Wargaming to buy a bank on Cyprus

Source: http://www.sigmalive.com/news/oikonomia/73169
Thanks to Bishopcy for this one

Hello everyone,

as we all know, Wargaming.net (or rather, Wargaming Public Company Ltd.) is located on Cyprus. I think we all can guess the reason (no, it’s not the weather). Now, what do you do when you have a lot of money? You put it in a bank? Nah. You buy a bank.

According to the abovelinked article (and if any of you guys understand Greek and is an economist, feel free to correct me if I wrote something wrong), Wargaming made a 50 million EUR bid yesterday to buy a majority share in one of the three biggest banks on Cyprus, the Hellenic Bank. Apparently, Wargaming has one competitor for the share purchase, whose bid was however smaller. The reason for this investment seems to be the fact that the bank is in dire need of recapitalization (35mil EUR), which both offers seem to cover.

This article contains one more interesting fact: while the turnover for Wargaming in 2012 was 217 mil. EUR, for first 6 months of 2013 it is already 234 mil. EUR. The article also mentions the Golden Joystick Wargaming recieved as a sign of the company health and stability.

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  1. lelz i wonder which huge corporation is going to buy out WG. Because its mound of money producing another mounds

    • Would you sell a company that is making huge ammount of money? I wouldn’t so why would they sell it? (Unless you get like unlimited amount of money for it :D)

  2. Yes, you have summarized the article correctly. I cannot tell though if the successful bidder will have a majority stake in Hellinic back or not, my Greek only goes so.. far…

  3. Well its a smart move its not safe for them to have their money in Belarus since its a country ruled by dictatorship so they could lose everything there.

      • Sadly your knowlage is sad.

        I would like to know any example of of how “dictatorship” in Belarus can steal your money.

        • Lukashenko is a Dictator he can do anything he likes in the country such as seizing their assets for the state on claims of tax evasion for example. So better safe than sorry.

          • Clearly you missunderstand something. He can do that only with proof wich, unfortunetly, western media refuses to see btw countless times calling him dictator and regime in Belorusia.

            • Commit suicide, thousands of Belarusians already did, suicide rate is the only thing that shithole is good at lol. Stay poor.

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            • Hey, idiot, I do know that the Belarus is a made up country, of which most citizens would like to return to the “glorious” USRR, or at least to bond closer with Russia. He is a dictator. Why? He represess oposition (arrests), as well as he is not democratically elected, as in the case of ALL of hs elections there were frauds, and if I recall correctly, he didin’t allow independent observors (a normal practice in civilized regions) to observe the elections.
              But you represent the mind of a tpical Belarusian, so I hope you are happy with your duce and your poverty.

        • Any state can steal your money, Usually they are doing it on a regular bases via taxes but no one ever knows.

            • es are used to pay something members use. They are not used to pay other members who refuse to pay their share.

              And nobody ever asked me if I want to be a member.

            • @jrt5: So move to another country then or something. Heard the one about “free lunches”? Well, living in an organised society *is* one such a “lunch”…

              More to the point, bro do you even history? The rulers have always and unfailingly imposed demands on their subjects, already to maintain their ability to rule. For most of history these have tended to be rather onerous.
              What we get today is a seriously good deal compared to what was the case in the old “Machtstaats” (as the PolSci jargon calls them) of but some two centuries ago. This is because the idea of the State has evolved away from the old model of the subject existing for the good of the polity and towards the polity existing for the good of the subject, or more properly, *citizen*.

    • Cyprus is not safe too like wg just learned thats why they want to be in full control of their money the next time this bananarepublik try to steal the money of russian “businessman”

  4. i swear i read the article until the end and ONLY after some time i understood “BANK”, all the time my brain was auto-correcting it to “TANK”.
    so the article read how WG was buying shares into one of the 3 major TANK companies, it made sense.
    so in the end i was.. huh… bank… fuck you brain!

  5. Ah, Cyprus. That haven of Russian oligarch money laundering. How delightfully sketchy.

  6. funny how a company that cant even get to work a language mutation of its own website earns so much– they could invest in a lot of things connected to the industry. instead they are buying shares in a bank

    .. and were still running a singlethreaded app. after how many years since wot was first released?

    • We evil western capitalist need the punish for having of the posession actual computers of the western decadence of the multi cores.
      make poor toaster of Ivan and mightyest microwave of Boris feel insecure comrade

    • So, how this is news? He may love mother Russia, but he ain’t going to pay taxes there. Belarus is the same thingy, ask an average Belarussian and he will tell you (in Russian probably) that he does not feel a Belarussian, but a “Soviet man”.

  7. As long as they keep the game runing with no lags, no nerfs and whatnot, I’m happy-ish. Still wont forget the marder 2 nerf. F you SerB!!!

  8. Another WG fail to be added at the list, they buy a bank and they talk about “company health and stability” but they don’t know that in few week war thunder add tank and most WG player change game?

  9. WG buying banks now
    nop, nothing fishy, move along …

    why don’t they buy a large tanker and move their entire assets in international waters

    • I just hope they don’t force you to buy gold using their bank. I rather not. I’d give up on the occasional purchases.

      • Welcone to warbanking, and introducing the Wargaming gold savings account, with 2% interest rate…

  10. This company is a sham, run by Russian criminals.

    I will never spend ANOTHER DOLLAR on this nigger rigged pile of shit game, as any dollars I spend will be for their ‘blatant’ tax evasion, and Russian Mafia Money Laundering..

