Is roaming really a good idea?

So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday. The roaming mechanism. For those who still don’t know what it is: it will allow players from one server (say, RU) to play on another server (EU). While it sounds like a good idea at first, it has several significant flaws, that make me think it’s really not a good idea overall.

First, there is the technical aspect. Russian and North American servers are far from one another, ping will not make it viable (when I log on NA:East, I have 130-200ms ping, not exactly good enough for proper gameplay). The only place where roaming will work properly I can imagine is the EU-RU roaming (some RU servers are located on the same place as EU servers: both EU1 and RU3 are in Munich, RU7 and EU2 are in Amsterdam), allowing for games with good ping. Well, fair enough.

The main (advertised) reason for roaming is

a) to try new things (new servers, different kinds of gameplay)
b) to play with your friends, that play on other servers
c) tournaments

To be completely blunt: I think a) is not needed (noobs are the same everywhere) and b) concers like 0,01 percent of players. I mean: how many of you have a friend, that doesn’t play on your cluster, but you really, REALLY want to play with him? Or have any “legitimate” reason why you want to play on a different server, like for example you moved, to another continent, but want to use old account? I know of two-three such players and both are very decent people, but I still think this concerns only a minority. Tournaments are a different matter entirely, but again, they concern a minority of players.

I think (and this is just my opinion – I’d actually like to be proved wrong) that majority of the players, interested in roaming (apart from those who will try it once, then go “meh” and return to their own server) will be in it to cause trouble. Why do I think it? Well, for one, Wargaming caters to such players.

Why do I think that? Well, there are many indications. Two days ago, I posted a screenie, where Russian roaming supertesters make jokes of communism. Let’s disregard what I or someone else thinks of communism – such “jokes” will just provoke people. And this is from RU supertesters (in other words, “trusted” players). I think we can imagine how “regular” players will look like.

After that post, I recieved several hate mails from Russians (one I even posted earlier on FB), basically calling me an idiot for comparing communism to nazism and promising to cause as much trouble as they can on EU servers, such as this one from one Mr.Kirill Jakunin (I was like ‘uh, what?’):


This is the kind of people the roaming will attract. But wait, there’s more…

I think that at this point (if only by using the Occam razor rule) we all suspected that the supertest leaks are controlled by Wargaming. Indeed it is so, it was confirmed to me by Zlobny or Cannoneer (can’t remember, will look it up if needed). Leaks are controlled. Such was the case with the STB-1 (posted earlier) and yesterday’s leak of Type 61 model. However, Wargaming works with some really “cool” people. Instead of releasing any leaked content without screwing it up, they add watermarks. Fair enough, no problem. Only… these are very special watermarks.


It comes from the Russian imageboard (a proper shithole, something like the Russian version of /b/). And this is the kind of people Wargaming works with – I am sure the Polish players appreciate WG employees and co-workers releasing such art, especially in connection with the Stalin affair. I can only imagine what the regular players will behave like. The “Japanese photoshop masters” will eventually clean this shit, but you get my point.


Personally, despite the fact many players are waiting for this option, I think roaming is a bad idea. For very limited gain (inter-server tournaments, cases of friends wanting to roam to one another), you will get hordes of trolls, using the option to roam specifically to cause trouble. To be fair to Russian players: I think we have our share of idiots that will go do the same thing – and that’s exactly my point. We have our own “tomatoes”, we really don’t need more trolls and morons around.

Anyway, I still hope WG realizes all this and will focus on creating a mechanism to get rid of such trolls quickly. And if not… well, I can imagine the “kill the Russians” competition on FTR, with rewards for the best headhunter :) One way or another, this has to be managed.

PS: do NOT discuss the politics under this article, please.

238 thoughts on “Is roaming really a good idea?

        • They already said that the CH server is not controlled by them.
          That’s why the chinese server has all kinds of silly stuff like the Type 59G wich gives you double credits!

            • the thing about online gaming in china is that everything is said by the law must log into a server that is located within mainland of china…….
              thats also why EVE online have a global server but one in china

      • If they control the stupid-kids that come to troll and TK (that goes for everyone), then roaming will be very appreciated.
        I actually made an account in RU cluster and my ping in 100-150 areas in very much playable, I do about the same statistically as on NA. One of the reasons I made an account on RU cluster is because of their better premium tank deals, availability and much much more skilled people in higher tiers + very good platoon/company material (most speak at least broken English and you don’t need much to communicate).

        So overall maybe the initial patch or so could be troll-fest but eventually, like with everything else, the trolls will get bored and I see more benefits than trade-offs.

        • Imagine someone like me who started to play on RU cuz it was 1st release in Ru
          Getting couple of t10s

          And swapping to NA on release .
          Yay i will get 2 abdolutely legit accounts with same name on same cluster lol

      • Also Type 59 Gold is not even in our client, so you wouldn’t see it at all if you managed to get to china server.

      • It’s because Wargaming probably couldn’t comply with Chinese Gaming Laws by themselves.
        From experience of hopping onto Chinese servers for various games you need a Chinese Social to create an account, and it’s illegal to allow a player to exceed eight hours a day, cause playing free to play games is an actual job over there oh and a few people may have died do to exhaustion from playing MMOs.

        That being said ping shouldn’t be too much of an issue cause I can average 100-120 stable ping from Florida to HK

        That being said you’ll never find a bigger cess pool of cheaters then when you enter a Chinese server, even if they have a gold Type59 G they probably have worked out a way to force ghosting shots or something just from my experience playing with the chinese on various games. Nice folks but man do they like to cheat the system…

  1. this roaming is awesome :)
    but i cant transfer to NA from EU ! i just can go to RU server :(
    it will stay for ever or just test?]

      • because you can flame people on other continents and saying siema pl is much more fun on the ru server than on the eu server

        • I find that more retarded than “awesome”…can’t find anything funny on trolling people that have nothing to do with you with such childish manners.

          And yeah…it confirms what Frank said in this post…

        • You are exactly that kind of retard everybody complains about. Congrats, you are the very reason roaming is a bad idea.

  2. Well some people say it’s stupid and maybe it is. But if there would be possibility to move my EU account to RU server with all stuff i have, tanks etc etc i would do it right away. So yes i’m going to play on RU server all the time nearly asap roaming is up on servers

    • Sure, I agree. But I think the transfer mechanism is completely sufficient to allow you to move accounts without the “hit and run” troll sessions.

