WoT wins Golden Joystick

Well, literally minutes ago, WoT won Golden Joystick in the Online Game category.

Let’s face it: EU forum raged, Russians raged, US forums weren’t too happy either. Since it’s usually the forum goers that are passionate about a game enough to do the voting, makes me wonder, how on earth did World of Tanks win with all the fire it was gathering on forums.

What really stuck me as odd though was the fact that Wargaming.net was in fact the sponsor of the show. I mean, can you even lose, if you sponsor the competition?

As for the Golden Joystick show itself stream (that goes on here, if anyone is interested), what the hell was that? It looks terribly amateurish and hasted. Considering it’s allegedly the “most important” computer game award, it looked cheap and hasted, there was no talking, no speeches, no winning game footage, nothing.

Well, grats to Wargaming I guess. Can’t say I sincerely believe WG deserved to win, but it’s a good game.

193 thoughts on “WoT wins Golden Joystick

  1. Btw.. their announcing of the winners.. was done with such emotions and intensity that I almost fell asleep

  2. It is what it is…i guess. I’m rather surprised they won as well. If figured that any one of a couple of other games would have won…

    • It was already said numerous times that on forums participate only 5% of total players…
      So why wonder?

  3. I went and voted for WoT. Why? Because there is nothing better out. Other than the horribly skewed MM’er (8% XVM win chance anyone?), WoT is a good game. What else should I have voted for, WoW?

    • XVM has nothing to do with MM which doesn’t take player skill into consideration when building teams so it can’t really be skewed. XVM is a player-made mod about a player-invented stat which shouldn’t be paid any attention to anyways.

      • You will get your skill MM soon. And I can almost promise you will hate it.
        When skill MM is introdused it will be up to RNG who wins as you will not outskill your opponent…

    • this.

      i don’t play wot atm (taking a break since a few month) but i still voted for it because all the other games in that category were utter shit compared to it.

  4. This is a victory that WG enjoy, not me…
    I enjoy the free game(Mafia2) from Golden Joystick.

  5. Good god this was one of the worst award shows I’ve seen in ages, basically not even the sound/ music is up to par and I think the presenter is just talking to the camera crew while the other spectators are cgi-ed in.

  6. I think the fact that the posts about winning the GJA shown so fast on the website… Is a clear sign of rigging. WG EU would never be so fast on it’s own.

    • It doesn’t necessarily mean rigging, it could just mean they had the page ready. For example, during every superbowl, t shirt companies have two shirts printed, one for the possibility of each team winning. This way, they’ll have shirts on hand immediately for the actual winners. The t-shirt companies didn’t rig the super bowl, they were just prepared for both outcomes.

      WG probably had a page ready in case they won, and if they had lost then they wouldn’t have put anything up.

      • The irony is that they tend to have a a page about various events ready about 12 hours AFTER the event started.

  7. all we get is a frkn t7 combat car that everyone will be selling very soon?!? awwww maaaaan

    • there will most likely be a special as well. discounts and stuff.

      also the T7 combat car comes with a free garage slot and 150k credits if you sell it :P

  8. People are so weird. They play the game and then say “we won’t vote, this game is not good enough”. It’s a contradiction.

    • Exactly, and that’s why my friends, my clan, and I voted for WoT. I can’t stand people who play a game for 4+ hours a day and all they do is bitch about it. Be grateful that this game exists in the first place.

        • we play the game cause some lucky belarusian guys unfortunately came up with the idea of tank online game….the fact that game is good/concept of the game that doesn’t mean that creator of the same is good and deserves an award because this award is for WG not World of Tanks…they drooled and annoyed players to vote for them because they were desperate to win it…they PR and ways of treating their players is utter shit and that’s why they didn’t get my vote….you are pretty naive if you actually thought that your vote goes to WoT and not Serb and Co

          • Grasping at straws is stronk in this one.

            How about you just save everyone’s time and effort in the future and just state that as far as you’re concerned the WG guys are horrible, horrible people and never do anything right period?
            Would be kinda more honest too…

    • By voting for said game you basically say: “i love all the changes you make, keep going”. By voting against you say “some/all recent things were shit, please change your approach to developement”.

