Congratulations to the Golden Joystick victory, well, can’t say I expected it, but after thinking about it a bit: World of Tanks is a good game and the WG EU fails, Stalin and other crap I write about has nothing to do with that. So… GG and grats.

- hightier gameplay is doing fine according to SerB
- SerB confirms: KV-85, KV-100 and KV-122 will all be one tank on tier 6, it will be slower than current KV-1S
- WoT for Xbox? “When it’s done it’s done”
- XboX WoT is meant for different audience than PC WoT, the accounts won’t be unified apparently
- Havok will not come in 2013 according to Storm

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    • Nope not today….still trying to find out how this happened. Did we fake the rage or did the WG vote 1.5 mil times.

      • I bet those who didnt care about WG PR still voted hoping for reward.
        Other games’ communities didnt even voted.

          • Thats what I thought about first time they did this.
            If LoL needed such award (they dont – they get way more money than WoT) – they would have easily – vote and you will get free skin – instant win. WoT surr at 20 :D

        • Or maybe people voted because they liked the game, for all its faults… only 1% of the community is really active on forums and such, even less elsewhere. People voted, not in a way that is representative… but I mean… I still play this game for all its faults. I’m still on it, I’m still around, doing things, grinding tanks. This game is far from perfect. It would be awesome if awesome was ‘decent’.

          But still, maybe people voted for it, because they liked it.

          Nah, WG conspiracy.

        • Other theory; all RU and NA players voted (why shouldnt they?), and that was even enouth to beat the other games… :D

          the only thing that interests me is what we will get far that :D (didnt even vote for anything because i lost the password of my acc.. .:D)

  1. wooo we get the T7 Combat Car as an award interesting wasn’t this tank being super tested? lol

    • AS T7 is going to have .50 I’m not very afraid of it being “OP”… 22mm pen on HMG, not even autocannon with no premium rounds option? Its not going to like anything tougher than UK papercraft

  2. I know its not time to ask questions, but I probably won’t be able to post on Wednesday – so if you’re reading this…

    Q. Will World of Tanks get the Tier filter from World of Warplanes? High or low importance?

    I think it’s a sensible enough question.

    • Yeah thats an very important question imo
      I miss a tierfilter i think a tierfilter would help me more than filtering for nation or tank class
      so SS if you dont have that question already asked, do it!

      • Remember an answer from the RU Q&A about that a few days ago.

        “It is possible, but doesn’t have high priority” … or smth along those lines.

        • I hate how WG says it is possible and then does nothing about it stating that it does not have a high priority.
          I think all of these things can be dealt within 2 weeks

  3. Somethings not right about the Golden Joystick… most of the players from all servers hated it???

    WarGaming sinister plot… and more

    • Hated what, the game? The vocal minority on the forums may act like they hate it, but people who like a game generally don’t go on the forums making threads about how awesome they think it is.

      • Yeah, you’re not exactly going to see people spamming forums with things like, “well, this game is pretty fun” and “I don’t have any problems.”

    • WoT has it’s failes and Stalins, but TBH, it is nearly the only game I play currently, and I love it very much. Sure, it need mods to be that good. Sure, they could’ve done a shitload of things better. But the game is great and I’m happy it won the Golden Dildo.

  4. - “SerB confirms: KV-85, KV-100 and KV-122 will all be one tank on tier 6, it will be slower than current KV-1S”

    What, is not the KV-85 at tier 5 and KV-122 at tier 6? There will be another russian heavy tank at tier 6, or is just my imagination?

  5. “Havok will not come in 2013 according to Storm”

    What a fucking shock, eh? This was just another case of WG blowing air out their asses.

    • Did they actually announce it would be in 2013 at any point? I’m pretty sure they didn’t.

      • Well, they announced it for 9.0….but they also said that after 8.9 there would be most likely one more patch in 2013 AND they also said there might be the patch 0.8.10 or something like that so 9.0 with Havok might come in 2014 after all

      • Yes, when they said 9.0 will come this year. Because they did say that at some point.

