Looks like despite the previous announcement, the EU language fail (English portal in Polish and vice versa with a random sprinkle of German) is alive and well. Good job, EU guys :)


Apparently, WG Minsk loves to celebrate Halloween

Also, World of Tanks: Blitz might apparently have infantry.

- there is indeed a bug in the average XP gain display, it will be fixed
- the Lowe weight decrease will have an impact on the vehicle dynamics (agility, acceleration etc.), but only a small one
- Japanese tank names will be written in latin (in RU client presumably), but based on the Japanese transliteration system
- apparently the crash issues (client crashing in Missions window and 7/42 battles) were not happening in common test
- according to Storm, many client crashes are the fault of faulty (obsolete) mods

Storm describes how Lowe was buffed:

“So, there was the Lowe not bothering anyone. So I was browsing the other day new forum topics (it’s kinda my tradition) and I saw another ‘Lowe needs buff!’ whinetopic. I opened it and checked it out. Then I asked the balancing department: ‘Where is the scan from Doyle’s book?’, balancers sent it to me, I posted it in the topic. At first people calmed down, but they soon started asking ‘And why is the weight different from the one in the table? and the amount of shells? And the depression too?!! And why is the armor in the table 80/100?’ So I took it to the balancing department and they said ‘we balanced Lowe like 100 years ago, maybe we made a mistake’. So I asked ‘Is it difficult to bring the Lowe to the table specs? Would it affect balance a lot?’ The answer was ‘Not difficult, shouldn’t affect balance much. We just don’t know what to do with side armor.’ ‘Okay, find out about the side armor and change it in one of the patches.’ ‘For the armor, we asked Moran (SS: Chieftain, US historian), he asked Doyle and Doyle answered that the 100mm is upper part of the side.’ ‘Will it break the balance?’ ‘No’ ‘Ok, change the sides too.’ ‘Ok.’”

- KV-5 is doing fine statistically, it was specifically checked recently
- apparently, there were errors in recalculating the personal rating after 7/42 battles
- T-44-85 will not come out in 0.9.0
- in roaming the inscriptions will be automatically disabled because various servers apparently have different inscriptions
- it’s not yet clear how soon will roaming come, tests are underway
- camouflage will work during roaming
- Storm states that regarding the roaming, the situation in Asia is problematic, Japanese and Koreans don’t like each other
- Chinese server is independent on Wargaming and Storm states that they can do practically whatever they want

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  1. hi SS,
    I hope you or someone else can help me,
    I cant update to 8.9 as I keep getting this message saying there are errors.

    also I do hope WOT blitz has troops so that the co-ax MG’s will work.

      • Wrong. You are playing on your server, EU or whatever, but in randoms they make the teams with peoples from different servers.
        So in one battle, you can find 20 players from Eu and 10 from RU. But you can’t control it.

    • I’m just guessing, but maybe they are too busy with the upcoming tanks and seen how the newly introduced are performing. If nothing pops up in the statistics, they probably don’t check older tanks, unless other department points them out about something historical, like this case.

      • They have hundreds of tanks to keep track of, add the new ones that require their full attention, so it makes sense that older , tanks don’t receive as much attention.

  2. World of Tanks: Blitz might apparently have infantry.

    The FPS view hand and AK look awfully like the original Counter-Strike

  3. löwe buff? noice. my left hand is bandaged so i didnt check mine yet because i cant play anyhow.

  4. - in roaming the inscriptions will be automatically disabled because various servers apparently have different inscriptions

    Wait what? So why did they force those stalin decals on us again?

    • Because they can, and people that are concerned with it are idiots by still playing the game, and giving their money to Wargaming…

  5. ” Also, World of Tanks: Blitz might apparently have infantry.”
    And the picture is a fake copy-pasta using CS 1.6 pics(so called infantry)

    ” – in roaming the inscriptions will be automatically disabled because various servers apparently have different inscriptions”

    And that’s why we were forced to get the stalin inscriptions…I still remember their explanation.

  6. I can’t believe in this whole story about Chinese server, big bullshit imo. China – market bigger than whole europe, and WG handing game control to some 3rd party company which may destroy whole brand and potential profit? Sure chinese boys want to control content, to make sure it is “politically correct” but business decisions?

