Tis the season…

Hello everyone,

I don’t usually talk about mods, as I don’t use them. But what Locastan brought to my attention is mighty impressive.

Winter is coming and with it the winter mood. Several modders on RU forums (here is the original thread) have come together to remodel the ingame maps to look like winter maps.

The mod is simply called “Winter Mod” and is not yet available, the guys are still working on it (they are currently looking for a Flash specialist – alas, a Russian speaker). But from what I can see, it’s very well done. Oh yes, and “summer” and “sand” tank visual camos will be reworked too. Overall, it’s a LOT of work, these guys do deserve respect. I will be keeping an eye on the thread and will tell you when it’s done.













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    • Agreed, this looks amazing.

      There has been a lot of minor stuff like remodeled signs.

      Or remodeled props.

      And of course remodeled tanks.

      But this is a mega project that just looks awesome.
      Just look at those snowflakes… I get the chills just looking at that…

      I’m looking forward to see the release version of this, thanks for sharing it SS.

        • +1

          It’s good to see that I’m not the only one around here, who does not like Girls und Panzer (or Animes in general)

        • The anime crap is as far as I’m concerned NOT in the mod.
          This user just mentioned earlier surrounding mods, and this mod will only be for winter.

          • ^
            Syfer is right and I always found it funny when people refer to hobbies they don’t care about as “crap”.

            It seems this is some kind of “thing” that is modern nowadays, I’ll try it out in the model shop next time.
            I wonder what kind of response I would get if I constantly talk about how stupid it is to make models of cars instead of earning the money to buy them.

            What kind of mentally unstable retard would build models, lol… fags.

            I should get a life insurance first.

        • There’s these things, called other mods. And sometimes, with these other mods. You can have multiple mods, to have multiple effects. Magic isn’t it?

  1. Those look awesome :D :D Now if only WG would do something in the same way for the maps, I would be even happier, since I don’t use mods. :P But damn, these guys did a good job :D I didn’t even recognize some of the maps :D

  2. Wow this looks quite impressiv.
    In my opinion you could get 100-200% from every multiplayergame when they introduce session like fall and winter and too night. Because in the example of wot wouldnt it be nice to play himmelsdorf in night ?;)
    Greetings and a nice weekend

    • Imagine that all maps have 4 seasons [ Okay.. not all, as it wouldn't be realistic ] but those that can be like that.. and then when you add night/day to that too.. damn..

      That would be like 100 “new” maps xD

      Maybe they could even apply i.e. “our” [ European ] seasons to the server.. so that when it’s winter.. we will get more winter maps [ Not all of them ] just more lol

      • I was just thinking the same thing! (your first thought at least lol) It would definitely make it seem like there are far more maps in-game than there really are!

  3. Nice looking mod. Can’t understand why WG haven’t given us dynamic weather effects yet for the older maps instead of just creating new crap ones.

    • Because they wanted someone else to do it instead of them?
      *cough*…over target markers…*cough*…reload timers….*cough*

      • Modders are giving more content to the games than their developers since ever. Take a look at Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope and Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons, that is one of the best examples, they multiplied everything, maps, equipment, nations, to some limited degree physics, et cetera. Today if some developer decides to give something more to the game, it is 3 maps in DLC for 20€ and similar :) I miss those times where datadisks were almost a whole new game and definitely worth their price.

  4. Wow, now THAT’S impressive! It looks like the Winter has finally came to World of Tanks :D Wonderful mod, even though I will probably not use it.

      • Thing is these are North African “hot” deserts, not Central Asian “cold” ones. Though I understand even the former can be rather colder and wetter in the winter months than most people realise, to speak nothing of the highlands.

          • Note that “rainforest” =/= “tropical jungle”; there’s quite a few cool ones eg. up in the Cascades to the west of Seattle, and such are at least as snowy as the rest of their region.

            • Yep. I have been to them and you would think that you were in the tropics it was so hot (100F) in there. Yet you walk outside of the rain forest and its only 60F-70F. The cooler rainforests is a narrow band of forests only a few miles across, along the coast, but totally worth checking out.

              I cannot wait to use these maps and camo in out Historical Realism Group. it will be amazing.

  5. Looks like we’ll have quite the climate change when snow and ice becomes commonplace in the African deserts. :D
    Apart from that little bit of weirdness, it really does look very impressive.

  6. The desert maps seem to have a lot of trees added. How would this work if the server is not aware of them? Would they increase camo? Could you knock them over?

    • I think it’s only *looking* like there’s more of them, when there actually aren’t: They seem to have just replaced all the palm trees with European-style winter trees, which are obviously way bulkier and so appear to be more numerous by covering more of your visual area.

  7. When I first read ” Winter is coming” I imagined some strage Game of Thrones mod for WoT… I’m disappointed :(

    • A game of thrones mod for WoT?

