Roaming being tested on EU server

Hello everyone,

in the FTR questions for developers, many of you wondered how far the roaming mechanism advanced. Well, it’s being tested. Kiflajiq caught a WG RU employee testing it on live EU server :) So I guess it’s not that far ahead…


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        • It’s going to end up just like the test server.

          Russian players are going to be killing anyone with an EU or US tag on their servers and they’ll probably teamkill when on our own servers.

          • Yeah. I advise to not say such things on forums though cause i got banned for offending poor RUtards. Ive said that RU players act like jungle animals on test server lol.

          • WG said they’ll set up measures to prevent previous offenders, and perhaps some level caps for roaming.

            And I can also guarantee that U.S. and EU servers would shoot at _RU players just the same.
            Assholes and retards are not bound by boarders.
            I agree however the threat exists. Maybe WG could allow a hide country tag option or something. As in to hide whether you are from _RU,_EU, _US, etc….

      • When I’ve been on the test server the RU players seem to TK a lot. I’ve heard that on the RU serrver they tend to be very agressive in-game – so maybe that means that they are less prone to camping.

        Wit the other comments about War thunder – at least with WT your crews retain the skills in previous planes whn you progress. In WoT if you want to play lower tiers and higher tiers you need to retain crews for each tank. As has also been pointed you can be in a bad team but if you do OK then you still can get a decent reward. In WoT in the same situation a bad team generally means even if you do well you’re not rewarded.

          • I’m playing it quite alot, and it’s an incredible clusterfuck. You receive money at the end of battles. You then use it to buy planes, but, attention here, you cannot resell them. You are also forced to buy planes to explore a tree, even if you don’t want it and you need to pay an additional training fee of around 20% to 30% of the price of the plane to equip it. Crews don’t forget what plane they were trained for, and you can train every crew for every plane, but your crews are a big block, more like a garage space in WoT terms, and cannot be switched around, meaning you must plan in advance the layout of your hangar.

            Here are the basic tenants :


            • I have no problem with all of that and I see no difference from the WoT system. You can advance free through the game and you have a few money sinks. Instead of limited hangar space you have limited crew slots. On one hand crews will be only useful with the current vehicle because they forgot everything else, in the other you need to buy every plane you unlock to get access to the next one. In one you have to level up a boring vehicle to get to something you want, in the other you level up a nation to get to the desired rank. You have the option to invest either time for all of this or gold.

              What WT does not do, and is probably the single most important feature why I go back there when WoT really screws with my nerves, is that you are rewarded on merit and less on victory. If the team loses the match with you being the top scorer in the team, you’ll still get loads of XP and credits.

            • IMHO it still works better than WoT system. The fact that you have to pay twice for plane and for crew training for that plane is pretty questionable, even annoying to some players. But in WoT to have any reasonable number of tanks, you have to pay 300(150) gold per garage slot. In WT you get 3 crew slots per nation for free, and further 2 per nation for regular currency, totalling 5, de facto free, crew slots per nation. The fact that every single crew of any nation can operate every single plane of that nation no matter its rank or type/class, and you don’t have to retrain it every single time you change their plane, means that, without spending any premium currency, you can easily go thorugh all plane trees in game, from rank 0 to rank 20. Moreover, you need multiple crew slots only in arcade battles, and battles in which you actually have to use more than 4-5 planes/crews are very rare (I myself, so far use only 4 crews per nations, and I’m always newer out of planes before the end of the game). In historical or full real battles, you need only one crew/plane per battle. WT system actually allows you to have hundreds of planes in hangar, without having to pay anything. And that is great.

          • It’s obvious.

            You buy planes with EXP and credits, the EXP being applied to the plane’s unlock system and the nations level up system simultaneously, along with the overall pilot level (useless). You also recieve crew EXP points to spend on upgrading their performance.

            You buy planes from the tree (you need to buy the plane before it to unlock it), and planes are unlocked by level of that nation, not by research tree (it’s a much faster grind to rank 20).

            Planes are then placed in a “slot”, akin to WoT’s garage slots, but each slot has a specfic crew assigned to it permanently. This slot can use any plane assigned to that slot (and you can train every slot to use whatever plane you want). The plane currentyl equipped in that slot can be switched out for any ones that you have training for, assuming it’s not already equipped elsewhere. Planes currently equipped in a slot will be repaired slowly by the crew themselves for free.

            You level each nation independently

            You may use an entire nation’s currently selected planes in Arcade Battles, which are a clusterfuck of awful flight models and insane aerial furballs (WoWP but far superior), or a single slot in a Historical battle/Full Real Battle.

