8.9 test 2 changes

The detailed list will be available when the XML files are datamined, but for now:

- WT E-100 was not touched
- tier 8 and 9 tank destroyers recieved some nerfs, specifically the gun traverse (turret rotation) from 24 to 18, tier 8 recieved a nerf on hull turnrate (42 to 38), same goes to tier 9 (40 to 36)
- the “visual model changes” are actually just some shadows on the hull, absolutely nothing visible at first glance

From Storm’s answers regarding this topic:

- there will be no separate rework specifically for BIA, it will only happen if the perks are globally reworked
- Storm states the global rework of perks and skills might happen: he’ll revise the old ones, think of new ones, but this will not happen anytime soon, there are other more important issues in game
- Storm states that the current WT E-100 will be the same case as the FV215 183, where everyone whined that it’s overpowered and in the end it turned out not to be the case
- T-44-85 will not be released in 8.9 apparently, devs decided to rebalance it (buff it) so it’s playable, they are discussing what to buff, but of course it’s about the penetration
- Storm confirms the encounter on Mountain Pass will be disabled
- some buildings on the new map are not destructible while they should be, it’ll be fixed

139 thoughts on “8.9 test 2 changes

  1. “Storm states that the current WT E-100 will be the same case as the FV215 183, where everyone whined that it’s overpowered and in the end it turned out not to be the case”

    Smart guy

      • It wont be easy to earn tank, also, im lookin forward to see its role on a clan wars because that burst dmg surely will be useful.
        Maybe that reload on 12.8 gun should be increased to 3s in the end, dunno

            • ^^ Butthurt much? Do you own Maus, do you ever played Maus? Or you are just butthurted because you are too dumb to kill one?

            • You do know that they could give it 10,000 hit points and it will not be unrealistic. Keep in mind hit points have absolutely nothing to do with the realism of a tank as they are game only.

          • maus is by far the worst tier 10 tank in the game because the gun and the speed is BULL SHIT

            • Maus role in CW is not to be a damage dealer, it is a huge HP bag with very strong armor that is there to delay and defend.

            • Delay what exactly? Its too slow to get anywhere and with the high alpha guns running around it only takes 3-4 gold shells to the face before biting the dust…

            • Then why would you be playing a maus from the frist beginning if you want great guns and mobilty? Go play some OP medium tenks instead with gold ammo ,and you will derp around making 4000-7000 damage, wearing a exnom or pts badge on the tenk.

      • Yeah but it gets two or three-shotted by almost everything it faces with the easiest-to-hit weakspot in the entire game: the entire turret (which is really a gunshield, and can be penned by tier ONES).

    • So….ignoring the maus argument above, I have noticed a few thing in the games of test 2 I have played so far.
      -tier 8 & 9 waffentrager gun dispersion from hull movement appears to have been increased (especially the tier 8)
      -tier 8 (and possibly tier 9) terrain resistance has been increased. The Rhm-Borsig WT is much less agile now.
      -Rhm-Borsig WT stock gun accuracy slightly needed to 0.36 from 0.35 if I remember correctly.

      They seem to have really needed the tier 8 WT

  2. T-44-85 was very fun to play IMO. Buffing it would baffle me, since its allready pretty nice, nicer than that piece of crap T-43 at any rate.

    • 125 pen greatly limits what can be penetrated; even the T-43′s 144 pen limits what angle it can be at to penetrate certain heavy sides.

      • T-44-85 getting buffed because it’s unplayable with 126mm penetration yet VK3002DB is perfectly fine with 132mm penetration…

        • The 3002 literally only loses like 40 DPM (2064 vs 2025) by using the 75mm instead of the 88 and you gain 18 pen and .03 accuracy. The 3002 is actually the second highest DPM T7 medium after the comet as is. Its gun selection is pretty fine.

        • panther/m10 also have limited MM and a 150 pen gun with only 25 less dmg and more hp ontop of that

          only reason to use a 44-85 would have ben to train soviet crews and sling gold ammo

            • Its also less mobile, and bigger, and has less side armor.

              Seriously, if someone tells me that Panther M10 is better than T-44-85 i will LAUGH IN HIS FACE.

