- having occasional FPS drops to 2-7 FPS? “Vacuum clean the computer”
- the reason for module saving throws is lower tier tanks having a fighting chance against hightier ones
- when the KV-1S is split into two tanks, the statistics will probably stick with the tier 6 tank, because most of the battles were played with the big guns anyway
- the aimtime in WoT is there to simulate accurate aiming by the crew

A bit of info about CW from Overlord, quite interesting:

“Regarding the Clan Wars, there are big plans for that mode to make it more accessible for players, which includes separation of CW into regular global map and another submode which is going to be less exhaustive in terms of time and effort – at the same time providing a new type of gameplay (garage battles). Plus, the game still needs a more accessible end-game mode than Clan Wars, possible with PvE element – survival, moba, coop, or smth similar. Don’t see a problem with T10 being awarded in CWs as long as they don’t offer better performance comparing to regular vehicles.”


“7/42 appeared to be the most succseful form of competitive play which doesn’t mean we are not going to try T10 in esport in future. And again see above for end-game.”

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  1. “- having occasional FPS drops to 2-7 FPS? “Vacuum clean the computer””

    Yeah, right. I’ve had many FPS drops after 8.8, but then they stopped for a while without vacuum cleaning. I still have no clue wtf is going on, but it’s definitely to do with WoT’s engine.

      • You have your brain vacuumed for sure.
        Not even brave enought to comment with own nickname.

    • they have an amazingly inefficient graphics engine. it’s overheating your graphics card, and the card is self throttling to prevent it from destroying itself. that’s why the cleaning out made it work for a little bit, but then it got bad again, your card was getting max airflow after the cleaning, but now dust is building up again.

      • +1 – can confirm that. happened all during summer. Used this method to figure out when my computer needed cleaning.
        If i got on redshire and had 8fps, put the vacuum cleaner on and tadaa…back to over 30 :).

    • WOT is “special”, there are many configurations that will handle recent games with no fuss, but will have FPS drops in WOT for no reason whatsoever. Why? Shitty coding probably.

  2. For those having the “2-7 fps drop” bug, I had the same problem on my laptop with high settings. This issue typically occurs when your graphics card is running out of VRAM, I solved it by lowering the “water quality” setting that seems to be eating a lot of graphical memory… Hope it helped.

    • Hmm, does Wot really need that much VRAM?
      I have 3GB and the highest usage I ever had in any game was about 1GB.

      • The texture seems is hog VRAM really bad – it is more evident on the new release maps like Komarin. Ended up reducing both water and tree quality to get consistent 30fps. This is necessary on a GTX660 running 1680×1050 resolution.

        • Thats odd. I usually get 50-70 fps with everything maxed out at 1680×1050 on a gtx570. It has 1280MB vram.

  3. - the aimtime in WoT is there to simulate accurate aiming by the crew
    Uhm….one question about actual/effective aimtime, I cannot figure it out by myself..

    There are hidden values about accuracy penalties for each specific action (shooting, moving hull, moving turret, speed, etc.), and they differ with each different tank. Vertical Stabilizer should reduce these penalties, but the real deal is, what does the value “aim time” actually do when applied to these accuracy penalties (after shooting the gun for an instance)?
    Is that value in seconds just a different value for something completely different? (GLD speeds the aiming down process (etc. shrinking aim circle) up though..)

    Ex. Tanks with slow aim time (soviet heavies), have aim circles that shrink slower than those with a fast aim time, but when certain acc. penalties are higher could it lead to situations when a tank with “2.9s+” aimtime can aim down faster than a tank with “2.3s” aim time?

    • yes, the aimtime basically says at what rate the aiming circle receeds, the other hidden parameters say how much the aiming circle grows on particular action (hull movement/turret movement..) compared to the basic value (gun accuracy). Basically imagine that you have an aim circle of 3.5 cm (gun accuracy of 3.5) diameter and aimtime of 1.5 (lets say that 1.5 = 1.5 cm of diameter per second) and all the hidden stats causing it to go up to 7 cm in diameter, then you fully aim after 2.333 seconds. Now if you had a tank with the same gun accuracy with aimtime of 2 (lets say that would be 1.25 cm of diameter per second) but hidden stats causing the aim circle to only get to a diameter of 6 cm then that tank would fully aim in 2 seconds….

      you could see that in action on the test server when they nerfed the t8 and t9 TDs to oblivioun tthrough these hidden stats… the real aimtime on the t9 went up by almost 2 seconds while the aimtime was only nerfed from 1.7 to 2.1

    • i think its the time it takes for the cricle to shrink from 3-times the size, to 1-times the actual size.