    • Considering the Chinese Govt blocks outside internet access every few days, and hackers find ways round it within hours… The chinese market (in general) can be VERY problematic to deal with, anyone falling foul of some jumped up little shit in a far flung Govt office can have serious problems…

      It’s much easier just to farm it out to someone else (who is internal to China) , and take a chunk of the profits.. even for ex-comrade-skis such as Russia…

      • One recalls the relationship between the USSR and China got pretty chilly back in the day so I somewhat doubt hailing from Russia would make things any easier.

        • Yeah. Mao and Khrushchev had a fallout, and it all went downhill from there. It eventually ended up to the point where the USSR had more detailed nuclear strike and invasion plans for China than for the United States. When China invaded Vietnam (a pro-Soviet state) in 1979, they received diplomatic support from the United States.


    • It’s not the first time. When WZ-111(the chinese premium t8 heavy) was introduced on the Chinese server. KDW changed the D-25T-TA gun regular AP ammo penetration to 217mm instead of the normal 175mm. They advertised and sold it with that stats. Minsk wasn’t happy with it and made KDW changed it back. They did and Chinese players who bought the tank got really pissed off because that’s false advertisement.

      • lol being a Chinese I’m pretty sure one needs license to run ol game in China, that’s why WG needs KZW to run the game. BTW the political censorship is not the main issue for the Chinese server, KZW can make huge impact on the game, eg. type 59 can still be bought on the Chinese server, the HEAT penetration on is-2(wz-111, 112 etc) is still 300mm, m60 can be bought for about 150 us$….KZW completely destroys the game environment and now in tier 8 game you’ll see million of type 59.

    • I love such idiots like you. Do you know nothing about the world? Maybe education in your country is faulty? Yes, China is a market with a huge potential, but also one that is highly regulated, and controlled by “communist” government. If you want to do business in China, you have to allow to take a share of it by the locals. In the case of the Internet-based content also the whole country Firewall thingy adds, as well as the will to censor content.
      Anyway, do not be naive kiddo, wanna earn money in China, you have to do it their way. Or ignore that market.

      • you are little pathetic imbecile. I deal with chinese company almost every day, company I work for has whole manufacturing campus in china…and technology we deal with, closely related to medicine, cost millions of dollars, unimaginable thing any one will even try to take control of it. Every business strategic decision is made in europe…but I thing I just waste my time with you.

        • “company I work for has whole manufacturing campus in china…and technology we deal with, closely related to medicine, cost millions of dollars” – no one gives a shit, stop with this “mightier than thou” attitude of yours. It’s nothing more than an appeal to authority argument.

          If you want to discuss about computer games here, do it properly. We’re all on an equal footing, and nobody needs your stupid “hurr I work for an important company” nonsense.

  7. Who said KV-5 was doing fine statistically?
    The same guys that : “(…)balanced Lowe like 100 years ago, and maybe we made a mistake(…)” ones?
    Please SS try to make this question in the RU server :)

      • Thanks for the reply SS.

        Well maybe i just forgot how to play with it, since 8.7 patch.
        It got some kind of ninja nerf in mobility. I want that restored.
        I have currently 1114 battles in it and overal 57.54% wins.

        since 8.7 i barely take it out for a spin.

  8. “So there was the Lowe, not bothering anyone…”
    And now people are going to think they’re invincible with 20 extra side armor and get it beaten up more. Poor Lowe, it just wants to be left alone :<

    But seriously, the whole writeup on the process leading up to its buff gave me a good laugh, and congratulations Lowe owners on your Premium Tank Buff. It's a rare thing, enjoy it.

    • No one will be expecting the 20 mm increase to make it invincible but it will help with side scraping because it will be 20 mm angled which increases it.

      • WG will only buff tanks that people have to pay money for, WG won’t bother thinking of tanks that you get without money. Look at the french tier 7, you will see pictures of them if you look up the meaning of shit-piece, but they won’t do a damn thing about them.