    • Yeah it’s a shame it’s not coming this patch, they can’t really do anything about the penetration without making it as strong as (or even stronger then) the T-43, but with limited matchmaking. It’ll be like the Type 59/T-44 situation all over again. Maybe they can buff the accuracy, but that’s the only thing I would change on the T-44-85.

      • Just look at T-34-2 and -3. Same pen, higher dpm, more armor and Premium MM. Seems to be no Problem …

        • Does it matter if its stronger than the T-43 really? The problem with comparing the T-43 to the T-44-85 is that the T-43/KV-13′s 85mm have the worst pen of any T7 medium in the game. Sure the comet has only 148 and the 3002 has 150 but when tanks like the panther can have 198 it seems completely balanced that the T-44-85 could reasonably have 150 pen at least. (I don’t know what gun the T-44-85 has in game but I wouldn’t be against them just buffing the 85 D5T-85BM to 150 pen if that isn’t completely unrealistic.) It would make the guns more usable without gold rounds while only slightly buffing the T-43 and KV-13 which are fine but no amazing tanks to begin with.

          • Buff the 44-85′s penetration and it probably won’t get anymore premium matchmaking.

    • ‘piece of crap t-43′
      seems like you dont know how to play it correctly, or just used it with 50% crew. T-43 gets a lot of diss, while i have 570 average xp in it being my favourite tier7. with a little upgrade, you get a ok speed agile medium carrying an accurate gun which reloads in 3-4 secs, dealing 180-200 damage.

  3. E 100 wft ain’t overpowerd.. but it’s quite a nerf on mobility on tier 8 and 9.. and tier 8 wasn’t mobile

    • Not OP at all. Its burst could be OP potentially, but it lacks in what i deem a TD’s three most important disciplines:
      Mobility (or the ability to get into the right spot at the right time)
      Camouflage (or the ability to stay hidden and thus safe, armor could replace this discipline, but WTE dosent have any)
      Penetration (or to be able to pen people from 500m without much bounces)

      • 1.Mobility…it goes as fast as the FV4202 on flat ground altough it accelerates only 2 times slower than it.
        2.Full camo crew+camo net+binos makes it invissible at decent ranges altough it’s huge.
        3.Penetration…who the hell uses the 150mm ffs?It only reloads faster and has better alpha…anything else is shittier compared to the 128mm(less dpm, less bullets in the magazine, much worse penetration, less accuracy and aim time, almost 2 times lower bullet velocity, HEAT ammo instead of APCR, slower shot in-between the bullets and so on).

        It’s a perfect TD in the right hands…it’s only drawback is the one that makes all other autoloaders suffer too….long reload time, thus, team dependence.

          • Oh no, it takes 25 – 30% more alpha than normal from anyone that has time to load HE? That’s totally going to make him think twice about unloading on someone.

      • I was thinking about giving it a chance cause a lot of noobs dont consider they very valuable 3-caliber rule which is still active for normal silver ammo, thats the reason why u pen so much with shitty 235pen at tier 10, when u think jeez yeah I penetrated him with that crappy pen its only due to the high caliber and 150mm with 215pen is bad for a TD but acceptable when u want to pen someone.

        • 12.8cm has aim time, accuracy and penetration (damage is very good too).
          What 15cm has? Damage per shot.

          I wonder which gives more DPM.

          • And ISU if famous for DPM?
            Stop making me laugh… or actually don’t bother.
            To the point – RMWT could be an ISU wariant with better cammo, aimtime mobility and a turret for penetration…(and na 12,8 mm option for those who want more dpm) and WG decided that russians shall remain on top.

        • with the 150mm:

          The WTF PzIV has a DPM of 3333,33 HitPoints (with BIA and a Rammer)

          so its even more than Obj268 has in DPM

          and 234 penetration is very much enough. Especially because this tank has a very good Camovalue, i was invisible at 240m while shooting an M48Patton, i literally raped him to death.

          the only thing that concerns me is the nerf of RheinmetallWT, it was a nice tank before nerf! Now its like a castrated ISU with turret and no armor at all -.-

          Still want to have the T6 to 10:) Just love this TDs so much
          T8 is still fun to play but not as much as before.

