Invite codes

Good morning everyone!

You know what time it is? Time fore a few invite codes.

These are from Radosz and sopelsiu


And, something special from 0romis:

Not an invite code, but a bonus code. The problem is, 0romis is not sure what it does, but it should add T2 Light Tank.


20 thoughts on “Invite codes

      • I guess its not an t2 light but an USSR m3 light if it whas an t2 light I could use it my self but the m3 light i already have from an other bonus code ;)

        • T2 Light Tank, one of my favorite tanks, completely pimped out with vents, coated and stab. Camo and 3 crewskill’s. 6th, 100% camo. Utterly OP in low tiers. Schred light armoured tanks up to tier 3 with one clip. Great stress releaver with that pewpewpew autocannon.

  1. That Poll on the blog might be rigged by someone hungarian…. One could say they are HUNGRY for theese hungarian tanks…

      • Actually only a few of us care about this blog. In our Teamspeak (1 WT and 4 WoT clans) I’m the only one, who read this…
        Yesterday hungarian tanks got a lot of votes, so maybe rigged.
        Or maybe not, because after the big ones (germans, soviets…), we were the only nation in Europe who had real tank developement during the whole ww2.
        Even americans captured hungarian tank in Germany. It was equipped with 2 anti-tank rocket launchers.

    • Yes, it was “rigged” last night. Why anyone would bother, I have no idea, since I am not bound by polls, those are there just for my info on what the community would like to read and I already have a pretty good picture.