FTR Q&A 1 – questions sent

Hello everyone,

a few words about the new “Zlobny” weekly FTR QA. I have mailed Zlobny the first set of questions.

In most cases, I had to fix typos, or make the questions more comprehensible, but I tried to keep the original meaning. I am not sure whether to post the questions I asked here or not actually – feels a bit like spoiling the surprise. However, what I do realize:

- I closed the question thread too soon (this won’t happen again, I will let it open a full day next time)
- I was considering another interface for questions, but Edrard is very busy in real life right now (has a huge personal think going on – in a good way), so there is not much chance for that, I won’t bother him with anything at least until November
- there will not be an EU forum post on this topic, I want this to be for FTR readers only
- a lot of the questions asked were kinda “ugh” (stuff a player can either google, was answered before – even recently – or I can answer from head). Next time, I will sit on forums and answer those questions for you.
- several people told me to use Reddit interface. No offense, but I am not touching Reddit or anything around it, I want this to be only on FTR

If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or anything to this topic, feel free to ask in comments.

77 thoughts on “FTR Q&A 1 – questions sent

  1. What FTR really needs is an upvote/downvote possibility for comments (similar to reddit). That would allow regular readers of ftr to help you filter the stupid questions from the bad ones and soon enough you’d have an easier job. But I get the problem that it can’t be done right now because you don’t have someone to help you implement it for now…

    • stupid from bad… meant stupid from good, guess my proofreading skills are about as good as WG EU ones. Maybe I can get a job there :D

    • Not sure voting works too well with anonymous access sites. Also, I am not convinced FTR needs this stuff, I can’t see what advantages would it bring.

      • Overall I would say an up/down vote system would work well for the Q&A part.
        Maybe I’m a bit naive, but I do hope the majority of people reading FTR and seeking knowledge are mature enough to vote wisely.

        That said trolls will always be there, but the majority of votes should be honest and you can always activate the voting system and read the negatively voted comments anyway.
        This way you can see if it works or not.

      • eh a system like that would be prone to abuse, especially if a group of individuals only want their questions to be asked. the best way is the slowest way sadly, and that is proof reading the questions before hand.

        tho wouldn’t hurt to lay down ground rules and putting Please use the search function before asking a question, to make sure it already hasn’t been answered.

    • this, and them you could sort the questions by upvotes leaving the donkeys to the bottom lol

      • but then pointless questions like buff X gun or Y tank will get lots of upvotes while these questions never get answered by the devs. This is just pointless because people don’t even read FTR FAQ or what SS writes about Q&A rules, they just throw questions blindly.

        This isn’t going to work or even if it will , SS will have actually more work than now because retarded questions will always get first.

  2. On what is ftr going? If it’s wordpress, you could just use one of plenty comment rating plugin so it would be easier for you to choose good questions.

    • Again, pointless, but popular, questions would get tons of votes.

      Like, skilled MM, buff this tank/gun, etc.

      I think it would get more bad than good to SS.

      • I’ll admit it can go that way. But it’s hard to figure out how well informed the majority reading this blog is… If you can test the idea and see how it goes then you can know for sure, and since it’s already available in wordpress, why not give it a try? And if it fails miserably, then so be it, we can come back to the old format in no time…

        • It’s not hard, SS already rage-blocked first Q&A thread because of how retarded questions were.

          Tons of stuff that already has been answered, most questions were thrown blindly even though SS wrote entire rules and info what not to ask.

          You’re really optimistic but only because you haven’t seen how things work out in the past.

          • I have seen how things worked in the past when he asked for questions and nearly all of them were stupid questions. And it is precisely why I am suggesting to try something different. And assuming it isn’t all that hard to set up I can’t find a reason why not to try it at least. It’s not about optimism, it’s about trying to solve a problem and due to a lack of a better solution I’m in favor of it…

  3. By the way, I prefer the “surprise” approach, better than knowing the questions in advance.

  4. Are the guys answering the questions just involved with balance? Asking them questions about future trees, new modes ir maps etc, might be a bit redundant if they dont work in the departments that deal with that sort of thing.

    Also did anyone ask if Redshire and Highway will be rebalanced those maps are awful.

  5. Pay per vote – One euro for each vote and only one vote allowed through paypal for each paypal account with a code for the question in the message field.

