Japanese tier 10 STB-1 – armor schematics

Source: Daigensui

Interested in how armored the STB-1 will be? Here are the schematics.


Preliminary stats (not necesserily the ones that will appear ingame, but not far):

Weight: 38 tons
Speed: cca 53km/h+
Crew: 4 (commander, loader, gunner, driver)
Gun: 105mm L7A1 (-6/+9 depression/elevation, penetration cca 257mm, 330mm with HEAT gold ammo)
Engine: Mitsubishi 10ZF21WT, 750hp diesel

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    • Well, it has 132 mm of base armor, and I think it says that the mantlet is 75-80 mm thick, so taking the slopes into account, it probably is 300+ mm of effective armor. Also, the UFG and LFG are 80 mm, yet an insane slope, so just like the AMX 30, it would be troll armor due to being at an autobounce angle. Of course, there’s a nearly flat 40 mm part just above, and a mere 10 mm part to the side! Yep, still a medium in terms of armor….
      Oh, and does anyone know what the gun depression stats might be? If it could get itself hull down and keep the troll mantlet faced towards the enemy, it would be a monster…

      • Never mind, I just saw the depression stat at the bottom…
        Looks like Russian heavy tank gun depression, which I can deal with, but the gun elevation is veritably French autoloader standard, which is NOT a good thing by any stretch of the imagination…

        • IRL it had an adjustable suspension that could let the tank “lean” forward to give it -15. WG isn’t putting that in apparently.

          • I’m kinda saddened by that.
            The hydraulic suspension of the Type 74 is what makes it that tank. I suppose it saves on the extra coding needed and balance issues that may come up with the -12/+15 gun dep/ele and 9 degrees to either side.

            • WG could always compensate a bit by giving it extra (standard) Gun Dep… maybe -8… would really let this med shine in hull down situations plus letting it keep the UFG troll armour at an even better angle… lol… but for the most part, the armour is just there for trolling/lucky bounces… It will have to rely on mobility and firepower for the most part like many of the other T10 meds.

  1. Fucking love the Infra-red thing on right of the gun, hate the fact that it will be a worse version of Leopard 1. The only good thing about it is that we will get an M60 wannabe from a normal tank line

    • If i look at it from different angles resembles the m48/m60 yet a bit shorter and worse gun depression. That big cupola, good gun mantlet, crap cheeks, crap hull.

      • I changed my mind during reading about this tank from wikipedia, the fact that is 15cm smaller means that the -6 gun depression might actually work at some degree, i’m thinking now at the fact that the obj 140 has pretty much the same height as the t-62a but the gun is overall lower then the t-62a, coupled with the -6 gun dep(unliked the t-62a with -5) feels like -7 degrees if it was the t-62a. So i’m still going the buy the Chi-Nu Kai and will farm crew for 9.0(most likely 9.1) when the japanese branch will see the light of day.

  2. So we have no “special depression” in this tank. I will not grind it :/ I am depressed now due to depression lol

  3. This has as much armor as a Light Tank,i know it wouldnt be realistic but perhaps it should be an LT so it would have camo bonuses.

    • Well TBH late Cold War tank designers have realized that armor is basically useless with the advancement of tank guns, so instead they make mobile tanks with just enough armor…

      • Actually, late Cold War would be the 70-80s when the Abrams, Challenger 2, T-80 were developed with laminated armour, ceramic components, ERA, etc. Those nimble glass cannons were developed in the early to mid Cold War period 50-60s, when gun penetration greatly outpaced RHA types of armor design.

  4. So its basically paper and has 53km/h+. If they dont give it Tortoise rof like then it’s going to suck major. At least Leo 1 has a superior speed, but 53km/h and paper armor ….

      • Terrain passability could be buffed to reflect the quality of the STB’s suspension. The top speed may not be amazing, but I am willing to bet it will be very agile.

    • like the t62a which is totally crap…oh wait! it isnt. even if it “only” has leopard ROF it will be a quite good medium…much metter than the brit FV :P

      • Anything beats the Brit medium… Well, i gues terrain passability will be great, so it will run top speed all the time.

        • Yeah, even the devs admitted (at one point, then changed their story the next day) that the FV4202 is underperforming. The problem is that it’s too good for tier 9 but not good enough for tier 10.

    • Paper armor? Since when do mediums rely on armor at all? And since when does armor matter in the “golden ages”? Specially at tier 10, where there are TDs that can pen everything, or heavy and mediums using gold?

      • Even T10 guns fail often enough on the damnedest things you know; *particularly* tough mantlets.

  5. 257 pen is quite a little low don’t you think? If WG really put that in-game. Almost all tier 10 mediums, 105mm guns, have penetration ranging from 267-270++ or something with the exception of the 100mm found in the Russian med lines. I don’t really know about the batchat since i don’t play one.