            Historical is the real meat and potatoes for good pilots, with FRB being the pinnacle (FRB is akin to a real simulation, both FRB and Historical attempt to make flight models/damage models as realistic as possible, and they’ll hopefully get them all working soon).

        • It’s a bit complicated at first, but after a long glance you should understand the thing, and honestly it’s pretty well done for the situation.

    • Don’t worry, when it comes, I will issue a special “what to say to roaming players” post, with sentences in Russian such as “We have uncovered you, communist spy!” and “Oh no, Russian noobs are invading” :)

      • just why do i have the feeling that, once roaming is added, there will be alot of troll around :V

        i also dont really see the need for it. you cant communicate in WT to your russian teammates, it wont be any different here.

          • Not really. They already have a RU server in Germany, maybe for emigrants and so on, but even without that, there is a lot of countries, like i.e. Ukraine, or even European part of Russia, from where people could come. Also, as for WoT – this aint Counter Strike, ping is not that important.

            • I’m from the US and play the Russian version of the game. I use RU8, a server based in Amsterdam.

            • ping is important and it is not the only problem. most of the time my connection with the server lost and the when I re-login I found myself dead. happens 3-4 times in a day.

      • This will be essential information. Fortunately I understand russian and even a bit polish but other players are not so lucky. Still, I recommend battlemessenger or prehistorics no chat mod. Trust me, you are not missing much by disabling chat :)

      • There won’t be any “Us versus Them” any more, after we get to see that noobs, tomatoes, red barons, as well as cocky unicums and just plain nice people are not particular to any one server but are the same everywhere. You can’t hold a community together if there’s no other foreign and alien community you can bitch about.

        There will just be the WoT community. And the Chinese server… they are special.

  1. Everytime for 2 years when I log onto the test server I am team killed by an ‘RU’ player. So if I ever see an ‘RU’ player on the live EU server, I will TK him.

    Karma is a bitch.

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  3. Roming is a potential gamebreaker for me…

    First of all we get Another language barrier on the servers, as if we did not have enough of those already.

    Then we will probably get more national hate like “noob siemkas” , probably Europeans seeing russian noobs and declaring all russians braindead, and Russians seeing European noobs and declaring all europeans braindead.
    Possibly including not helping someone from another server, or TKing like on the Testservers

    And while i have not seen roaming in action, i assume it will lead to some lag for one of the partys, seeing how people in Paris will play with people in somewhere ping has to go up.
    And i don’t think we need more bad ping these days..

    • I fully support roaming. Now you NA players can finally taste what it feels like to play on the ASIA server every day.

      NA server apocalypse best day of my life

  4. I guess if an EU team damages a RU he gets perma-banned and if a RU teamkills his whole EU team he receives a medal and some premium from WG

  5. This is great news for the 1000′s of players who are trapped with big accounts on the wrong server. As an example, I lived in the US for 2 years but have since moved back to England. I have plenty of Tier 10 tanks, but I can’t take part in Clan Wars since they take place in the middle of the night when you live in Europe and only can play on the US server. I have a clan [NA2EU] with 100 members having the same issue and I know of at least 1200 other players just on the NA server that wants to play on the EU server for better pings and clan wars.

    • Im afraid roaming wont help you. My guess is that it will be just temporary and possibly payed with gold and/or limited usage.

  6. i dont understand..can i log in a RU server with an EU account and i have all my tank?

    • You have lots of silly questions, don’t u … ?

      Yes, that’s exactly how this roaming thingy should work.

  7. Although I think I manage to speak and understand english just fine, I have noooo idea what ‘roaming’ is.

    Can somebody pls esplain what it is? :)

    • Just like with your mobile phone, when you’re taking it to an another country – here you will be able to take your account for matches on the RU (and probably US too) servers. Not permanently, just to play some games.

  8. Just had what looks like a Russian roamer in a game I just played. He had no XVM stats (all white) and he was called “Pravoslavno RU”. No clan markings or WG affiliation identifiable.

  9. I heyt fucking russya and their roaming pleyers, if I see russien pleyers I keel them.

  10. WG HQ: Hey, EU server is shit anyway with all the lagging and packet losses. Let’s test new stuff on their server.

  11. Hi is from Bulgaria , and always play on EU server. So this news is wrong.

    Also check BGPZB on Eu.

    • Um…you are entirely correct. Except the fact that I’m not the one using roaming…It’s the WG guy with E-25…

  12. I for one can’t wait for this as most of my friends play on the EU server (I play on the US server) so I’ll finally be able to play games with them in my best tanks with my best crews.

    I also really wish I could just have my account moved to the EU cluster but, whatever, this is the next best thing.

  13. With roaming we’ll be able to buy things in Ru gift store and go back to EU server than?