      Similiar thing happened with EVE-Online. One year they won some award (golden dildo? dont remember), though they had a lot of controversial changes. Next year the “monoclegate” hit and CCP (devs) announced, that next ship rebalance will come in 3 years (YEARS! would you like to wait for WOT bug fixes for a few years?). Ofc they asked for votes for golden dildo or something, ofc players said “fuck you” and cancelled subs (around 5-10% loss in accounts), which forced company to change the approach: they stopped trying to milk playerbase (as with monocles) and began fixing broken shit. 1-2 years later? EVE is again (IMO) the best MMO out there, and most players will gladly vote for it again.

      if you want to force devs to listen to playerbase you do it in 2 ways: by denying them “awards” in golden dildo/GOTY/spike/whatever and by denying them money from subs/micropayments/etc.

      • …and the devs listening to the playerbase, THIS playerbase of all things, would posses some kind of value on what grounds exactly?

  9. wait..wait..wait
    The Tank was leaked even before WoT won the price…
    So either we would have got it anyways or they knew they’ll win. O.o

    • Or they made it just in case they would win, there can be a tank in game even when noone can get it.

      • Well if they lost today they probably would have given the tank to us on some other occasion (e.g. christmas)

        A little mediocre thank you though if you consider last years special. But maybe they will give us some surprise bonus offers also. We will see…

    • They would most likely given it out in case they would’ve lost, too.

      “We only made runner-up, but here is something for you anyway! Aren’t we generous???”

    • There wasn’t rule that you can get free games only if you vote for WoT…i got Mafia 2 and i didn’t voted for WoT

  10. “Aaaand the results are just in.

    Total votes are 12.000.655

    WoT gets 13.057.677 votes , and wins , runner up , game X 1.000.655 votes , 3rd game Y with 346.877 votes and so on…

    Congratulations ! ”

    TL:DR – good ole fashioned vote rigging.

    • And you’re right.
      Seriously what should they vote for? WoW? Any MOBA(be it LoL or Dota2 whatever)?

      • Were those even options?

        I remember when WT won ‘best simulator’ at some event a few months ago, the only games in contention for the category were things like SimCity and other distinctly non-simulator crap. WoT was entered under ‘best social game’ for that one (lol).

        These awards events are just so much bullshit. They’re marketing things so they create a bazillion categories so everyone wins somewhere. Corporate version of a circlejerk.

  11. Silentstalker your blog helped! You advertised Golden Joystick (free games for voting) and let’s face it majority of people from this blog voted for WoT

  12. The reason I vote is because of the last year stuff that appear, but a 3º american tier II premium light tank and a slot is OK for me :)

  13. Omg all those who are playing WoT right now and said it does not deserve it are liars! Especially SS, you are writing about their game, HELLO!

    • Game deserved it…WG and their questionable decisions and all the bullshit they served to us didn’t deserved it….and naive people voted for WoT not even realising this award goes to WG and not WoT….

  14. I am not surprised. People on forum are just ~ few % of players and a lot of people are actually happy with what WG does and with recent changes (yes I love that they nerfed arty and removed damn t50-2 always hated those even though I had on too. ) And I voted for wot from 3 accounts lol :D not for WoT victory but beacause I wanted free civilization V on my steam accs.

  15. Just because people in the WOT forums raged around doesn’t mean that the vote was rigged, as you a implying. There is something called the Silent-majority in media and communication science. Usually only the ones who have something to complain rage in the forum. Most players are probably very happy with the game and there for voted in favour of the game. Second of all only relatively few people are active in the forum but many read them and even more read the website, were the gja vote was announced. If you read comments of regular news sites you wonder why extreme right or leftwing parties only get very few votes in European general election.

  16. Though most of the forums have raged about it, they are not the majority of players in the game. There is a large percentage that do not go to the forums. Sure, its reasonable to consider that they would not care enough to vote. But you can’t ignore that perhaps a lot of them have at least skimmed through though the visual information on the launcher or the WoT home page. Given that last time they got huge benefits from the joystick victory, they would be under the impression that they would get the benefits again ,even if WG said they won’t, that doesn’t mean they actually read it.