          T9 is not really nerved, only balanced. And it is still very much fun to play. dealt 13k dmg in one match xD

  4. Just got a chance to see what WZ-120 rounds from the 122mm hammer of Thor gun do to the WT E-100…

    Mother of God. These vehicles make HE viable again. Its their wakness :D. Dealing aalmost 700 damage with the WZ-120… priceless…

  5. No one, who actually knows anything about the game said the 183 is OP. No one in the good clans actually considered the 183 anything more than a gimmicky kv-2 at tier 10. Only shitters cried about it.

    The würfelwerfer e-100 is considered the most OP tank by all the top clans and good players i currently know. If you dont belive me check out forum posts on wotlabs or wot forums. If it gets introduced in its current state clan wars willl be wt e-100 ONLY with batshits as occasional scouts. 3300 alpha damage in 10 seconds is unbeatable by anything in competitive play.

    If you think its balanced you are retarded. It happened. Germans are now op. Nazis won.

    • I seem to vaguely recall there having been great hue and cry of ERMAHGERD ORHP when the Objekt 263 was introduced. Since then I think I’ve seen the thing like three-five times in the wild…
      Just sayin’.

      I’ll give you 183s are a reasonably common sight though, but rather less so than other T10 TDs.

    • I’ve always kept some HE rounds (used to be just for arty) but I can always load some when I see the glass cannon WT E-100, doubt it’ll last long.

    • Im german TD player by heart, and the WT E100 might not be OP in all hands, but really the concept is retarded, specially since many idiots will use gold ammo on it. To me it is OP, because any motherfucker can take 1 shot and the stand 10 seconds making twice the damage or even more to the enemy tanks reloading. Thats the core problem.

      Also, since there are also more autloaders on the battlefield, it causes problem. People speak about TD cap, well make a autloader tank cap as well, nobody mention that, why? The tanks that will suffer most from this autloader bullshit are german TDs, and now the 1st line TDs will differ from the 2nd line, due to the overall better guns, mobilty, and camo rating.

      • Stand 10 seconds still in a WTE shooting and you wont live to see the end of the battle.

    • Fell free to bring your 15 WTF-100s, my clan will bring 4 WTF-100s, a T-62A and 10 183s, smack a WTF-100 with HESH,shoot him once with another WTF-100′s 128mm gun, he should die. T-62A is around as a mop to 1-shot any remaining WTFs that survive a 183 plus a shot from a WTF-100 to the face.

      First shot: Your clan has 5 at full HP, 6 down to 1-shottable by our WTF-100s (one of these is hit by the T-62A once), 4 have died from our WTF-100s after being hit by 183.
      You return fire after a second to aim, assuming you focused fire, our 183s can still shelter our WTF-100s a bit and you are after our second volley down to 5+1 WTF-100s (4 down from our WTF-100s and one from second T-62A shot) while we are still only down a total of 5 183s from your 2 volleys.
      Third volley you have killed another 1.5 of our 183s, or more probably probably one of our WTFs by this point instead, so we have 5 183s left, 3 WTF-100s, and a T-62A. You have the wounded WTF finished off with a single shot from one of ours, and another hit for about 60% of his health, plus 4 intact.
      4th volley: We’re down 1 more tank, probably a WTF, so we have 5 183s, 2 WTF-100s and a T-62A left, kill your wounded WTF with our WTF-100s to be sure RNG doesn’t screw us too much, and the T-62 shot damage another, say RNG screwed us and 62A had to mop the guy up.
      5th: We likely lose another 183 to accumulated damage as it screens our WTF-100s. You lose over half the health on one of your last 4 WTF-100s.
      6th: more damage soaked up. We kill that wounded one. You have 3 WTF-100s, we have 4 183s, 2 WTF-100s and a T-62A.
      The T-62A circles one of your WTF-100s to death, the 183s split into 2 pairs and each pair HESHes a WTF-100 into dust about 17 seconds after the fight began. The WTF-100s wouldn’t reload fast enough to be useful with the T-62A’s DPM.

      you get the point.

  6. Funny how everyone including me(german fanboi :P) considered WTE100 OP and in the end they nerfed T8 and T9 which were completely fine and left T10 as it was on test1. I have impression that sometimes they have no idea what are they doing.

    • they overreact.. :D the WTs were far over average and so they needed to nerf them.. but not a little thing was edited.. every bit was edited down a lot and way to fast..

