Golden Joystick stream tomorrow

Hello everyone,

interested to see, whether Wargaming succeeds or fails in real time? Tomorrow, at 3PM BST (British Summer Time, +1GMT), there will be a live stream here. Will Wargaming succeed, or will they fail?

We’ll know…


55 thoughts on “Golden Joystick stream tomorrow

  1. Oh no….I have prepared my…you can guess it already…..and I thought you would stop with that SilentStalker?

    Did you actually mean “soon(TM)” rather than “soon”?

        • Well, people started spamming “first” in every post and other people started replying “…to be raped by a donkey” – quite gross really, but it turned into a sort of FTR meme

        • In the beginning, SS created the Q&A thread on generals forums. Though the forum moderators were retards so then he created For The Record, and saw that it was good.

          And SS said, “Let there be anonymous comment section” and there was it. And SS saw that the comments were good.

          Sadly, soon, SerB The Bad Developer saw the blog. He thought ‘случайные России дерьмо”. No one understood that, because honestly who gives a fuck about russian language. And then he created trolls.

          Trolls, mouth breathing, dastardly, primitive, leg humping, simian, illiterate masters of shit that will die alone started to spam the comment section. SS saw they were bad thou he created Donkey. Donkey was the guardian of light, using his huge, wet and delishiz armament to fight the evil trolls thru rape. In short time he started to turn evil. He started to rape the innocent and the not so innocent. SS saw that it was bad. So he forbid to use it ever again. The End.

        • Rude behavior .. Lol grow a thicker skin . I prefer this to the BS pr responses from other games.

        • All my yes. They actually deliver answers and are prone to checking stuff they receive from players. Most other companies do nothing like that, or at least not to that extent.

  2. I like golden joy sticks… Preferably up my arse…


    I am dingishere the dick after all.

  3. WarGaming choose Ignorance than reasons… Welcome to the World of Failures.

    Never underestimate the players