    • Remember when 268 was the most penetration a tank could have?

      Yea, thats the sound of power creep.

      • Well….257mm pen is okay I guess, problem is motherfuckers will run gold ammo wth 330mm pen, thats even more than tier 10 TDs AP pen. Why on earth should a medium tank have 330mm pen from the beginning?

        • SOP for T10 meds is to shoot APCR as default you know; unless the STB’s version of the ubiquitous RO 105mm workhorse differs meaningfully from the other platforms’ in terms of barrel lenght or somesuch expect the usual 268 pen.

    • I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have the same “hard” specs as all the other T10 105mm’s (Batmobile nonwithstanding).

        • IIRC the main change to the rest was filing off the upper rear corner of the breechblock to improve maximum depression.

          Anyways, if you want to have anything to do with Cold War era medium tanks/early MBTs that aren’t A) Warsaw Pact B) French (and their equivalent was effectively identical AFAIK) you’d better be willing to tolerate the L7A1 or a variant thereof *everywhere*.

          • And the line of medium tanks will be complete once Type 59 with 105mm(improved upon L7A1) is out. huehuehue

  6. Wow -6 gun deppresion? fuck this i might aswell start grinding obj140., at least that one has armor, is smaller and has slightly better speed coupled with the super duper hovering terrain resistance stats just as T-62A..

        • nah, probably like 1.3 1.5 and 2.3… you know, just like the french tanks have making them move worse than tanks with much worse hp/ton (brb foch 155 has 20.8 hp/ton and obj 268 has 15.6 yet the russian hovermachine accelerates just as fast… or as t9 foch turns noticably faster than t10 foch despite having slower track traverse and worse hp/ton (19.6)… or as mle 48 turns and accelerates much faster than t9 foch despite having the same track traverse and less hp/ton (16.8)…

            • i suggest you go test it and youll see that they get to 40km/h at pretty much the same time (foch wont be more than 1-2 meters ahead of the object) and the 2 km!h difference in top speed… really? neither of them will go more than 45 on flat ground and they will even struggle to keep 40 if they are turning or not on solid terrain

  7. Will be very interesting to keep tabs on this. I wonder what niche it will field. If it’s a more scouty object 140 with less armor but better mantlet it will be very interesting. Very hard to make any judgement as of yet but it does look like a very nice tank. The only question if it’ll just be more of the same of if it is actually better in any section.

  8. wait huh is that a rocket setup next to the cannon? a Tank with rockets? or at least the potential to have rockets. could this mean WG is starting to add secondary weapons to tanks?

      • kind of big for a searchlight eh. such a shame :/ most IR lights were slightly larger then a flashlight I don’t see the reason for something to be that big. much rather it been a rocket pod.

        • This isn’t the sort of thing you bolt onto a rifle and use to 300m out you know (and those were long pretty darn bulky too), it’s meant for *tank* engagement ranges. Which by the relevant timeframe were rather long.

        • To give an idea of why the searchlight had to be so big, we’re talking tank gunnery engagement range of several kilometers…

          this is equivalent to the anti aircraft search light range (except using IR light and not visual wavelength light)

          so essentially think of those big giant massive search light of WW2 used to illuminate bombers in the sky, but this time it’s shining IR light downrange to targets on the ground…

          if you think of it that way, it’s AMAZING that the light is that small for all intent and purpose…

          rocket pods incidentally are pretty redundant and useless for MBT in the first place…

  9. aawwwwwww jeah!!!

    This will be an awesome medium….

    I expect:
    -amazing ROF (and dpm)
    -superb agility
    -small size
    -great gun handling

  10. There’s an easy work around – allow it the full suspension depression, but only when it’s standing still. There are already a bunch of mechanics that only work when a tank is standing still, and this can be another one.

  11. Sorry but that tank seem like its comming from the 80s, possible early 90s. This is a straight up non-ww2 erra, or even similar to the post war tanks in wot. I do have a problem with these sort of tanks, because I suspect they generally will be better in terms of mobilty and firepower than the “older” tanks. 257mm pen on AP is okay, but really 330mm pen with gold ammo? Ommfsg. Why do any tank need more than 299mm pen in the game anyways, and by the way only TDs suppose to have that pen.

    Also quite funny, nerf the pen on some tier 10 heavys….still allowing gold ammo. Im the only one who dont take WGs balancing for real?

    Fuck all post war tanks from the early 80-90s in the game.

    • The STB-1 is a mid-late Sixties job genius, you can learn as much from Teh Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_74_Nana-yon
      Next time at least pretend to do your basic homework before spouting crap mmkay?

      As for the gun, I direct your attention to literally every single T10 “Western” med in the game; 330 pen is the universal for the 105mm HEAT shell. The AMX-30 ought to have higher (around 400 seems to get mentioned) when it eventually gets added, as the Obus G eliminated the distruptive spin by separating the warhead from the casing with ball bearings.