      • well its not hard to copy account from EU to RU problem is that they dont allow us to do that

      • For me roaming is great. Why? Because I have friends on both RU and EU servers.
        On EU I play in QSF clan and on RU I got some real life friends. Having ability to play with together is a huge bonus for me. I wouldn’t transfer my account to RU, because of the clan and my friends won’t transfer to EU, because they got other friends.

  3. it will be a trollfest. and the problem of communicating with your teammates will just become worse …okay i can imagine that the na server could be the exception but seriously. europe alone has enough languages to fight with…and now they are letting the russian hordes (okay all hordes :D) roam free ….

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        • Good picture , but every time i see it i see same phrase with different 1st word.

          And trust me its 1st time i see it with russian word in it . But thank you .
          You just gave me tool troll russian idiots even more

  4. People are already scared before anything happened. Srsly people? Dont you give new ideas a chance? There is always a ground of whiners who apparently whine because things go apenuts when they don’t. None know how its exactly is going to work, and people are already afraid about it.

    • Well, I have serious doubts you have ever tried common test or that you are aware of their attitude towards… everything. It does not matter if only 1 from 10 or even 1 from 100 of such players who utilize roaming screw things up since it takes just one person to screw over whole battle.

      • I’ve been playing in Common Test since 0.7.1 and I’ve been TK’ed by a RU player exactly once. He was promptly chastised and TK’ed by another Russian.

        • Exactly this . If i play on test and i see some ru kid tryin to TK na or eu i TK him and trash talk him into dust ( i speak russian )

          U gotta realize earth is full of stupid ignorant people despite the language they speak . Ignore em . It pisses em off the most . Or trash talk em if you know the right way lol

    • will see whose crying if he gets tk by those ru players its test server all over again

  5. I was a supertester and i had to play some battles on the RU servers. It was horrible. So no, roaming is not a good idea…I really don’t want to see the RU players invading EU servers….
    I played wot for about 2 years, and i never had worse battles than i had on the RU servers.

  6. Imo the roaming fuction is just “nice to have”
    There will certainly time that it is useful but those are rare

  7. Roaming comes with a form that will say “I hereby declare to volunteer for military service for the Eurasian Union” :P

  8. Roaming is the only hope for “The good and better players” on the Asian server to get out of the filth that is more known as SEA. With it we will be able to play with better players.

    Oh and did you know, if guys from EU, RU, and NA play on three man platoons on SEA that you guys are basically getting free xp for yourselves like taking candy from a baby. Roaming is agood idea especially if you go to SEA to farm XPs and credits. ;D

    • Thanks for tip, will try if ping will be bearable :P It would be nice to finish some Mastery badges quickly on tanks I do not like so much.

    • Funny, we just had player that moved from SEA in EU forum who said that SEA had less scrubs/AFKers/campers/bots. Not to mention that ping will still be a problem.

  9. Anyone know if roaming will enable non region members to join other regions’ clans and participate in cw? Being a EU player stuck on the NA server, CW is on very late, would be great to join an EU clan.

    • Would be writing support ticket and asking for account transfer to EU better? Maybe they wont allow it but it costs you nothing if you try asking them

  10. As I said and meant on the other post, I will make it my mission to hunt down RU players that come to troll (~99%) in NA servers, even with my 170′ish ms of ping.
    And all that political nazi-fascism x comunism x democracy is just a sorry-ass excuse to compalin that your neighbour’s grass is greener (or not).
    So PLEASE SS, bring it on in the future that mighty hunt the roamers! :)

  11. I really cannot understand why they have put in Roaming. Why not just give what the players on some forums have asked for. Paid Server Transfer or Free Server Transfer. Obv WG would charge for such a service so yea. No need for roaming, if you really want to play that bad on other servers. Just use a service like Server Transfer.

  12. Roaming sounds like a bad idea to me. Was a huge problem in Dota 2 with russians playing on EU servers and screwing stuff up. They where the siemkas. cyka blyat and all that.

    I don’t really see the point. The whole part about friends playing overseas is nice and all but I doubt it’ll be competetive with the ping.

  13. Frank, STFU *trollface ;) .

    When i first heard of roaming, i imagined it would be on invite only – like you get platoon invitation and then roam, or you can enable “inter-server” companies/team battles as an option and get semi-esports automatically in random opponent search. So, B yeah, but managed the way to be civilized.
    And C too, only real esports are so few that each player can be added manually ;) – it needs more automatisation on tournament events to really get esports popular.
    As for CW, global map is really good idea.

    So, roaming – i approve, but different way than it seem to be implemented now.

  14. b) concers like 0,01 percent of players. I mean: how many of you have a friend, that doesn’t play on your cluster, but you really, REALLY want to play with him? Or have any “legitimate” reason why you want to play on a different server, like for example you moved, to another continent, but want to use old account? I know of two-three such players and both are very decent people, but I still think this concerns only a minority. Tournaments are a different matter entirely, but again, they concern a minority of players.

    The entire populations of New Zealand and Australia.

    I’m in New Zealand and connect to NA West at about 150ms and NA East at 230ms (Which is way above your limit for proper gameplay!) and many of my friends transfered to SEA but for various reasons (shitty players, many other friends still on NA) I chose to remain in NA but would still like the option of jumping around.

    In addition, many people travel or live in locales that can benefit from multiple servers to get better amounts of players at low activity times (Western Europe, Eastern Seaboard of the the US, Middle East and North Africa…..etc)

    And frankly, that little joke about communism from the supertesters is incredibly tame. No more provocative than the Russian translations you posted for people to spam on the test server.

      • Transfers are not a simple thing, they require a coordinated effort by WG between regions in order for it to happen, which is why you cannot request a server transfer whenever you like to where ever you like, roaming will eliminate this issue.

        You can bash down every bridge to try and get rid of every troll, but all you will succeed in doing is no longer having a bridge to cross.

        If you would rather be like China and close yourself off to the rest off the world so be it, but that does not mean it should be imposed upon others.

        • Absolute truth .

          SS imagine database of over 60 000000 accounts . Still think transfers going to work ? Or you would right away try to make stupid joke about WG trying to make us Pay for transfers too ???