    Also, I’m willing to bet that there are also large groups of avid forum goers that are satisfied with how the game is, or for some other reason, and voted for World of Tanks, but have been completely buried under the negativity against some of WG’s decisions.

    On that note, I’m one of those who voted for WoT.

  17. Not surprised at all. I mean, if we’re going by number of players alone it’s clear that WoT will ROFLSTOMP anyone.

    Not to add that I think WG is one of the (if not the) most “open” MMOG developer in case of development proccess. Daily Q&A? Self-leaking? Recent WG-FTR weekly Q&A? I think they can’t be matched in that aspect. Honestly, I also find Serb’s trolling to be quite fascinating.

    Rigging? Can someone post any half-decent proof/lead here? If you use Combat Car giveaway as “evidence”, I think it’s more like a case when they’re already too confident lol.

  18. I voted for WOT myself.
    Why? They haven’t done anything particulary innovative since last years, and have had more than one mess up as far as PR goes.

    However, it’s still the game which occupies the most amount of my spare time, gives me greatest satisfaction(when things go well mind you) and overall gives me the best return on my investment of time and money.
    I’d rather vote for that than a game which looks new and unique, but which I’ll become bored with and leave aside after a playtrough.

    • Same here, really. I have a clan there that is fun to be in, play it on almost daily basis, enjoy my tanks and playing the game. I don’t do any of that with any other online game so much, so why should I vote for something else?

  19. “Let’s face it: EU forum raged, Russians raged, US forums weren’t too happy either. Since it’s usually the forum goers that are passionate about a game enough to do the voting, makes me wonder, how on earth did World of Tanks win with all the fire it was gathering on forums.”

    That’s not true. There are many people that bother to vote. The majority of the people that post on forums are whiners that want their stuff get buffed because the other one is OP (or whine because they nerfed theirs).

    There are way more people just casually reading the news and/or forums without posting (I did that for like a year before posting my first post). And there are even more people that might have voted for WoT just because they announced it’s possible – about 80% (IIRC) of players don’t even read web, the less the forums. They don’t even know about some OP/nerf stuff and drama on forums. It’s people that sometimes play in the evening, few games, occasionally read news. And my guess is the majority of the votes goes from there.

    And of course the new markets – China, Kora, Japan, partially NA. WoT is still fresh there, people are excited for it and vote for it easily. It takes time to start nitpicking on every minor detail and start whining on larger scale like it is in RU/EU.

    • China has been playing World of Tinky-Tonks since March 2011. The new markets are just Moonland and Starcraftland.

  20. Our local folk singer awards with 25 visitors from which 20 were seniors that fell asleep was better organized and more entertaining that this shit what I just saw.

  21. And ASIA forum not giving a fux, as long as there’s free stuf and prize

    ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  22. “Let’s face it: EU forum raged, Russians raged, US forums weren’t too happy either.”

    forum goers are passionate about the game, yes. but they are also an irrelevant minority compared to the whole playerbase.

  23. Adding to the fact that majority of player didn’t event know that forum exist, lawl, WG still have a high chance to win this award again.

    I’m happy that WG got this award. Congratz!

  24. I´m into gaming since .. forever – and never heard of that GJ BS before WoT made it “the most important whatever”.

    Win/Lose – who cares and what does it change?

  25. Probably, there are many like me that enjoy the game, are not complaning about stupid things, can afford to play with premium etc. And I doubt that WG paid for the reward as they can win. Besides, players increased substantially for one year and this is proof for success of the company’s strategy. I might not aprove every step they do in the development of the gameplay but it is still very good. P.S. I voted and I do like the decrease of artilery in the game!

  26. When are we gonna get a German freebie tank? I still voted for them though … my fault. lol.

  27. I voted because I like the game and I’d heard they might give free goodies. As much as there is rage around certain topics I really do like the game and will support it.

  28. I sense Wargaming is planing to hack the number of votes in Golden Joystick… more bias

  29. WG sponsored this farce?! Well… this explains everything.

    What a pathetic, miserable bunch of *gets banned on WoT forum for calling out things as they are*

    I didn’t rly respect the moderators there before… but ow I will make much more fun of these clowns.
    They cannot get their stuff sorted and need to buy prizes. WG is not even worth my holy wrath. They should feel honored.

