People are strange (15 years of PA gone)


Hello everyone,

well, it looks like some people just aren’t happy with what they got. American player Kuroialty recently had a pretty strange request on the support service. He won 15 years of premium account in a competition, but he requested the premium account to be removed for following reason:

“I do not want the premium time on my account. I view its impact on my account as negative, artificially inflating my numbers for experience earned, thereby blurring my performance”

And Wargaming did grant his wish and removed the premium account.

I guess this guy is an ultimate unicum or something, because… I don’t even….

Anyway – before the change:


The ticket:




149 thoughts on “People are strange (15 years of PA gone)

  1. This guy… he’s a badass. He’s my hero. He’s a hero for every good player who can’t afford premium account.

    • He’s a person who plays only to statpad…

      I guess if you only play for that he can be your hero.

      • And to statpad via sealclubbing. He has 5 crew skills on his T2. That’s a lot of battles.

        • doesnt have to mean that he trained the crew skills using the T2 Med, it could be just aswell that this is the crew of a former T26E4 SuperPershing and he simply moved the crew after selling his SP this patch into a low tier tank.

          Just sayin.
          I also still do lowtier battles on occasion, but mostly for fun and not nearly as professionally (best tier 3 crew is 90% on its first skill, all other crews of tier 4 and below dont even have any skills or perks)

          • I withdraw my objection. looks like he actually did get these skills while driving only that tank…

  2. quote of the day:
    “Hurk, on Oct 19 2013 – 07:52, said:
    oh, i have to ask, did you delete the premium tanks as well? those will screw up your stats too.”

    Ops reply: “No, what am I, stupid?

    I’m going to use them.”

  3. This guy known as an mentally unstable autistic kid on 4chan. I bet he did it for getting attention.

  4. the guy said he’s done this before. seems to me he wins these things just so he can deny anyone else free premium time

    • The forum post was called “What does a guy who wins 15 years of premium do with it?” and then at the ends tells WG thank you for the type 59. He is just trolling people with that kind of post.

  5. -”artificially inflating my numbers for experience earned, thereby blurring my performance”

    -Has 4 and a half crew skills on a tier 2 tank.

    Lolwut? I’m sorry but this guy is not strange, bud downright dumb.

  6. He has a point, as Wargaming Minsk has chosen to mixed Standard and Premium Account statistic together. So that it becomes more difficult to judge how once is doing relatively speaking. If Wargaming Minsk made the statistic feedback “clearer” comparatively, Kuroialty might have not asked to remove 15 years of premium time.

    As it is, Kuroialty has won enough gold previously to purchase ‘premium account’ time, if he/she so wanted.

    • I think “good on him”…

      Premium does artificially inflate “stats”…

      He has pride in how he plays, and fuck anyone else..

      ADHD or not… Well done…

  7. that was…strange but still i admire the guy not sure why you people are calling him names it was his decision
    so respect the guy…

    • this guy doesn’t deserve respect for BEGGING for attention, and if you think that he does your definition of respect must be closer to envy.

      • if he did this to get attention he must be really desperate but that gives you no right to disrespect him by calling and i saw your comment below ” If not he must be molested daily by his parents”
        are you 12?….guess is what happens when people sit behind the computer all day

    • How can you “respect” this tool? basically he denied some else more deserving of the 15yr prem, He then goes onto forums to brag about it, ppl like him deserve a Darwin award.

      • If WG aren’t such a cheap bastards they would give 15 PA to the guy who was second. I know he didn’t achieved the highest exp, but since this sealclubber don’t want it they could give it to him.

        • Thats it! It might really hurt to guys who actually would love to have premium for nearly livetime and a fresh Type 59 (wich won’t be driven because of ” impact on my account”.

  8. strange? Negative. Inflated stats from premium? this guy is so mentally challenged he must be in a persistent vegetative state. If not he must be molested daily by his parents.

  9. Or just his father or brother or gf or someone who had access to his account make fun of him :-)

  10. What a noob, he drops like 5 % winratio on average for every tier above tier 2.
    US TD
    Tier 2: 72%
    Tier 3: 53%
    Tier 4: 40%

    What a troll

    • What if I told you, You got those in every country in the world and if a few act retarded, not everyone in that country is retarded.

