Confirmed: KV-1S is getting split

Hello everyone,

what everyone whispered about and hinted at was confirmed by SerB: KV-1S is getting split.


KV-1S will be tier 5. KV-85 (KV-1S with a bigger turret), KV-100 and KV-122 (which is basically a KV-1S hull with bigger 1800mm turret ring and IS turret) will stay on tier 6 (all three as one tank, to be clear). Therefore, KV-1S will be a faster, but less armored alternative to KV-1, the tier 6 vehicle will not lose its 122mm gun (looks like SerB won the argument).

Update: For those fearing nothing will change – current KV-1S is a blend of “light” original KV-1S mobility and KV-122 firepower. The new KV-122 is likely to be a lot slower, less agile and I am sure they will have a look at the gun balance stats too.

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      • so…..we keep the stupidly OP KV-1s with a 122mm gun at tier 6 with a new name and get a new probably OP as well KV-1s at tier 5 with an 85mm as well? oh good grief.
        A brief look at the make up of tier 6 tank companies is all you need to see the most OP Tier 6 tanks.

          • I dare you to find one Medium Tank Company that does NOT have at least HALF of the team consisting of KV-1Ss.

            • Why do people not get that KV-2 derp can not be compared to KV-1S 122 mm.

              KV-1S pulls out of hiding aims for a second or two and fires then darts back into hiding.

              KV-2 pulls out of hiding aims for 3 or 4 seconds so it has no allies in aim circle and aim circle is the size of the enemy tank, fires then has to slowly pull back into hiding.

              Depending on the range KV-1S can usually stay camo untill after it fires or the delay in appearing on the map due to everyone being slightly delayed from real time can mean KV-1S won’t be seen till it fires and is already pulling into hiding.

              KV-2 meanwhile will usually be spotted halfway through its aiming.

              KV-1S hull down has relatively good armor when against a tank that just spotted it and is firing on a half shrunk aim circle.

              KV-2 does not have good armor even against a half shrunk aim circle.

              And SU-100 is a TD. Its meant to have more powerful guns.

            • That is why you don’t use KV-2 for sniping, but close support with one or two buddys, coz if you don’t penetrate with APs penn which is enough to make even KV-1S feel like butter(I’m talking regular AP, gold ones are just too ineffective for what 20mm of extra penetration, yeah I ain’t gonna pay for that shit) ofc with little weakspot whereabouts(commander cuppola anyone??). Ofc using KV-2 for close support is not possible on all maps but of those maps you have enough bushes to stay camo until you fire(Campinovka anyone) and you get the pleasure of some 650 m sniping kills with 0.6 acc.
              This is comment for Anon since I can’t comment on his comment.

            • Yeah, I go full HE with KV-2 – whats the point of risking 20s reload time bouncing AP when you can obliterate with HE for guaranteed damage.

            • You base your assessment of the KV-2 on just ONE stat: alpha damage. Trust me, it’s NOT the most important stat in the game. I kill KV-2s FAR more often that they kill me (or even have the chance to shoot at me for that matter).

          • Is it:
            For those fearing nothing will change …
            For those fearing, nothing will change

          • kv-1s can dmg tier 8 aswell easily. is-6 and 112 have the same gun and fight vs tier 8-9.

            gg wp.

            serb is some retard.

          • Hellcats are annoying because you can never FIND the bastards, but at least if you somehow managed to find them, if you’re a decent shot you can kill them fairly easily, or at least force them to run away (a smart M18 driver will flee, but most try to fight it out, and fail miserably). The KV-1S…not so much.

      • KV-2 is very powerful but very slow to move, aim and reload, those significant weaknesses balance the fantastic derp gun well. The KV-1S was fast, well armoured, easy to aim, decent load and great gun. It was and still is massively OP and so is the Hellcat which combines a really good gun with a very large view range.
        This is why Tier 6 TC’s are almost completely always KV-1s’ and Hellcats. It makes the game boring.

        • On Hellcat: yes 6.1s reload with 390m viewrange(this is rammer, BiA and 100% crew) does feel little op coupled with 72km/h “top” aka downhill speed, but you have to take in to account that entire tank is protected with 13mm of armour except gun mantlet and it has open turret. Once you are spoted and with little cover you are pretty much dead as one HE from 1S can easily penetrate you and take almost 500 hp from you.