  30. wow! i wasnt expecting it, or supporting….. theres too many idiots in the world, their anus is bleeding hard but they will always vote for the same bunch of basterds… damn i just voted in the czech parliamentary elections… same shit, dont expect any change… i did my best.
    at least ill get a virtual tank in wot.. i doubt ill get anything from future czech government.

    btw… if the voting decided whos best, how come WG has a tank giveaway ready. would they give it to us if they didnt win? and what the hell sponsored by WG? hahahah

    • They had it ready for weeks now, it was covered on FTR too. Probably planned ahead and if they hadn’t won, it would be used in some competitions (or given away anyway, we won’t know now)

  31. WoT won? Gratz to you guys!

    But seriously, there’s some REALLY BIG opponents there on the category I thought it’s impossible for WoT to win, League being the top of the line (top of the line for the worst community too) followed by DotA2 (best community for eSports and moba), then ARR.

    • yep, i predicted that Dota 2 might win this one..well, it gets in the 3rd place so it`s okay

  32. well anyway congratz..

    I’m not really into american tanks, so probably I’ll just us the free garage slot.
    I wish if WG would make us a video instead, talking about their future stuff, showing us some of the work that was already done, especially for the 9.0 patch (or anything that comes after 8.9), some interviews of the devs talking about what they are working on and so.
    also a question, it is said the t7 combat car will be given on 8.9 release. I currently have 2 unused garage slots. if that tanks came will it take one of these slots instead of giving me free new one? I know it sounds unlikely, but I remember someone saying on the forum that he didnt get an extra garage slots when the vk3001h was changed, and the new vk3002m took one of his unused garage slots instead!

  33. Looks like there just wasn’t enough Golden Donkey around to prevent this from happening. :/

  34. Ok, we get 2 tier tank? hahah :D yeah, free slot + T2 tank apreciated but… for long – term players its nothing. It seems like WG doesnt care anymore about loyal players. I honestly play less and less recently too. Look what we got for Golden Joystick 2012 ->


    “Bonus code, which will give you 3 days of Premium Account and additional premium consumables!
    Price reduction on high tier tanks. These tanks will be discounted to the price of their predecessors in the Tech Tree.
    The tanks being reduced are as follows:

    Tier IX Medium Tanks
    Tier IX Tank Destroyers
    Tier IX Heavy Tanks
    Tier VII Self-Propelled Guns

    Tier VIII Premium Vehicles will receive a 15% discount!
    x5 XP for first victory
    50% Discounts on equipment
    50% Discounts on garage slots
    50% Discounts on crew (re)training”

    Much better for ALL players.

    • All that could still happen. 8.9 is rumored to come out in the middle of next week, so perhaps next weekend they’ll do a Golden Joystick Victory weekend? I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a big deal out of it and get as much publicity out of it as possible.

      Personally, I think an exclusive premium tank is a way, way better price than any of the things you listed, but I like having those low-tier premium fun tanks.

      • We will wait and see. But if they decide to not do some good special to celebrate, I think its shame. They won last year, great , I think they deserved it. This year? Im not so sure, I think they deserved to be maybe in top 3 , but to win? Imo not.

        And discounts for high tiers are great for long-term players.

        x5 exp for first win – great for newcomers… and most players like it anyway (more crew exp or so).

        15% discount for tier 8 premiums? great for newcomers / casuals. But some collectors / long-term players like it too.

        Discounts on equipment / garage slots? always apreciated. Bonus code? Hell, faster grinding / more credits? I think nice for most players.

        “exclusive premium tank” -> you get those ALWAYS on New Year, and on some occasions too, so that can happen even twice a year.

        • EDIT:

          Also -> Winning 2 times in a row does not deserve to anything better than just 1 slot + tier 2 tank? Really?

          I dont want high tier tanks or so. This is not possible, and I know it. But for now it looks bad. We will get low – tier tank on New Year anyway ;>

  35. Whey won because of popularity and free games, no rigging needed (seriously, wtf… xD)

  36. Not a doubt in my mind this was set up in some fashion, Pay2Win award game. This isn’t the most important award anyways in gaming. It was probably the russians desperate for free stuff, maybe the Asian server groups. Or just the dumbs that don’t visit the forums, just the links on the launcher and click away. The same dumbs that buy those awful specials that WG keeps pedaling that trash to us without giving us actual deals.

