Storm on 8.9 crashes



“There are rumors going around that in 8.9 there is a big number of crashes. We already checked 400 complaints on the subject and for now, they all were connected with incorrectly working mods.”

Storm then asks Russian players, whether they experience crashes and whether they are using mods or not. Players that do have problems generally report they are using Joves modpack and XVM, Storm answers that the modpack has a lot of issues and it’s better not to use it, apparently XVM is problematic also. Amway921′s mods are also problematic.

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  1. From the XVM source repo

    Revision: r2904

    fix crash caused by BattleResults (after battle)
    That fix landed in 5.0.1-test2 :P

  2. Those who crash, go into \\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.9\gui\flash and rename Application.swf to for example Application_backup.swf
    That will disable some xvm functions, but it doesn’t crash for me anymore.

    • Thanks, it seems to have worked. And I don’t even know what is missing. Minimap, stats and hitlog is still working as before. Couldn’t care less about the other functions.

      • @The guy who hasnt noticed what is missing:

        In your Garage the function to put in the best-/same class-/same vehicle function is missing, so you have to put your crew manually from tank to tank, each crewmember for its own

  3. No problem with XVM, big problem with lag! There was couple of times in 8.8 when a bunch of games had a really bad oing and packet loss, not 50% of my games have huge packet loss.

  4. sometimes when game finish my client crash withouth error message….i cant see summary battle…clean desktop return..

  5. but i have jove mod pack..i remove the mod in another pc and for now client dont crash..

  6. No crashes (then again no mods on my side either) but I did expirience a wierd disconnect. Just as the battle ended I was DC-ed with the explanation being spam_protection.


    • That’s like pouring water in your gas tank and then blame the car manufacturer for having an exposed gas cap.

      • Sorry, but you’re wrong.
        Good software should no allow any modification which may cause their crash.
        All mods should run in sandbox mode.

        • Have you ever written anything?
          So by your logic, Windows shouldn’t let us mess with the registry either?
          And they do have a safeguard; they let you run mods without replacing game files, so you can just rename or delete your mods folder, and presto, working game.. How on earth can you hold a developer responsible for making sure no modification to their product causes it to crash… Furthermore, why would you even want that? Crashing is a legitimate response to certain problems.

          • Yes, I wrote.
            Do you remember a lot of bluescreens in Windows 98? Why there were not much in Windows XP? Did you notice UAC in newer versions? Using your logic. Why Microsoft did so?

            • A lot of bluescreens in Win98 was caused by bad drivers messing up with the kernel, something that could not happen in XP thanks to improved memory management. But again, the onus is on the author of the drivers to test them, not for microsoft to troubleshoot other people’s products.

            • “WG will try to make it so that players, using mods have less problems with each new patch. It’s possible a special source for “approved” mods will come next year”

              As you can see WG understands stuff which you cannot.

  7. I use XVM (latest 5.0.1 test 2), melty math’s mod, and after-battle statistics – they all worked with the latest versions this morning.

    Still waiting on a new demole damage panel and maybe the garage carousel.

    • I’d love to do that, but since installing them, I can’t live without my mods for battles above tier 5. but I want to get the chocolate from the Halloween event.

  8. ProTip:
    If you want to try out if a mod is working in 8.9 or not, use a replay instead of playing WoT
    (for example if you stuck on loading screen because of an incompatible mod, you will stuck too if you play a replay file)

    • Or just go in a tier 1 battle. It’s not a huge loss if you die due the amount of new and bad players.

      • I love the tutorial for setting up my mods since I can leave and come back over and over and still be in the same place in the tutorial.

        • Starting a replay is imo the easiest way of setting up your mods. If your client close itself or stuck at loading screen then your mod is not working….if everything runs fine, you’re good to go..

  9. I have had atleast one crash before even installing any mods.
    (I dont know the cause of the rest of them, since I have installed XVM since then)
    The crash before installing any mods happend right after the game (just as they describe the crash caused by XVM). The only thing that happend was that the game just suddenly wasnt running anymore. I found myself looking at my desktop with no error message or anything.

    Since 95% of everyone that would even bother to message wargaming about crashes uses XVM, I dont find it that strange that most of people reporting crashes used the mod.
    Its like asking everyone that got a tire X tank if they have any addons installed, and since most will, it will obviously be the addons that made all of them get the tire X tank, right?

    Correlation is not always causation.

  10. I’ve been playing a whole evening and haven’t had a single crash or problem.
    Clean install without any mods.

  11. Crashed with overnight XVM install. Updated to latest version. Still crashed. Removed entire mod folder, still suffering from crashing/game not loading into battle/after battle not working.

  12. Storm is right. People who do not know how to use mods, they crash…… Valid comment…. Never had any problem with any mod…

    Just download a replay from WOT replays, add mods one by one, and see if they still work. People who whine about crashes….. incompetent…… (waving smiley)

    • You’re clueless. I’ve been using mods for years no problems but with 8.9 the client crashes. Its nothing to do with people not installing them correctly, the client version is buggy as fuck and if you don’t crash then you’re just very very lucky.

  13. There is problems with zoom mode, notice meltymath problem in, i taked from deggie crosshair didnt have crash again

  14. Between the lagging/packet loss and a bizarre bug I experienced (while driving through water the camera jammed became disembodied from the tank, the interface disappeared and the tank became completely unresponsive, including after my inevitable death [no, I didn't drown or press V]), this is the buggiest version for me so far.

    • Same, no crashes before patch, but whenever I get Sacred Valley map, CTD every single time. Not using any mods so definately a WG problem

  15. I am having the same issue and I am running the OMC mod pak. I did a clean install and did not take any of the after battle results. Kept the mods to what I wanted like the sight, damage panel and icons for consumables. The game still crashes. Any one got any ideas on how to fix it

  16. Ironically my game was crashing before I installed any mods, then I installed my mods and my game stopped crashing.

  17. Found the problem. The issue is communication from client to WOT server as recorded in Python.log

    (scripts/client/account_helpers/, 192): Url error. Reason: unknown url type: https, url:
    [WARNING] (scripts/client/account_helpers/, 192): Url error. Reason: unknown url type: https, url:×71/1058.png

    Using the work around by renaming the Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.9\gui\flash application.swf to application_backup.swf does solve the issue. The issue is not client side but server side. This is most likely caused by server side bottleneck with either lack of available bandwidth or bad line of code for storing stats.

  18. 8.9 crashes 90% of the times this week.
    Exeptionally annoying to the point of me deleting the game.
    Have no mods installed.
    Until the crashes are fixed, I will not buy any gold.