          • You can’t have one OP tank relying on being able to be one-shotted by another OP tank as the reason it is balanced. That’s just advocating a game which only has two tanks worth bothering with at Tier 6.
            Nerf Hellcat speed and view range, Nerf reload, accuracy and speed and alpha of 1s would have simply solved the problem.

            • The Hellcat’s speed is historically accurate. If the Hellcat was at it’s historic stats, we would have Hellcats zooming all over the map popping shells into asses with their high-speed traverse turrets and zooming off before they could be shot. Also, they wouldn’t be able to go backwards. What the Hellcat needs is a reduced camo value. You can’t see the damn things until you are right on top of them, even when they are out in the open.

            • Actually the Hellcat could drive up to 97 km/h IRL, so we’re darn lucky its top speed is capped at 72 km/h. I believe the only real way to nerf it is to remove its 90 mm gun and put it on a tier 7 premium Hellcat with +1 MM. USA is still missing a prem TD so I don’t see why not.

          • its crybabies like you that will drive the game into the pits… wah wah wah..

  1. I remember also reading that the tier 6 will also lose a lot of its agility/speed and such, probably Q&A.

      • There is one thing don’t get with the 122mm gun. It’s gets extra depression over the smaller caliber guns, the IS-2 turret(uses the IS turret right?) has only -3 depression IRL. In-game its -8/-6

        P.S. How reliable is

          • Wiki and other sources say ingame -6 for IS-2 and -8 for KV-1S, thats a big difference IRL

            • Yep.

              KV-1S 122 mm: 8
              IS 122 mm: 6
              IS-2 122 mm: 5

              Source: game files.

              I remember someone somewhere saying Chinese tanks were designed for hills… which is why they have worse depression and weaker engines than the USSR? -_-

            • “I remember someone somewhere saying Chinese tanks were designed for hills…”

              I don’t. You’re probably thinking of their “light battle tank” family meant for use in the mountainous southern parts of the country where the existing infrastructure (starting with roads and bridges) precludes the use of full-sized tanks. This is, incidentally, also why the AMX-13 is still used as the de facto main combat tank of some minor militaries – larger tanks pretty much can’t even move around the countryside in those parts.

  2. Tbh i still think having that gun at tier 6s is just OP.
    KV-85 with buffed stats for the gun, especially the 100mm gun would be absolutely fine and fitting at tier 6.
    KV-122 would have a buffed view range and ROF and if that happened it could easily fit tier 7 nicely, it would be a faster alternative to the IS with which you would always try to hull down for example but this decision is just bollocks. Looks like tier 6 will keep being infested with the damn overpowered 122mm guns everywhere.

    • Oh the KV-1S is OP you said?
      let me help you
      how about we get rid of that 122 put it on tier 5

      see? the 1S is not so OP anymore.

      oh yech let me introduce you the new KV-122 with the 122 on tier 6
      now enough complaining abt 1S!
      “Work as intended”

  3. KV-1S will be tier 5. KV-85 (KV-1S with a bigger turret), KV-100 and KV-122 (which is basically a KV-1S hull with bigger 1800mm turret ring and IS turret) will stay on tier 6

    wait, you mean it will be split to 4 differents tanks: KV-1S (tier5), KV-85(tier6), KV-100(tier6), KV-122(tier6) ?

  4. As far as I understand, the KV-1S will split into two tanks:

    - The KV-85 at Tier 5, armed with a 85 mm F-30 gun.
    - The KV-122 at Tier 6, with a 100mm and 122mm gun.

    To be balanced, the KV-122 has to lose most of its agility and turret traverse speed, making it as nearly as sluggish as a KV-2. Furthermore, the 122mm gun should also get an aiming time nerf , making it basically a slow moving brick with great firepower.

    • Oh sorry, I just read that the KV-85, KV-100 and KV-122 will all be *one* tier 6 tank, whereas the “original” KV-1S will be moved down a tier with different armament.

    • Agreed. The question for me is how reduced it acceleration and traverse rates will be. But yeah, reduced aiming time and turret traverse would crack this vehicle’s dominance of medium tank companies. Which is IMHO a good thing.

  5. Why do I have the feeling that SerB is preparing an absolute trolling, like making the T5 KV-1S OP as hell? Because the fact that most of the heavies on T5 are KV-1 was not enough.