    • They should have nerfed the tier 10 as well. Or really, to be honest, give it a gun with the same pen as all other tier 10 TDs, but nerf the autloader capaticy, like reload, aimtime, and dpm. Now the lower pen is only a balancing function, that we all know will be avioded when used with gold ammo, just like the fv 183, that alreaddy has the best pen and alpha of any tier 10 TD with regular AP.

      The concept of autloaders are the problem, not the AP penentration, that we know damn sure people will use gold anyways. This is the fucking problem, too bad WG dont see it that way. Let me ask you, why didnt they put gold ammo on the Emil?

      • you don’t think a 60 second reload is long enough? lol (and that’s with 100% crew. I tried with just a 50% crew and it edges close to an 80 second reload).

  7. Only skilled players would use it to full potential. Playing WT E-100 can be more OP, than anyone playing it alone in randoms, just imo.

    0 armor means, unskilled player, who cant use cover or has bad situational awareness – may use 1 clip and then die. Or maybe even dont do one full clip dmg.

    Playing in platoon, where you cooperate with other tanks, f.x. E-100, T-57 + WT E-100 is really OP…

    • Ever saw a 3 guy Foch155 plat? OP as fckn hell. They rule all the game by themselves. Way faster than WT, fckn more armoed and still potential to kill pretty much every T10 except Maus and E100 in 1clip.
      WT are going to be artyloverboy just like the 263 got when went live.
      Being able to 1clip ONE tank is useless if ur a sitting duck for 50 seconds with NO ARMOR AT ALL. IMO Foch155 is still more OP than WT could be.

      • I agree.

        Thats why I said – WT E-100 can be OP with skilled platoon.

        Yes, Foch 155 is more OP, I know and agree.

        But IMO, saying that WT E-100 can be most OP vehicle in whole game – is just utterly wrong.

        3 x Foch 155 is very much OP. Foch 155 has – great burst dmg, armor (front), mobility, and camo.

        3 x WT E-100 isnt so OP at all. Superior burst dmg, no armor, average mobility, bad camo.

        • agree on what u say almost
          the only thing that would WT-E100 is the burst
          with the 12.8 has 6 shots on mag with 2 secs internal(already known that)
          but i a group of 3 of the same type there are 18 shots available to just devastate almost anything
          it is hard to make a conclusion of this thing rather it is op or not cause test server is test server after going live and a mounth later they will be a full idea of the tank and see how it perfoms

  8. ..but this will not happen anytime soon, there are other more important issues in game
    ->> like for example the missing japanese tanks and new american mediums

    - T-44-85 will not be released in 8.9 apparently, devs decided to rebalance it (buff it) so it’s playable, they are discussing what to buff, but of course it’s about the penetration
    ->> rofl, right now the only bad thing about it is the penetration, if they improve it, its going to be a beast
    of the new premiums it is already probably the best.. silly WG

    • Yeah, I thought the T-44-85 was almost a little OP as a tier 7 with that ROF and could have made a passable tier 8 with reduced matchmaking. I was even considering getting myself one for Xmas.

    • Wow, I was already planning to buy it, in spite of the wretched gun handling. Any and all small improvements are welcome.

  9. I’m glad they will be buffing the T-44-85. I wanted to buy one but the horrible penetration was really putting me off. I hope at the very least they give it the top gun from the T-34-85. I thought the tank was pretty balanced except for the horrible penetration hopefully they don’t mess this up.

    • So give it the same top gun as the T-43, while it still has premium MM, more armor, more speed, and more maneuverability than the T-43.

      Lol yeah. Dream on. The gun it has was historical.

      I tried the thing on the test server and its very fun to play, despite the fact it has 126mm pen.

  10. T-44-85 pulled from the final release because no one was going to pay for a tier 7 medium with nothing going for it but decent mobility? You don’t say. Would have thought they learned their lessen with the Panther/M10; tier 7 mediums in general are terrible, and premium ones with gimped stats are even more terrible even with the premium MM. Tier 7 gets sucked into tier 8 way too often, and the power-gap between 7 and 8 is almost as bad as 4 and 5. Rebalance it as a tier 6 or tier 8. Would make perfect sense as a tier 6 without premium MM.

