WG multilanguage portal issues

Hello everyone,

just a quick update: yesterday, several people reported they see foreign language in English section on WG EU portal (notably German and Polish). Later, this bug was discovered on both the US server (that had Spanish on main English page) and SEA. A source in Wargaming confirmed that they know about this bug. It’s a bug of the entire portal system (not just WG EU) and they claim to have already fixed it. If you are still having problems, clearing browser cache helps fixing it. If it doesn’t help, the source suggests you contact support with the matter.

25 thoughts on “WG multilanguage portal issues

  1. Bad SilentStalker, blaming EU without fully investigating the issue.

    Confess that you are a douchebag!

    • I always claimed to be a terrible person… :) Besides, if you see a screwup on EU forums, what is more likely: WG EU fail yet again, or a screwup of the entire portal system? :)

      • +1

        I do believe this is the first time something like this has happened. If not, then that shows I haven’t been playing tanks long enough lol

    • GF, blame me not him.
      I was the one that shown him this issue claiming it’s another fail from EU’s side.
      And when I was claiming that I didn’t knew that US and SEA had the same problem.

  2. WG have got some serius peroblems these days.
    The Happy Halloween Special is running today only, but the calendar shows a two day special (31st and 1st).

  3. Ever since 8.9 wa released, the EU website has been “down for maintenance” for me :/

    • In fact, it was only portuguese. The US server does not count with a “spanish translation”, it only has a spanish section (among other languages) in the forum.

  4. It’s french again on EU portal here in Serbia! Few hours ago portal was down for maintenance, and after few hours working as english version, now we again have Le, La, Les… xD .. gj… :D

  5. Using Google Chrome here, last night when this post went up, the portal was all in english. Now it’s in german, nice “fix” WG. And I have cleared my cache twice since this started this morning.

  6. Got the main portal back to English, but the survey is in German for some reason…….

  7. On NA portal its actually stuck in Portuguese, not Spanish. Also, I was able to fix it by clearing my cache (ctrl F5). I hope this works for the rest of you

  8. …and now is in Polish! Maybe they should implement Esperanto – it would merge all of our languages…. very annoying… :-/

    • I had a German version a minute ago and clearing the browser cache helped. But still the English option in the language selection does not work, i. e. it shows English even when another language is selected making it impossible to go back to the EN version.