Hall of Shame – Exnom edition

Warning: this post is very picture heavy

You know what time it is :) It’s another Hall of Shame time, showcasing the worst retards of World of Tanks.

So, there is this clan Exn0m, whose members appear on Hall of Shame regularily – must be a really fun clan to be in, with such retards. But don’t worry, there are other idiots too.

Also, I removed the Hall of Shame from the upper menu. There is no need to keep this shit archived – it’s enough these morons get called out.

Let’s start with something light. Meet BrandnerKaspar, your run of the mill nazi.


Then we have a rare breed I call a “retarded scammer” – srampoppJr tries to convince people to give them their account passwords…


Apparently, the Czechoslovak clan CS_TD has also some nazis in it:


And we have a very nice Polish/Polenglish rage from _IronFace_:)


Russian players on 8.9 test are always so friendly…


And another nazilover who can’t even write in English: DerHunterrr


tramzi from EPIC sure likes his epic whine


And the promised exn0m members:

Azerion478: “Cancer Jew” and “I hope you die on tumor”


And, Shadowhachi started raging in some random battle after being shot by an arty I think, pretty funny stuff :)



















164 thoughts on “Hall of Shame – Exnom edition

    • Also make sure you read through the whole EXN0M section, I laughed my arse off at “u are good putting nose at shitholes”.

      • i agree exn0m clan is full of idiots:P but also whole EFE clan is full of pro ignorants and they are raging also funny:P

      • If I take a look at it… I don’t know what exactly happened, but it seems like someone just used chat instead of his voice. Someone on the red team shot or rammed him, and TKing ensued. What we see here is raging being done in all chat instead of teamchat. Not Hall of Shame worthy. His further replies to the enemy team (here green) are perhaps hall of shame worthy but even then it’s regular cursing (which happens every 10 games?) Kinda meh.

        • Well, he might be bad or whattever, but he have a point, it was an arty that raged him, and everybody knows that arty deserve all hate for being game destroyers

          • Yes, because arty has such a massive “game breaking” impact on gameplay, especially after the accuracy nerf for arties…

    • What applies to you then pro?

      49% winratio
      0,9 killratio
      0,9 dmg ratio

      I wouldn’t say a word with such stats…

      • The EXN0M guy kind of reminded me of GLADOS in Portal 2. They both know insults exist, but neither understand how they work lol

    • i dont think there is anybody more dumb, idiotic, moronic, retarded guy than diamondhead on whole WOT world

      • I won’t put any bets on that, WoT community has funny way of making nasty surprises…

  1. lol, i’ve raged like the last guy before when arty hasa gone out of it’s way to kill me.

    *wonders if he’s in the hall of shame somewhere*

  2. I wonder when I will end up here :D

    However I usually rage only about total idiots from own team and enemy arties that score luckshots and otherwise do squat – I usually go with these:
    - bushnoob
    - bushwanker
    - bushfag


    • Just wondering why do you rage when arty luck-shots you? You can just complimet him/her for nice shot and go back to garace

      • Hmm, raging because if he didn’t had the luck it wouldn’t kill him?…
        Not complimenting him because it was a luck-shot, not a skillful one?…

        After the nerf arties are even more RNG based then they were and it’s a bit normal to be pissed off because your match was ruined by the luck of another player…if it was in any way skill no-one would mind…but if it’s luck…

  3. putting anyone in the hall of shame just cos mentioning hitler, or being a nazi or calling shot on jews is just as lame…

    • Well…. because it’s pretty shameful? What does that got to do with the game? I guess it’s not WW2 roleplay from these guys…

      • cos i dont give a damn if he is a nazi, in love with hitler, or just hates jews for whatever reason. hell, he can even threaten others over the internet, i still dont give a damn about it, and noone should take it srsly.

        someone did hurt your feelings over the internet? how terrible…

  4. awww exnom… the clan of statpadders and goldspammers :D
    going hand in hand with pts…

    • He is doing the usual post-war jewish propaganda, there is a chance he gets paid for it.
      Anyway SS, your favourite nation’s leaders are no more, no less “nazis” than Hitler, so why is this hall of shame politically biased against ww2 German Empire?

      • Who said it’s biased?…Never seen anyone in game mentioning their love towards stalin, churchill, mao and all other…only hitler, because he’s the most known “evil” of ww2…or how can I say…the most blamed one.

      • Of course he is paid for it. He’s spending one week of every month in Israel on vacation, also he’s having free flight to New York any time he wants. That’s a common knowledge dude.

      • Dude, if you don’t get paid by jews, it pretty much means your life is failed. Jews pay me candies and girls and a premium account.

  5. SS, any chance you can take a look at how these images apprear on IE8? I get hozizontally squashed images where I can’t read the text and the impage popup link doesn’t work.

