86 thoughts on “8.9 CT round 2

        • The looooooooong 7.5 cm had 0.26 accuracy with the old system, now it’s 0.32 I think. the WTE-100′s gun is actually more accurate than the panthers gun.

            • Fun fact: because it can’t mount improved ventilation, any tank with 0.3 dispersion that is closed top can have higher effective dispersion (though not massively).

            • Yes, open topped tanks have the 5% vent bonus, because.. the crew dont need a ventilation, they are outside! :D

              Leopard 1 has 0,28 with 100% crew and vents.. with only 100% crew 0,29

            • wrong, a 100% commander gives 10% to the other crewmembers.. so the gunner is actually at 110%
              the stats that are listed in the game are with 100%..

              with vents or in open topped tanks it rises to 116% per crewmember
              the commander has then 105% and gives 11% bonus + 5% vents/opentopped

            • Wrong!
              Open topped vehicles DONT get the 5% buff for being open. WG mentioned that this is already “calculated”/”considered” in the vehiecle stats. So The WT accu with .29 has that “vent” already in.

  1. “just a minor patch”… nahh.. just a small balance tweaks like… huge bufs (+5m of view range) and minor nerfs (-30% of ROF or -50% if it’s German tank) ;)

    • soviet tank minor buff is increasing penetration and RoF by 50%
      reducing shell dispersion by 50%

    • t44-85 aimtime decreased to 1,9 and dispersion to 4,0
      wt e100 reloads decreased from 60 and 50 to 55 and 47 but reload between shots from 2 and 3 to 3 and 4. Dispersion after shot increased by 27% and dispersion after turret rotation increased by 18%ˇfor 150mm gun and 37% for 128mm gun. Aimtime increased to 1.9 and 2.3. Terrain passability increased by 12% on hard and soft terrain and by 8% on very soft terrain.
      rhmb wt turret traverse decreased to 18 deg/sec and aimtime increased to 2.5 and 3 sec.

  2. I guess if SS or anyone else had access to the changelog, it would have been posted here already.

    • I thought that he was in a hurry, and that that’s the reason why he didn’t put it here.

  3. I can’t go into the test server and i don’t know where to download the patch, it’s not in the launcher

  4. Minor changes generally mean they’re pretty satisfied with the current setup’s performance; On the plus side, it also means we get to see the release that little bit sooner with few changes.

    I wonder if they’ll change the Type-64 to a TD instead of a light since it’s basically built from TD and AA tank parts. It’d make a great starter Chinese crew trainer.

  5. Sorry, a little bit OFF:
    Would someone translate this to english?

    “не сможем. р расмотрит и примит. бля чё за хуяня. отправь на маилку коммандир примет.”

    • Google translate ne1?:
      we can not. district will review and accept. Th for fucking Huyan. send to mailku will kommandir

      Dunno what it means though…………

      • I tried google translate, but you know, it doesnt translate perfectly. So I thought there will be anyone, who speaks russian, too.

    • It looks like a part something bigger, answer for a question. Need context. My russian is not so good

      • There is a clan on the EU server, and I wanted to join. But the recruiter doesnt speak english, he is russian (and the clan is, too) and I dont speak russian. The upper text is what has he written.

        If I remember correctly my question was: “Do I fit in the clan?” (Just in russian language with google translate).

  6. SS: do you know an aprox. release date(or an accurate for that sake) for the 8.9 update?

  7. Silentstalker, do a WG fail edition with WGNA, because NA STILL HASN’T BEEN NOTIFIED OF THE TEST SERVER