US server: Dickermax + SU-100Y at 50 percent discount

Hello everyone,

what would be a weekend event without at least some WG fails? Just a quick update: while both the US and EU servers are supposed to have the same event (the “Alpha Force” (US, EU) – with 30 percent discount on Dicker Max and SU-100Y amongst other things), the US server has not 30 percent discount on both, but 50 percent:



No 50 percent discount for you, European capitalists! And as for the American players, get them while they’re hot :)

34 thoughts on “US server: Dickermax + SU-100Y at 50 percent discount

  1. Did EU changd it to -50% too last time? for the SU-122-44 discount? on NA they are doing these -50% pretty often. Su-122-44 was already like 5times now half the price.. Im staying for good on NA.

      • Yes they learn.

        Last time it was written on US server that discount will be 50%.
        So EU had time to complain.
        This time on paper it was the same.
        In game it is different.

  2. ASIA server has 50% off Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) this weekend for the weekend event… yay!

  3. Bought the SU-100Y before the last discount… then they discount it again. That’s what’s pissing me off.

  4. That really maxes my dickers.

    Im waiting for 50% off E-25, RU already had this if im correct.

  5. It’s every time the same… EU has in most cases 30% when there’s same event on US and they have 50% and if EU has luck it will be “corrected” to 50%.

  6. Guys! Appereantly they fixed the US discount and put 30% instead of increasing it for us to 50%. Please, can someone on the US server see in the ingame store if it’s true or not?

    • True, true… that’s why i bought my su-122-44 then. Now they done an asshole move to the US comunity, they are probably bullshiting about it on their forum right now.

  7. Can’t access the in game store from my phone, but the weekend announcement has the D. Max and SU-100Y at 30% discounts on the NA server.

  8. The 50% discount is still in effect. Just picked up a DM at 1600 gold. Saturday morning, 8:50 a.m. local.

    • Checked the in game store. Both td’s are 50% off while the Alpha Force weekend has the SU-100Y and Dicker Max with a 30% discount. It is 9:30 A.M. local time at the WGA office. If someone was going to rectify the situation, it should have been done by now.

  9. Major_Rampage (who does the specials/giftshop) is an illiterate idiot whose math skills are on par with a kindergartner. The guy fails twice a week with the giftshop and such prices. For example, this weeks gimmick was adding “a free day of premium” to the sales. Well, when he broke down the price, that free day wasn’t actually free at all and was included lol. He then tried to reword what he said but at that point everyone was either pissed or just laughed and left the thread.