    • Or just give it apcr as standard ammo and put it as a tier 8 prem ( 167 mm is enough for a tier 8 prem med ) and make heat prem ammo , give it more hp than t-44 ( around 1350-1400) and make it an lighter armoured faster t-44 , and cap its mm to tier 9 tops

    • Well… I have no idea how bad you have to be to suck in a Panther M10….
      It is more accurate on the move than most russian crap fully aimed…
      It has best non tier 8 premium tank earnings, actually beating T 34-3 and M6A2E1.

  11. I’ve been waiting for that line since they first announced a second one…I’m seriously disappointed….

  12. If they buff the gun on the T-44-85 (for example giving it the T-34-85′s top gun) it ought to not get premium matchmaking since otherwise it’d make the T-34-85 completely pointless (they’d have the same gun, the same upper matchmaking limit, but the T-44-85 would have more HP and make premium amounts of credits).

    If there’s one premium tank they really should buff before 8.9 hits it should be the Chi-Nu Kai and its horrible engine. Going uphill feels like you’re driving a Matilda, except your Chi-Nu Kai has none of the benefits of a Matilda (or other such slow tanks). It doesn’t need to be blazingly fast, but at least give it enough engine power to not be a complete waste of gold.

    • By that logic the VK30.02M is useless because the Panther/M10 has the same gun the same upper MM limit and premium credit making.

    • U do realize the Chi Nu Kai has the highest dmg per shot and penetration out of all the tier 5 MTs?

        • Premium tanks are meant to be weaker than elite silver tanks. Chi-Nu Kai is pretty balanced, IMO. Decent gun on a mediocre platform.

  13. i still cant believe how they ruined the t8 and t9… while the t8 could have handled a bit of nerfing, this was just a complete butchering and the t9… oh boy, it was fun and joy to play, now its dull and painful to even drive it around… so there it is, retarded whiners ruining perfectly fine tanks before even reaching live server

    • Im against nerfs on TDs, but the 2nd germans needed nerfs, specially tier 8 and 9. Why should they in any way be more competitive than the 1st line anyways? They have worse armor, pussy weak engine, and they should perform thereafter. Before they were simply too good, so the bad armor didnt really matter since they had better mobilty than the ferdinand and alot better camo rating. And also better guns (the 128mm on the tier 8 has better stats than the one on the ferdie).

      Also “dull and painfull”, the thing has a 250hp engine and paper armor, it should be a pain to drive, but a joy to fire the better gun than all other current 1st line TDs. I said it before, and I say it now, the 2nd line were badly implemented and balanced. WG thought that since they had no armor, they needed much better guns…..well doesnt work that wap apparently.

      • why should they have even suvivability they have less armor and weak engine. they are meant to be cannonfodder

      • these things are desined to be black cannons and that’s why they have the elevation like crazy some of them (tier 5 and the tier 9 has an elevation like arty) how wargaming think this would be a td line like that and ending up to this thing is a mystery
        the thing is we have enough autoloading crap in all sections(arty,light,medium,heavy,td)
        then why the fck they end up in autoladers again?
        autoloaders are hard to be balanced and dont overtake other tanks of the own tier
        this patch is a big hole in the water

        • Thing is T8 and T9 aint autoloaders. They were completely fine. Every tank should feel joyful to drive and not vice-versa.

      • lol dude… tell me how the t8 and t9 are any better than the current ones at the moment? Now they have worse mobility, no armor, maybe 5% better rof, worse aimtimes (i guess you havent seen the fucking dispersion on gun and hull movement that they have now) and that they have “turrets” doesnt matter anymore because they turn so painfully slow that you will have to move the hull anyway to change targets so you will be losing camonet/binocs all the time. Oh, they have better camo. But i guess that is the one thing that makes a tank fun to play, eh? The fact is that tanks from both the lines youd play from distances that camo is irrelevant at anyway and at distances where the camo might be a factor youll get spotted after shooting anyway and in that case youre better off with jgpanther and jgtiger anyway. The t8 and t9 were completely ruined into being as bad as su-101, t-25/2 or jgpanzer IV… before the nerfs they were up there with tanks like obj 704 (in case of t9) and in case of the t8 it was probably the best t8 TD in the game (and its not like the current t8 TDs could be overall considered great), but why should it get nerfed into being useless just because it was the best? obj 704 is also the best t9 TD and no one is nerfing it … ever.