    (And yeach it’s and old browser, but I’m at work and very large companies are the last to update their browsers due to the 1000s of web internal apps they need to retest each time).

    • Put chrome on a flash drive and use incognito mode. It won’t leave any traces on the hard drive and you can browse the internet with a 21.st century broweser, not something Stone Age ..

      • USB usage is blocked unless you have special rights and theer’s a load more control than that too – you can’t pull that kinda stuff.

        Anyway the point was to SS or the site admins that the images don’t work under IE8 and a non-trivial number of people out there will be using IE8 at times and have no choice in it.

    • Picture 4 – 35 out of 57 words should be cenzured. Typical street “Polish” – it’s used by the lower society class.
      How to recognize noobs? They use only vulgar words.

  6. In the first picture the one that should be shamed is the one using hitbox skins. What a clown.

    • Sometimes I wonder what gaming has come to. You’d think that people would play games how they are meant to be played but some just have to get an advantage over everybody else. In my opinion all mods that give even slight advantages should be banned (hit skins, ammo type indicator, enemy reload timer, last know location of enemy on minimap, etc.). These are things that should be learned and are part of becoming more skilled.

    • Nothing wrong using the painted hitbox skin. The wrong one is using the purely hitbox skin.

      • Don’t think there is a distinction – both are banhammer offenses. Not that WG is smart enough to ban the right people for the right things…which is probably why he/she is still using it.

        • What? Skins that are simply markers on the outside of tanks have always been allowed without exception. What is banned are the mods that turn the tank transparent and have colored shapes inside showing the exact locations of modules and crew. Please stop spreading disinformation.

        • WG has stated that external hitbox skins are legal, only transparent ones showing internal modules are illegal

  7. Has anyone wondered what people do to provoke others in such manner and if some of those insults are actually deserved?

    • Just to be clear, not those “you should be gassed” and other insults based on nationality, but some players truly are stupid fucks who deserve to be cursed.
      And when suicide moron who shoots at his own, dies in first minute of battle and then says “I play just for fun” in WoT is the dumbest thing I ever heard! The higher tier it happens in, the worse. Sure he should be cursed. I would even go as far as banning them from higher tiers until they fix damage per battle….

  8. Dutch kiddies raging… make me cringe and loose faith in my country….. even more.

    EXN0M always good for some solid rage in-game. killing them is a sure way of getting flamed like mad because they really do get mad (most of them anyway)

    • Im Dutch aswell. That Azerion is a real idiot. While i was in the other team an complimented him on his playstyle he was calling me noob back. But then he began to rage in dutch about my mom having cancer. That was it, my mom actually died becouse of cancer. Stupid kids, dont think wat they put in chat.

    • Why? Did you believe until now that by some magic your country was the one exception to the rule that every group has its fair share of idiots?

      No reason to be ashamed unless you are the person in the screenshot.

      • no not really i already knew they failed IRL and online, it’s the amount of fail that’s getting to damn high though that is starting to make it cringe worthy.

  9. good players that rage most are from clan EPIC. imo there are lots of everyone-sucks-if-i-lose players.

  10. al of those ”pro” clans are full of self-centered people that think they achieved something in life by being blue/purple, and that suddenly gives them to right to shit on everybody else… Not to mention 50% of them were sealclubbing to get to their purple stat…

      • And on the other hand we have you…most probably tomato/carrot/i play 4 fun guy….how miserable YOUR LIFE must be when you can’t succeed even in a online tank game?

  11. hehe thise stats hunters you know when you see them they are on gold last time i ask a guy from one of those clans cant remember who way they play full gold he say — who dose not play on gold is a poor noob , solid logic but the fun part is when you get them 1vs1 they die so easy you cant imagine but all are afraid of stats — don’t be stats can be made so easy these guys are arrogant spend countless euro to make stats on a GAME , so don pay attention to them — the re is a saying “kill the fool by ignoring him” so guys really if one of stats hunters start insulting just give report and play another battle — exnom and efe show PAY TO WIN in its best ….

  12. The fact that surcell has a billion screenshots is annoying, and ruins the fun to read the rage.

  13. I was expecting to see myself as one of those “stars”, i guess i should try harder… This abusive language is the bad result of WG’s decision to give a penalty in xp and credits for the losing team imho. Players like me are used to win a lot more and play more tactical, so randoms become a real pain in the … when i get a bad MM and i see a chaotic gameplay and 3 monkeys from my team dead in the first minute and i know i will lose another game because the system wants me to have 50% win rate. So, not everyone who rages in team chat is a crazy bastard. @ SS, for a while i thought you are going to stop posting these king of lame topics, this is entertaining only for the “play for fun” players who ruin the game for others and come here to laugh at the result…