  6. So
    KV-1S has 76mm Zis-5 (stock), 76mm S-54 and 122mm U-11
    KV-85/100/122 has 85mm D-5T(stock), 100mm S-34 and 122mm D-25T

    • That’s why it sounds like, though I wounder what they will name the tier 6, KV-85/100/122 seems kinda a long name.

        • Probably KV-85, seeing how they named the SU-152 after its stock gun instead of its top gun.

          • Things work a little differently for the SU/ISU
            The SU-152 is different as the 122mm A-19S/D-25 was never equipped on it’s chassis.(also I find that a lot of players have been using the 152mm lately)

            The SU-122 (howitzer 122) shared it’s chassis with the SU-85.
            There is how ever the ISU-122/ISU-122S which did have the A-19S/D-25

            Now that I think about it they’ll probably just name it the KV-122 since I expect more players will probably be loading the D25T.

          • Real SU-152 had only that 152 mm gun so it’s pretty logical to have that name. And there was already a tank called SU-122 which was SU-85 armed with 122 mm howitzer.

        • Well remember SerB/WG has stated that there is no such thing as a Top Gun on a tank its only different options for guns so they would look at the 100 mm and the 122 mm as equal guns rather than the way SOME players think the 122 is a better gun(Myself I like the 100 mm)

    • Seems so, hopefully with a greatly reduced mobility for the KV-85/100/122, making it a “real” heavy tank and not the medium-like hybrid with insane firepower like the current KV-1S.

  7. according to one Q&A post, the KV-85 w/ 122mm gun @ tier 6 would lose a significant portion of its mobility,
    but I dunno how they would do that. Maybe the KV-122 turret was very heavy, but I doubt about that since the turret weight of these heavies are nearly identical. Hull options will not be implemented very soon.

    However, judging from the numbers,
    -historical KV-1S is now in tier 5, I am not sure what guns it could use (in the most basic way the KV-1S is just a faster KV-1 but with less side and rear armor and a better top speed, which works fine, since the KV-1S @ tier 5 is worse at sidescraping then)

    -KV-85: The 85mm gun is probably the stock gun (D-5T?), the 100mm gun (D-10T?) and the 122mm gun (D-2-5T). I do believe that the 122mm gun can fit in tier 6 (more diversity is nice), but in the current state its rather powerful. Think of it, the KV-2 works at tier 6. The KV-122 should work in that tier too.

    • Correction, heres the link

      Can someone also doublecheck the gun depression on the KV-1S w/ 122mm gun? For some odd reason, when I was playing it @ stock it had a much worse gun depression, but w/ 122mm gun it has a much more useable gun depression, even though its a bigger gun. Very odd. Can’t read Russian though, so i cant check that (on other hand, anything but the 122mm has the correct gun depression)

        • thanks.

          Actually I am not sure where the devs got that number though, I acually requested if that 122mm gun really had that kind of gun depression in real life. Because soviet tanks usually have a bad gun depression for some reason. Was that the case in real life?

          • For later series USSR tanks particularly, like the T-54, gun depression just wasn’t really used in their armoured warfare doctrine and therefore wasn’t a build requirement, so they often designed tanks to take advantage of that (lower profile turrets and stuff). With earlier vehicles, it’s often just “bad” design.

    • There are lots of options to nerf the mobility of the KV-122:

      - increase the Terrain resistance.
      - reduce the Traverse speed of both hull and turret.
      - weaker top engine with only 500 HP.

  8. Still provides massive alpha and penetration at tier six. Chances are company battles will remain the same.

    • IF the nerf considerably the mobility of the tank AND the aimtime/accuracy of the top gun, then the reign (and flood) of the KV-122 at Tier 6 will end.

      The problem is that right now, the KV-1S combines firepower, agility, camo and (still sufficient) armor in ONE tank. This must be abolished.

    • Its the D-2-5T by the way. Never actually existed, the only difference to the real and existing D-25T though are the stats, its just so they can have a second 122mm gun with less RoF.

      • In practical terms it’s the early-model D-25T without the breechblock improvements to improve RoF.

    • That’s what I was hoping for (and some free tanks to try and maybe sell).

      I can’t figure out, however, if we “get” anything out of it, of if 1S is just fiddled with and if I want the other tanks I’ll have to grind them.

  9. Good one SerB, had a feeling it would end like this especially as the mobility nerf will do almost nothing to the KV-1S Problem.

    Guess time to buy me one and howl with the wolves.

