-coefficient and calculated it for all tanks in game.

        There must be more up-to-date info, but I can’t find it. But I beleive there is.

      • There is, and if I remember correctly, you already posted it in here, it was in Russian IIRC and it was not so long ago (around patch 8.8?), people should look it up if they are interested

    • This is most up-to-date (8.8) camo table available, AFAIK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AkIzg0QxbGh_dFNJZmc2bHRhbEJ5ZGU2YTg2N1NrYVE&gid=1

      From left to right, the first three percentages are the reduction in getting spotted (against 400 m view range enemy?) without any camo skill or bonus; stationary, moving and when firing (stationary?).

      You can ignore everything else and use the colourful box at the top right. From top to bottom: LT,MT,HT,TD,SPG. Left to right: camo net bonus; blank; camo paint bonuses when stationary, moving, firing; bonus from 100% camo skill on all crew (1.8x for all tanks at all times).

      I believe that camo skill only applies to the base camo, and then all the bonuses are added on after.

      • For instance, Leopard 1 (100% camo skill + camo paint + camo net) getting spotted in the open by a Chaffee with 100% commander, but no other bonuses (400 m view range):

        Stationary (net active): (14.3% * 1.8) + 3% + 10% = 38.74% (spotted at 245 m)
        Moving: (10.9% * 1.8) + 3% = 22.62% (spotted at 310 m)
        Firing: (3.1% * 1.8) + 0.75% = 6.33% (spotted at 375 m)

        Unless they have changed the formula, note that spotters with higher view range negate your camo more, and vice versa. So if you put optics on the Chaffee, the distance the Leopard is spotted will increase. Also, these are empirical values which are prone to secretly changing, so your mileage may vary with future patches (for instance, the Centurions have had a considerable camo buff in one of the past few patches).

    • camo value (strongly) depends on vehicle’s height (it was confirmed by Serb in one of Q&A’s here) – the heigher the tank, the worse camo factor it has

  3. Thank you Frank and thank you FrankyK for your great efford to give us that list.
    @FrankyK is there a chance you enlarge your stats about it? Also other tanks or at least TDs? Maybe you could also put in statistics how visible a vehicle is when moving and or firing. I would also be interested at which distance a tank would be spotted, if there is no camo-net or no 100%camo-skill for crew.
    Of course, I know, it is lotsa work to do this, but I’m sure, if the list gets longer and proper, maybe some readers would probably donate some gold. I would do that :-D ;-)
    Anyway, great to know this little thing and thank you again.

    Luis “subaluigi”

    • What’s the chances WG next tier X TD will have 450 view range & 8 drum auto.. & then after that next tier X TD 475m view range & 10 shot drum…
      The original tank tree are so shite compared to recent branches.
      WoUT= world of Unbalanced tanks

      • Start semi-rant;

        I own in garage 6 tier X’s, 1 tier VIiI light & 1 tier IX SPG plus equivilent premium for crew training

        Fv4202 (+mat BP crewx2)

        FV215b 183 (+At-15a crewx2)

        121 (+T-34-3 crewx2)

        113 (+ 112 crewx2)

        T110E5 (+ T14 crewx2)

        Leopard1 (+Pz.IV.S crewx2)

        WZ-132 (+type62 crewx2)


        That’s it. All other tanks sold garage cleared out. Enough for 1 hour a day levelling. Enough creds for premium consumables/ shells.
        Have enough gold tanks for self sustainability without another penny/ pound to WG. Minsk muggers. No more premium account. Happy days 2′s up.

        Keep up good work SS cheers.

  4. Surprisingly good camo values. I think that the WT E100 does have better camo than the Jagdpanzer E100,with camo net and camo skill,as well as binocs I could detect a lot of tanks before they spotted me.

  5. With he non-existent depression though, many spots are off limits, so no hiding behind bushes, or anything of the sort.

    • BS. All new TDs have adequate depression. It’s not American, but better than Chinese. Basically as with most German vehicles.

  6. FFS, who would “test” a bunch of vehicles but leave out top vehicles of both branches.

  7. Tos have to be taken with a grain of salt as well. On all the previous camo charts from every source for instance, the Ferdi has better camo than the JT.

  8. Im suprised the tier 10 german WT E100 has better camo than the ferdinand and jagdtiger, despite it having the large OP tumour on the back. This is indeed a joke. Now in reality, these german 1st line tanks have worse camo because you generally dont waste crew skills on camo, neither do you waste a equipment spot on camo net. Not on ferdinand and JT. Whioch measn they probavly get spotted at 350-400 meters with no camo skill and net, and around 200-250 meters behind a bush.

    • Also, WT e100 have better camo than the jagdpanther tier 7 TD, which is a reasonable stealthy high tier german TD, I dont fucking know what to say really. Fuck second german Teede leyn.

        • Far as I can tell he made one up and now tries his hardest to try and pass it off as empirical fact. Seems kinda delusional to me tbh.

    • And you realise that causes huge inbalances, when TDs are alreaddy too many according to some? We didnt need this fucking 2nd german TDs, not now when TDs are allreaddy close to be nerfed.Fix the MM system with some kind of cap, that at least balance TDs to equall amount in both teams, than adding more.

  9. Based on this, we can assume that the WT E-100 won’t exactly have stellar camo…but it’ll be MUCH better than the JPZ E-100, which is a good thing since if you’re spotted, you’re dead in something with as little protection as the WT E-100 with such an obvious weakspot that I’m certain more people will know where to shoot a WT E-100 than a KV-5 before long.

  10. Where did they find this abomination of a bush able to hide the Jagdtiger, or even the whole front end, in a single bush?

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