Wargaming buys a 30 percent share in a bank

Source: Cyprus Property News server
Thanks to “grekios” for letting me know.

Some of you guys might have read the earlier post about Wargaming wanting to buy a bank share on Cyprus.

Well, they did. Wargaming bought a 30 percent share of the Hellenic Bank for 40 mil. Euro. An American hedge fund Third Point bought another 30 percent for 40 mil. Euro and 15 percent was bought for 20 mil. Euro by a Cypriot investment company Demetra.

More details in English in the article, if you are interested. So, I wonder what else is on V.Kislyi’s shopping list. I can imagine it looking like that:

Bank on Cyprus
The rest of Cyprus


50 thoughts on “Wargaming buys a 30 percent share in a bank

  1. I support this list, Cyprus was bankrupt anyway, microsoft can only be shittier than it is now and google is stealing private data.

    Though why they would want to buy germany ?

  2. lol they are becoming such a big company, just goes to show how big the gaming industry is=P.

    • Who could have thought that a kid from Belarus who wanted to play and make video games would become a head of such a big company. Rags to riches Kisly, Rags to riches.

      Though I still think It’s SerB who’s the real reason of this success.

      • Fun fact: 100% of millionairies in post-soviet countries came to their position thanks to corruption. No doubt Kislyi has important friends among ex-communists.

      • ExoNut im sure everyone with something unique in mind, something never tried before, has a chance of sucess. No one ever tried anything such as WoT. Kisly brothers with SerB created this unique gem. called WoT

        WoT is unique thus the success it has. Look at CS. Look at COD. No one really cared about CoD until they switched to Modern Warfare which powered the cash train from that day on. And examples are alot..

        • Yeah but WG is an old company, 15 yrs in gaming industry and not much of success , WoT gave them success and even in the promotional vid for their anniversary Kisly admitted that WoT was their idea but core game play of WoT was sole idea of SerB who forced it to be as simple as can be.

          I strongly believe that without him, WG wouldn’t be what it is now, more importantly, WoT wouldn’t be such a good game.

    • As long as we get some free premium tanks, I’m fine with that. Time to start learning Russian…

  3. Actually 40mill Euro is basicly nothing in the IT industry, Microsoft only in EU had enough profit this year to buy Nokia… And that costed 5.44 Billion Euro…

  4. I’m flabbergasted. What are they thinking? My only conclusion is that they’re completely nuts. Cypriot banks are insolvent (not as much as US, core European or Japanese banks, but still), just as the Cypriot economy going down the drain. I reckon this is gonna bite them hard eventually.
    Given Cyprus’ connections with Russian elites, maybe they’re planning on some shady dealings, and I wish them good luck with that; but I doubt they’ll get much out of it.


  5. Interesting how a shitty company like WG can buy shares in a bank. Can’t believe that after all they’re doing to WoT and WoWP people are still paying them…Then Activision or EA could buy a damn country…

    • The most shitty thing about WG and WoT is the toxicity from the players. I’m pretty sure you can be put into that category.

      • the toxicity is a result of pushing stats to be important and how they reward winning. but they do so to try and squeeze money from the players. can’t have your cake and eat it too you know.

  6. How mich do they have to pay these women, to be next to that skanky looking dude serb.

  7. ahaha.. je to žalud, o tom žádná.. xD

    on other note, after german they will have europe.. and they can finally begin their stalinism utopia.. yay!

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  9. So now you can buy gold trough WGs own bank, wich means even more money will land in their pockets. Pretty smart actually.

  10. Next time we know, we will be making purchases into their bank with the adress as follows:

    Wargaming Bank of SerB
    425 Banhammer Ave.
    Minsk, (now renamed after SerB’s daughter) zip code 1337
    Bank account number: 133777777-7-umad-7

    Bank motto:
    “working as intended”

    no like? how terrible…

  11. Funny country when a ugly fuck like serb can get hot bitches liek dat. I would have **** them **** ****.

  12. Yeah, yeah, enough with the bank stuff already. The pic of SerB makes me giggle, what a hilarious photo. What’s with the chick in the back, is she photobombing?

  13. I wonder if the WarThunder DDoS attacks are coming from Cyprus?

    just askin’………………….

  14. They wish they could buy MS and Google. Both of them can buy out WG and wipe their asses with Kislyi’s shirt while he’s still wearing it. We’ll see how long it takes until WG’s bubble pops. It’s inevitable with their overly rapid expansion.