        • Damn, this is sad news for me. I had been looking forward to the t8 and t9 for so long, with my e25 and jagtiger 88 crews ready to go, but they hit these two exactly where I can stand the hits: gun handling/mobility. I’d rather they nerfed the guns more. They were perfect before, but now I do not like them.

          So bye bye waffentrager line and bye bye Wargaming to my 8000 gold I was going to use to convert xp to start with the t8. The line has lost its appeal to me now.

  14. “Storm states that the current WT E-100 will be the same case as the FV215 183, where everyone whined that it’s overpowered and in the end it turned out not to be the case”
    - Well actually, that is not fucking true. Looking at the global WR for the fv 183, it was low before, but now, since there are less artys, the WR has increased significantly for this particular tank. Before the WR was around 48-50% for the fv 183, similar to the jagdpz e100, now the fv 183 has freaking 53.8-54.4 while the jagdpz e100 is stuck on sub 50% WR. This mean the overall harder climat in tier 10 has punished the jagdpz e100 much more than other TDs and even heavy and medium tanks. After 8.6 alot more prople started playing tier 10 tanks = overall more tier 10 games in tier 10 tank, with more medium, heavys, and also TDs. Some tanks did suffer more than others from this, and the fv 182 was NOT one of them.

    By that said, I dont see how WT E100 will suffer from the overall harder tier 10 climate, since it got good frontal armor, except the gun sheild, good mobilty, turret and also two great autloader guns, which possibly will be used with premium ammo, just like the fv 183. This whole concept is a joke, since the tanks can finish off the enemy while only taking one hit from it. This is significant. This is why the alpha alone isnt important like many people are believing. Lets see how competitive the WT E100 would be if it would have 1200 alpha damage and 25 sec reload…..

    • if you are in the open and dont see this motherfucking big tank.. you deserve to get oneclipped.. :D I’m exactly oneclipped amazing 0 times from any wt e100, but oneshooted sooo many times by the fv215b 185

      • Well, if you look at the camo rating posted in another thread you see that the WT has amazingly good camo value beeing suck a big tank, compared to 1st line TDs. Also even if you spot him first and get in 1-2 shots, he will kill you unless you can back off fast and hide there untill arty blast you. Fv 183 can one shot yes, thats the point, but he can either:

        1. Miss
        2. Make less damage

        That means you can use the 25 sec reload time to mess him up, or at least try. This isnt possible with autloader tanks fully clipped since they will finish you off fast, living no room for flanking unless they need to reload.

        • Really the game is about taking damage and make damage, unless you wanna take 0 risk and camp all time. It works okay as it is, but autloaders mess it up too much due to the extreme rappid fire, which are even worse than those TDs taking off half the health of a heavy, and the reason for that is they have to reload of a while, often enough to back off or trying to flank him. Autloaders make this impussyble, unless you have really high HP and can survive a full clipping or back off fast enough, so he “only” manage to shoot you 2-3 times, making more damage then tier 10 TDs…(not wt e100 included:))

          • WTE can also miss or take less damage. ANd with that penetration (276 or 235) It will also bounce. And then, after it shoots its clip, we have a spotted, paper thin, big as a house, slow TD wich reloads for 60 (!!!) seconds.

            • True, but compare a miss or bounce and then have to reload for 20-25 seconds, than get another shot in 2-3 seconds after. Also the WT E100 is a tier 10 retard tank, people can and will use gold ammo. They surely use gold ammo on object 268 and foch 155, and they have almost 300mm pen anyways?

              Also, with the 128mm gun, you do more than 1000 damage in 4-6 seconds (2 shots), which is much more than average 1050 damage on the jagdpanzer e100.

    • “Lets see how competitive the WT E100 would be if it would have 1200 alpha damage and 25 sec reload…..”

      It’d be a faster, less-armored JPz E-100. In other words, not worth using.

      • True, thats what im saying. With actuall 1200 damage and 20+ seconds reload, you would be forced to play smart, shoot and back off and angle armor when returning fire. With WT E100 you can take one hit, still survuve and finish off the enemy. In no other TD is that possible, except retard autloaders, which the WT E100 is.

