WG EU portal fail

Hello everyone,

well, looks like WG didn’t manage to get rid of the massive lagfest that started in 8.8 for some players (if anything, for me it’s much worse in 8.9). I somehow thought I mitigated by disabling ASUS firmware for my motherboard – it disappeared for a while, only to appear days later.

But, that’s not something WG EU can do anything about I guess. What they CAN do something about is to stop screwing around with the portal. When I select English, I’d like to read stuff in English. Not in Polish…


…or German.


(pictures courtesy of XxA13xX). Another great day at WG EU.

85 thoughts on “WG EU portal fail

  1. Even cFosSpeed doesn’t fix lagfest/red light strobe party. Well, at least it dose make a bit more bearable, but not by much.

    • Because it is their datacenter fault, or more broadly – their datacenter connectivity via Telia. That’s the chokepoint. I don’t get these people. WOT gives them millions, and they even won’t consider changing datacenter location, or press the owner to provida some decent connectivity via i.e. Level 3 etc. No, beter have the same shitty problem over, and over again.

    • My latency is still good (~30ms), but the red light disco strobe is terrible in 8.9 and it makes the game completely unplayable. Huge spikes/packet loss, tanks jumping around, atrocious accuracy (shells flying in strange directions or just hitting the ground way outside of the aim circle).

      I blame T7 Car for that, back when they introduced Pz 1 C they said it puts a strain on the servers, so T7 must be fucking killing it since there are now ten T7s per every tier 2 round and they spam bullets like crrraaaaaaaaaaaazy. EU2 was unplayable today despite lower than usual number of people.

      • well I can also moan about lags…sometimes tanks drives like a brick(when the surface is uneven and the suspension should lower but it doesn’t), definately there r bigger lag spikes then in 8.8 but thats may be caused by new patch (everyone is downloading it), although it’s weird since patch has less then 0, 5 GB…we shall see in a week whether it will be better or not

  2. For me it’s still in English as it has been. It’s interesting how they manage to screw stuff up for some people and not for all people.

  3. Just another Fail after Fail after Fail after Fail after Fail after Fail…………………….

    Well common day for EU WG

  4. yep!

    and even now english came back and the poll widget is in Polish or some strage lang :)
    before the portal was in polish and the poll widget was in english,
    bit parity.


  5. Weird, first it was spanish and then french. Well now I need the german to finish the “Big Three”!

  6. The bug with the language is the most annoying. I live in CZ but I don’t speak the language and sometimes its showing in CZ

  7. U have something to polish or german Silentstalker :D? btw i saw in encyklopaedia either 8.9 a some of new germant tds, but they were a little bugged (names etc).

  8. SS looks like you have never played CW. Usually when I open landing tournament sheets on Global Map its usually in russian/german even though the site should be in English…

  9. I am envious the lags you are getting (eg 60-100). I usually play with 200-500 lag. It makes it more interesting with tanks magically appear and disappear.

  10. Weird, I had that lag only when I played in tier 2 games (where almost everyone plays with that T7 w/ .50cal MG)

    I am not sure if that lag is related to that machine gun barrage (A lot ballistic server calculations have to be done, they might be overloaded). In other games it was somewhat fine, I need to test more. Since there is a crucial hotfix underway (tomorrow), we will see.

  11. Yes, this GREAT AND TERRIBLE INJUSTICE definitely needed its own blog post.

    I come here for informative articles, news and such but it seem that every other day there’s a post bashing WG EU for every little mistake or glitch, no matter how small. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly screw stuff up more often than they should, but this is starting to get silly.. What’s next, making blog posts bashing them because of a misplaced comma?

    • how dare you sir ! commas are important, as you should well know. if your not careful my seriously sorry will spank you or have one of his palm nuts do worse…

      • If you don’t think not being able to read the portal in NA or Europe is not worth knowing about, I would bet that you are in the minority.

        • Considering this blog post doesn’t explain or clarify why the site was acting this buggy there’s not really much information to be had here. I, like most people, probably already saw and experienced this problem when we checked out the WOT website today, so it’s not much news.

          I think it’s a shame that the WOT community is so antagonistic. Yes, WG EU screws up a lot but everyone and their mother bashing them for every little thing isn’t exactly going to motivate them to do their job better. They’re never going to care enough to get better at it as long as everyone keeps hating on every little problem.

  12. 3 months ago I have reported a bug on the EU portal: while enetering the site and changing language I was being logged as different players and could actually see their stats as mine on the site etc.

  13. You want to read english, when you select english and not polish? “How terrible!” =))

    • ahahaha…I’ve never seen anything like this, 1.2k dmg and 88xp ;] the guy from wz-131 has 0dmg and 600xp ;] and credits also doesn’t look very good as for premium tank….beautiful ;]

    • It;s probably becuase you have left to the hangar before the battle ended on the server. Or it could have been observed as that byt the server.

  14. Happening to me too. Locked in Spanish, I usually read the portal in English. Fortunately Spanish is my mother tongue, but annoying anyway.

    Several days ago the language menu selection got stuck, but you could change the language anyway, even if the flag above was always the same. But no more.

    This and the underperforming and full of bugs clan wars section, do a little favour to WG’s image.

  15. I just had the ASIA website come up in… Japanese I think? Changing the language to a random one put it back to English, but the language selection had English up the entire time. Looks to be a global fail, cant wait for the Russians to start raging XD

  16. They are intentionally lagging specific people. The corrupt assholes want fair gamers and complainers to leave there game. Just play their game free forever and spend on other games. I bet their “establishment” players aren’t lagging at all.

  17. That’s great, I’m on the “ASIA” server as it’s known now, and my portal is in Chinese (I think…) even though it says English… Sigh…

  18. It happened on asia server too. You will get the Japanese while you choose English. Damn horrible website maintenance.

  19. Funny – I couldn’t switch to Polish for some time after page went live… It kept reverting to English.

  20. SS in War Thunder there is no lag whatsoever and you can transfer between servers easily with not much difference in latency. Don’t know why this is not possible with WoT and WT it is aircraft which is supposed to be more prone to lag. Looking forward to the tanks in WT I just hope the powertripping assholes all stay behind in WoT and eat their game.

  21. Here in Serbia, EU portal is displayed in french at the moment while last night everything was as usual – in english. BTW, also having more high ping spikes…it goes smooth at 50-60ms and then suddenly rises to 100-150ms+… My opinion is that arrival of T7 vehicle is source of problems as it fires a lot of shells in short period of time and stresses server with calculations….I’ve tried that vehicle but games with it are almost unplayable because of high ping values and low FPS :( plus..this vehicle is IMO one of most worthless in game… hopefully many will stop playing it in few days so stress on servers become lower :) cheers from Serbia

  22. The same problem is occurring on the ASIA portal. First it was Japanese, then it was English, then it was Thai…. I don’t know what’s going on.

  23. Does any1 have some info does RU gets same lag spikes and packet losses? They have much more clusters than EU so i was wondering what’s the situation there.