      Yours sincerely, a guy that lives in the Netherlands a land were the Government is retarded and the main development to make you’re electronic devices faster happens.(ASML)

  11. I like how he’s just sealclubbing. I mean there are some really retarded people that just want to have the best stats on their main or nay of their alt accounts. But this is just going over every boundry of normality!
    I had my fair share of playing low tiers, I do like the T1 lolingham (my clan mates nicknamed it because of the lols we have in tier 1 battles with it :P) but I still don’t play like a mad man in those tiers ffs. It’s kinda pointles, why not get a bloody higher tier tank? Why not have high alpha damage or awesome bouncy armor or high DPM or an almost OP tank? Where is the challange in playing low tiers ONLY and then not progressing further in the game?

    I think I can now admit that about 5-10% of low tier players are utter unicum selclubbing scumbags. In other words stat paders, and I am happy they are not in popular higher tiers like 6 and 8, hell even 10.

    Well my rant is over for this, I await the almighty Donkey xD

    • At Tier 10 everybody understood that oyu might shoot soem gold shells sometimes.
      And you got a really good crew if you aren’t retarded.
      And you know weakspots and so on….

      The worst is, that these sealclubbers actually make newbies quit the game before getting some experience.
      skill MM…

  12. He had an autistic fit on 4chan yesterday and was begging for attention. He justified his sealclubbing with the fact that “low tier tanks are better equipped to instantly destroy same-tier tanks.”
    He also says that coordination with your team in the high tiers is “impossible” and hates high tiers because he can’t win in them (read: doesn’t have a huge experience advantage or 5-skilled crew)

  13. Well as you can clearly see this player is considered bad. Why you may ask. Well just look at his stats as the tiers go highter his winrate goes from 70% to 50% and from some “unicum” you would expect at least some consistency. I wouldn`t name a player “unicum” if he can play 1-2 tanks how they are meant to.

  14. 10k battles and almost all on tier 2 tanks, no wonder he doesn’t care about premium account

  15. This guy doesnt needs respect… He needs to be laughed at lol.

    I mean if someone likes to club seals on low tiers with well known OP tanks for its tier like the T49 or like in his case the T2, then well have fun, but do not dare to come out and brag with those stats and just shut the fuck up and play.

    I absolutely despite ppl like him. I have much more respect to a 1000 rating guy that tries hard to improve and is going up the rating curves with tanks he actually grinds. This is just pure embarassing shit.

    • I like what you said my main profile was banned due to a hacker gifting tons of people and sending $2,000+ dollars worth of gifts to my account I lost all my tanks I was 1 week from the E-75 now I am starting over and highest tier is the StuG III granted I’m not the best but I try but this noob he should uninstall right now and never play another computer game in his life


      • Why did you accept those gifts anyway? It’s clearly stated that you should not accept gifts from total strangers lest they do a chargeback and burn your account

  16. that guy is totally retarded…

    wasting more than 1000 $ premium time for padding stats…

    i hope someone hacks his acount and sell his type… for being retard…

    • Actually that wouldn’t help, throw away his crew on the statdpadding tank + the tank itself, as he wrote the code in he agreed to sell it.

      So much win and he’d probably have a breakdown afterwards. xD

      • why not sell his tanks buy new tanks untill he has no money and spend gold for ammo as well as creds until he can’t even buy any ammo that will shut him up

  17. This event confirm’s Wilhelm Stekel’s famous quote; “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that is wants to live humbly for one.”

    This quote was also mentioned in “Ghost In The Shell” anime ;D

  18. This guy is a total douche.

    Actively goes for a prize for a contest, that other people hope to win, only to throw it away, like its nothing, so he “does not inflate his statistics”, wich are earned by seal-clubbing with a 5-perk crew on a tier 2 tank.

    And not only that, but HE GOES OUT ON FORUMS AND BRAGS ABOUT IT….Seriously…what..the…F

  19. This guy has contentment, he chose not to accept all the prizes he had. If every one has contentment like that guy, we should already claimed our peace for ourselves

  20. I have question. In third screen in right down corner there are some nice statistics from last battle, what mod is that?