    • As long as it doesn’t turn out like the “2nd German TD branch is coming soon” thing then I’m ok with that.

      Dates would be nice… but you’ll never get that from WG.

        • French tree seriously needs to have moar tanks.
          Heck, its older than british but british tree already have more tanks and premiums.
          Also SerB is wanting to add line to British tree which leads to Chieftain prot.

  6. also wait if kv-85, kv-100 and kv-122 will be one tank, isnt that already the kv-1s? im confused

  7. At least nice to hear, that they will do sth about KV-1S. I wonder, when they rebalance T57 and Foch… Lets hope in 9.0 (or 8.9.10 if it is next).

    Ok, Golden Donkey award. We get 2 tier tank? hahah :D yeah, free slot + T2 tank apreciated but… for long – term players its nothing. It seems like WG doesnt care anymore about loyal players. I honestly play less and less recently too. Look what we got for Golden Joystick 2012 (GREAT special)->


    “Bonus code, which will give you 3 days of Premium Account and additional premium consumables!
    Price reduction on high tier tanks. These tanks will be discounted to the price of their predecessors in the Tech Tree.
    The tanks being reduced are as follows:

    Tier IX Medium Tanks
    Tier IX Tank Destroyers
    Tier IX Heavy Tanks
    Tier VII Self-Propelled Guns

    Tier VIII Premium Vehicles will receive a 15% discount!
    x5 XP for first victory
    50% Discounts on equipment
    50% Discounts on garage slots
    50% Discounts on crew (re)training”

    Much better for ALL players.

  8. as usual the raging idiots think they are “the voice of the mass“ (same on forum with “we all know german tanks suck“)

    i myself, for example, voted for wot, because despite its flaws, its still (by far) the best game of the past 3-4 years, and given how horrible bad all new (and upcoming) games are, im quite sure it will stay “the best“ for some while (exception beiing GTA V, but only console so far)

    ps: and LoL doesnt make more money as wot, IF the numbers Victor said during spring are true (about 30% of the players pays and avg monthly spending is 6€ or so) there is no game with more revenue… (LoL has around 250 mil / year (or something), wot had that last year 220, yet compare player count of lets say may 2012 with current player count (doubled on EU) so i wouldnt be suprised if WoT reached like 400 mil this year…

  9. - hightier gameplay is doing fine according to SerB

    Well I guess that’s what the result of when the developers of a game either never play it or are terrible at it

    • Well, wait 2 – 3 months , and I’m nearly sure, there will be nerfs on tier 10 TDs. Why? Because they will be too popular :]

      On Test Server – mostly bad players play – on high tiers. Tests before 8.6 – mostly max amount of arties on both sides (Live servers had much arties too, nothing unusual).

      They nerfed arties in 8.6, and all “red barons” stopped playing them even on Test Servers. Now as you see, only good players play them on live servers, as expected.

      On current Test Servers baddies still play mostly TDs (on high tiers). And I dont saw max tier arty in any test server game…

      So, there will be more TDs with time… and if they become too much popular -> Nerf Bat.

      • God forbid people played TDs on the testservers to check out the new German line or something.

        • At first day of 8.9 test yes – teams were full of WT E-100, nothing unusual. People in EU wanted to try new German tanks even more, understandable.

          But check Test Servers 8.9 NOW. There is not so much new german TDs. BUT, teams still have high amount of TDs, so trend is still alive and going :)

          WT E-100 wont be so much noob – friendly probably. But we will see

          • It was pretty funny when I tried it but then again I’m used to the French heavies. Weird, but funny.

          • WT E-100 is kind of FV 183. Everyone said on test that it was ”most op thing ever”.
            But its almost half year from 8.4 patch, and i still dont see 15 vs 15 FV games?