    • Yep, looks like Mobility+speed buff, gun-depression+elevation buff and sidearmor buff incoming if I remember.

    • Fuck the side armor. I’m more happy with thet 2 extra degree of gun depression. Now that’s something you can get excited about.

  9. hmm, is there any case in the past that premium tanks got buffed ? I saw the nerf case of SP, but haven’t seen any buffs.

    btw, where can I find the camo value of Chi nu Kai ? Also ,why is it only get mediocre gun depression unlike the standard tree ?

      • yeah I know, but why didn’t let it have the jap tank’s “trade mark” gun depression and nerf other area ?

        Also, the tank as of now is already not as good as normal tank. It also doesn’t have HP buff like other premium meds.

    • Because it uses the prototype Chi-To turret, which aside from having better side armor from being cast, also had a flatter roof, leading to a decrease in gun depression.

      • >> having better side armor from being cast

        It hurts to see that kind of reasoning, Daigensui…

      • do you know what is the camo value of Chi nu kai ? It seems to be spotted half a map away…

    • It’s not that bad, but what really hurts is that it doesn’t have preferential matchmaking (last time I checked, they might have changed something in the mean time.).

          • Considering y’all presumably went to school it’s not, this shit is common knowledge. (And failing that L2Wiki.)

            • The current “official” relationship and the ” personal thoughts” of people of random Asian nations about each other? It’s common knowledge?
              Well… nevermind then.

            • Try “basic history”. Plus the states have a verbal spat over some related symbolic thing every few years, so add “news awareness” to that.

        • On the other hand they did host that World Cup in whatwasit …2004 ?
          I didn’t hear of any events that would point to a tense relationship between the two nations. Maybe someone is overreacting ? Or maybe the police control during the WC was that good ?

      • A lot of things, but the most recent one is the events leading up to and occurring during World War II under Japanese occupation, and the Chinese hate the Japanese even MORE than the Koreans for the same reason.

      • Japanese had Korea under their rule for like . . A few decades? Also did tried erasing Korean culture and he language and well as do tied up experiments on them medically, among other things

  10. Isnt it funny how WG pretends to give Lowe “buffs”? all we wanted was a mobility buff. Thats why Lowe is no called sLowe. Because it’s a fucking slug. Or a damn MM rebalance. Lowe is not a tank capable of T10! Now with the upcoming german TD’s with E-100 15cm gun….haha this is becoming funny. RIP sLowe. You land a shitty 320dmg shot, then you will get raped by the swarm of 15cm guns dealing 750dmg+.

    40 extra shells! wow! 100mm upper side armor! wow! thats for sure gonna scare the T10 tanks!!

    • Exactly, but i would take any buff i can. At least hull down will be easier to do in Lowe. :)

    • “Lowe is not a tank capable of T10!”

      234 av pen. The T32 would like a word with you.

      • Daig, for a mediocre player (at best), you sure talk a lot of smack in the comments of this website. I’m not sure you’re the best person to be telling others to “learn to play”.

        @lol – you’re right, it isn’t that great in tier 10 battles. But neither are most tier 8′s. And at least the Lowe has an accurate gun with good pen. It certainly doesn’t need special MM. I think these buffs will help it a lot. 20mm of side armor will make a decent difference when sidescraping, and the extra gun depression will be great, since the Lowe has awesome turret armor.
        I mean, no, the Lowe will not stand up to trading shots with a tier 10 TD. You’re right, it doesn’t scare tier 10′s. But it shouldn’t. It’s a tier 8.

    • If it was a Russian or scratch that… anything other then German that got that, you would be whining to the dark ages how much of a game changer those things will be…

  11. So whine “buff my tank” threads on forum(well at least on RU) aren’t that useless. There is a chance it will get noticed by someone important(SerB) and get considered :D

      • You can’t know for sure SerB is not doing the same thing occasionally(browsing forums) but i agree that if it was him i think he would just troll the author of the topic with usual how terrible and it would be another whining locked thread :) And you are right this time….i misread it this time…well not actually misread, but until i read whole article i somehow thought it was SerB w/o checking again.

