STB-1 – model and armor

Source: RU forums

STB-1 (tier 10) model and armor (some idiot from RU forums photoshopped a head of some retard into the picture, so I had to crop it, sorry about that). At least I think it’s STB-1.

As you can see, the turret front is pretty decently armored, tougher hide than the one of the Leopard.




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  1. Training the crew with the new Chi-Nu-Kai… A leopard with turret armor? How nice… hopefully it has good gun depression so I could abuse it.

          • With 45° angle, 164mm should be around 230mm thick and with 132mm at 30°+45° should be around 215mm, if true it is not that bad, should provide some protection against lower tiers at least. But if effective armor is even lower than that, it should rather not have any armor and exchange it for better speed or something…

      • But then the developers turn around and say that if the Leopard were to get the A3 turret, it would have to face the T-64.

        Same deal with Chieftain and stillbrew.

        • You do know I am talking about the T-64 with a 125 mm smooth bore gun, and some kind of composite armour?

          Do you really want to face that with a Leopard 1 that only has an improved turret that will still not protect the tank from the T-64′s gun?

          And in any case, the devs said they wont add smooth bore guns, nor tanks with composite armour.

          The closest we get is the object 430 that has no composite’s or smooth bore, and I doubt that WG are going to allow us to have any upgrades like the A3 Leopard turret, or stillbrew on the Chieftain, ever :(

          One thing that I am dreading about the Chieftain, is that shell normalization is going to make the tank useless. It does not have thick armour, it relies on sloping, 85 mm hull @72 degrees = 275 effective – 5 degrees = 217 effective.

          The turret is not going to be thickly armoured either, but will have a good ballistic shape, but again shell normalization will hurt it bad.

          I would not be surprised if Conqueror is better protected than Chieftain, thanks to how shell normalization works.

          Sorry for going off topic! just had to get that off my mind.

    • @Comandoriv: the depression might be a bit depressing… -6/+10 AFAIK

      • Albeit sounding depressing, I have much experience with the 121 and 113. -6 is very workable for me but not the -10 I was hoping for

    • Yes. after the heavy and TD infestation that is going on.. I hope the new meds will purge them and bring some diversity and balance to the game!

      • Wait… heavies are a problem?? since when… Never had any problem with them and I don’t see how they can negatively effect game play, especially when their job is to push and be aggressive.

        TD’s on the other hand can make things very difficult when there are too many, just like the old arty. In other words, punishing aggressive play with their massive alpha damage, often forcing draws because they killed all the tanks that can push offensively.

        Just as with arty, who will kill all the aggressive tanks first, and will only turn their attention to campers hiding behind buildings or camping at base when their isn’t anything else to kill, simply because its much harder to kill a tank behind hard cover or has not been detected because they are camping at the back.

        And people still regurgitate that trash about arty preventing camping….

        • The heavies aren’t the problem, it’s most of the people who drive them. Always camp all the time, it’s gotten really annoying recently with plenty of IS-3 tanks deciding that sniping is their one and only role in the battle.

          • Yeah “sniping” IS-3s are a plague atm. I like to just put my tank behind them so they can’t reverse.

        • no.. but if you play tier 7 you’ll notice many matches are full of t7 heavies.. like 10-14 heavy per team. and from my experience, most of these matches end with terrible outcomes like 2-15. I’m not saying it is gamebreaking.. but some diversity in tank types would be nice!

        • btw you seem to like talking trash about arty.. you don’t know how frustrating playing them can be.. try playing bishop for example..
          some arties deserved a nerf.. but not all of them, and they were nerfed too much! (doing 13 dmg every 10 seconds isn’t fun you know!)

          • Bishop came after the nerf so it was never going to be OP.

            If playing arty is so frustrating, then why do people play them? Oh right, because its arty and everyone just wants to play arty in a game meant for tank combat.

            • If playing arty is so frustrating, then why do people play them?

              It’s simple – to finish all branches in national tree and to learn how arty works. Only then you will know how shitty is tier III Lorraine 39M with loading and aimtime as long as tier VII GW Panther.

  2. interesting. in case that frontal armor angle is sufficient in combination with that hull, it looks like this “leopard” could handle at least some frontal attacks compared to its german counterpart.