      • Perhaps a more clear way of stating that is that aim time is how long it takes to shrink the aiming circle to a third of its size. So after each aiming period of 2 seconds with a circle starting at size 3.0 the sizes will be:

        3.0 * 1/3 = 1.0 [2 seconds]
        1.0 * 1/3 = 0.33 [4 seconds]
        0.33 * 1/3 = 0.11 [6 seconds]

        This process stops when the tank’s ‘accuracy’ size is reached. From the same starting size, the less accurate the tank is, the quicker it reaches full accuracy. Aiming takes exponentially longer the closer the full accuracy is to 0.0 (perfect accuracy).

        This means that aim time is important if you have an accurate gun or have large aiming penalties (moving turret, etc.), and especially if both (e.g. fast sniping tanks). With neither you don’t need good aiming speed because you will reach your smallest circle quickly anyway (e.g. slow brawler tanks).

    • Short form: with lower aimtime the dispersion circle shrinks faster, *all other things being equal*. And there’s no reason why a combination of circumstances and hidden values (movement, rotation, firing etc.) couldn’t expand the circle of the faster-aiming gun to a larger diameter than that of the slower-aiming gun – the former will merely reach its “minimum” faster than the latter would from the same starting point.

  4. - having occasional FPS drops to 2-7 FPS? “Vacuum clean the computer”

    Funny, I don’t have FPS problems in War Thunder.
    Or any other game.

    …just World of Tanks.

    • And I have it in war thunder and not in world of tanks, and I did clean the PC and these problems were solved. So yeah try to do it

      • Same here. In Warthunder I sometimes get big peaks of lag out of nowhere, I’m generally around 60 and it drops to 4 for a dozen seconds ; not all the time but when it happens and I’m in the middle of a dogfight… GRAAAAH

    • you’re probably not maxing out your graphics card with the other games. having WoT running basically maxes out the card while idle, and so you can imagine that when it starts stressing the card, it freaks out, overheats, and self throttles to prevent damage.

      • Yeah, WT runs smoothly as hell (had only once drops to like 30 on the Grozny map near ground and advancing ground forces, but that was very specific place – am playing with vsync to limit frames to 60, as I find no need to produce more heat, wen my monitor has such refresh rate). There is really no comparision with how crappy on the optimization level WOT is.

  5. Hey SS!! about the FTR Q&A, can you ask WG if they would implement AMD’s Mantle API in WoT? this API is supposed to bring a big increase of performance for AMD graphics cards, starting with just released AMD R9 290X,280X,270X.

    • Dude, WOT is CPU intensive, not graphic intensive. More than that, due to it’s old design, it can’t handle properly many cores, and the power of the first one counts the most, so dual core Pentiums will be enough (as for now). In the graphics department, if we are speaking about graphics, even 7790 is sufficient… Also don’t expect that Mantle shit from them.

  6. - the reason for module saving throws is lower tier tanks having a fighting chance against hightier ones

    Heh, so those “track hit for 0 dmg” shots were actually desired.

    • Saving throw applies to internal modules (ammorack, engine and whatnot). Tracks/optics have 100% chance to be damaged on shot.

      And 0dmg “crits”… improve your aim, so your shell doesn’t fly below tank or autobounce from side after hitting tracks.

        • Gratz, you hit either the tracks low enough that the shells went under the hull after passing through them or the gun.
          PROTIP: shoot until it dies.

  7. No news about my buff -_-…wait i dont need buff
    i am the beast and i eat and rape everything from alive!!!!!1!1

  8. Had really annoying lag issues earlier this week, which have now disappeared without a trace without me doing anything about anything.

    • Sightings of a gigantic alien scout-cruiser near your location. Reports suggest it was equipped with net-jamming tech, the ship proceeded to fuck off in an unknown direction, after it didnt find any inteligent life in the vicinity.

      • every time i see some lags i think it’s due to my crappy connection, but then i see that other players are complaining too…..wonder when they will start to actually deal with the lag issue that appeared with 8.8 patch…so far in 8.9 preliminarly patch notes they didn’t even mentioned it…. :/

  9. “Don’t see a problem with T10 being awarded in CWs as long as they don’t offer better performance comparing to regular vehicles.”

    Doesnt seem to be the case for some premium tanks like the su122-44, which i think is alot better than the su-152. Not that im complaining though because ive got a 73% winrate in it and im having so much fun.