  21. Then why he play in that competition? Fucking retard wasting price for other people.

  22. Take his top 5 most played tanks, add up all those in Tier 2…

    He has played 50% of his total battles in those 4 Tier 2 tanks…

    70% of ALL his battles are in T1 and T2…

    WN8 says he’s unicum, but WN ratings are supposed to prevent clubbing/padding..??

    WN7 to WN8 has given him another 600 points…

  23. Pfft WG could of stopped his gaming habits if they refused to remove the premium account

  24. 15 years of premium account…

    Because WoT is really going to be around for that long…

    L O L.

    • Well its premium for WoWP and WoWS as well, World of Warships goes into an early alpha test soon so it isnt out of line by a lot.

      Look at all the old games that are 10-20 years and still have active online servers.

  25. u don’t get it.
    as lifeform without a purpose he really believes that is important to waste the more time possible in wot, otherwise he has nothing to do.
    his life is the game, if he uses premium he shorten his life.
    Now the question is mandatory:
    Kuroialty listen, don’t u like the pussy?

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  27. artificially inflating my numbers for experience earned
    I really can’t see his point. His avg exp is shit even if he played on standard account whole the time so it’s avg exp is not something to brag around after all. I guess you can’t get higher than that at T2. Bloody dumbass.

  28. Someone inform this guy that his stats are already artificially inflated and blurred past anyone thinking he is anything more than a terrible player.

  29. stupid player…..wasted 15yrs of premium…what i don’t understand is…why does he likes T2 Medium so much???It isn’t the coolest tank not a popular one….If it was a T18 he likes I don’t mind….bcuz I like T18 too…but seriously T2 medium….he must have got hitten in the head…..

  30. What an idiot…but you know, if HE doesn’t want it, then WG should have given it to somebody else who would appreciate it.

  31. That guy is a complete idiot. I know he has a reasonable reason and it’s his account but I can’t that thinking that he is a huge idiot.

  32. Zero respect for seal-clubbing ********************************************************** (very long string of censored words) who don’t have the guts or skills to advance and spit in the face of an award everyone else wants because of his own immense arrogance.

  33. What a jackass, he wins 15 years of premium, something that every other player in the game would love, and get a bit removed. Honestly I understand he doesn’t want It, but he basicly took it from someone who would want it.

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  35. They shouldn’t remove his PA. They should take away his sealclubbing account and give it to some other player. “Here’s 1k €. No thanks it will ruin my perfect bank account balance of 1€. Fucking nobrainer.

  36. Anyone who plays only Tier II is missing out on a whole host of amazing, unique tanks. I mean the Pershing, Patton, Stug, Jagdpanther, Cromwell, IS-7, KV-2, AMX 1946, some cracking tanks that just have to be played.

    I’ve no respect for anyone who simply clubs beginners to get a massive win rate / WN. Show me those scores at Tier VII – X and I’ll applaud you.

  37. Nice one dude!
    did anyone notice 51k of gold!!! ;)
    play with tier 2/3/4 and convert XP with gold!
    so there goes the idea of a non affordable premium player!!! I think he just wont people to talk about him!

    Well done, GG!

  38. ???? Really?…

    Was he drinking at the time?…UM..

    whatever dude? Wow, I don’t see how that would be some sort of inflation? I would have to talk to this guy personally up close to understand his philosophy on this. I would be the only way to be clear on understanding his motives, without making assumptions.

  39. What the fuck?
    This guy is so RETARDED.
    Im trying hard to win even those 3k gold, he gets 2 tanks and 15years premium, and he throws it like if it wasn’t worth a cent, dafuq, guess he will sell the type also, he belongs in T1 and T2, stupid sealclubber. Hope he loses that account for being a pathetic idiot.

  40. Ya because have over 3000 battles in one tier 2 tank does not inflate your numbers at all. LOL

  41. It would have been better if he’d asked the devs to use the prize to help everyone, like asking for all players that have been active since the contest to get 15 days of premium,

    That would have been classy,

    As for his gameplay I don’t care…. I don’t play in tiers 1-6
    You’d think it would get boring outplaying the average tier 2 player
    but whatever floats his boat