WG EU post gone

Small update: Edrard asked me to remove the WG EU mocking post and I did, since I do respect him. You can find a copy of the original post on the FTR FB wall (just click the FB button on the upper bar).

- SS

PS: will leave comments opened, but out of respect for Edrard, please do NOT copy the post into them.

77 thoughts on “WG EU post gone

    • This, exactly this, nothing more, nothing less.
      Keeping showing us what they do wrong and when they fix things that they did wrong.

    • You are right, it’s easier to whine and try to remove criticism instead of fixing problems.

      WG EU office is full of people who have no idea about gaming or tanks. You can just see this from their trailers and the translations/ event descriptions are horrible.

      That Romain Mardot guy is just fancy to make a career and money through crude business management, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about gaming and obviously he has no insight,, he was involved in World of Warcraft and that community is way more different than WoT, which partially explains the situation.

      Heck! Even SerB with his “how terrible” attitude would be better on his place.

      Add to this easy competition rigging….

      Oh! and AMX 50B vid was terrible, i mean, who actually plays this tank like that ?!

        • A French (or Russian?) WG EU guy had talked to some other guy because he was butthurt about FTR and its relationship with WG EU and the other guy had told the French guy to fuck off (not literally) because FTR can write what they want. SS wrote, that he was annoyed that Mr. French-Russian didn’t contact SS personally.

  1. The way Mr. Mardot approached the ‘situation’, I think it would be OK to say that a date with the donkey would be in face appropriate for him. Even though I hated the donkey spam in the comments, for behavior like his, it is appropriate.

  2. it’s incredible the power u have attained. This blog provice much more information than any WG eu post on main page can. Impressive work.

    • SS can easily manipulate our views (well, those who believe and at least give a damn about anything).

      Who can tell this isn’t happening? :D

  3. Honestly, I’m surprised by WG to even discussing something like this blog. That being said, I find using mockery and saying only bad stuff about WG pretty lame. It’s much harder to actually give a constructive suggestion and use proper arguments for it.

  4. Of course, irony of this situation is that if we got info we want directly from WG, nobody would read FTR or care what SS thinks.

    • Now, I dont know if that was one person or whole group call to contact Edrard due to matter, but he/they dont do what they are supposed to do and getting butthurt if SS makes fun of them :D

  5. It might just be me, but I don’t get WG. It’s obvious they get a LOT of (negative) commentary from FTR, but instead of seriously addressing some of the problems that get named here and try to do some good PR and/or “damage control” it seems like they ignore or shun the critique.

    That might work in the republics that make up the former Soviet Union, but that sure as hell won’t fly in Europe. Maybe the fact that the lead producer for Wargaming EU is a Russian tells us allready to some extend why WG EU seems to not understand what they are doing wrong with regards to their communications towards their customers.

    This goes further then just putting up the calender for the month or the weekend specials up on the site in a timely manner (meaning more then a day in advance, which they seem to atleast partially improved very recently). It’s also about understanding that if they want to be cast in a more positive light they have to be more professional about certain aspects of their communications and for example give a rational response to certain claims, accusations, questions and/or suggestions coming from the community and atleast give the community the impression that they aren’t some stepchild which is only there because it’s a nice moneycow.

    Give the community at the very least the impression that they are equal to other regions/servers and for example just make as many weekend specials between the different servers the same (not the name but the vehicles on sale, etc.) as they can, save for certain server/region specific big (celebration) events.

    WG in Minsk meanwhile should REALLY take a more hands-off approach with regards to WG EU and give them more autonomy to make their own decisions instead of imposing it’s will with an iron fist, while in the process bringing a LOT flak and negativity towards WG EU and making look WG EU look totally impotent and without any freedom to make some small policy changes compared to other servers/regions.

    • I really dislike this “WG are Russian so they cannot into Public Relations” but then you get American companies like EA and Activision shitting all over their customer base on a routine basis.