    • for some reason even dough I posted this is a replay.. it ended up as a single comment or smth smth :p

  3. Pretty good though the size of that cupola is so damn big, so big jeez and it’s total paper. (80/67mm)
    Also, the guy who made these screens used wot tank viewer, why didn’t he check out the gun depression? :/

  4. This tank with less than -8 gun depression won’t a be any competitive, look at the E-50M that appart from being tall it’s only problem is that it is not abble to abuse of the terrain in it’s advantage, unlike the FV202 or the M48 (the russians make up for that desadvantage with DPM)

      • I think STB-1 will have good ROF, at least the same as M48.

        you must be fucking dumb to think that. This tank has no armor. It’s going to need 8-8.5rof to be able to justify itself. Otherwise it’s a Leo PTA at T10 with better manouvrability,less speed, better accuracy.

        • STB-1 has better armor than Leopard and I don’t think 8-8.5 rof is possible. We’ll see who is dumb.

          • ahhh… “needs 8-8,5 ROF because of no armor”
            So i BET ur one of those retards flaming about the Leo1 to be UP?
            even ROF of 7 would be more than fine. But I would rather go with -8 gun depression and ROF of ~6.5 (Leo has 6,67)

      • t-62 is small, good camo, amazing turret which laughs against HEAT rounds. Excellent rof.

        What’s your point?

  5. 10/10 will get. Seems like a pretty nice medium, and as a medium tank lover, I’ll definately get this one. Looks very similar to Leopard 1 though. Looking forward to this update

  6. actually it has just -6° of gun depression. Hull armor is weak as expected..

    About that mantlet, is there some armor behind that mantlet? Because if thats true, then the mantlet is quite bouncy..only problem of that turret is that large tumor…

    Well, we have to see the other stuff first…

  7. Going hulldown with this tank? My Type 59 has better frontal turret armor and better gun depression too. Even a T-54 could wipe the floor with you in a hulldown slugfest and it’s not even a T10 tank. Armor is not a strong point on this tank.

    • Most likely the STB 1 will be similar to its counterpart, the leopard 1, since it was design to be on par with the leo 1 and the patton. So to say.

      • Giving power-to-weight ratio of ~19.7 hp/t.

        On a different note, I didn’t really notice how abysmally bad the gun elevation is. That’s worse than some oscillating turrets. -_-

  8. It’s not exactly like the Leo since the top speed is listed at “only” 56 kmh. By “it will resemble the Leopard 1″ I think SerB meant only visually, not by playstyle, though I think that it will reach the top speed quite fast. It might be a faster, smaller M48, only without occasional hull bounces and depression/elevation.

      • Lol :) What a guess
        If you are interested: on russian anonymous imageboards there is a namefag Fei_Wong, a well known imbo-abuser and sealclubber. There was a forced mem that this retard on photo is actually Fei_Wong (which is most likely not true).
        Strange that you found this stuff on a forum – it’s usually not appreciated to bring imageboard culture outside imagboards.

      • BTW, notice a guy in the comments below with “Fei_Wong” name, raging about you deleting the watermark.

        And yes, you shouldn’t call someone an idiot, unless you know the background.

  9. Hello Silentstalker, can you remove this post/delete pics? in future don`t use other person pictures if you hate people who make them.

  10. It’s not “some retard”, it’s a watermark. Guy who made this pic risked srsly, and all he hear is “idiot” from a man, who stole his work without gratitude.

        • You do realize I am not Polish…? :)

          Whoever made such a dumb watermark was an idiot. If you want your work credited, make a normal watermark like everyone else.

          Plus, this was almost certaily leaked by devs themselves, so moaning about it doesn’t help.

            • This is the internet. Many people take info from FTR and repost it – that’s how it works. If it was just for his friends, he wouldn’t have posted it on the LJ forums openly. Also, “this guy” was almost certainly sanctioned by WG developers to do it (they release the leaks themselves), so please, stop about that. If they like it, they can keep it. I don’t. If you want such stuff NOT to appear on FTR, don’t post it on open forums.

  11. Will there be anything similar in tier 9? I would gladly grind that line if I’d get another Leopard combo.

    Also has there been any mention about the French lines? Still waiting for that AMX-30.

    • French medium and heavy lines are two of the candidates for introduction in 2014, Storm said that in his recent participation on Jove’s friday stream. You can check the post here on FTR for more details.

      • Thanks, I might have somehow missed that detail. I remember some talk about it the French tanks, but 2014 sounds okay.

  12. Looks good but it has a huge week spot on the front and the commanders hatch .. However if it has the same gun as the E-50 or leopard then im sold.

    If it has a low pen inaccurate (Russian) gun then why bother