    • -And frankly, that little joke about communism from the supertesters is incredibly tame. No more provocative than the Russian translations you posted for people to spam on the test server.

      Those were amazing tbh.
      Well, I’d like to jump around to try the EU servers since my timezone (yeah, BRAZIL) is closer to the prime time in EU than US even though I have an account in EU server and know that I will be getting ~ 30% higher ping, from 160ish in US EAST to 250ish in EU servers. But still, I watch streamers like QuickyBaby and Circon and Zeron and would like to platoon with them when they are screwing around and that is not possible atm.
      They should probably limit the amount of time you can stay roaming either daily or weekly!!!

      • There WERE transfers Frank.

        From NA to SEA. They won’t open the reverse, as WG lied to us in the first place to convince us to go to SEA to ‘grow’ the server.

        Transfers that don’t exist now won’t help us. Roaming will.

        • Show the proof where WG lied to you about transfers to SEA and how exactly they lied.

          I smell usual tongue flapping based on personal feelings

          • If russians are so smart how come Soviet Union fell apart?
            Civilization: 1
            asiatic subhuman hordes: -6000000

            • Is this all you brain is capable ? U cant even insult properly . /facepalm

              Empires rise and fall from the begining of time.

              But most of the time they fall because human stupidity.
              And you are the perfect example of such a destructive stupidity . I feel sad for the country you represent.
              Its cruel to laugh at mentally challenged people .
              I want to appologise to you

      • >> But still, I watch streamers like QuickyBaby and Circon and Zeron and would like to platoon with them when they are screwing around and that is not possible atm.

        That’s not possible ever. They won’t even look on you and as soon as you open chat, they will click on that little x mark…


    • Even some US players on NA have ~200 ping on their good days, the game is slow-paced enough that even people on old laptops getting less than 30 fps still do well. It’s not like cod or bf or any other high intensity games where fights depend on millisecond decisions and movements. WoT feels glacially slow when you switch between it and BF3.

  15. Katyn forrest btw refers to the massacre at Katyn Forest, of Polish military officers in the Kozelsk prisoner-of-war camp. This was the largest of several simultaneous executions of prisoners of war. Soviets killed several thousands
    polish officers in 1939

    roaming i just foresee Ru players hunting NA ones

    • Everyone (~90% ?) reading this blog knows what Katyn stands for.
      Also, it was not the largest execution of prisoners of war by soviet troops, but arguing about which one was worse is stupid. They all were horrible acts, indifferent of the number of victims.

      Taking the actions of a few trolls to be representative of the community is childish. Only populist politicians and idiots do that on a regular base. I don’t think we can say that all RU roamers will have the same behaviour, i.e. coming to EU and NA just to troll.

  16. SS, just like what you state in the OP bothers me about roaming (trolloaming?), one additional thing puzzles me: Will the official addition of roaming mean that all patches will by synchronized, or will roaming simply not work/be buggy while the servers are running on different versions? Has there ever been any info on this subject?

  17. If i join the ru server, will i be able to get its specials? for exemple in from eu server but ru server has X5 while ours has only x3, will I be able to make the x5?

      • Ok, as far as I understand there will be official roaming and there is also this mod SS gave us the link in one of the articles. I was asking about the case when u use the mode, or is the same?

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  18. ‘when I log on NA:East, I have 130-200ms ping, not exactly good enough for proper gameplay’

    LOL. This is standard latency for NZ, and probably some of Australia, to the local Asia server. It’s fine as long as there are no spikes or packet loss. Of course, there are fringe cases where reaction speed being down 2/5ths of a second matters…

  19. SS, you don’t have to be so easily offended. Instead of actual offense, you are looking like you are going out of your way to find offense at a certain community. It seems that some people pick up on that so that their ‘obvious’ trolls can be reported. Having a post detailing how retarded they are; literally gives them wood and probably adds to the incentive to troll.

    If a Russian player posts “we’re here to bring communism” during the countdown; I’d probably chuckle rather than automatically assume he’s some sort of diehard Stalinist. But I suppose those of us who like to have some friendly banter with the other team are in a minority with the vast majority of players posting ‘IDIOT TEAM’ and OMG IDIOT.

    How do you unlock brain module?

    • Brain ? I dont think they ever heard word like that lol . But always 1st to bash at someone.
      Word sarcasm is always was never heard by them lol

        • Look this kid post under my every comment .
          I feel the burning envy of a hopeless unwanted kid.
          And its so amazing how much venom he got for soviets

  20. They made roaming because in War Thunder one account is usable on every server, you can change within a sec between then…
    Like free 3(4) player platoons, sudden Historical mode interest… after almost 3 years of nothing, they started copy features from the first real competitor…
    Yeah I know they promised Historical mode (+physics, better graphic…) during closed beta (I was there), but they did nothing until now…

  21. Well, russians and ukrainians play on ru servers, and ukrainians hate russians in real life, but in the game I don’t see much clashes. And even russians and caucasians (who HATE each other) quite peacufully coexist in the game.

    If u r being trolled, just put troll in the ignore list, don’t be stupid to answer him.

    • That’s because there is far less hate between real people than between internet holy warriors. In real life most of Ukrainians, Russians and “Caucasians” do not hate each other.

  22. solution is simple: just TK every retard coming from the RU server right at start. if everyone does that the team damage is split accross the playerbase and noone will get an sanction for it…

  23. IF WG will be forced to shut whole feature up just because of such stupid behavior… Well… I’ll call it another laud victory of Russian diplomacy.

  24. Seeing how people get mad about nationality on eu server already and all the animosites on test servers I also think it’s a bad idea. This will probably end up in punks destryoing the last hope for teamplay in this game.

  25. Wanna see what happens when trolls can roam RU -> EU? Or any other way, EU -> RU and others?

    Watch Test Servers :) there are trolls, who kill someone, just because he has “EU” in his nick. When RU can roam to EU, they just can troll anyone who does not have RU near nick…

    Fun? Not really. And doesnt matter if this is RU -> EU, EU -> RU or any other.

    And one more thing – tournaments. 150 – 200 pings are good for tournaments? Really? Yeah, if tournament is on EU servers, we have good pings :) and any other NA players have bad pings :] Thats simply not fair for tournament conditions.