      It doesn’t matter if WG is Russian, American, Japanese or Cambodian. Their nationality has little to do with the issues relating to the playerbase.

      • The cultural background from which you originate is bound to be an influence on how you conduct your PR.

        1: I didn’t anywhere state “WG are Russian so they cannot into Public Relations” and
        2: I do think that the way you conduct PR succesfully in Russia might not be at all the right way to succesfully conduct your PR in for example Europe or Australia.
        Succesfull PR takes into account your customer bases location and/or cultural background. WG IMHO seems to have a major problem with that.

        Also WoT is a MMO game which means their PR (IMHO atleast) is even more important then with a regular PC game, because a lingering or big explosion of very negative sentiment from the people that play your game and make up your customerbase and thus your community is bound to have immediate financial repercusions for the company producing the game and could have long lasting implications.

        Personally I feel that WG should not be surprised at the amount of negativity directed at them and their EU-office if you take into account that WG openly favour another customer base (the Russian server, understandably), while pretty much ignoring ours.

        Do we get anything close to the sort of communication with leading people from the company about the game like the Russians do? Do we get anything near their average specials? Do we have beta-testers? And the list goes on.

        Most of those things (and that’s excluding ingame things) are issues that need to be adressed if you want to keep your customer base happy. And it at the very least feels like that’s not being done at all.

        Just my two cents.

      • Actually . . America was known for shitting on other countries and its citizens, so EA is acting exactly like its country of origin

  6. You have lags? How terrible…
    Game unbalaced? How terible…
    Playing in a region that has the highest prices of ingame items? How terible…
    Losing your love for a great game cuz’ there is NOTHING done to educate new players on its innerworkings? How terrible…
    Getting bored with playing the same old shit (game modes) for many years? How terible…
    Thinking “WTF?!” when you read about subversions addition to CW’s? How terible…
    Wonder how is it possible to play a game in 2013 that uses only 1 core? How terible…
    Keep seeing various bugs and badly thought out game changes? How terible…

    But when something bothers WG from their airsoft playing… Lets fix this shit straight away with typical bully methods… And also note that “the bother” is just an independant bloger reporting about THEIR fails… About THEIR attitude towards the playerbase. 0 lies. 0 made up things. Just “as-is” reporting…

    And once again the playerbase will kneel, pay their premium account, buy some premium tanks and keep on eating whatever “how terible” WG throws at them :)

  7. So we finally know what or who a “Quasar” is…xD

    Its just a sign of really bad manners, that he talks to Edrard behind your back and not just contact you SS.
    Cmon, i think you are a reasonable guy and if he come and said “critisizm is ok, but step a bit down on the mockery”, it would not be you acting like a spoiled bitch.

    Or maybe they are just butthurt because u are way more important and contributional to the community than the whole Eu office.
    WG Eu closed – how terrible
    FTR down- fckn desaster

    • I wonder wheter this blog has more visitors than the official portal (not forum)… I mean the part with opening and reading news. I would not be suprised if FTR here + contrubutors generated more traffic, that these idiot emplyees in WG EU office.

  8. Its about time WG HQ did something about the EU office. For too long the EU community has suffered because of the ineptitude and incompetence coming out of that place. I’m sure there are many good staff who do a great job but it seems that the people in charge just haven’t got a clue – and if this high level “Producer” behaves in such a way then its no surprise.

  9. wot forum is a really crap forum and you will get a direct ban unless your message is about how hard you fap looking at serb pictures. Report of ingame bug ? RO+warning , Report of fail transaction ? RO+warning , Report of web page error or mistake ? RO+warning x2. I even get 2 warning for only 1 message of a ingame bug ! and another only because I have proved that one of wg c*** sucker was wrong in off topic theme about wows ?!!!!

    • and if you think eu is bad rus is far worse you get random bans for nothing. One of biggest russian video bloggers get a ban only because he spoke about armour schemes of tanks… afters that wg apologises and asked him come back but nope …

      • +1 and agreed. All of players I know see them like this as well and the forums reflect their attitude towards the community. I hope they get some good competition in regards to other games that are upcoming. Competition did wonders for Microsoft and the previous garbage IE versions.

