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Author: Storm

Hello everyone,

Storm is writing another of his short posts on what the game developers managed to do (earlier posts included the recent one about Lowe buff and the one about 8.9 crashes). Overall he is not happy about the last posts’ feedback (there were a lot of rude people in the comments), but he will continue to bring these insights nonetheless (appreciated!)


- developers managed to fix the old and annoying issue with tank silhouettes not displaying properly when you are hidden behind/watching the target from behind another destroyed/live tank
- developers continue to deal with the crashes in 8.9, Storm states that 99,9 percent of them are connected with mods and the remaining percentage doesn’t exceed the usual crash rate in any patch, in connection with various reasons for various players: drivers, other software, hardware issues etc. – nevertheless, the developers will continue to work on finding patterns in non-mod crashes and the reasons for them

From the discussion:

- the Japanese will come in next patch
- driver-side forced anti-aliasing is not compatible with WoT
- apparently the changes above will not appear in 0.9.0 (the silhouette fix a developer version only apparently)
- apparently, the lags many people experienced after 0.8.9 were connected (at least on RU server) with “data route providers” (in Russian the word is “magistrala” – “highway”, I don’t know the proper English term)
- there is also a mechanism being tested, that automatically sends bug reports to WG when a client crashes
- 9.0 will contain “many interesting things”
- Storm confirms that T-44-85 will not appear in 9.0
- Storm has no info on EU server post-0.8.8 (or 0.8.9) lags yet

I will go thru the rest of the discussion later in the daily QA.

57 thoughts on “Storm’s microdigest

    • yes it was underwhelming. t7 meds are generally nnot considered to be the best around. although i like the t-34-1 alot. shit depression but nice turret armor and gun for a t7 med…

      • I’ve done Ace Tanker medal in 3rd battle in preety stock T-34-1 ( weak armor, weak gun 128 pen, ncie mobility – simmilar performance to T-44-85 ) so i thought they will add this as simmilar tank to stock t-34-1

      • People complain too much about the T7 mediums in all lines but forget about the Comet!
        It’s like playing a Cromwell in a tier 7 battle, with less speed and a bigger silhouette!
        The gun is a 140dmg/140pen, try that when you go against Tier 9s, which is most of what I’m getting in it.

        Really, go grind this tank, you’ll become better with almost any tank, including the Americans and Russians T7 mediums!

        • Comet makes up for lacking gun with epic -13 gun depression and not bad accuracy. T-44-85 on other hand, have even worse penetration AND bad accuracy. And soviet kind of gun depression.

        • Uhh T-43 has the same issue. T-34-85′s topgun and somewhat more sluggish in mobility (not speed). Hate the tank as it’s not good at anything (nor that bad at anything).

          • I don’t know why everybody hates t-43, it’s one of my best-stats tanks, and haven’t sold after unlocking t-44. It isn’t fast, but can reach 45-50 in a small time, the gun fires 180-200 damage every 5 seconds, while being accurate and able to penetrate nearly all side and butt armor.

            Maybe it’s becausr i have a second skilled crew and some equipment on it, and who found it bad are playing with 75% crew.

          • Well I really liked the T-43 for it’s agility and small size, it came really handy each time I was trolling a heavy or a TD and he tried to defend by blocking my way by sticking to some obstacle.

            • The T-43 has no special point that makes it shine. It also is one of the worst tanks ingame when it comes to module damage. Type T-34-1 has a better gun (the one that the T-43 lost), smaller silhouette and a way better turret. T20 has the best gun, is very fast, and has very good gun depression. And so on and so on. KV-13 is much more fun to play than T-43, but sadly, it leads nowhere.

    • i managed to get an ace tank with it, but it was mostly by spotting damage and targets.. while the only targets i shot was a scout, arty, and a t8 heavy from the side!

      • Not really .. I found the comet the better than the cromwell because of it’s vastly superior OTM accuracy. The speed of the cromwell doesn’t mean fuck all with that terrible bloom . For exactly the same roles they fill the e8 is better.

    • T-44-85 wouldn’t have sold well at all. Few people would have paid for a tier 7 with the Type 58s gun.

  1. - developers managed to fix the old and annoying issue with tank silhouettes not displaying properly when you are hidden behind/watching the target from behind another destroyed/live tank

    that always bugged me, great that they fixed it.
    And i liked the löwe post, gave a little inside to the work/change of tanks when new sources are considered.
    pls continue.

  2. I wonder what are those rude people bitching about? The Löwe buff or the crash,
    But I guess if this keep on going we will have Storm trolling like SerB
    Yech SerB II

      • Imagine that – people being angry and rude on the internet – who would have thought it.

    • Yeah I was thinking that too. Storm is much more friendly and helpful than SerB, and the rude trolls need to understand and appreciate that. If they keep up the rudeness they’ll only have SerB to talk to, and he’s just an asshole.