    • Boy theres some real logic: “I curse and thats ok because WG is to blame since they don’t put me in the games with 100% pros. I don’t complain about noobs on the other team because they are the ones i get the xp from naturally”
      Cursing and making fascist jokes is just a sign of bad manners and bad character. I would go so far as to say: If you rage on somebody only because he doesn’t play as good as you do (most of the time even that is not true) you just embarrass yourself.
      Whats the problem with the 40 year old family father trying to vent some steam in the evening, playing perhaps 4-5 games a day and sucking at it? Its free-to-play! Get over it! I am pissed too every second match or something and i am a mediocre player who normally gets 60% wins inspite of that fact. It’s not always rainy outside, just forget about it go to garage. Play Clan Wars or company if you can’t tolerate them. Or go see a psychiatrist because you obviously have issues if an online tank shooter gets to you so bad that you start insulting people or even their family because of it!
      And always remember: If you only play against players who are as good as you are, you probably won’t get a single Top Gun and only one sniper out of 30 games!

      Unbelievable… no wonder there is so much flaming and namecalling with this much narcism in the players who consider themselves elite!

  14. Well dunno why other clans get dragged to this thread when exn0m is showing off their best.
    Small note, I shoot only credits because even premium ammo is available for credits. Last thing, just because som tanker penetrate your tank doesn’t meen he/she is shooting premium ammo.

    • it’s very easy to recognize whether someone is shooting gold ammo at you or not.

      only most gold ammo spammers are too dumb to know that so they defend themselves by the very phrase you just wrote there.

      there are morons on the other side too. those that accuse you for shooting gold at ‘em when it’s not the case. from my experience, they are usually driving either T28 Prototype or Tortoise.

      and yes, all EXNOM players that i’ve met were spamming gold ammo. all RELIC members too. for the rest of “good” clans it depends form player to player or the tank they’re in.

      i apologise for off topic post.

      • October 2013 and ppl still whine about players who all the ammo-choices offered by the game?

        Whats next: I tracked him twice and he repaired twice! Stupid noob uses two repair kits, unfair!

      • lol – i made the same experience. British TD players, T28 Prot are those who most often accuse you of being a “gold noob”.

        But really, what do you expect when you engage an IS3 with a T95 who cant go away? That he says “ok, i die” and gives up? It’s just the game mechanics who force you to switch over to your little gold ammo stash so you have a chance of penetrating the monster. There is really nothing wrong with it.

      • “it’s very easy to recognize whether someone is shooting gold ammo at you or not.”

        Well please enlighten us about how you can so easily see if the tanker that shot you used premium ammo?

  15. Hello

    I think whining, and insulting to exnom is OK.

    It is very UNFAIR, when they go ALWAYS in 3 platoon.
    And enemy team has 45-50% winrate players, like average.
    So if the enemy is a big clan platoon, THEY RUIN the game/battle of 27 other players! At least 15.

    And when somebody is UNFAIR, we can INSULT them!

    I hate 3 platoon high eff players too.

    • Go elect some socialist party. They will force good players to play with just one hand or a mandatory ping of 400 ms.

      Or here is a thought for you: Read up on the game, platoon yourself and become a better player.

      Or how about this: Take it as a life lesson: Sometimes others are better, enjoy the game for what it is, stop whining and in 5 minutes you will be in the next macht.

    • Jump from a building. Solves all problems. 100% guarantee. Unless you are so bad that you can even fail in that ^^

  16. Pips is a regular idiot on Balkan forum but some respect him because he plays a lot and has an attitude:” what you said there is wrong, I am right and I will tell you what is right. No I am never wrong.”

  17. Hey I am trying to get in hall of shame from the beginning, but wrong battle for hall of shame. If I have replay of that battle I will give to you to see all conversation. I have experimented with radial menu configure file and told that to enemy team. After 3 tks in my team enemy platoon start to insult and they got proper response.

  18. So ? Shame from what ? If team are full of morons and Idiots I will tell it . Silentstalker you are pussy

  19. I can fully relate to the EXNOM thread, I have seen many of them insulting people just because their stats were lower, cry about being hit by arty while generally camping in the back, letting the team die and waiting for easy points to keep their stats up

  20. Why people always go crazy, when they see something like “heil Hitler” or something. Saying “for Stalin” is same or even worse. Stalin was even more a criminal, so just because he won the war doesnt mean that everything associated with Hitler is now so offensive or something…

      • ?? Guys are you really thinking before writing?
        Hitler and his regime killed 2-score million people because they were full of shit. Full of them selves, hating everybody else, thinking they are superior so its ok to hurt others.
        Seeing a trend here? Its just like those narcist “i’m a pro so i can insult people or shoot them if they dont play the way i want them to” – guys, on a much bigger scale!
        And then excuse this fucked-up hitlerloving bullshit with “the other guy, stalin, was just as bad!”. First: You are right. Second: So what? That doesn’t change a thing!
        Just go and kill an american citizen and then claim “they are killing foreigners too” as your defense plea and see what happens. Guys, think before writing!