    IMO roaming should be possible via contact with support – if you really want it – you can ask support for it. And all players from Australia and New Zeland – in some FTR news – there were info, that you can get your own server, hopefully ;]

    I agree with your opinion, roaming is more bad than good thing.

    • EDIT: For Tournaments -> apart from bad pings, add recent packet losses after 8.8 / 8.9 patches… no, roaming is not good for tournaments imo.

    • Aus/NZ server will never happen, the numbers just aren’t there. There would be a max of 2k online at peak times.

  26. I think most players don’t give a damn whether Russians come trolling or not…and opposite. I personally totally ignore the whole chat arguing…it could be 10 years old boy or a drunk 40 years old prick, its pointless.

    • Have your tried test servers?

      You dont need to read chat, to be affected by trolls. When some player with RU near nick – kills you right after battle start – because you DONT have RU near your nick… It’s really annoying man, trust me. I had this several times on test servers, not once.

      • I had the same from EU and NA retards so no server is safe from idiots. I speak Russian and I saw several times when such RU moron was executed by rest of RU players and there were a lot of harsh comments about his behaviour.

        I don’t give a damn if this is EU, NA, RU or SEA player if he is good one. If he is teamkiller, I will report / kill him the same way I’m reporting / killing EU players.

  27. The way I understood it (I think in one of your old posts?) was that only players with a certain winrate would be allowed to roam. If this WR is set to, say, 54%, the majority of idiots wouldn’t be roaming anyways. Of course, there are the occasional high-WR assholes, but only a really low amount compared to low-WR noobs. Plus, considering you’d only get a roamer once in like 30 battles, even an idiot (lets say from a RU server) would be fine with me – that guy would just replace another idiot on the EU server.
    And to address the few points you mentioned: I agree that b) and c) would only concern a tiny number of players. However, a) seems quite logical to me. Occasionally watching a RU replay or something of the sort has taught me that RU players are far more aggressive and I’m sure they play a lot of maps differently. I’m really curious about certain strategies and tactics that differ from the ones we use on EU servers.
    I’d say just wait how this goes, if there’s too many idiots roaming, WG will end it anyway or use tough restrictions so that only chosen players are allowed to.
    Just my two cents.

  28. Roaming must be another way Serb thinks he can troll Western players . He must think he is really clever doing it in a way that looks like a feature. Also I don’t really understand why such hate for those Polish in Belarus . Lukashenko hates poles or smth??

    • AFAIK there are no hate for Poland in Belarus. Here in Poland we have some nationalist retards, Belarussians have some sovietized retards – nothing special. In most cases several “keyboard warriors” and “country honour defenders” are illiterate idiots who don’t know history of their own country and history of neighbour countries.

    • I might open you a secret . I speak polish and russian and english despite living in US.
      And i grow up in Brest / Warsaw .
      Poland is widely known in post USSR countries as Political Prostitute im ashamed to sound it and its not my opinion on poles . But its a sad truth .
      And Poles know also for being a champions of being butthurt pretty much about anything with word “russian” in it

      • Russians get butt-devastated every time someone criticizes their shitty obsolete tech or their pathetically low standards of living :D. At least Polacks get butthurt over serious stuff like genocide, while bolsheviks whine like little girls when you say that they are dirt-poor (which is a fact).

        • Is it again you ? Your brain will probably explode of this , but ill still say it.
          Russia is richest country in the world for – oil , gas , uranium and much else minerals .
          Retarded russian kids gettin butthurt always . No surprises.
          Polaks got butthurt bout serious business ? U make me laugh tey got butthurt absolutely same as russians , or korean or chinese or brazilian or bla bla bla. Its 1st place a retards like you get butthurt and you are Alive proof of that

          • Uranium? pretty sure Australia wins that one… gas, yes, oil, nope that goes to the Saudis I think? Not sure but it isn’t Russia.

            Now, a piece of advice about us trolls, just like kids if you ignore us we get bored and go away, stop feeding Kellomies, hes the worst idiot troll on FTR

          • Well it might be the richest but only a fraction reaches through to the majority of the population.
            In Rusia there are 2 regions: Moskva and the rest of Rusia and arguing that the rest of Rusia isn’t pretty much dirt poor is a fools erand.

          • Yeah and Africa is the richest place for diamonds
            Doesn’t stop them from living like shit, though
            The money a few people / industry has is one thing, the standars of living of the people is another

  29. But… isn’t that the main point of the game itself? It’s good… but for every good battle with cooperating team you get tens of battles with drowning idiots, scouts asking what to do in T8 match, 14 year olds spamming you with insult for camping/rushing/dying first/dying last/anything, really, etc.

    Adding roaming to this is just like “pissing into an ocean of piss”

    • Scouts asking what to do in tier 8 are the players who grind to their shiny Pz IV or T-34 etc and accidentally their shitty tier 4 tank is matched witch dragons. More game dev fail, than player’s

  30. I have no issues with roaming, as there are assholes everywhere regardless of nationality. As long as WG deal with people whose sole intention is “trolling” (and celebrating Katyn as suggested isn’t trolling, it’s just ignorant) I won’t mind.

    The best way I see it is expanding the report function, and if you get banned for TKing, flaming or anything similar whilst roaming you lose the ability to roam. End of. Also putting a low-end cap (500?) on battles played would be nice so people can’t just create new accounts to go troll.

    Personally I’d like to try the NA server maybe to see if I can learn anything new, but EU is mostly fine for me.

  31. I disagree that roaming is a bad idea.

    I live in South Africa but, thanks to the stupidity of the EU portal, ended up creating an account on the NA server. As a result I play at 250ms ping minimum. Roaming will allow me to play on servers with nicer pings.

    With regards to trolls, disallowing roaming because a small minority of stupid, racists players will use it to troll (Something they do on their home servers already) is silly.

    If roaming can be done, then why not do it?

    Arguments are trolling and such are dumb.

