Chinese server: Free XP to Crew XP conversion


Hello everyone,

as the title of the post suggests, the Chinese players are getting the Free XP to Crew XP conversion in patch 0.8.9. It’s pretty self-explanatory (you simply convert the free XP to your crewmember’s XP for gold), I just wonder: the Chinese also got 7/42 battles a patch or two before the RU/US/SEA server, will this be implemented on our regular servers too?

Currently, I have no info on that, but I’ll keep it in mind.

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            • The Chinese can also buy a special Type 59 which is gold in color for around 100 Euro and their XM60 can only be bought but not thru campaign…ya…

            • The T59 gold is not available for purchase. It is a gift tank. Awarded for some competitions. Besides, if you have a T59 gold you get TK all the time. Poor peasants have small dicks too (duh, China) and they kill you for having an expensive tank that cannot be bought.

            • Above is retard who does not realize a golden type 59 makes game look like crossfire and call of dooty. If not TKed next they will sell Crystal T34 and Platinum Lowe or something.

    • 72543 exp to get 1 new crew member from 75% to 100%. Extremely expensive. I would rather spend that to get a top gun when grinding stock tier 9/8/10.

      • Sorry, but makes no sense to me considering how much xp is required to level up crew and how expensive or hard it is to earn free XP, and then you want to spend further gold to convert that free XP.

  1. Before all those whiners come complain about us not getting that…

    Remember that the Chinese Server is not under WG.
    And the gameplay is the worst over there as well.

  2. I hope it will not come to us. I mean there will be same Pay To Win function like it is now in WT

    • No-one sane will do that converion.
      Free exp is damn hard or expensive to get…using it for the crew won’t change too much shit.
      Take 100.000 free exp…you need either a ton of grind or 4000 gold for it.
      How many precents you’ll raise in only one crew member with that exp?….it’s just pointless.
      Free exp will remain “free” exp, xp which can be used in any tank to get their modules avoiding stock/awful grinds.

    • Yeah, because upgrading your Visibility, or G-tolerance gives you SO MUCH in War Thunder… Pull your head out off your ass, idiot.

    • Why its slightly? A good player with crewskills or without crewskills is a huge difference. Just look at embryonicjourney’s hellcat game for just an example. I don’t think WG will implement it tough.

      • I have 2,270 WN7 on Hellcat after 83 battles and not even 6th Sense yet. Those skills don’t matter that much. You can already “pay” 100% crew with gold and they start learning camo after that (which goes up fast at start).

  3. Well.. P2W element is quite high over there, so I’m not really shocked they’ve implanted that

    It’s strange it wasn’t implanted earlier on..

  4. thats pretty expensive, you need like 200k exp for first skill, thats 8000 gold
    no way anyone wants to use that

      • It might be that you pay like 200 gold to transfer any ammount of free exp to crew exp, but still its stupid thing to do. Free exp can be used in many better ways.

        If it was converting accumulated exp on some tank to the crew exp on that same tank, that would be ok-ish…

        But transfering free exp to crew exp is like giving diamonds to pigs

  5. Free exp to Crew exp?
    No thank i rather used the free exp to made stock tank grind more bearable

  6. Pay2Win you say? Take a sheet of paper and pencil and count how much exp you would need to get a perk.

    Good estimation is that 1st skill costs 210k, and every next is twice costly as previous one.

    So to get 3rd additional skill from 0 to 100% for SINGLE crew member one would need 840k free exp. Times 4 crewmen.
    Have phun farming that exp, converting it to free and burning on crewmembers.

    • Some people already has 500k to 2 mil free exp because they didnt bother with Accelerate Crew Training.

      Use that exp and free xp that 2mil to crews.

      See how OP that can be?

      • More retarded than OP.
        You have to convert those 2 mil acumulated xp into free xp first…taking 80.000 gold away from your account.
        2nd you’ll need to convert those 2 mil free exp into crew exp…
        Now for what?….for a single 4 skills crew member?

      • 2M free xp.
        Divided by 4 crewmembers it gives 500k XP per member.
        First additional skill costs 210k XP, leaving 290k XP for second. Which gives 2nd additional skill on 93-94%.
        OP as hell.