    • SU152 should be played with 152mm, then it has completely different playstyle than SU44. I got both, I enjoy both and I would even consider SU152 more fun :) Nothing better than to shoot T34 in front of turret without aiming for weakspots and do 400 dmg :) Or to oneshot tanks from time to time, etc. It is just priceless to see how most reds get scared and run away, while you are not primary target for everyone like when you drive ISU and you can see lower tiers. It may not always win a match like SU44 can but I find there more fun in it

  10. > – the reason for module saving throws is lower tier tanks having a fighting chance against hightier ones

    lol wonder if they managed to keep a straight face while typing such a laughable answer.

      • Who cares where they got the idea. The point is that internal module saving throws somehow giving lower tier tanks a better chance against higher tier tanks is laughable. If you can’t see why that’s true, that’s on you.

          • And with some of the leaps in between some specific tiers, the lower tier tanks certainly need that help.

  11. - having occasional FPS drops to 2-7 FPS? “Vacuum clean the computer”

    My PC is medoicre so i guess occasional frame drops are understandable(i can still play perfectly fine with lower settings), but what’s with the people who have really good PCs which can run most requiring games like Crysis 3 without any problems yet they complain that they have drops in WoT…it sure isn’t because their PCs got a little bit dusty…they can give as many explanations as they want, we all know and they know it’s their crappy game engine that they are stuck with because for sure they won’t just ditch the engine they paid iirc about ~40 mil $ or something like that and buy a new one(which would be really awesome eventough it most probably won’t happen)

    • Remember when they had that issue/bug that would load your GPU at 100% while being only in hangar not even playing. Even nowadays GPU tends to overload while being only in hangar. You don’t need other proofs how crappy that engine is.

      • Game is fucked up. Also dust in computer? Lol I run all watercooling, no dust cloggin up, and my tems are fine :).

    • Most people seem to forget that he is posting on the RU forum. The vast magority of players use calculators to play WoT and the devs know it very well (The client sends data for the PC specs).

      So its actually pretty good advice.

      And while the hardcore gamers have high end PCs, they are a small portion of the player base.

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  13. ” when the KV-1S is split into two tanks, the statistics will probably stick with the tier 6 tank, because most of the battles were played with the big guns anyway”

    Is it also just as likely that the crew will stay on the Tier 6 tank as well?

    • Also, when it splits, will the teir 5 be given out with crew to anyone with the 1s in their garage at the time of split?

  14. “Don’t see a problem with T10 being awarded in CWs as long as they don’t offer better performance comparing to regular vehicles”

    Too bad the M60 outperforms the M48A1 in every way possible. What stats are better on the M48?

      • P:W – true, but very slight. M60 has lower terrain resistance and higher traverse.
        Hull armour – false. M60 has uniformly sloped UFP & LFP that get stronger when angled. The rounded nature of the M48 has flat points, including when angled.
        Size of weak spot – true. The commander’s hatch is larger and better armoured on the M60, but the armour isn’t meaningful to counteract the added vulnerability when exposing the turret. I have no resource for internal module placement.
        Gun dispersion – false. The M60 has uniformly better gun stats: 0.35 vs 0.36 acc; 1.8 vs 2 aim time; turret rotation and firing dispersion is slightly lower on the M60.


        + 48.3 km/h top speed (from 45 km/h)
        + 42 deg/s turret (from 40 deg/s)
        - Very weak and large rear
        - Larger in general
        - Slightly worse camo factor

        I used to imagine that the M60 wasn’t advantaged over the M48A1, but the improved gun and frontal armour are hard to argue with. Both of their ‘turret tumors’, large sizes and bad camo factors are big turn offs.

  15. Instead of tanks not everyone wants at tier 10 and others whine about not being able to get , why not give out custom cammo/ paint that is approved by the winning clan. Like Pupeh camo for pupeh and Anvil armor for the anvil clans etc.

  16. Just in case anyone is actually thinking of trying to vacuum your computer — DON’T!
    It may seem hassle-free but there’s a good chance you will build up static and fry everything in it

    • That is true, the best and safest way is to use a can of air to blow of all dust, how ever you can vaccum and also cum in the computer without problem as long as you dont touch the components with the hose. I use to vaccum and cum inside my computer from time to time because i dont like dust.

  17. “the aimtime in WoT is there to simulate accurate aiming by the crew”

    Someone actually needed to have this explained to them? Christ, no wonder the pubs are full of fucking morons.

  18. 1st tour to Italy. That have to be extremely exciting to them. The imagined of the encounter would be extremely unforgettable. The image taking could give inspire them as well.