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Update: A lot of you haven’t even bothered to read the post and I don’t have time to sift thru garbage. Closed the comments, will think on what to do with it further.

Hello everyone,

okay, I must admit I’ve been thinking about this for a very, very long time. Why isn’t there a real Q&A thread for EU/US people, apart from that thing Quasar posts, which is slow, clumsy and has wrong answers on occasion.

Well, long story short, what we can try (for now, as an experiment):

You will be able to ask your questions for developers under this post. I will pick SEVEN (I will let you know which), will translate it to Russian and then, Edrard (who has enough battles on RU server) will post what I write in SerB’s thread. And you’ll get your answers from SerB and Storm directly.

If it works and Edrard agrees, we could do this regularily, perhaps even daily.

Now, before you get all pen-happy, there will be strict rules and I will ask you to read them and obey them this time, because otherwise it won’t work. Please, read everything below, it’s important.

Rules, what you can ask and what you can’t:

- don’t ask about buffs and nerfs of any vehicle: even if I translated it and had it posted (which I won’t), the only answer you’d get would be “if necessery”, “your opinion is important to us” and “don’t play that tank”, completely pointless
- don’t ask “when will XXX happen” – the only answer you’ll get is ASAP/KTTS (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- don’t ask about really old stuff that was answered a million times before: skill MM in randoms, multicore support, hardcore mode and such stuff, on such questions SerB answers always “read previous answers”
- don’t ask about clanwars in particular, SerB and Storm do not develop those and won’t answers
- don’t ask about regional stuff, such as events, developers have nothing to do with those.
- and please please please, don’t ask dumb stuff, such as “will there be Abrams in game”

Please be aware, that these rules are not only for you, they are for me too: if you adhere by them, I won’t have to dig thru garbage to find interesting answers, it will be a complete waste of my time and I simply won’t be doing this. The rules above are not based on my whim, but on nearly a year of translating that very thread and on rules posted by SerB in first post of his thread.

Please also note that while this sounds easy, this is actually a very time consuming operation, especially since it will not replace the original QA, I will keep on translating, so you know which way the developers are thinking. If it’s too requiring, I dump it.

Important: at some point (when I gather the 7 questions), I will lock the comments. If there are more than 7 good questions, I will pick 7 and discard the rest: if there is a second issue of this, you’ll have to ask the same question there again. Sorry, I have to do this, otherwise we’ll get swamped in “that was a question from previous issue”.

Let’s see how it works.

PS: I’d ask you NOT to discuss anything under this post – just post your questions. If someone asks something blatantly stupid, you can answer him, but please, no long threads. For me it is all about time management, I fully expect this thing to add one hour per day to the time required to keep this blog, so don’t make me regret the time spent on it.

Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Q&A for EU/US

  1. What is stopping the development of multi gun and multi turret support?
    Is it too complicated?

  2. First?

    What is the reason to not have detailed player statistics on each tanks? Time consuming? development dificulty? Players love statistics.

  3. When exactly will the havoc engine come out?
    Will there be more Tutorial videos such like the thing with the penetration?
    I think they promised us a 2nd part(?)

  4. Will the Ardelt Waffenträger 8,8cm be included at some Point?
    Maybe as a Premium vehicle?

  5. Are the ground resistance factors and track repair times purely fictional – for the purpose of balance reasons? Or are they influenced by the historical capabilities of certain vehicles?

  6. I was hoping to get my question answered. Im curious if they found candidates for an higher tier (7 or 8) French Premium Medium tank. And if so will it be implemented in the upcoming year.

  7. Will there be some sort of Tier-Filter implemented (Like WoWp already has), or rather some sort of sortorder via drag n drop to sort your hangar individually?

  8. (This is a question I asked in the EU Q&A months ago)

    Why is damage from tierX guns of the same caliber all identical? Couldn’t tanks be even more varied with more accentuated differences in weaponry?

  9. hi
    why NA server have daily biltz and weekly tournament but EU server havent ?
    why we we have to wait a month for a new tournament in EU server ?
    have u any plan to add more tier ? (XI & XII & … )? (“when it’s done it’s done”)?

  10. Would it be possible to mix players from different servers( e.g. EU and NA) on special events? I mean somthing compareable to the CT-Server so you have the chance to play with/against players you normaly wouldn’t be able to play with/against with your normal garage tanks.

    • impossible ! there is different server in different country ! impossible to mix that !

  11. Q: Will boxed edition of game be released on NA/EU Server with localized content?

    (referring to the four special tanks you get in it as well)

  12. With the upcoming Waffenträger the german tree is quite packed now. Will you keep searching for new possible additions to the major trees just like before for eternity, or will there be a point where you consider to stop adding new tanks to them and declare them “finished”?

  13. Is it already decided which tier will Walker Bulldog be? Will there be any even higher tier light tank above M41?