      • I dont give a fuck, okay its from the sixties, and it should fight tanks from the 1940-1945? How is that sane at all? Just look at tier 10, its a fucking mess with all new tanks. Also 330 pen is too fucking much anyways. People playing tier 10 they will use gold, because apparently they dont like to lose, since they are so “pros”.

        I dont know but I see big problems with all these new tanks. I really hope all tanks will get rebalanced, in that way that gold ammo only gives like 5-10mm more pen, and increase the gold ammo cost with at least 70%. Remove gold ammo from all TDs even special gold ammo like on the fv2 183. The Emil, tier 7 TD is a good example on a tank which you cant run gold ammo on, it should be that way for all TDs.

        Imo gold ammo on the fv2 183 is really a fucking joke, it alreaddy has the best alpha and pen on regular AP in the game. Also possibly buff the pen on some tanks having bad AP values. People like to nerf things, but we all know gold ammo it what should be nerfed.

        • The only WW2 era tanks the postwar T10s meet are either assorted “supertank” projects -in some cases with kinda Ahnenerbe gear to boot- or very late-war design which served long into the Cold War, so whatever. Take your chronology whine to someone who gives a fuck and stop pouting over stupid bullshit.

          Actually just take your inane and compulsive whining somewhere else period. Most people seem to be managing right fine.

        • Dude, every fking tier 10 med(and few tier 9s) have between 330 to 340mm of pen with gold rounds, except the crappy FV with it’s HESH…and they had even more before the gold ammo nerf(350 to 400)
          Did you just woke up in the real world?

          • I dont care, I dont see why any medium tank should have close to 300 mm pen anyways, regardles of ammo type.

            • Your opinion is COMPLETELY irrelevant. Deal with it or stop playing.

              On another note, one reason heavy tanks died out and the Leo 1 and AMX-30 didn’t much bother with armour is specifically that gun power began to decisively overwhelm the stopping power of mere steel plate…

      • Well, soon we will have tanks from the 70s-80s if the devs keep on adding tanks from the post war erra. This jap tenk is from the “mid to late 60s”, as said above. And that could be interpreted as early 70s as well.

        • You didn’t read the article did you? This is the Sixties proto, not the later service model which was already kinda outdated when it began to be deployed in real numbers.

          And tendentious and baseless guesswork is no argument in the first place.

  12. Couldn’t give a damn about the top speed, I just need 7 degrees gun depression and a good turret to be able to hull down as well as at least 70mm sides to that side scrapping is at least possible… Right now when looking at object 140 and STB1 the jap looks like utter shit. They better buff the gun depression, make it at least 7 degrees but the side armour can’t be cured unfortunately… Plus that fucking cupola at the top omfg.

    • Well….the t62a and object 140 are close to OP anyways, we dont want more tanks to be so OP.

      • Newsflash: it’s not the enemy tenks being OP, it’s you being kinda UP as a player. Learn to fight them instead of crying like a babby all the time.

        • I have no problems fighting, im just giving another perspecitve to the discussion. All im really saying is that speaking about balancing, you can and must focus on other classes than TDs and artys, which are the usuall whine objects. Right?

          Its also quite clear that the community is biased. I got banned from the official forums for mentioning some medium and heavy tanks were OP (looking at their global WR).

          But really, some times there cant be a fair fight, specially if the opponent using autloaders or gold ammo, because in that case flanking and armor dont mean a shot.

          • You want a fair fight, pick up fencing. In *this* game chivalry is very dead indeed and ganging up on opponents and picking off weaker targets first is very much the norm and heartily encouraged if you actiually want to win.
            As is playing to your ride’s strenghts and trying to keep your opponents from doing the same. High alpha, slow reload? Rush the bastard if possible and bury him under DPM. High RoF? Peekaboo to force the firefight into the pace of *your* reload cycle. And so on.

        • The thing is that mediums are generally weaker than heavies or TDs in actual combat. Their perceived OPness stems from their ability to continuously fire from many different positions throughout the whole match, while heavies and TDs don’t get as many chances, and don’t end up contributing as much.

  13. That’s the armor schematics for the Type 74… Says in the text.

    Since the STB-1 is prototype I’m guessing it will be slightly different performance and armor wise compared to the Type 74.

    • Balance reasons I believe, IMO no tanks should be faster than 55 km/h on flat ground.

    • Because Leopard 1 was designed to achieve such speeds without having to replace its powerpack or fixing the transmission/suspension. That partly explains why Leopard 1 is heavier than T-62A or STB-1, despite having thinner armor.

  14. Any information about it view range? It have USA cupola so maybe it’ll have M48 view range? If that true, plus much smaller than M48, this ‘ll be great passive scout and effective sniper.