            • At least you see them reasonably regularly, unlike O. 263s which IIRC caused similar worry back in the day…

      • TDs will get nerf. 850 dmg td guns will nerfed to 750 and Foch 155 will get nerf (it needs serious nerf, either make its armor paper, nerf the engine and terrain resistance badly, or keep its armor and speed but remove autolaoder)

  10. - Havok will not come in 2013 according to Storm

    What a load of bullshit!! im sick of getting stuck in downright pathetic spots for a TANK!! yesterday a fucking stone wall stopped my full speeding IS-8. The wall got destroyed and i got stopped by that appeared to be the ultra shit antique fake “suspension” clipping into the ground. And other instances where i go slide down a steep hill and once the tank reaches down, the shitty tracks once again clip through the ground and getting stuck until someone decides to give me a push.


      • If it was a real life situation, the debris of the wall, bricks, mortar and dust would probably have choked your vents. The engine would have died and your crew would have been forced to bail out…

        Don’t see your problem…

        • Not to mention debris getting under your tank and lifting it upwards so the tracks wouldn’t touch the ground. No more traction=>you’re a turret…congratulations!

  11. so if havok is not coming this year, and they said that there will be 2 more patches this year (including 8.9), the havok won’t be in 9.0 or 9.0 is not comming this year?

  12. “- XboX WoT is meant for different audience than PC WoT, the accounts won’t be unified apparently”

    So they don’t target morons at XboX? o_O

  13. Stalin lost against Hirohito when it comes to kill streak in the great War Game WW2.

    20+ millions Chinese butchered, millions raped. Not even Stalin nor Hitler combined could match up to that sadly Hirohito lost to the British and their great number one top spot for best kill streak of 300 million.

    • Eh, the last I heard Hirohito didn’t even really do much else than sit in his palace and dodge the occasional *really* nutty would-be ultranationalist assassin…

  14. I don’t understand why people rage on Wargaming. WoT is almost 0% pay-to-win game. I really appreciate that. End of the story.

  15. “KV-85, KV-100 and KV-122 will all be one tank on tier 6, it will be slower than current KV-1S”

    So let’s see…what I see here could work like this:

    KV-85 plays with the current KV-1S mobility, but the gun is the one from the KV-1 a tier lower (or possibly the T-34-85), which is adequate at tier 6 but nothing spectacular.

    KV-100 is the middle ground, with a 100 mm gun giving it parity with the SU-100 Tank Destroyer at the same tier. I seeing this as being the most deadly configuration of the KV-1S in random battles.

    KV-122 will go full potato and sacrifice mobility for the most firepower. With nerfs to the gun it could be balanced (to a degree) at its tier.

    Overall, the success of this will hinge on the potential counters. The VK 36.01 H with the Konisch gun seems to be the biggest “hard counter” to this tank at the moment.

  16. well wg has its problems. but overally world of tanks is the main game i play daily despite the mm and rng ‘ rigs and cheats’.
    they deserved it because the idea and concept is too good to be completely destroyed by some negative side effects.

  17. A 122mm KV still at tier 6. Can’t WoT understand that it’s too much?

    Though I’m not going to really judge it yet, but my expectations aren’t too positive. KV-3′s armour and 122mm were far too much for tier 6. KV-1S doesn’t have armour and it’s still too much for tier 6. I doubt making a slower version will be much better.

    I know an experienced or above average player can easily beat a KV-1S in a tier 6 vehicle. Still, don’t forget that tier 4-6 tanks are when normally people would start to learn how to play, they aren’t ready for a high dmg gun that can oneshot them. People there can’t take advantage of the long reload time.

    Personally, I think the 122mm should be removed from tier 6 heavies (I don’t feel any problem with TDs)

    • “Still, don’t forget that tier 4-6 tanks are when normally people would start to learn how to play, they aren’t ready for a high dmg gun that can oneshot them.”

      Hetzer just made your whole statement invalid…

        • AT-2? Who on earth uses the shitty howitzer on it?¨
          AT-2 is just easy to kill when you know weakspots.

        • T18 also disagrees, so does the KV-1 and Derp Sherman. Hmm…that argument doesn’t really have a leg to stand on, now does it?

        • …you people DO realise I’m referring to what the howitzers on those things can do to tier-peers right?

  18. - XboX WoT is meant for different audience than PC WoT,

    Different audience aka hyperactive call of duty 12 year olds

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