  10. Wow…
    Like 3 or 4 months ago I heard opinion that KV-1S is too OP to keep noobs playing WOT. I think the guy that said it was right but now… This world is going to an end…

    I’m happy about that. This is Siemkars’ tank and there should be less Siemkars. They are making bad opinion about polish community :/

    • You are making bad opinion about polish community.
      I’ve been killing german, dutch and french SIemkas all the time, they are in the game just as polish ones.

  11. What abt the original KV-1?
    will it get to be HT at tier 4?
    lol just kidding that can’t be is it?

    The point is will the KV-1S will sit at tier 5 instead of KV-1
    or it will be another tank that develop from tier 5 KV-1 into same tier KV-1S or from another tier 4 tank

    Hmm I like to see how this turn out, probably next year I guess.

      • This reminds me of times long gone. When the KV-3 was Tier 6, no one was driving the KV-1S.
        Depending on what they will do to the KV-1S, I can imagine the same again.

      • I think they should remove the ability to research the KV-122 from the KV-1 and make it so only the KV-1S can research the KV-122 otherwise the KV-1S will be there just for looks if KV-1 can still research every Tier 6 russian heavy.

  12. I suspect that KV-122 will has it’s 122mm gun nerfed little bit. Beside the fact being less agile.

  13. Easy, KV-122 stats:
    ROF: 3
    Aim Time: 2.9(Compensate little bit for the nerfs, especially on ROF, suitable right?)
    Both hull traverse and turrent traverse by 5~7 degress, or even 10 degrees (and become heavier too)
    Armour stay the same.
    Top speed still 43km/h with the same engine currently, BUT significantly nerf terrain resistance.

    Is that okay?

  14. I have equipment on mine should i take it off or it will automaticly go in the depot??

  15. 1800mm turret ring!?!? Oh god… tierX gold round TD cant pen it… :p
    Please correct it? XD

    • …you have no idea what “turret ring” means (and why it’s kinda important for adding bigger guns to a tank), do you?
      Hint: the full term is “turret ring diameter”.

      • turret ring diameter? I though is turret ring thickness… lol….
        But, 1800mm = 180cm… still very big…

        • Tanks aren’t small things. Anyway, turret ring governs the physical contact area that transmits recoil forces from the turret to the hull which is a fairly major limiter on what kinds of guns can be mounted – too high recoil forces on too small area and stuff starts coming apart in a bad way. To a lesser degree it also constrains the available internal space for, you know, crew and suchlike but if necessary these can in part be rectified by making the turret proper above the ring bigger (if the hull and suspension can take the weight ofc).

        • On another note, common sense already should tell anyone it’s not *thickness* given that we’re talking about values only slightly less that the full width of the tank’s hull proper…

  16. Another T5 OP russkie heavy is the only thing i can see. And here we are. Having Vk3001H which no one plays at all. And it was supposed to be German counterpart to KV-1.

  17. If they wont change alpha from390 to lets say 250 (and im sure they wont) nothing will change. KV-1S is all about alpha damage, and one shooting half of enemy team tanks.

    • Nerf the alpha of the KV-1S?

      That mean nerfing the gun on 2 Tier 6 Tank, 4 Tier 7 Tanks, 2 Tier 8 Tanks, 2 Tier 9 Tanks and 1 Tier 10 Tank

      And that doesn’t include the Chinese Tanks that uses the D-25T

      • Not nerf the Alpha on 122mm… but simply replace the 122mm with a 100mm on the tier 6 KV1s (which has 230-250 alpha dmg), while balancing the ROF on the new 100mm. So much trouble just to keep the 122mm at tier 6 is beyond me, but I don’t mind free garage slots or tanks whenever such splits happen.

  18. SS please don’t forget to tell us the exact time when there will be garage slots for kv-1s… :P free stuff is always good.

    • Why would KV1Sport drivers deserve any kind of free stuff? The tank is not really being moved in the tree or anything, it just becomes slightly slower. Nothing about that brings an eligibility for a free garage slot. Stop dreaming.

    • KV-1S will be tier 5 heavy, so less mobility AND less hitpoints than T^ medium T-34-85.

      It’s going to be pretty similiar to current T-34 in terms of firepower – it should get the S-54 and ZiS-4 guns but more hp – aroung 610 hp’s, better armour but less mobility.

      • oh I thought it will have the kv1 85mm.. I was worried it will become OP if it had the same gun as kv1 but with more speed and little less armor.

        so im thinking it will be a stock kv1s in tier 5?

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