  12. - Japanese tank names will be written in latin (in RU client presumably), but based on the Japanese transliteration system

    1.Who Cares?
    2. Which transliteration system? Its not like theres only one….

    • 1. I care.
      2. Probably Hepburn, becuse it is easiest to understand by people who don’t speak Japanese.

    • What annoys me is their inconsistency with crew rank names. With UK/USA/German/French/Russian they use the native ranks, but with Chinese/Japanese they use localised ranks (actually, for non-English versions of WoT, are they changed from English?). Is their reasoning that all Westerners/Russians understand all of these Indo-European languages, but not East Asian languages? (Obviously, for most people, neither.) -_-

      • To answer my own question, going by the Russian build, Chinese/Japanese ranks are kept in English, probably with the exception of Chinese/Japanese builds respectively (the same as Russian ranks are not transliterated in the Russian build…).

  13. ” the situation in Asia is problematic, Japanese and Koreans don’t like each other” yeah and ru players love eu players and ru players are popular in eu server,,, that roaming is just one more stupid idea of stupid people.

    • I can bet my socks, that eventually they will remove the server-markings, so the roaming will stay, but there will be no indication that someone is from i.e. Russian server.

    • I think you misunderstand the level of cultural animosity we’re talking about, here. I’ve traveled extensively in both countries, and the hatred the Koreans harbor for the Japanese is deep and intense, primarily for obvious historical reasons. Many Japanese, on the other hand, consider everyone not of direct and provable Japanese ancestry to be subhuman. That, in fact, is the literal and non-translatable meaning of the common word ‘gaijin.’ It has a much more sinister and racist connotation than most Westerners realize. The concept even has a cultural subset within Japan, wherein natives of Hokkaido are widely considered mentally inferior to inhabitants of the other main islands. I’ve lived with a Hokkaidan family and can assure you it’s not true, but it’s commonly held to be true by a great many of those on Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The closest Western cultural comparison would be the attitude of white Americans towards blacks from Reconstruction up through about the 1950s.

      By comparison with attitudes in Europe and Eurasia, the Russians and Germans are bosom buddies, and the French and English virtually lovers. Do not conflate Western cultural norms with those in Asia, especially the Pacific Rim area, because they are based on very different ideas and mores.

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  15. When the roaming is implemented, can we use it to play on the server with the best weekend special?

  16. Anybody who played old school counter strike will know that ‘infantry’ and Ak-47 in the supposedly new world of tanks blitz screenshot is from that game. A really lame joke, i think.

  17. doubt they buffed the lowe..still shows it in the tech tree with 120/80/80.. wasn’t it supposed to be 120/100/80?

  18. - Chinese server is independent on Wargaming and Storm states that they can do practically whatever they want

    Sounds like a very bad deal for Wargaming, rly no idea what were they (not) thinking.

    • You figure they farmed it out to a local outfit ’cause they *wanted* to? Ultimately shouldn’t matter much to the HQ at Minsk so long as they get their share of the money.

  19. i see someone over there likes alice

    and lol to the whole korea v japanese thing.

    you don’t get to bitch about something if you didn’t live through it

    • I dont see why the EU hates the Polish and the Russians so much.

      You dont get to bitch about something if you didnt live through it. I mean Stalin didnt hurt you right?

      • EU includes many countries that have been pushed back a good few decades back in civilisation evolution terms because of the Stalinist influence.

        Maybe not France and the UK very much but almost all other states.

  20. - T-44-85 will not come out in 0.9.0

    Damn it, damn it, damn it.
    They announced the thing since at least 8.6. They postponed it in 8.8. They released it for testing in 8.9 with that historical but WoT unbalanced gun. They actually needed a public test to see that 126 pen at tier 7 is a joke ? And now they postpone it until next year at least.
    Either they are searching for a historical prototype that had a more powerful 85mm gun, which I think there wasn’t, or they simply don’t have the manpower to simply fantasy buff the ZiS-S-54 like they did with other guns to a more acceptable level for this fantasy tank game.
    I at least hope someone in the marketing department is tearing their hear out. A viable high(ish) tier prem that is an actual medium tank would have been a really good product to have in the store just in time for Christmas.