FTR QA 2 – questions closed

Hello everyone,

the questions are closed for today’s session. Now I will dig thru them to pick up the good ones. I am however NOT amused by the amount of bullshit there – will have to think of another method, as this clearly is not working.

Also, something I want to really bring to your attention: DO NOT spam me with your questions via mail/private messages/ingame chat/under other posts, it is highly annoying and I will ignore any questions not posted under the appropriate FTR post. Repeated spam (2-3 people are highly annoying) will be punished by temporary FTR bans – but I’d hate for it to come to that so please, be considerate.

Thank you.

- SS

55 thoughts on “FTR QA 2 – questions closed

  1. What do you consider bullshit among those questions? Some that are obvious, have been answered many times, not relevant, simply stupid?

    • There were some arguments, repetitive questions, questions answered many times… maybe I am just too harsh, but I kinda hoped that people asking would actually be regular FTR readers, who know there is no point in asking daft stuff such as “When modelling in-game tanks does designers take account real life perfomance (i.e. invidual thoughts) or just go with the statictics and fingertip feelings?” – that’s a completely pointless question, the answer is obvious (yes, real life performance is taken into account).

      • After reading some of the comments, it does not surprise me SerB and Storm Ban players for asking stupid questions….

        SS I’m sorry you have to filter so many questions

      • Hey SS i loved to hear that YOU will make such a Q&A thing here on FTR for our questions.

        But what i see now -,,- is quite bad, i mean all these people that dont even consider that you have to do a lot of work on this site, and thoose that are still not listening to you and ignore your rulez or just dont read it.

        • May be you should start a survey where you make A .jpg picture where your rulez are written on a piece of paper, and people have to wrighte the rules down like in a capcha , to access these Q&A posts you are opening to make people ask some questions that arent just senseless or multiple answered.

          • sorry for my bad English btw

            and please try to keep this Q&A posts up

            Last time i read some very interesting infos on it

            there are still enough people who are listening to you and ask good and non-Stupid questions.

            Just ban thoose trollspammers from the Q&A posts.( if necessary)

            and if they ask to get access? just answer (when its done, its done)

            • Bad Grammar on the NA forums…even worse grammar on FTR…le sigh.

              Anyway, I wish I could come up with an original question for the devs on the RU server, but all I could come up with are things that they would respond “soon,” or “later.”

  2. Perhaps some kind of voting system just so all the stupid shit can get weeded out? Or look for someone to help you sort?

  3. How about you open the QA threads for registered users only?

    (BTW, have you figured out what SerB’s favourite beer is yet?)

    • SerB probably thinks beer is for kids.

      (Until recently beer was classified as a soft drink in Russia…)

  4. If FTR had some kind of voting mechanics for replies (something similar to disqus), you can pick the top voted questions and skip the rest. FTR readers can’t all be retarded.

  5. It’s amazing how many questions were asked that others ended up answering. Or were sol old and obvious people just ignored them. I am a little happy I managed to astound one guy with how premium ammo on some tanks is in fact the stock ammunition for the gun. (Char B1, B1-bis, B1-ter)

    Never did ask a question because I could not think of something worth asking about. I’am also surprised that after all of the questions on camo and its functions about 3-4 patches ago and the announcement that it was being overhauled in 0.9.0 that nobody have been asking about it in the QA. Still working on my article. Spent most of last week working on Historical Realism Mods and looking for high quality photos from my article.

    GL with the QA reading SS.

    • Presumably WG will explain the new camo mechanics in due time. Asking now would be akin to those questions that get you banned on the RU forum, because they haven’t finalised things yet, or they want to keep them secret.

      • I really don’t give a crap about the new camo and how it works. =)
        I just find it funny that so many people have forgotten about it. =) =)

        Sometimes I wonder if I am one of the few people keeping tabs on what the QA ever says… Sigh.

        So much BS and repetitive crap makes it way into the list of questions that gets answered.

  6. Lots and lots of dude Q
    Thousand and thousand repeat Q
    And completely pointless question

    Silentstalker turns to SERBSTALKER


  7. Have you read any of the articles found in Tom’s Hardware? I like their formatting, If you gather enough negative votes.. Your comment will automatically be hidden, like a spoiler tab..

  8. One option could be to do a thread on Reedit on the WoT subreddit where people can put suggestions for questions and vote for the ones they want answered.

  9. How about only 1 question per user? Yes.. some of them will keep on making new accounts.. but that is somehow good to post here, but that is somehow good too.. no?

    And whoever disregards that rule.. gets ignored like he didn’t even post. (:

  10. Sorry, SS. I sent ya a question a while via e-mail about a month ago. It was about the 7/42 matches and I recall you gave me a really prompt answer. I’ll limit future questions to the appropriate postings!

  11. I can understand SS’s sensitivities around this. Besides having to trawl through a massive list of questions, many of which may well be unusable, he is probably trying to maintain an appearance of a respectable level of intelligence in his relations with WG. Despite being harshly critical of WG at times, things like Q&A are a unique opportunity not to be squandered, and nobody prefers to look like an idiot. :-)

    That all being said, the Qs turned out better than the expectation from Sturgeon’s law (that 90% of the questions would be shit).

  12. This game is under control by power tripping assholes who don’t have real respect for others as well as trying to cheat their way into everything. You don’t win by being the best in game, just be good at being popular with these piece of shits.