    • Well seeing the bottom feeding morons and trolls that inhabit the forums the ones that don’t are better off. Brb need to phtoshop a picture of Serb violently killing a donkey . Serb skull fucking a Siemka would be hard to represent.

  37. “Команда разработчиков искренне благодарит всех вас за активную поддержку и объявляет о подарке, приуроченном к вашей победе в Golden Joystick Awards. В честь завоевания премии всем игрокам будет начислен* американский лёгкий танк 2-го уровня T7 Combat Car. Он будет добавлен на аккаунт вместе со слотом в ангаре при выходе обновления 8.9 — достаточно лишь зайти в игру.”

    Yup, everyone gets T7 combat car

  38. forums might be the ones that usually vote, but when you plaster “vote here, vote now” all over your launcher and website, you increase the odds of random players voting.


    serb is going to be even more arogant now.

    oh, and anyone else notice the WoWP trailer looked like warthunder gameplay footage?

  39. Too many bloody noobs who don’t hae any knwoledge but see they will get something for free/ a big special…

  40. Didn’t believe this one. Had to confirm this post and well… GJ WG for another reward.

  41. WoT never won any Golden award. it’s aplain lie created by the soviet regime, hostile takeover of websites and DDOS attacks on major internet hubs, the russian goverment + chinese did all this as WoT promotes nationalistic fervor and communist thinking methods.

  42. Well, since they can afford tv ads in germany, I’d say they got a whole buttload of new customers to vote.

  43. Lol i love all this haters ranting and building conspiracys.

    good Job SS. You raised your small kindergarden army of WG(eu branch) haters and propaganded ti vote against wg. But you forgot that you are drop in the ocean.( not calling you baddie ) your small community gave you feeling of such a selfimportance that you thought you can capitalize on GJ ? Thats straight silly.

    As serb stated before ” only 3% of wot users read forum , and only 10% out of this 3% make some posts ” surprise !!
    And another serb statement over a 2 years old ” forum rage and rants are usual aspect of online gaming and it comes from unwilingness to accept the fact of changes in mmo. Forum communities are 9 out of whiny greedy little bitches who never satisfied.
    A satisfied customer dont need forum to enjoy the game” quote ended.

    And to top it off for you SS ill hive u some numbers

    Wot community is 61 000 000 people
    Dota + lol community is barely 8 000 000 people.

    Now crunch it for yourself . Did wg needed any rigging ?

    And dont get me wrong i got a respect for you and your blog.
    But whe i saw your small propaganda war against GJ ? I fuckin laughed . Its easy to be misleaded when you dont have the numbers.
    Btw exactly your attitude against wg made me not donate for your blog

    + all those people ranting about rigging and conspiracy . Do u know that its expected ? Every fuckin time when ppl loose some elections. All they have left is to rant bout rigging. Its expected lol nothing else you can do lol

    Ignorance is such a bliss …

    In the end all i see here is a giant bunch of ENVY …. Pathetic …. People never cchange

    • 61 millions? Why not “70 millionen, ein schlag”? LOL (just to emphasize that this number is only propaganda, like the song)
      61 millions you say… How much of them active? Yeah, making commercial agreements with hardware manufacturers to give a bit of free gold to hardware buyers, and other agreements like this, makes the numbers grow a lot (who doesn’t wants free gold?). And not to mention massive giveaways of codes to the community in a lot of events (gamescom, parties, shows, etc), AND THOSE CODES ONLY WORKS WITH NEW ACCOUNTS. That’s a huge wave to be surfed!

      But when the wave retreats, what we have? A lot, but really a lot of players with 2, 3 and some of them even 4 accounts (of course abandoned, is enough hard to mantain one account) and a lot of people who activated codes, which counts as new players, but they even haven’t downloaded the game.

      So, your “millionen”, my dear, really stays as much in about 10 millions, being generous.

      Keep swallowing propaganda, “kinder”.