        Even if put on single crewman, it would give 4 additional skills, leaving other crewmen with nothing.

  7. Actually this has nothing to do with pay2win, unless it is only available for gold.
    Only those players benefit from this feature:

    - players who play lots of battles and get thus more free XP than weekend warriors, who play seldom.
    - players who don’t research new tanks and only stick with one nation, so they have lots of unused free XP.
    - premium account users who get their usual 50% more XP- but this is nothing special.

    So, I would like to see this option on the other servers, too.

    @SS, do you have any info about the modalities of this feature, like 1000 Free XP = +1% skill?

  8. As a Chinese Server player, I want to let all of you know that Chinese Server is different from other Server of WOT. Few of Chinese players want to buy time with money, so the company who agent WOT open this way to them. I think this will be only in Chinese server, just like we can buy Type59, WZ111,M60 and so on. The agent company will do anything for MONEY! We hate that! It’s actions make Chinese sever very hard to play! If you want to know more about Chinese server, reply me and I’ll answer you if I see it.

    • Why Chinese server was allowed to be different from other servers?
      Or just laws are strange to make abomination of a server? :D

      • Chinese government forbide foreign game operate in China by foreign company. So if WOT want to build Chinese server, WG need a Chinese agent company to do that. All differences between Chinese Server and other servers made by this agent company, they pay a lot of money to WG and they can decide something. You know, money speaking.

      • The agent company, KongZhong Net think sell M60 can make more income, so they do that.
        As I know, in other servers, M60 is a prize for ultimate players. In fact in Chinese server players can buy M60 with some conditions. The conditions, yes you get it, is money. If you want to buy M60, you must buy a package which has all gold cars, cost 5888RMB(about 966USD). After you buy this package, you can buy M60 with 998RMB(about 163USD).
        All bull shit is about money. The agent company can do anything for money and we players hate it!

    • Is it difficult to try playing on Chinese server outside of China? And without speaking the language.

      • Chinese network is different from all over the world(better than North Korea of course :) ). There are some Chinese players play WOT on SEA Server, a few of Chinese player. If we want to play other server we often need VPN or network accelerator to reduce Ping and Lost package.

        • Soory my eyes was going wrong…You can play on Chinese server, but you have to live with high ping and lost package. And you must use RMB to buy gold, that means you should know some Chinese.

  9. they will implement it it’s another way to make money . i actually asked for this in one of the servays

  10. This is pure pay2win, something I thought WG were against.

    It better not EVER come to the normal servers.

  11. it is not pay to win in fact it is pay to be fair. you can earn it for free or convert it for money it is the same as the xp to free xp for gold.

    i wanted it to level the playing feild

  12. But you should be honest: there is no difference between exchanging XP (bound to an elite tank) to Free XP for gold and to exchange Free XP to crew XP for gold. Both are features which can be only be done by paying real money for gold. This is not necessarily “bad” pay2win.

    I can live with it. With gold, you can only get to your goals faster, but you are not better.

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  15. Actually both European and Russian communities have repeatively asked for this feature for long time. Developers have denied every time saying it is obvious “pay to win”. And now, it’s been testing – or better to say, released at full scale – on the Chinese server.

    Why the hell Wargaming haven’t shared a word about it? It feels like slap with the fish.

      • True. Then again Chinese WoT is a lot better than many other Chinese online games (especially those run by Tencent).

        PS: there are other “craps” apart from 3,888 RMB Type 59G and 998 RMB M60, the Chinese 122mm prem shells still have 300mm pen here, and cost only 9 gold each!

  16. I’ve come over this feature in one of my former live clients.

    The conversion was 1 FreeXP to 10 CrewXP, according to my calculations with my crew where I was able to see it.

    The possibilities that I’ve seen were simple: You can select which of the next percent level you want to to get. You have/can assign each crew member individually.
    But pushing a Crew of four from 0% 1st skill to 100% 1st skill is 4*210.000 XP/10= 81.000 FreeXP. Not cheap, but possible.

    In the end, I was not able to finish it as the server responded with an error when I clicked the button.