52 thoughts on “This is how WG plays airsoft…

    • I hope they were using laser tags so they knew who got hit and who won in the end… :)

  1. The short guy in front in the last scene was Victor Kyslii? Looks fitting to me.

    Well, id surely would have loved to take part in this event.

    It seems they blow out money as big dot.com companys did in the 90s, lets see if this bubble will burst one day, guess not as long as there is a steady amount of new players… dowside is that teamplay goes more and more downhill… cant have it all i guess.

      • >It seems they blow out money as big dot.com companys did in the 90s

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. An airsoft game between core team members is nothing compared to what you quoted, where companies would waste huge wads of cash on the most trivial shit.

        • Because ALL buildings need a fully staffed HR group, no matter if that building is only 4 guys in an outlet.

  2. Ahh come on…. I think its much more to the point than fly them all to some resort and have them spend the money on typical vacation stuff. This is a great idea as a company incentive for such a company.

    There are far too many companies with bad bad internal morale. I doubt that they spent all too much on this. After all they should have some good connections. I am not worried about them spending too much money there unwisely. I doubt this is what wargaming is doing every weekend and actually it could be money well invested. A motivated workforce tends to accomplish more.

    And, really : What else would they have done with the money? More servers? better graphics? All in the works. It’s not that we need this yesterday. I can play the game on a relatively mid-tech computer without much trouble. And it’s mostly fun. Whatever grief I have comes from bad luck, RNG, bad team mates and not to forget: My own failure…

    I know there is lots of stuff that they can do better but only little of this is really gamebreaking or a big pain. Website anc forum coordination – sure. Lots to do. But especially the often cited fails in information politics is something I usually just shrug my shoulders about. If I can’t get the info Friday morning, I get it Saturday morning. This game is not my life and I do not start the weekend XP pr damage grind at 7am Saturday.

    I realize that others do and that they pay more attention to such things and compare bonuses between servers and in part that is probably all just and good to keep WG on their toes a bit but lets not go crazy about everything.

    • “What else would they have done with the money?”

      Implementing size adjustment to reload time indicator.

      Just kidding.

      • And custom text graphics so my counter can take half of my screen and bleed profusely whilst on fire. :D

  3. @Ralf

    Well i wouldnt mind if they invest some of the money on things like proper sound designers for example especially as this doesnt cost a fortune and WG has access to many collections with working vehicles.

    Many lil things that need WGs attention but are flawed since ages.

    Yet i do understand that Employees need to have soem fun too from time to time, yet im not sure if it always has to be that expensive.

    And i assure you that renting things like half a dozen tanks, APCs, Helicopters along with Army gear isnt that cheap.

  4. Why did they not use real ammo against the fu developers? -.- we need a better dev team, who hear on the community and fix the bugs and bring better maps…more city maps like ruinberg or himmelsdorf…

    • More city maps to make lights and arty happy right? I want more maps like Tundra or Steppes.

      • We are getting more City maps. Read the QAs from the last week or so.
        SPGs work fine in the city’s you just need to adjust your play style. I do decently well with mine in the city’s.

    • if the game is so crappy, why do you take the time to go on a WoT-blog and comment about it?

    • Because you can’t fit 5 men with rifles and body armor into Niva. Plus, everybody likes luxury. :)

      • Oh yes you can. The Croatians fit 6 when the need was pressing. Along with some armor plating bolted on it. And the thing still moved uphill. Slowly, but it did.

  5. To everyone who is displeased about this being what money from gold is partially used on: It is the basis of our economic system that we exchange money for goods and/or services and when we do we don’t care what that money is being spent on. Stating that this is where your money goes is wrong. It would correct if it was tax money but it obviously isn’t. IMO I’m fine with WG spending their money however they like as long as it isn’t something illegal. It’s their money after all.

  6. That is awesome. Playing Airsoft with MBT’s. Looks like a great way to blow off steam.

      • To all their own, I prefer paintball over Airsoft becasue you get a bit better distances and accuracy with them (from my personal experience). I also can tell easier if I hit someone or got hit myself, where as in Airsoft I would not really notice in the heat of the moment.

  7. Airsoft is awesome; especially watching fat office cats in full delta gear – down to every RS detail, stumbling around fogged up and half blind close to heart attack :)

    I actually got bitten by a viper in my biceps during one of my last games. I have a photo to prove it :)

  8. So this is what these assholes are doing instead of fixing their game?

    Our purchases arent going for development – apparently, but for them to rent tanks, and battlefields? These faggots need to be ashamed of themselves.

    4 years later – NO CLOCK in the garage? We require MODS to make the game half way functional? Same old bugs? Rigged MM. Too much RNG. Fail balance.

    Yet they go out and do this.. Awesome.

    • My game runs fine without mods, so you must have a faulty client/player. :P

      I’m very certain you do not understand “morale”. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce. I’d pretty much be my bosses slave if he let me drive a tank, that’d be soo damn fun.

      And remember, things are prioritized (unlike other games) so there is a somewhat steadier and more complete update system in place. Garage clock isn’t high up probably as many people have other clocks in the room, or you simply play in windowed mode. So the fix for that doesn’t even require mods.

    • Play in windowed mode, then u have your clock… Whine whine. I don’t mind them having a great day to blow of some steam. Keeps them motivated to tweak our beloved game. (no, i don’t think the game is perfect. But we all have our dreams. In meantime, I’ll keep playing)

  9. Well, having been in the army and been im more than one conflict and many fire fights and having lost friends…. this sort of thing should not be glorified… playing a game on line is one thing.. playing war with guns is just shit.

    • Ironic because it’s a popular sport among ex-military people. You’ve got ex Vityaz serviceman active within the Eastern Bloc Airsoft community.

  10. Now I get it why the T-34-3 cost 3k gold more than the Chinese gold tank preceding it.