      • u seriously underestimate the amount of russian players playing this game . Very seriously.with a 700-900k online EVERY DAY …

        i’ll ignore the rest of nonsence u just said .

        i know its hard to understand that ur whole European community is just a drop in the ocean. i dont denie fails of WG eu .
        and numbers as 61000000 when i saw it myself i didnt beleave it .
        the problem is the small pool of ppl on dota and lol compared to WG elefant in the room
        its just sucha big difference in population thats its not matter longer …

  44. They have special Department of Voting that creats thousands of accounts daily and vote for themselves :P

  45. Could you provide a link that shows WG hosted this event? I can’t find anything on the web. Everything I see says Green Man Gaming sponsored this event. I looked for lists of additional sponsors and cannot find any.

  46. >how on earth did World of Tanks win with all the fire it was gathering on forums.

    There’s always a silent majority of players who don’t participate on the forums or care about Stalin insignias or errors in promotional notes or whatever.

    • Yeah, the idiot ones who buys supposedly discounted premium tanks, which in fact was not discounted (the promotional note was wrong), and they get angry and the next day… they buy the tank and 1 month of premium LOL

      It’s a shame.

  47. The game is good but it has more potencial sadly the devs and the vice president are ignorant assholes.

    • So now u cant say they bought your vote …..
      And now you complain they did not try to buy it from you ….
      Roflmao …. /facepalm

      • No, no, no… First, I didn’t vote. Second, I wasn’t raging :) I just wanted to say that I am getting useless tank and, which is for me faaaar more important, a FREE SLOT. So, free tank – meh. Free slot – big thumbs up.

        • no…no..no, no one said you were raging, you were complaining about “free useless tons of steel”

          • You’re all wrong. In fact what has happened is that has been free tons of votes, so we get a free ton of useless steel and a free, pretty useful, garage slot.

            What a shitty bribe!

  48. Awesome, I love these little gift tanks. I have ‘em all, all the way from the tetrach. I not gonna play it yet though, ’cause everyone is driving them and it feels silly to me to be one of them. I rather wait few months before trying it out. Maybe ill get the t18 ’cause, you know… T7′s driving everywhere, they can’t pen t18, they have no armor so t18 oneshots them. It’ll be awesome. Time to collect some topguns i quess. hah

  49. Honestly I am not annoy that they win, more toward surprise
    After reading a lot abt them and their recent PR masses I thinks they wont win GJ this time

    but oh well free…. Tier 2 US made Pz I C and slot. 8.9 will start off pewpewpew for sure

  50. WG Makes 1 billion e-mail addresses, votes 1 billion times for WoT on the GJA website, done.

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  52. the kicker? the NA forum thread over this is already locked. guess even Content_WG has it’s butthurt limits

  53. I have been reading this blog for some time now. I thought I was beginning to recognize most of the regulars who post here. Have to ask where all the people came from who are singing their praises to WG for winning. Where were you when WG was being raked over the coals? Why weren’t you defending WG prior to their win? Just asking? BTW – I did NOT vote for WoT.

    • I liked WG, maybe during my first 1k games in WOT. But then I see the truth behind WG, bunch of money sucking animals without any concept of shame. Kudos to you for defending your own opinion

  54. Well, WOT isn’t a bad game per se, but I don’t think it’s the best game in the pool at event. I believe only those who have played but aren’t playing this game recently are speaking fairly. As someone who has abandoned this game for 4 month after over 8k games played, I have to say WOT just won’t win this award without WG’s “invisible effort”.

  55. Hahah, I feel really sorry for all the poor haters here, who hoped that WG will fail ^^
    You poor, poor souls :D

    Haters, dont forget that some raging retards on EU/US/RU/Martian Forums DONT represent ALL the players who have fun and are enjoying this great game.

    So – its a really well-deserved award!
    Congratulation, WG!

  56. I would to say only that all Kazna members were voted for WoT as we promise to our community.

  57. If you think this was genuine then more the fool you. These awards are PR events where money buys the winner.

  58. Why do you pedal the false idea that WG sponsored the Golden Joystick Awards. Green Man Gaming is the sponsor and they can’t even make money out of WoT as you can only buy Gold from WG.
    Why don’t you post facts instead of making up such garbage. You can’t even post a link to prove your point…..why…because its not true.

    You rigging your own thread for popularity by making false but popular stabs at something you hate.