      • So does that mean they have found the cause of the bug or a SOLUTION (i.e. fix) for the bug? Looks like the former…

        Anyway, great job as always SS, your work is very much appreciated buddy!

        • I think they’re saying they found A solution, but it’s not perfect yet and won’t work in the live servers (I assume the dev servers/clients work a bit differently from the real thing)

  3. so it’s 9.0 that’s coming next, with the Japanese and Havok and all on New Years, or are they making another patch in between?

    • Knowing how well WG plan these things, they will probably give North America the 9.0 patch, with the Japanese tanks, on 7 December.

  4. Hi, SS.
    I think the proper translation of “highway” is backbone. It is the main fibre wire net connecting the larger knots.
    Greetings and as always, your work is very much apprechiated. :-)

  5. I do not know a word of Russian (aside from privyet), but, I believe the English term you are looking for is an internet backbone provider.

  6. I guess that crashes are mod related is cheap excuse by WG. They know more than 80% of players use some kind of mod, so, let’s blame mods. It’s still up to them to fix the problem. They have to make game mod-able.

    • No, they don’t have to make the game mod-able. It’s their game and they can do with it what they want.

  7. I’m really grateful Storm is giving these additional insight. I can never get enough development info :)

    Thanks Storm!

  8. - 9.0 will contain “many interesting things”


    Havok engine pretty pls!!

  9. One would hope they would just start to get a way to hotfix and small-patch in the works as soon as possible that finally allows to solve these kind of problems ASAP, but, this is WG we’re talking about… Because of :WG:

    • They already said the reason for not doing small hotfixes/minipatches…if they make them it would postpone even further regular/big patches development and everything else

  10. Well, about crashes: I still can’t make the mod works (too lazy to config everything atm), and lately I just play straight without mods. Sure I missed a lot of features, but everything is smoother than 8.8 experience and sometimes it’s cool to play without worrying XVM too much. Haven’t even experience any crash/lag after playing mod-less.

  11. I just overcame my Vodka alcoholism and now WG is throwing another kind of alcoholism… SAKE… uuugh. :/

    Jap’s with pew-pew cannons will be appreciated.

  12. Lags-crashes-mods yeh right yesterday entire server crashed on a 4.2k dmg 8 kills 5x battle on my su-122-44, it just froze when last enemy got killed, a few secs more and It would get to the score screen :/

  13. - apparently, the lags many people experienced after 0.8.9 were connected (at least on RU server) with “data route providers” (in Russian the word is “magistrala” – “highway”, I don’t know the proper English term)

    I guess you would mean ISP ( Internet Service Provider ), SS. But what you said could easily be thought of the same.

  14. There is a workaround for the crashes related to xvm with the new patch. If you change the name or delete Application.swf in the xvm folder, it disables the peice of xvm that causes the crashes. You lose the stats on the battle loading screen but still have them once the map is loaded. I haven’t had a single crash since doing this.

  15. Yep! Over 100 games and wot is stable like a rock. Without mods of course, so mod makers need upgrade their mods.

  16. “Storm states that 99,9 percent of them are connected with mods and the remaining percentage doesn’t exceed the usual crash rate in any patch(…)”

    As usual, they blame players instead searching fault in their actions, which is clear for sure. Version before i get 1 on 1000 games played. Now its like 1 on 5. I have same mods installed. Same as my clanmates and friends. But players are guilty!
    Shitty WG and their shitty coders, are unable to fix anything after screwing it up. And that bullshitting with ‘working as intendend’ isnt funny anymore. It just shows that they dont know what they do while coding.

    • Bitch please, my game doesn’t crash at all without mods and with latest xvm it crashes on average after 7 games. Not the dev fault that mod makers can’t make their mods stable fast enough.

      Your stupidity is spilling out everywhere, how about you dig a hole and bury yourself in it?

  17. Re: lags.

    While I have no hard data to back it up and some amount of estimation is worked in, I’d say that between 8.7 and 8.8, my ping went from 25ms to 30ms, and between 8.8 to 8.9 from 30ms to 40ms (ping during “normal”, “stable” times). I started getting my first occasional, in-game noticeable lag in 8.8. It happens much more often in 8.9.

    Between yesterday and today, I believe I have been able to identify, if perhaps not the cause, at least an accessory to those lag spikes: there’s just too farking many people on the server, and it seems to strain under that burden (in light of which it is all the more vexing that most of these players are so bad). I had to stop playing this evening, because with 200K players online (total), every odd game was effectively unplayable. So perhaps WoT has just become a victim of its very success. It should be easy enough to know (for the people at Wargaming) whether there’s been a significant influx of new players with each patch, and whether they remain. If so, the solution, or at least a remedy, seems quite simply: it needs moar server (i.e. a third one for EU).

  18. “magistrala” huh? Now we know where the word originates in Romanian too lol. Means the same.