    I think it’s pretty awesome WG are going to allow players from all over the world to play together. Maybe it will help dispel some of the myths and stupidity that have propagated in the vacuum between servers (E.g. Players from X server are all dumb, etc, etc)

  32. “I have 130-200ms ping, not exactly good enough for proper gameplay)” hahaha oh god you just made my day SS….
    i DO (WAY MORE) than “proper gameplay” with ~200mS, with less than 100 i’m a god on tracks.
    And this goes not only for me but to the entire subcontinent that has some for the BEST players there are on WOT(Cazadores for example is a chilean clan and they’re a top tourney/pro league clan, and it doesn’t get much pro than that…), some Argentinean clans are in the top 5 for CW battles as well and have pretty high ranked people (actually the entire south american region has an extremely high ratio -and absolute number- of incredibly excellent players vs total players for everything not only wot).

    so don’t tell me that 200mS is not proper, you can play with 300mS and still be unstoppable (now, if someone needs 30mS to “be good” then… well…. they aren’t….), hell in CBT when only EU server was active i started playing THAT good, and that was closer to 350mS than to 200

    And on roaming… the low percentage of people it really benefits are the people that deserve and need it, pro tourney players, unicums, etc.
    for example, EU people playing on US server for diverse reasons can roam to EU to pwn noobs on low ping and then go back to US to play for real with their clan.

    • Hey i know you lol .
      May be thats the key .
      I also started to play wot at ru server with ping 300. A year of tortures ….
      But now on NA i got ping 30 when i swapped to NA i felt A DEMIGOD .
      I still get accused as hacker on daily basis . Gettin used

  33. Your “kill the Russians competition on FTR, with rewards for the best headhunter :) ” is the worst kind of trolling and hatemongering around.
    You must realize that your blog is very popular and like it or not you are very influential on wot player public opinion.
    Promoting hate you will be responsable for even more and worse trolling and bad deeds.
    Exactly the things you claim you’re against.
    Please rethink your stance what you’re doing and the serious consequences it will bringt about.

    • You deers spread shit around like cropdusters, and you think you have a right to spread your shit in my server, eh, Oleni?

      GTFO, commie.

    • Oh? Have I offended your feelings? How terrible.

      If you read this blog for a while, you might know I am not claiming to be a better person. Hell, I am not even a good person.

      It’s simple really. Roaming Russians behave – all is fine. Roaming Russians don’t behave – you’ll get hunting competitions. Personally, I’d prefer the first, but knowing RU forums (and not just the official one and the rakoforum), I don’t see that happening.

      • I think the point is that it isn’t reasonable to ‘hunt’ a player just because he has ‘RU’ after his name in the event that /some/ RU players have gone trolling around.

        If you want to TK a player that is specifically trolling in your game, knock yourself out (although I am not inclined to do that in most cases). It’s nothing to do with roaming.

        It’s just the same as if there were some EU trolls on RU. Does that mean any EU player that goes to RU deserves to be TKed on the spot? Due to how WoT works, it’s hard (impossible?) to argue for community responsibility for every player.

    • You just spotted hypocrisy at its best friend.
      The sad part SS dont even realize it i think

  34. EU noobs; spreading noob-ism with loltracktors,
    Russian noobs; spreading noob-ism with An-12 cargo planes like cropdusters.

    Guys, I’m starting a deer hunting session, who’s coming? Winner will get a Pz. B2 :D

  35. when you play on .asia server, where 90% good players want to go to some other server. i think it’l be a welcome patch.
    heck, 50% players would be happy to play at 300 ping just to get away from asia server

  36. A ping of 130 is not a problem. Played lots of twitch shooters on US servers with a 100-130 ping over the years without any problem at all.

  37. Might be useful for NZ/OZ, even if we get our own server the numbers would probably only be decent at peak times, MM would likely be slow at other times, making roaming to NA or SEA during off peak helpful. Ping is usually 130-200ms for us on either server right now anyway.

    If WG effectively policed trolling/abuse by banning the ability to roam on accounts of trolls for say a month at a time then it would help stem the flow of that kind of issue, but I doubt that will happen.

  38. SS, not related to the discussion but…here from South America we only get the NA servers, and 175-200 ping is the norm, and, believe it or not, is not unplayable at all!

    Now, this is actually related to this and the post: If the BR population increases [as it does in all damned games that they get their hands on, our own little siemkas], it could happen that thy take the most common solution, and allocate a server for them, or even one for all of South America. Now, in that case, there would probably be a massive server migration [like when the SEA transfer happened]. If that happens, I would be playing in nicer ping but…what if the player quality

    • Aaaand it got in without me ending the post ><

      As I was saying…

      player quality doesn't uhm…meet certain criteria? Most of the players rom my area I've met in WoT ar really disappointing, even while I'm not a good player at all [standing at a small 50%WR]. What about clans that get torn apart? Then, what would happen, is that many would not transfer at all, and stay in their clans and CW enviroments in the NA servers, while taking the pub time they play in a roaming situation. Is it good? Oh yes it is. And remember, the loud ones are not always majorities, and most of the people that play barely even chat. So just ignore tha haters, pump some rounds into the reds and keep those tracks runing!

  39. I think that roaming will be a not-that-bad feature implemented and I am really looking forward to it. My clan has EU and NA divisions and we will be able to play together the whole lot of us with roaming. Trolling platoons are not the only thing about the implement.

  40. I want roaming, because I want kill invaders who shall contaminate the holy EU server.

    P.S. It will basically be troll-fest really… Stupid feature, but it will be a new challenge.

  41. I for one can hardly wait for roaming to be implemented.

    If playing from EU on NA server results in decent ping, then I think I’ll probably stay there!

    I’m not saying that NA players have less noobs, but at least IT’S ONE GODDAMN COMMON LANGUAGE!

    I’m sick and tired trying to explain basic shit to surviving tomatoes, only to be replied with “kto?” or “moin”

    • That sounds like a valid reason to roam to NA. Just thinking about never hearing “siemka” again makes me thrilled :-)

      [Siemka is just an example, the same applies to any other eu language. Btw., I'm from cz and I don't like to see 'ahoj cz' and 'nazdar lidi' as well. Goodbye non-english speaking tomatoes, hello to english speaking tomatoes, I personally consider that an improvement.]

  42. I’d support roaming if the player who roams can also buy packages from that cluster’s gift shops – meaning, you can roam between the portals as well.

  43. I think its not the best idea.
    I have one funny example and thing for you guys.
    One Slovakian player played few battles on EU server as usual, game crashed so he started it again and BOOM he is on RU server(s) now :D (He told us that if some RU player see EU player he will kill him for just this reason that he is from EU :D).
    GG WP WG.

