Polish T-mobile affair makes news

A quick update on the affair I reported last night, thanks to WhiteWizzard

Hello everyone,

last night, I informed you about a nasty WG EU fail in the Polish community. And I somehow expected it to die down. However, it seems that instead, the affair gathers strength. Today, one of the most visited news servers in Poland, Gazeta.pl, had a link on its main page, linking to its own computer games subsidiary website, where the affair was also published. No new info there, but it’s very, very bad PR for WG EU.

Looks like the fails of Wargaming EU will not stay confined to forums and EU forums…

26 thoughts on “Polish T-mobile affair makes news

    • Well, they seem to follow the rule “No matter what they say as long as they spell our name right.”.

      • Its is said on Polygamia.pl that WG admitted that it’s their fault and all players who bought gold will get those 40% extra – [AKTUALIZACJA] Problem rozwiązano na korzyść graczy. From Polish: [UPDATE] Issue solved in favor of players

        • Lol… nope.
          It is said that they will refund cash for those transactions (if there will be ticket to support) but only when player has gold in account that will be taken away.

          -> they didn’t apoligize about this fail
          -> they didn’t say it was their fault, but they didn’t want to mislead players (yea, sure)
          -> it’s not official – they didn’t post it as addon in news post with event info, it’s not in annoucement topic or in news discussion threat, it’s in shitstorm topic, somewhere..
          -> I belive players that get answer from support that they can get over it didn’t got info that they now accually can

  1. When I saw that promo (first version) and checked what can I get I understand the promo and saw good prices. This was a little fail, but bigger fail was made by polish players… WTF, reading and understanding + if u’re responsible about money u can always check how it works.
    Normally I don’t agree with WG, but this time it was player’s fault, for me promo was clear.

    • “promo was clear”
      yeah, no. It wasn’t worded good. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had to change the wording right away.

      • they changed it, because people who were like “promo, YAY PROMO buy buy buy” and didn’t even try to understand it went for fast gold, nothing else. They just changed it to “idiot-proof” type of promo.

    • You are wrong. It was something along the lines of “Buy a package for XXpln (1940 gold) and you’ll get +40% gold”! Then they changed it to “Buy a package for XXpln (1940 gold) with +40% gold already included!”
      See the difference? I do.

      • Because a typical gimbus would not even bother to compare other offers and do some calculations… That’s why wg had to make it more clear.

  2. Well, there is real money on the line here, so I didn’t really expect it to “die down”, or at least not so quietly.

    Doubt it will make it to court though… maybe they will settle?

    Even if they decide to fight it and it does make it to court, I don’t see WG winning that one at all. They published the wrong information, so the mistake is on their part, not on the customer part. Does Poland have laws against false advertasing?

    • considering its part of the EU most likely if not on the national level it wil be on the european level.

  3. It’s always the same, whenever a game with many players appears. “Oh, I am so cool, D3/WoT/whatever is overrated and got bad now, look at me, I stopped playing it!” – posting in the parts dedicated to said game only.

    Anyway, where was I… oh right… yeah, while I think the development team is pretty good… well, the local offices… do I even have to say something? ^^;;

    I guess heads will fall in Polish office. Even someone as WG can’t afford stuff like this, really.

  4. I exactly hope WG get punished from this because their lack of customer service and respect for the consumer is pathetic. If this happened in the UK WG would be punished for false advertising and would be forced to refund the players their money. no idea if Poland has similar law

    • Its not WG’s fault so much as the local office and the person in charge of final copy edits who then gave the ok to post it. Most country do have laws against false advertizing.

      • It doesn’t matter who did the translation, what matters is that that person is a WG employee. WG would still have to answer for the mistakes he did. Sure, they’ll probably fire his ass (or at least they should), but they would still have to pay for it.

  5. You’re usually a pretty good guy about translating things, but why would you post about something allegedly important and controversial and then not expound on the matter at least with some kind of brief English summary? I’m pretty sure even the majority of European readers don’t speak Polish.

    • And I’ll slap the first guy that says “Google translate” through his computer monitor. There is nothing more painfully indecipherable than trying to read an automated translation from two languages that hardly share any syntax or roots.

      • Disregard, I didn’t realize you already made a post about this a page back. You should add a link to it here though, some people like me only visit FTR every couple days (unless there’s a patch imminent).

        • Author above just proved that everything should be idiot-proof, not just polish siemkas who didnt decipher PR stuff