Winter Mod for 0.8.9

I usually don’t usually promote mods, but this is really nice. Remember the Winter mod that wrote about not so long ago? In short: a couple of Russian players along with Locastan reworked all the maps to resemble winter. Pretty neat, lots of work invested into it.


Well, it has entered the beta. Mod’s thread on EU forums is here, you can download the mod directly here – but beware, it’s huge (2,6 gigs).

41 thoughts on “Winter Mod for 0.8.9

  1. Still don’t understand why WG doesn’t make summer/winter version for all the maps for witch it’s possible, except desert maps:P

      • Funny how modders can do it and do it for free while WG simply can not afford to spend some time on that nor can afford to hire few more guys to do that yet they invest money in so many ways possible. Things like this, which can artificially increase the content amount so much and offer more variety to the game while not requiring any more processing power neither from client nor from server, neither require balancing nor complex coding.

        • They have a team, which generally, will focus on one thing at a time. Whereas, we have hundreds of individual modders creating their own custom content, at a non-regulated pace. So of course it “seems” that modders make more headway in adding content, now, whether or not that content causes problems and is inefficient is another thing.

          Remember, proper map making takes quite a long time, even for a re-skin, as you’d want to get it perfect. A mod like this could, in fact, have parts of it that looks unnatural. It all depends on how long each individual map was worked on by the group.

          Add to that that some maps would not look good as they currently are, if they were to be simply re-skinned, so you’d, in fact, need to make some modifications to them (ie, creating breakable ice on shallow water, as an example)

  2. I love the idea behind this ( reminds me of the winter mods for Operation Flashpoint long ago ) and will definatly try this out.

    However i would love it even more if there were a summer or spring version later that converts snow maps into spring / summer ones.

  3. I hope this mod will get some official support. It looks beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it either, unlike some mods that give you unfair advantage. This project is pure awesomeness.

  4. Duuuuuuude.

    The modo’s screenshots literally convinced me to download it, that motherfucking snowfall.

  5. None of the links work to download the file or open the torrent, it’s all in Russian which is to be expected but none of the clickable links work. Dying to try this mod, too…

    • How terrible….

      But in reality, a torrent is much quicker, as you get streams of data from ’round the world instead of a single stream from the site it is from