  44. well at least bad rep makes you unable to roam, so the hard core teamkillers and stuff will have to stay on their own server…..

    it’s something…

  45. i live in the NA and i play on the RU server and when i do i only get a ping of 120ms and i find no issues at all with connecting to the servers. So personally i look forward to server roaming so i can play with a lot of my friends on the NA server.

  46. Russian supertesters can post watermarks with great deeds of Stalin, such as Katyn, while in Europe you can’t use Nazi cross or speak of Gitlers crimes in a good context? How terrible.
    There is even no such thing as EU supertesters, lol

          • Sorry, but WG is a little USSR and Serb is little Stalin. It’s not your European liberal countries, where you can kill 100 teenagers and get emprisoned, where prison is something average dweller of the Earth could only dream of (decent food, clear water, medical care, etc.). It’s a place where you get sent to Gulag for your crimes, if you are citizen of the same country, or just get massacred, if you are outsider.
            I’ve got a feeling that WG Support will take inter-cluster teamkills more seriously, if they really become a wide-spread situation. WG have spent a lot of time and resources on roaming and they won’t leave their creation to become a disaster.

            • The thing is that the communists massacred their own citizens too, like during the Holdomor on then Soviet Ukraine…

  47. Well, basically wot-community doesnt owe you anything, so it’s up to you to use this image or not. But since you are very polite with us, next there gonna be even more Stalin. Enjoy.

  48. Who cares for roaming…all I (and for example the NA2EU Clan from the NA server) ever wanted was a TRANSFER option. I want to TRANSFER to the EU server, not just roaming there.
    I really hope that WG allows account transfers soon now that roaming is coming (limted only: should be fine if they allow 1 or 2 server hops a year)

    • That ain’t going to happen, because some dirty capitalist profiteers could abuse this situation. In Soviet Russia you stay were you are said to stay.

  49. Sorry but you are wrong.

    200ms is perfectly playable. Were you around in closed beta when we all played on the NA server? Most people didn’t even know where the server was (lots thought it was in Russia).

    I have played on a 3G connection due to ISP issues and you really cannot tell the difference between 30 and 300 ping. It’s not like FPS games where most weapons are hitscan (i.e. no bullet travel time). You have to compensate for shell travel time so an extra half second is nothing.

    I am looking forward to being able to use the NA server in the early hours of the morning (EU time), and I am sure that NA players will benefit from being able to join a well populated EU server if they play during the day over there.

    Yes there will be ‘tards but it’s not like we don’t have those already.

  50. Half of my friends play on NA, the other half on EU. Roaming is something we have been waiting for for years now.
    It is finally coming and that is a good thing.

    I do not care for your fear of russians, but I very much care for the chance to play with my friends (and a ping of less than 100). Do not assume this is for a few players only. It is the 21st century ad people have friends outside their home countries by now…

    What an unusual stupid post.

  51. Taking my time on RU3 now :) . Plenty of oleni, camping when they should rush and rushing when they should camp. Having fun, earning even more then on EU, noticeable with 5x bonus.
    Now tell me how to enable RU stats with xvm because they don’t load :( .

    • Best thing is that you can’t read that cyrillic written insults, noob team, idiot team and so on…
      When you are on RU Server it is like first time some sort of chat filter works :-)

      • Some people knows Russian so this filter doesn’t work. Well, it’s even worse – you can’t tell them sth in answer.

  52. disable the chat (or platoon only) for “roamers”…and dont give EU or RU behind names…problem solved

  53. Sorry boys, but idiotism on Eu server is unattainable. I play on both server and for me RU server is much better. Roaming is something i have been waiting for for a year. When i actually start my acc here on EU.

    • I played on RU up till tier 4 to gather enough posts for RU forums. From my personal experience, RU server was worse, it was more rude and there was more rage.

    • I’m an American playing on the Russian server and have 7,500 battles. I don’t see any problems with them. Their community seems the same as the EU/NA community from closed beta. The only difference is they use a bit more profanity over there but no more teamkilling or team damage, so what do I care?

  54. What OP said was the first thing that occurred to me when they announced the roaming, and the first supertesters! (people selected by WG ffs) just confirmed it… Other games also proved that it is erhmm… sometimes not so pleasant to play with russians (after dota2 beta launch everyone demanded to region lock the russians for years, they didnt do it because of the above stated b and c reasons). I really hope that the WoT community more mature but i honesty doubt it.
    The only way i can see this thing working is if WG implements really strict rules and punishments for the shit you do on other regions. For example if you write political messages, friendly fire or just “troll” someway you get a week of roaming ban. But again if you take a look at the current report system that does absolutely nothing (seriously half of an average team is either afk or bot or spams sieg heil…) those strict restrictions clearly not gonna happen.
    So be ready for the “cyka” and communist propaganda spam.

  55. Does anyone know if it will be possible to roam from the EU server to one of the NA servers?
    I would think that from holland the connection to the most east NA server would be good.
    i have no further ideas though, i’m kinda done with not being able to communicate with teams what so ever.

  56. I can log on to RU servers (some)
    But I cant get on to NA..??

    Password issues?

    ANyone got any idea?

  57. completly agree, roaming will only bring out the trolls. people are going to see “RU” EU” ect. and think “troll looking to cause trouble for other servers” not looking forward to playing with russians on live servers if test is any indication of how they behave.

    TKing just might become the “it” thing if this occurs…..

  58. Not to mention the fact that EU servers are already really crowded. Not a long ago there was an issue with lags and disconnected clients. Second cluster was introduced. Today I can see 200k players and it is again very laggy.

  59. I disagree SS, I think roaming has a lot to offer.

    For example I enjoy playing with Aussies and Kiwis, but they have all moved to the SEA server. I also enjoy playing with Europeans and getting to know people from the variety of nations there. The idea of playing competitively with different servers is also intriguing since each server has its own set of playstyles. The only negative sides of roaming are bad pings and trolling. However I used to play with a ping that yo-yo’d between 400 and 999, so a ping of 200 isn’t too scary (I have upgraded my internet so I get 50ms on the NA west server). As for Trolling; frankly each server does this to itself so i don’t think roaming trolls would bring anything new.

