92 thoughts on “Russian roaming testers are “funny guys”

      • I think that best kind of “competition” would be something like killing roamers “like a boss” or “deal with it” style. Or “like a sir”. Something that would make some difference between us and… Well, you guys probably know what I mean.

      • What will people do about people like LoooSer, Ensign, and me? We won’t be hunted, right?

      • Guys.
        We know this heated situation between the bloody youngsters of Ru-Server and our europeen smart asses?
        SS, will you really make such a “funny” thing like “hunting” the foreigners?
        You know in germany jokes about jews are still funny. Every people of the old brotherhoods are still loving about them. Ressentiments against Russians are in the same depth embedded.
        SS, Do you really want to be the firelauncher for this old game? Especially against all foreigners/roamers?

      • after youre started the fire, will you try to hide behind this funny word “Roamers”?
        “It was all fun!” “Why so serious, now?”

        Ah yes, do you remember, the wide spread of this blog?
        mmh a little bit …of a feeling for responsibility would be worthful. Dont you mind?

  1. Maybe just reward the one who kills the most RU roaming users in a week. (no team-kills to make the contest a bit more…okaish)

      • You are right being anti commie doesn’t make you Fascist, but it does make you a moron.

        Science says Right Wingers lack intelligence and right wingers love to hate anything that is superior to them.

    • Daily reminder that filthy soviet subhumans lost the Cold War.
      I hope that I’ll live to the day when China will finally rape Russia and conquer Syberia :^)

      • I doubt India will let that happen. Russia is too dear for an ally and the world itself wouldn’t want the largest manufacturer locking horns with the largest customer support provider. Too many economies will feel the hit if that would happen. :S

      • You have serious mental issues, I suggest you seek help so they can lock you in the prison. You are obviously a danger to society.

  2. Ser B says he has a problem with seal clubbing…so his testers run a three Pz B2 platoon.

      • ^LOL
        even the T18 just doesn’t get it done sometimes, amirite?
        The way they need to fix it is to allow the IS-7 into Tier 1 matches.

  3. SS, what’s wrong with that phrases in chat? Do you find them offensive? Do you think that saying “seed communism” is pretty much the same with “seed fascism”?

    The “guys” are at least not “funny”, but funny (with no quotes). If some of Europeans have butthurt about communism-Stalin-USSR stuff, then it’s purely their problem.

    • You are actually aware that NSDAP translates as: National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aren’t you?

      • Communism same as Nazism? I am sorry to say SS but you seems to be highly ignorant and stupid in this matters. Adolf Hitler would have bitch slapped you for saying something like “Commism (redneck voice) same as Nazism”

        Historically Hitler wanted the party to be called Social Revolutionary but then again you wouldn’t know this, and “National Socialism” was just a propaganda tool in order to win favor among the massive amount of Socialists in the Weimar republic.

        Hitler and his moron gang might have incorporated Socialist values into their flawed and holed moron system of utter Right Wing hypocrisy and Racism. But that doesn’t make them Socialist by your logic Social Democracy is Nazism too. No it’s not we don’t kill Jews in Scandinavia, we don’t go to war for territory, we don’t have a fucking Empire nor a Dictator neither did Socialism.

        But then again, kudos for American propaganda department they really did a great job brainwashing half the world with their mumbo jumbo.

      • No, Communism is not the same as Nazism. Communism is a classless, stateless, moneyless society where the working class own the means of production (has not been achieved yet, if ever) – non of that was true in Germany.

        What you’re thinking of is State Socialism (e.g Stalinist Soviet Union etc.) which was quite like fascism.

        Sorry, gets on my nerves when people use communism and State socialism interchangeably.

        • Soviet Union wasn’t like Fascism again those are 2 different fucking things, Fascism is when state and Corporation merges.

          USSR was a Marxist-Leninist State, the totalitarian bullcrap only applied during the difficult times of late 30s throughout WW2 and ended the mid 40′s

          • Simmer down, I was making a quick generalization. There was similarities, that’s all I’m saying.

      • The Soviet union was not even a true Communist state, the same states that: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

      • You are a victim of propganda. Let me explain my point:
        German fascism and Soviet communism have totally different nature. German fascism is a REACTIONARY movement, moreover it’s ULTRA-conservative. As opposed, Soviet communism was ULTRA-revolutional, i.e. anti-reactionary.
        Fascism and communism are opposed in everything, except for one thing people brainwashed by western propoganda believe to be “THE SAME FOR STALIN AND HITLER SO STALIN AND HITLER ARE SAME” – neither is a democracy. Both are dictatorships. But that doesn’t make fascism and communism the same.

        Nothing is unprofessionals in this situation – if you have butthurt that someone can say “Seed communism” and be ok, while if someone says “Heil Hitler, For the Thousand Year Reich” he will get banned, it’s your personal problem. Don’t try to make it look like a universal truth.

  4. pathetic… its not funny even if they think it is.
    openly supporting communist murder and saying this
    FUCK NO!

    imagine Germans would spam shit like this on the internet..
    about chosen race, question of the jews and other nonsense.. NO!

    somebody should do something, like tell on them at the eu courts…
    seriously as an individual its not such a big deal but as a bunch of people representing a company? NO!


    • Or ban you Right Wingers, that would certainly make WoT more enjoyable to play.

  5. 1st: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that comment.
    2nd: I might run a monthly “kill the closet hater” event.

    • So chill guys they aren’t promoting communism they are joking at the expense of all ignorant people who still think Russians are communist.

  6. What a bunch of fucking nationalistic morons there are in these comments. So what if these people are actually communists (which i highly doubt). Communism is the only ideology that would work in making the world a peaceful and equal place with no capitalists running around exploiting the workers and no fascists running around killing minorities. Some of you should at least read some communist/socialist literature to get your facts right instead of cry wanking over Mein Kampf.

  7. Let’s refer to wiki:
    Nazism, or National Socialism in full (German: Nationalsozialismus), is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party and state as well as other related far-right groups. Usually characterised as a form of fascism that incorporates biological racism and antisemitism
    Probably one of those people who actually believe that if words sound alike, they mean the same thing

  8. Communism is the same as nazism – no matter how you sugarcoat it, both are criminal ideologies, that caused millions of dead. If you support such shit, you are no better than nazis. However, this is not the place to discuss such matters. Locking the comments.

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