  6. First: congrats on the blog. Truly amazing work.
    I’ve been reading it half a year now and haven’t come across these questions I have:
    1: is it possible that the garage can have a double carrousel by default (or the number of rows of your own choosing)?
    2: I would really like to change the order of my tanks in the garage (and the “primary” / “backup” option is not quite enough to do what I want to do). Could there be a drag and drop option added?

      • There’ll be mods for thist – I have the two-tiered garage and I’m fairly confident if you google it you’ll find what you want.

  7. “- I closed the question thread too soon (this won’t happen again, I will let it open a full day next time)”
    Ya I was a little annoyed because I only missed this opportunity playing wot.Wanted to ask about the reason for Sturer Emil only having 15 instead of historical correct 18 rounds with the top gun.

  8. I really hope that they’ll answer my question. As person who use a lot of mods + tank skin, that problem really screwed me

  9. Apart from what other said above you could use the FAQ thread.
    You can edit it more often, adding stuff that gets asked many times 5and then advice others to read that FAQ first, before posting a question.

  10. What’s the histrical depression angle of:
    1.T-44 with 100mm D-10 LB-1 85mm S-53?
    2.IS with D-10 and D-25? (What about KV-122?)
    3.SU-152和ISU-152 with their ML-20S? (What about D-25S on ISU-122?)
    4.IS-3 and IS-4 with D-25?

  11. I can’t even imagine faces of WG EU staff when they read that Zlobny actually contacted you to give some exclusive, and he don’t give a fuck about them xD I guess incompetence of Quasar retard has taken a toll. Zlobny don’t even want to talk with someone as failer as he is and he saw how good FTR is. GJ SS

  12. Will the french ever get some historical SPGs like the Canon de 194 mle GPF.
    Will other French tanks from the 30′s ever be added into the game like say the Char 2C, R 35 and FCM 36. As much as I like the german TD’s that are coming the French could use some serious love.
    Will the Pz 38(t) Asuf G ever get its real armor. (Its currently under armored as hell)
    Will the Pz 1 C ever get its correct turret armor?

    • If you provide numbers or schematics to go with “real armor” claims, your chances of getting it asked and answered ought to go up.

      • Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two by Doyle.
        Pz 38(t) G pg 45. (I figured I would not need to cite because its not hard to look it up)
        Turret: Front: 50mm Sides: 30mm Rear: 22mm
        Superstructure: Front: 50mm Sides: 15+15mm Rear: 10
        Hull: Front: 50mm Sides: 15mm Rear: 15mm
        Gun Mantlet: 25mm (rounded)
        Pz 1 C
        Turret: Front: 30mm Sides: 20mm Rear: 20mm
        Superstructure: Front: 30mm Sides: 20mm Rear: 20mm
        Hull: Front: 30mm Sides: 20mm Rear: 20mm
        Gun Mantlet: 30mm (rounded)
        Didn’t include the angles but anyone can pick up the for “free” on the internet.

      • I have also written a historical article for FTR before so I see no reason to add in every detail. The developers are not the dumbest people on the block. They have been doing work on the game for some time. However they cant seem to put the correct radio on German tanks… But that’s an whole article I don’t feel like typing currently. (Suspect “balance” might be the reason for the radio issues)

    • 2C, FCM 36, and R35 are coming soon ™. This has been confirmed before. 2C is already in supertest.

  13. Maybe use a forum?

    I could be wrong, but I think the people in WoTLabs forums could set up a section for you to use. Call it FTR QA section and have people post questions there. Each question would be a thread and if someone knows the answer then they would answer it for you.

    That would save you the effort of looking into questions that have been answered in the past.

    To save time, set up a system for the questions, have them put a [ANSWERED] in the post title (people can edit those) if it was already answered, this way you could easily sift through the threads without wasting time reading each and every post.

    Hell, I offer my time to be a Mod in that particular section if needed. All I would do is read threads and make sure they have been answered and then editing the titles with the [ANSWERED] tag for you.

  14. Hi SS – I have a question for the next round.

    Quite often I have to travel at short notice, sometimes for 2-3 weeks. During this time all of Premium I paid for is wasted. Can I suggest that there be a way to turn premium on/off once its purchased so that we can get maximum benefit from it.


  15. I support your “Keeping everything to FTR” mentality.

    The forums and redditors can do their own thing.