  60. As i travel back and forward between NA and China for months each year….i say thats a great thing to happen…

  61. i hope roaming will not be possible and they won’t write russian alphabet.i hate communist or funny russian guys

  62. few things (im from EU) :
    - the only retards on test server are 9/10 EU (or NA) (which is an achievement, since 90% of the players is russian)
    - russians dont camp like coward monkeys (unlike EU server)
    - 99% sure sunday eve on russian server is better as sunday eve on EU server, coz on sundays ITS IMPOSSIBLE to win, even the best players wont get much above 50-55% (i have 2700-2800 wn8 myself…) (unless u sealclub or play OP tanks, but some grinding on sunday eve (solo) forget it)
    - less idiots on other servers, i somehow suspect the EU server is worse as others, on RU its more a “national thing“ more guides, more tutorials, “everyone plays“ (so ppl know more ppl who have atleast soem clue) while NA is better coz of smaller playerbase (its less mainstream as EU) (and all idiots play xbox, not pc)

    i myself will try both NA and RU, but given the testserver, i think i stick to RU (no camp, just rush)

    • Strange that because the only retards I’ve encountered on the test server have been ‘_RU’ players. In fact with every new test version I am TeamKilled at least once per session just because of my ‘EU’ tag by ‘RU’ window lickers.

    • i totally agree i have over 9000 wn7! and i’ve never won a single game on sunday eves, my team is full of bots and the enemy is 15 EXNOM guys, every time! On russian servers i have 80%+ winrate just by rushing into the enemy base, always works out!

  63. I play on NA East from EU and get consistent 100-120 ping and never noticed it, really. I’d probably roam back to Europe during the day a lot because after the NA split, server pop is hilariously bad on NA, and so are some of the matches the matchmaker cobbles together. 60% w/r for reference. I doubt lowering my ping by roaming to EU would improve it.

  64. I tried to log in to NA-Server but I allready have an account there with same E-Mail and name…. fail. I only can log in with wrong account

  65. Oh cmon i just roamed, spammed kill all communists, Im here to bring democracy and no1 seemed to care. Even met some PTS guy on the other team, anyhow I like playing on RU much since I speak/know/write/fart Russian and the chatbox has more than just witam siema and the classic “noob team” to it.

    I also have friends from an other game that play on US id like to play with.. Overall EU sucksss balllss, I have much, much higher chance of being understood on US and RU than on EU and id use any opportunity to gtfo of EU even if I have to pay WG (a one time fee)

  66. It will initially be a trollfest as you describe, but after the ADHD kiddies (of whatever nation) milk their entertainment value from it and move on to the next shiny object, it will settle down so the adults can play. Note that I don’t have any particular faith in human nature, just in statistics and majorities.

  67. You complain about a 130-200ms ping? That is all I’ve known. I’m in Australia, ping to NA was 220+, to the SEA server it’s 130….

  68. Let me put a couple of words down there.

    First of all, supertesters are not so simple group, it would be mistake to call them “alite”. They may be trusted as players, yes, but not as gentlemen. I doubt all of them are adult.

    The second one. I don’t really know, is it my own perception or national cultural thing, but to be so obsessed by one single communist joke? That’s like there never was nationalists, any bloody revolutioneers, or any ‘evil hordes’ in history. I think you know better that some brats, trolls especially, are just need to be ignored. Keep calm and roll out

    And finally: while i totally agree that roaming just can’t be a broad usable feature (despite the thought many will try it though not for long) the post itself (apart from conclusion) look a bit offensive. Just to note: it may be hard to believe, but people called (by accident, after all, they were birn that way) “Russians” have sone feelings too. And common sense. Most of them. I believe so.

    Thank you for your time

    • what many russians (and many from USA / west europe) seem to underestimate is the HATE for communisme and communist, there is a reason in certain east-european countrys communist is (by law!) equal to nazi ( so communist = nazi ) for them making stalin or communist jokes is equal to making jokes about hitler or waffen SS.

      i myself don care (at all) and in general dont give a damm, this is INTERNET, people should let their butthurt go…

      Besides that:
      I also think (a lot) of people are *not so smart* when they think communist is equal (or even worse) as nazi, perhaps the period 1945-89 was not “that good“ (understatement! ) for most east-europeans, but it is NOTHING compared to what would have happened if the nazis had won…

      The entire “lebensraum“ and “untermenschen“ bullshit would lead sooner or later to the extermination of all slavic people (so everyone in poland, ussr, czech, yugoslavia and so on) first the jews had to move out of germany, and when that took to long, they simply started mass-murdering them…

      but we better let politics out, it only causes more butthurt and rage

      OT: roaming is nice idea, cant wait to play some on RU server

      • Smart words man.
        No sarcasm.
        Those retarded kids got no idea that they would be wiped out if nazis won …
        Its like in southpark cartoon. They just dont get it. (Fish sticks episode reference )

  69. “Two days ago, I posted a screenie, where Russian roaming supertesters make jokes of communism.”

    Hmm, maybe I missed something, but what exactly indicates they were actually supertesters and not just some random RU players using roaming mod?

  70. Finaly we can use ROAMING and play on weekends with humans, no Eu retards with 45-46% with Tops tanks all day who “play for fun”.

  71. Hey.
    First time I comment on here so….errr….yes.
    I dunno, but I am VERY excited for the roaming stuff. First, I do actuallly have a bunch of friends who play on the NA Cluster and it will be terrific to play with them finally. And second, and yes I am aware that many people whine about this, I will be able to switch to the NA Server….where people speak english….like native-language-level-english. That barely anyones understands english on EU cluster is a huge issue in my eyes.
    I think it is a great idea and maybe I will even check out the scary RU cluster…maybe.

    Anyways, some feedback would be good from anyone and SS, great job at running this site and all that shit!
    Bookmarked since fiveever.

  72. I’ve got an account on US server, where i had played occasionally. And know what? I want to move it to RU cluster, closer to my main account because the morons are all the same everywhere, and i’m too fat and lazy to grind T57 and pershing and 40/43 once again. Everyone who wants to troll on any WG server (except for Chinese) can do it anytime: register, buy SU-122-44, and that’s it.
    Of course there WILL be trouble in the beginning of the roaming, since people always think that grass is greener on the other side, just like i did, but soon enough they will discover that it’s not .

    And by the way, u R moron if u think that nazism = communism.

    Supertesters are “trusted players”? Oh c’mon, gimme a break.