    • Global win rate is higher on unpopular hard to play tanks like the 183 because they are played by better players. German tanks have the overall worst players and have lower global win ratios because of it.

  15. right ok with the changes with the tank stats to balance them but
    the major issue with the whole bumping up and down of the tank dont say if they fix or
    if they have actually know and come acroos it and know it??
    it is pretty frashtrating to get into sniper view and suddenly the reticle starts bumping up and down like mad

  16. those tank are still enjoyable. The max reverse speed 18km/h still allow you to peek-a-boo quickly

    • I still dont see how any german tier 8-9 TD should be better than the existing ferdinand and JT. These are classic epic tanks, dont take that away please. Soon people will think the 2nd germans are too OP, and all german TDs will get a class wide nerf, just like pretty much all germans got rebelanced/nerfed in 8.8.

      • The turret can traverse 360 degrees, you can do things that those non turreted TD can’t do. It’s a big advantage. I love the reverse firing of those thing, allow me to fire a shell than quickly hide in the cover. It makes me exposed to enemy fire in more shorter time because I don’t need to reposition by turning the hull like classical TD

        • Yes, thats justifies the bad armor on paper, but thats not enough. Decent mobilty, better guns, better camo value and turret is really too MUCH advantage compared to 1st line TDs in any fucking possible way. How ever, I dont know if WG nerfed tier 8 and 9 due to people complaining, or because they really feel those tanks are OP. And if they alreaddy knew these tanks were OP, why even release them on live server with those stats`?

  17. I played the 44-85 on the test server quite a bit and found at first the 126 pen with regular ammo made me wary, however I played 10-12 games in it and found that despite the low penetration it works well on most tanks as long as you play it like a russian medium, using flanking manuevers and such. What I found myself wanting was more accuracy on the move and a faster aim in time. In many ways it is similar to the E25 with the fast fire rate from a low tier gun, but it does not get improved gun handling like the E25.

    As much as I hate saying it the 126 pen is not entirely unbalanced, thats about the same pen as most tier 6 medum tanks for Russia and China. And the 44-85 has better armor, speed, etc then the tier 6′s. I honestly think you will find the fire rate or gun handling will be buffed rather then buffing the guns pen.

  18. What shared modules does the new tree share with other german vehicles? I looked at the pictures and noticed/compared a few but i was just curious if anyone had any further insight? I cant get on the PTS :( O great donkey aid me!!!

    • (Excluding stock modules, except those that aren’t stock on other vehicles; ‘free’ unlocks for other vehicles when you research the vehicle listed here. * means you have to research to get the next vehicle. Also excludes modules shared within the branch only. Complete list…)

      Marder 38T:
      * 7,5 cm Pak 40/2 L/46 (shared with Marder II)
      - FuG 5 & 8
      - Praga EPA AC (stock; shared with Grille)

      Pz.Sfl. IVc:
      - FuG 8
      - Maybach HL 90 (stock; shared with Luchs)

      * 7,5 cm Pak 42 L/70 (stock; shared with StuG III & Jg.Pz. IV)
      * 8,8 cm Pak L/56 (shared with Jg.Pz. IV & JPanther)
      * 8,8 cm Pak 43 L/71 (shared with JPanther)
      - FuG 8
      - Maybach HL 120 TRM 112 R (shared with Hummel)
      - Maybach HL 120 TRM R (shared with Hummel)

      Pz.Sfl. V:
      - Fug 5 & Spr. A
      - Maybach HL 116 (shared with D.W. 2)

      Rhm.-B. WT:
      - FuG 8 & Spr. A

      WT auf Pz. IV:
      - FuG 8 & Spr. A
      - Maybach HL 90

  19. i guess i can deal with the 8 and 9 being nerfed so long as they leave the 10 alone

  20. “Storm confirms the encounter on Mountain Pass will be disabled”

    Oddly have not played once on Mountain Pass encounter mode, even though I have encounter check under my Settings. Appears Wargaming NA servers haven’t had a high priority in rotating this map mode into greater public release, for patch 8.8. And yes I actually want to play on it.

    • Gr8 map, play normal server randoms on it while you can, just remember that there is a base which can be capped, and main chockepoints are not exsactly close to the base…