    SerB and their entire crew are piles of shit, and I can’t wait till WOWP fails, it’s a piece of shit.

    Fuck WOT, and their buggy unbalanced pile.

  11. SerB’s next step is to purchase the Russian Federation and rename it The Great Wargaming Empire

  12. Ok so Wargamming is buying a bank, thats new. So wargamming just wants to make sure that their mony get handelde reponsebel.
    But whay are so many surprised/choked about a multination company having mony in a tax heaven. becourse not evry major US or orther European do not do that, or gets a very good reason not to do so.

    • If WG have all their money in one bank in Cyprus then they are thicker than we imagined and they seem to have all their money in one country which when dealing with the amount of dosh they have is not the best move. I think we now know which bank most if not all their money is in. If this bank goes to the wall then their savings frozen in it will vanish and the Cyprus banking system will be totaly fucked bringing down other banks where they may have other wads of dosh stashed.

      So Victor will have to wait a while before he can fit the flight deck to his yacht.

  13. Well at least is better to buy a bank than to have assets to help a dictator stay in power..

    oh god, i just realized my money expended on wot has been partly used as radiant money to support a dictator!

  14. Hm, after the bail-out and cutting people savings I thought such a bank is not a save investment. Perhaps they have another plan. To buy the Cyprus later :)

  15. I don’t care what wargaming buys with the money they make… I just wish they would get better map designers, so maybe we could get maps that are actually well balanced for both teams and fun to play on. And get better coders for their game, even high end machines don’t run this game well. Not like they don’t have the money.

    They are still running this game like its on a cheap budget, and yet make all this money… now that’s a joke.

  16. Just to be clear on the matter: I absolutely approve WG doing this. Who’d want to pay taxes in socialist Europe or in Russia. Fuck them. Taxes in EU are not used effectively and I am glad WG is not feeding EU bureaucrats with millions.

    • lol, come to America and take a look at the condition of our roads, our public school buildings and while we spent trillions in the name of protecting citizens from imaginary or overblown threats if you get sick or get hit by a car that’s your tough luck.

      I understand you’re point they could be more efficient and I’m only pointing out they could be even more inept and corrupt. Pick any 3rd world country if you want an even better example.

    • Hey, SS, have you ever been to America? Look how the system “works” there… Sure, European Union is wasting shitload of money, but at least for example our bridges are safe, and not in a permanent threat of collapsing as it is in the glorious USA… Also, if I recall correctly few years ago (2007? 2008?) there were MASSIVE protests in the Czech Republic after the proposal of ending the free higher education or something like that, so how is it SS, that you are willing to have a cake, and eat it too?

      • Where did I say America is any better? Hell, it’s even worse as far as I know.

        As for “free” education – well, according to your argument, it is not possible to transfer any “free” (tax-paid) education system to privately-funded, because there will always be the argument of “you had it free and we won’t” – so?

      • Last “MASSIVE” protests in the Czech Republic were against communist party in 1989. We are very lazy nation when it comes to protesting.

        • Everything west of the Black Forest is lazy when it comes to protests. 1989 required to much energy, and after the Big Change failed to materialise into the wild dreams everyone had, energy for real civic involvement is hard to find.

  17. Here we go again, SS lies :( :( :(

    Damn it SS, it’s because of the weather!!! Cyprus is sunny and have a nice beaches and bitches…

    • It is conspiracy Theory. WG don’t buy banks. :D Nevermind, Cyprus is good place for tax evasion…

  18. Actually it was exactly 2 618 772€ comprehensive profit in 2012.
    The 6month profit may be a lot, but they also need to pay some expenses at the end. For example between 26/07/2011 to 31/12/2011 they had only 344 776€ to pay, whereas in 31/12/2012 (so for all the 2013 year) they have 38 050 350€ in Administration Expenses. But this year will be better anyway.
    If you’re interested in 2012 they sold 216 475 407€ of games-related content.

    More info for the different subsidiaries: name – country based – (Principal activities)
    WG Europe S.A.S – based in France – (Marketing & Customer Support)
    Game Stream Limited – Belarus – (Software Maintenance)
    WG Overseas Lim. – Malta – (Holding of Investment)
    WG Sea Pte Lim. – Singapore – (Publishing)
    WG World Limited – Cyprus – (Holding of Intellectual property)
    WG America Inc. – US – (Mkg & Customer Supp.)

    • It makes perfect business sense to expand vertically into their financing solution. WG is concerned about ensuring they have control over their solutions, and don’t like relying heavily on out-sourced services/resources the critical failure of which could cripple them–such as finance handling in this case (previous case: BigWorld).

      If you, personally, have issues with the existence of legal tax havens, please take the matter up with your national legislature, and representatives to international legal bodies. As a business, WG has an fiduciary duty (obligation) to operate in the best interest of its (private, IIRC) shareholders. That means seeking the best way to shield it’s cash and cash-flow from rapacious ex-Soviet tax auditors and capricious laws designed to make everyone guilty of something so long as you can look hard enough.

      • I didn’t say anything. I pretty fine with what WG try to do, as you said, expand vertically is fine.

  19. well,me i am greek and it say that they will give money for shares and they will do that because the company is to Cyprys and they pay a lot of money for taxes.

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