        • WTF are you on about? Stalin murdered people with same cold blood as Hitler and was every bit as brutal, the only difference between them is that Stalin won the war. If Hitler had won, the roles would be reversed. Hitler or Stalin no difference really, except that Stalin killed more people and affected the lives of many more. So tired to see this one-sided bullshit about Hitler being “the worst murderer” or something like that while in fact, it was Stalin, who is also portrayed nowadays like he was some sort of hero.

  21. This lame topic supposed to apply a moral spanking to some players. But what i see in the replies? Some guys start a ridiculous bashing on exn0m players, calling us noob gold spammers, stats padders, campers, retards and stats whiners, i miss the ethical part where they should be better than us. A life advice for them: if you express in a derogatory form about someone else doesn’t make you look better, in fact you are worst…

  22. Huh. Die Hall of Shame was rather underwhelming. Nothing more going on?

    “Heil Hitler” comment just like “Hello comrades” is just roleplaying. The shit talking about family and parents is just plain old players from the lower classes who have never learned to behave properly. A guy trying to get account data? That’s the digital version of 3000 years old cons. Meh.
    The poor roleplayer in the first picture didn’t even get the plural of “kamerad” right. This is pathetic at worst.

    Hall of Shame should make me laugh at some genuinely retarded rants. The last one came near, but all in all this was just lame. Won’t click in the future…

  23. You should check out the NA servers, you’ll see rage like you’ve never seen before. I’m guilty myself, if you ever want some NA screenshots let me know.

  24. Plenty of Neo-Nazis showing up in the Hall of Shame, but I don’t think there’s any Stalinists yet (and their should be). Maybe the latter’s just better at keeping their collective mouths shut?

    • How many ‘For Stalin’ you saw in Random Battle chat? Because in 12.5k games I saw none, instead I saw plenty of ‘Shit Hilter’ morons.

  25. i’ved never seen an exnom or exn0m in a random who played like his stats. NEVER!!!! statspusher, noobs and idiots only. but there are more other clans like this: odem mortis community, pirates, steel bikers and much much more

  26. the first picture isn’t even a german. i think the most who are trolling with nazi stuff are not german.
    keep this in mind.

  27. I have never seen an exnom platoon or player not act like unsupervised children. They probably think they are trolling us. If being a dumb kid is trolling then troll on, you are still a dumb kid.

  28. Like Schopenhauer once said “He who put great value on people’s opinion makes them too much honor”, the the lack of common sense, the amount of absurdities and invectives written in this topic about me and my clan mates has no significance for us, because those opinions lost their value from the first letter. Actually… it was a bit funny to see some guys rage, whine and curse us in a hall of shame topic, maybe SS will make one for this blog too (sarcasm intended).

  29. Oh look, it is every game evr played on the US servers. Seriously, I have turned chat off in game. If I tried to report it, I would be out of reports in 30 seconds of starting my first game.
    The amazing thing is that you EU players even find this worth posting about.

    • We are sometimes amazed about the ppl who are miles away from understanding that its just a game.

      But with 140 prem days on account i left the WoT-patch-horror a month before and with that the worst community in around 13 years of personal online gaming. i thought WoW community is bad… WoT can beat this easily.

  30. i’m ashamed to be german, when i read such kids comments and hitler spellouts… these glabrous childish pre-apes are our future…great… i really need the holy hand grenade.

  31. Actually I’m ashamed that us EFE haven’t got our own thread for Hall of Shame.

    We certainly have to try harder.

    And remember folks, EFE shoot only gold and use only gold consumables.


  32. In test 8.8 I had a Russian hating on my _NA tag… but by far my favorite part was when he told me, in all caps, “I LOVE TO FUCK OBAMA”
    I don’t think he understands what he said, but I was laughing for a good minute

  33. Just wondering why u call people nazi, as if it was a bad thing. Because the rant and whine u call them nazis. I would be proud to be associated with the germans from ww2. Baddest mthrfckrs to walk this planet in last 100 yrs.

  34. If there was a handful of skilled players writing guides and teaching others to be better players in wot instead of flaming the playerbase how *skilled* they are, we would’nt have half of the shitstorm going on about the skill discrepancy. But hey, helping others is no fun after all but flaming is…
    Thats why players like Kolasky are respected beyond their grave and clans acting like in this post will never be respected by their skill but just flamed by other players.

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  36. I dont understand at all this fuzz. All stuff here is pretty basic, nothing out of the ordinary.

    Everyone who posts these kinda pictures are buncha crybabies: “He called me fat yhyhy…im gonna go tell mom”

    I bet the maker of this post wasnt good enough to join EXNOM so he started hating them.

  37. And if u people cant take this kinda trolling, u should never have opened the internet.