      • Good thing or bad thing (c) CNN? Lol
        It depends, u know. And i find it really hilarious how ppl from EU and US do not like socialism and central planning. I mean common, you live in it XD
        And, by the way, what tanks are you talking about just below? Know nothing about the EU cluster, but there is no such thing on RU u can’t buy on NA, and WG is WAY more generous towards US players. For example, all this marathon thing – in Russia we got 30% discount & 30% more income for tiers 8 to 10, while in US there was 50% / 50% for tier 4-7 in addition, and the Patton event extends for the whole line. And it’s just an example.

  73. I will only “roam” to the RU server…and that for only long enough to buy those tanks that are available on the RU servers…that aren’t available on the NA servers. Then I’ll head back “home”.

  74. What? There was no “hunt those idiots” competition already on FTR? I am disappointed :D
    BTW let the roaming option be a PREMIUM thing imo.

  75. “(when I log on NA:East, I have 130-200ms ping, not exactly good enough for proper gameplay). ”


    I beseech you to come and play WoT from Australia

    130-200ms ping was a fucking GODSEND when the SEA server was created!

  76. They complain about comparing communism and nazism when in reality what the Soviet Union considered “Communism” was in reality Fascism with a different name, but with less Social Darwinism and more planned economics.

    • Any kind of forced collectivism like China now, communists, nazis, or similar is always a nightmare for everybody except for the ruler elite.
      Coincidentally, extreme individualism such as corporativism is also a nightmare for everybody except for the ruler elite!

      The endgame is always the same, a self-entitled elite supported by a horde of enslaved workers.
      The whole human race needs psychotherapy…

  77. Its pretty ignorant implying Russians are all communists like in the Soviet Union. Most Russian people hate communism its just Serb who is from Belarus has a hard on for Stalin for some reason.

  78. If Ping to US servers is acceptable, and anything no higher than 100 would be, it’s well worth playing there just to get a community that is 99% english speaking.

    How can you have tactics in a team game when a team speaks six different languages and only half the team understands the most common one…

  79. Appears SS is fairly clueless just how many individuals log into the NA West or East servers from far away locations in Asia, South America, Europe & yes even Russia regularly.

    Ironically enough some of the very best players in terms of global win rates on the NA server happen not be physically located in North America, but elsewhere. Ping rate is a poor argument against allowing account roaming.

  80. Stalker(or what’s ur name), I am from that shithole you mentioned. This picture was made just for lulz, and I assume you, wg is not connected with it. This pic is some kind of answer to your last post where you cut the lovely face of our(2-ch) camwhore Fei-Wong . There were a few posts about it at -ch, and anons asked the supertoaster-kun to punish “fucking-poland(or insert ur country name)-kurwa” for disrespecting our noble king of camwhores Fei-Wong. He made this pic, in hope that you will take it to ur blog, and to look how many tonns of photoshop magic you would use to hide watermarks and other stuff. But you did nothing, except of this brilliant start-post(lol) and shit hits the fan here. Damn, this thread is hilarious, it even better than if you’d use photoshop. BLOODY WARGAMING, THEY HATE POLES, KURWA. BAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!

    • Btw “Муразор сосёт хуй” at watermark is the reference to our tanks- vblogger Murazor who many times steal content from live journal community and 2-ch and claim it as his own.

      Всегда Ваш, Крыса-кун.

  81. 200 ping is perfectly fine SS.
    I am in Australia and play on the NA server with my Clan mates.
    As Clan Wars is on the East Coast Server I average 230~320 pin.
    West Coast is 180~250.
    I do prefer the West Coast Server for ping (except for player numbers), but the lag is negligble on either.

  82. Noone cares as we can signup for any server we want. Being a Russian citizen I’ve never even thought about playing on Russian server – actually WG hates Russian players. I’m on EU now and have nothing to complain about.

    • Well, in fact I met some players writing in cyrillic here on EU, and the only trolls during such battles were our fellow Europeans, saying something about Klingon.

  83. SS, you are using the word “ping” in wrong way. Say latency instead. Ping is a program (or method) to test reach-ability and measure latency.

  84. Ok so I am a huge fan of World of Tanks, but I live in South Africa… And for some reason when I signed up, WG directed me to the US servers.
    So I would like to roam to Europe, at least then my Latency will drop from 350ms to 180ms

  85. I really don’t see the point of roaming. You can’t even communicate if someone comes from the Russian server who doesn’t know English. Seems like a stupid idea to me.

  86. 1) SS you are a closet hater. You hate Russians, just like most people from most former Communist Central European countries do, after they were raised to believe that Russians and Communism is to blame for their misfortune (which is untrue, their own crappy governments and their corruption and incapability was ALWAYS the main problem for these countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, and to some point Czechoslovakia).

    2) I am glad that this system will be implemented. Not because that I think it is particularly useful, but I am looking forward to playing with Russians, and I am looking forward to having more people with me (at least in randoms) to fight against Wehraboos, closet, and open-spoken haters of everything that is Russian and Communist (basically of 2 things I hold dear).

    So, screw you SS, WG is implementing this, whetether you and other whiny little PL/CZ etc. haters like it or not!

    • 1) Closet? I hate communists openly! But – surprise! – not all Russians are communists…
      2) Ah, a criminal then, understood :) Well, I won’t keep you from them. But I will ban you.

      Cya :)

    • Wow you seem a big natzi. All easter european are incapable nations?
      Hungary since 1945 was mainly ruled by those people who Stalin put in power. Even after the change to democracy – they stayed in power.
      If you want to to see the affect of communism, then just see those cases when the same country has been ruled partially by Stalin’s men or democracy: Easter and Western Germany, South and North Korea, … . The same is true for Western and Eastern Europe. We in Eastern Europe are poorer then at west because of Stalin.

  87. I play on the NA server but i am from EU and i found out that i didnt play on my region until after 2 months :( So i would really like to switch my account to be able to play on EU servers, i have around 100ping so its not a disaster but i still would be able to switch.. u can do this in Diablo3 for example i could even pay to switch region i think they should give that option i am not the only one that plays on other region.

  88. Meta game can vary a lot due to cultural differences. Big countries (US, Russia, even China) are not winning WGC because they don’t go to the other side of the mountain and have a feel of it. While smaller country without their own server have to go around and they get a more complete picture.

    Western Europe rather weak in competitive gaming, but I think in the long run it would spark more dynamics.