      What should that even have included? I mean…GoT is a fantasy series and WoT is all about tanks. The common denominator is pretty slim to non-existant. xD

      • Pff, use your imagination, man.
        Mod would change all of tanks’ guns into swords and national emblems would be replaced by sigils of most important houses. Camos would be replaced by armor patterns and colors of respective houses, how does that sound?
        Lanisters (I suggest Germans) could drive red and gold pimped out tanks. As for others, I don’t know yet, though for nations I suggest Amercans to be Baratheons, and Russians can be Starks, you know, north, a huge body count, also something about color “red” and “engagements” or “unions” *whistles*.
        National voiceovers could be replaced by sound clips from TV series.

        Obviously that’s hard work but I think it’s doable.

        • Oh, also, to add:
          Game music replaced by GoT music, gun sounds replaced by sounds of people grunting in battle or swinging swords and hit/bounce stuff by clanging swords and swords hitting shields, walls or some shit.

          • I apologize to the angry mob out there. I am not too fond of GoT as I generally despise intrigues.

            It was a bit hard to wrap my head around this idea, but now I see it could be done if someone was willing to do it. :-)

            Carry on.

            • Nothing wrong with intrigues. Problem is your average fantasy author, and this includes Martin, can’t write them worth shit and apparently never bothered to check what the actual Medieval ones were like either (hint: those tended towards the banal).
              Why they insist on filling their pages with bullshit excuses of plotting anyway is a bit of a mystery to me, aside from the obvious imperatives of filling pages and trying to add ‘drama’ ofc.

        • …and changing the guns into swords would serve what purpose exactly when they still shoot at each other…? :|

          Methinks Mount & Blade and suchlike would be rather better avenues for such.

          Oh, and GoT sucks.

  8. Wow thats a sh** load of work… impressive!

    I like this very much more than recently added maps like Sieverogorsk / Komarin or adding more tanks and not changing too much between patches. If WG could do that + maybe some slight weather effect, that would be really great ;>

    But wait , I think we read on FTR in recent Q&As, that in next year, they will try to improve graphics more? I wonder if it can be some weather effects too? Not sure if they scrapped weather effects finally or not.

  9. Sad that it is sooooo hard for WG to extend WoT in such way, making winter camo more useful.

  10. Well this certainly is a new approach – WG should endorse it. If every map from the proper climate had winter variants, it’d effectively double the usefulness of winter camo on every vehicle and more importantly – increase the flexibility of future historical battles.

  11. Amazing, looks like some what the community wanted, the weather changes.. though it was done done by dedicated fans, not devs!

    very nice work and respect for them indeed, I might be interested in a visual mod for the first time!

  12. Looks great, although doing it for desert maps is a bit overkill since it looks completely unrealistic.

    I’d actually been thinking about this very thing myself recently, so it’s very cool to see others have too, and gone so far as to actually make a mod of it! WG should hire these guys to make official winter variations of existing maps, there are so many maps in the game that’d look fantastic in a winter coat.

  13. This looks fucking amazing! I’m not much for mods by and large, but when this comes out I’ll be all over it like a fat kid on a cake =)

  14. This is way too amazing. I would gladly pay those guys to get those maps in the game, hell WG SHOULD be the one paying them for the rights to use those.

    Simply fantastic. I love winter and winter maps in general.

  15. Yeah…saw the mod yesterday in one of HF’s videos.
    It’s awesome and it’s another kick in WG’s lazy ass.
    They said season maps and weather effects won’t come any time soon…but here they are, brought by modders/fanboys that aren’t so lazy as they are.
    Kudos to them…always respected the people who demonstrates that anything can be done with a bit of initiative.

  16. Very impressive. I’d kill for the reverse, though – I have an absurd amount of difficulty seeing tank indicators on winter maps, and redoing all the winter maps as summer would do wonders for me.

  17. Ух ты, попал сюда) Ну что сказать… рад что за работой начали следить) Немного потешу свое ЧСВ – сейчас над модом работают не *парни* (по крайней мере то что вы видите сделано только мной) – а я один, правда на подходе ангар уже не моего авторства – к сожалению на просьбу о помощи не особо откликнулись. По всей видимости мне придется осваивать и флеш, если не найду человека. По крайней мере я доведу мод до конца)

      • I can translate but in bad english.

        Wow, I got here) Well to tell … I am glad that some people started watching work) I will a little amuse my ChSV – now over the mod works not *guys* but 99% only me, but i can say that one man (Niurco) stil works over winter hangar for this mod – unfortunately to a request for the help answered very few modmakers . Most likely I should master flash if I don’t find the person. But of course the mod will be finished)

  18. Seems there also is some kind of snowfall effect on some maps, which looks neat.
    If it´s not just photoshoped on the screenshots, but I doubt that.

  19. I will definitly use this Mod. Propably i’ll even continue to use it in Summer, I think especially the desert maps look so much better than the original WG shit

  20. Now that is *puts sunglasses on* cool.

    People at WG are too busy thinking of how to screw up more stuff to do such things.

    Well done and thank you, modders!

  21. Looks fantastic, especially the Prokorovkha map. WG should definitely look into this. Imagine all the maps in the game having 4 different seasonal versions! It would definitely add to the game’s atmosphere and extend the usage of gold-bought camouflage.

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