  10. This post and one another post before this one about BBV and his bulliy nature are just proof how terrible is treated EU community.

    260 comments in your “Busted” post regarding BBV actions is something which is worrying about status of that moderator. Its a big indicator how bad BBV is moderator and this could maybe be usefully to WG to make some changes and do regarding there bully moderator.

    So it looks that WG reading this and they follow FTR discussions and this information’s could useful to them so if they want to improve there service towards player base, customers it’s one of place from where can they learn and do something.

    SS did you ever thinked of opening forum which will be healthy competition towards original WoT EU Forum.

    You have a quit big fan/follower base and giving that base of users a forum it can thrive to maybe very popular forum which can on end overthrow a EU WoT forum as prime discussion place.

  11. Due isues….

    Anyway, I thought that FTR is some sort of “free” place, where you can tell your opinion or your message without being instabanned. Unlike the forums, that I have abdanoned due the recent issues I heard.

    As an analogy (not necessarily the case) in the forums the users live in a dictatorship, sort of. If you try to criticize them, you will be banned. Here in FTR you can do that. Its more like some sort of resistance group.

    Of course i might exaggregate things here.

    Do not get me wrong. World of Tanks is a good game. But WG is terrible at public relations. That alone could be a reason not to buy a game.

    • SS would probably not get ‘instabanned’ here if he left the post on here, it is just that he respects his host and is therefore willing to accept some (probably unwritten) rules to avoid unnecessary drama both between SS and his host and between the host and WG.

      At least that is what I have gathered from the way SS handled the FTR transit to WOT-News and his followup posts on this blog here. No, I do not think bad of SS because of this, in face I consider it a very good way of handling business. There isn’t always a need to stir up drama.

      • It was obvious, that after he moved, he will no longer be independent. I don’t care if he’s getting anything from that WOT News guy, but as he is in his backyard, he has to accept his stupid requests. SS, if this will repeat in the future, you will have a choice of either move to another hoster (easy), or lose faith of the people who believe, that this is the only place where they can read, and speak truth wbout Wargaming and Worl of Tanks, as the official forum there is as you know more like gulag with trigger happy moderators, than a place to exchange ideas how to improve the game, and place to complain, or request explanation of dev mves… Anyway, I’ve stoppped fuelling them with money some time ago, am still playing though, but as so many people am waiting for a chance to move to a similar game, made by people with more than two brain cells…

  12. Grow up WG, you can’t control the internet. I don’t even know what was this idiot thinking.

    I can say: FUCK YOU QUASAR, you suck and you are shit at your job!
    Try to remove it or this mockery will stay here forever.

  13. Quasar butthurt? How terrible.
    Now go fuck yourself incompetent hypocritical piece of shit. You just bought yourself another portion of mockery in the future. Do you see how this backfired at you, do you donkey? Next time think(if you have something to think with) before you start talking about someone behind his back just because you were butthurt.

  14. FTR not objective enough? Don’t read FTR.

    Mr. IMMABITCHIN’BOUTFTR – why don’t you grow a pair and start taking your job seriously? Why don’t you take responsibility for oh so many fuckups?

    Anyway: how terrible…

      • So being scared of WG threats is not being weak? What SS does is his business, but with such retreating moves he is losing credibility as an independent stronghold of resistance to he incompetence of Wargaming (which is simply astonishing, and can happen only in a Soviet company… Seriously, in any normal company people responsible for their communication would colect welfare…).

  15. and here is another reason why I don’t respect you. WG mocks you, and yet you make favors like this for WG, I’d go on but you demote freedom of speech, and I’d rather shut my mouth and be able to easily see the posts than get banned by you.

    Don’t be so surprised why there are haters towards you, at least acknowledge it

    • Freedom of speech is not applicable on private property. Nevermind the differences between separate jurisdictions.